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  1. It all depends on what you get used to...it snows here before Halloween and I have seen it snow as late as Memorial Day weekend. We can go weeks subzero...
  2. It is nearly impossible to operate the trucks when the temps are that cold...say air temp of -10 is about the cutoff point where we won't send the trucks any real distance...Although I have been out installing with the air temp at -23...factor in a little wind and it can pretty easily feel like -40...not enough coffee to keep you warm then. We average 180" of snow per season...anyone looking for help in Florida? Diving into the office...just aim between the trees ;)
  3. 5 degrees would be a warm spell for us...we are 80 miles NE & across Lake Michigan from Green Bay WI...it was -30 (yes 60 degrees below the freezing point) her a week ago. Bundle up and get it done!
  4. We had our first snow OCTOBER 10th!

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