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  1. OK...technically you can not reprocess the sign once its installed on the property or building. You can get into more trouble than the whole thing is worth. Here's my late dads solution....indicate that there is defective material on the sign and it may fail...Need to take back to the shop to work on it....Say you will have it back up asap....and when they call..say sorry its taking so long..we are working on it...and oh by the way...it must of slipped by...but did you know you have an overdue balance. We have done it a few times over the years and my dad did it to an attorneys wifes store...and he got paid!
  2. Hey Travis, I feel your pain...first of all, was it a lot of money? Also I highly doubt IRS would seize anything in a short amount of time...however he could be going bankrupt. Then you may get something down the road but it may not be worth it depending on what he owes you. Do you know anyone else that did work for him? Obviously you're not the only one he's beating...other vendors, landlord, employees etc try to find out as much as you can on your own...attorneys will charge big money for info you can dig up yourself. Best of luck...
  3. How cheap....anyone can see you need at least 2 more bulbs! Hee hee
  4. Hey SignLady, i knew I saw this in glantz catalog. It was not on their online catalog so maybe its discontinued Anyway it may be worth a shot regrads, mike
  5. Sorry...I just checked...no luck...I think I'm turning into my father...I remember things from 40 years ago
  6. Last time I saw those...I believe it was in N. Glantz sign catalog.
  7. I had a liquor store that I lost the bid for LED channel letters that is two stores down from a pharmacy we had completed. It's about five years and the liquor store sign is failing...spotty lighting and the trim is coming apart...the pharmacy looks new...I can only take credit for selling and installing, I have a great sub that does our electric signage...but.the liquor store saved money! Ha hah... he also lost a customer as well. ....
  8. I never repo signs because of non payment....I remove them because I discovered there is inferior material used by mistake and it is a hazard so I need to remove and repair or asap. I will reinstall asap...oops. While I happen to discuss this with the customer I say " oh by the way...there is a small balance due on this"
  9. Good company...been working for them for years...no problem getting paid
  10. YEA CHARLiE!! Couldn't have said it better myself!
  11. YEA CHARLiE!! Couldn't have said it better myself!
  12. When galvanized material was used , after it was preped properly, we wiped it down with white vinegar before painting. have not done that in 30 plus years...so there may be newer alternatives. Good luck, Mike
  13. oh yes, i remember very well the old sign painting days. I'm second generation sign painter...talk about learning from the ground up... my first brush was the BROOM....forget bucket trucks and cordless drills, premade background were unheard of. You made everything, wood frames, brackets, prime and paint. We never had a sign up before the store opened. it was two to three weeks for a belt sign. no sketches, emails or faxes. most of the time we drew on scrap paper or the back of business cards. If you showed up for a job ,the customer was so happy you got the job. We would install a sign downtown and always came back with another job from a neighboring business or passerby. same with truck lettering on site, always came back with another or sometimes do on site, we didn't always use patterns, we used patterns for repeat customers , not most jobs , we drew on the vehicle and boats. I would like to see what the sign business would be if computer never came about.....2 truck doors $500.....$600.00? van lettering?...$1200.00 oh well...I sound like the guys I would make fun of back in the day. I still enjoy making signs, but not doing the business end, too much BS in our industry with PO, insurance certs, W9 and general crap somebody with an art program ( who uses every function on the program with highlights, shades, outlines , clipart, colors with no contrast etc.)gives you. Mostly we take orders for signs I don't even like how they look...but thats business...we got to eat... anyway thanks for the trip down memory lane....The Old Gray Mare.....
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