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  1. Didn't see the episode, but it is pretty cookie cutter format. Not a lot of in-depth detail of each industry...it's all people stories. They seem to cherry pick (deserving) people to meet and then help out at the reveal.
  2. For some reason "green" makes me think of a green wig...
  3. He's being recycled into grocery bags. That way he can stay plastic AND dangerous to children.
  4. Very interesting. You are right, the product listing was a little restrictive for changes/new products. But at the time was the best solution to meet product completion dates. The Sign Shop program sounds like a good offering. Thanks, Eric
  5. While working at that large national sign company that closed down back in January, we used an alternative listing agency for several sign designs we had. We went with Intertek/ETL in a time crunch as they had a shorter lead time for testing the designs (and were less expensive) than UL. This allowed listing a like family of signs (mostly incorporating gas pricers that didn't have UL themselves). Acceptance of the alternate mark was a concern, but to my knowledge we had no issues in the field of it being allowed. Intertek, and I imagine MET also, offered assistance should that case arise,
  6. I think GM has enough to worry about now....like keeping THEMSELVES from disappearing....
  7. Bullseye has the lamp perpendicular to the raceway cover. Marker is "Tombstone", so the lamp is parallel to the plane of the cover.
  8. Should not have to replace the raceways; they are made to fit in the same D-hole. As to which configuration, depends on if they were markers or bullseyes to start with... Be aware the wiring is likely different so you aren't gonna replace just the sockets, but probably rewire the whole thing.
  9. ImagePoint did. Haven't heard much about it since it closed down.
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