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  1. ISA Orlando

    I'll be there in my usual spot giving out technical information. Drop by the France booth and say HI!
  2. Anyone going to Orlando show this year?

    I will be there in my usual spot. Look forward to seeing those who are attending. Dave
  3. I am a definate, coming in Wednesday evening. Looking forward to meeting you face to face Gary!
  4. Used neon transformers

    The PBKM transformers don't have anything hazardous in them. They only contain copper, steel, and asphalt. You may be able to talk to your scrap company and tell them exactly what is in them. Let me know if you need a basic breakdown of the contents and I'll see what I can do. Dave
  5. Right now it looks like I'll be there.
  6. CEC to demand all Signs be dimmable?

    Did they have to use dimmers on red neon that remains the same brightness no matter the outside temp? This was all done in white. You're right, red would have been a definate waste of time and money if done to accomodate for cold weather.
  7. CEC to demand all Signs be dimmable?

    You are right Sean about the signage on a building in Pittsburgh. The city or someone anyway wanted dimmers installed on the neon signage. There were several issues with the installation that prevented them from working. The home run length was too long in quite a few cases. This in itself caused issues. The transformer boxes were not vented. Nice ovens. What they were trying to achieve was a more uniform brightness from summer, when the dimmer would be in effect, and winter when they would need all the light they could get because of the cold. That's about as far as I can go but suffice it to say that the dimming system was bypassed early on. Dave

    I saw Vic at the show too but he didn't go into much detail about being let go from Dixie. I was a bit surprised to see him as a consultant.
  9. Superior Long life lamps??

    Judging from what I saw of the site the lamps and ballasts are mainly geared toward the lighting industry. The ballast shown is a typical 2 lamp electronic ballast I would expect to see at Lowe's or Home Depot from Advance or Universal for interior light fixtures. As for the lamps I didn't see much that would tell me the life is extended much. Simply placing cathode shields around the cathodes does not extend the life of the lamp. I didn't see any mention of the lamps in our typical HO lengths either. I do know that the France long life T8 Reliant lamps not only have the cathode shield but the cathode itself is different that the typical fillaments for the T12 lamps. They may see some trouble with that 10 year garentee if they actually honor it.
  10. A STOCKING Distributor being the key here.
  11. 2012 ISA Sign Expo - Orlando, FL - Who's Going?

    I'll be there. Just a short drive away.
  12. CCFL'S visual impact is stunning

    Nice pictures Randy. Much better than the ones I have. The ballast used is the France cold cathode ballast.
  13. It ain't neon

    It does look like a LED border tube segment. The shape isn't quite right for a Leotek product or Sloan. I couldn't tell what "brand" it might be.
  14. Sign Builder Illustrated - January 2011 Issue

    It is funny how the initial cost of installation seems to get left out of the equation.