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  1. CNC Router for Sale

    No means to make this place a swap meet, but you guys could decide what might be worth it for you to post and receive a commission on ... Most of the sites out there only advertise printers.
  2. CNC Router for Sale

    Hello KGirl, have you guys tried having a buy, sell or trade section were one can post sign equipment. Someone's trash might just be another persons treasure? I have a lot of treasures! Thanks Henry Z
  3. Try some vinyl -off 10-4 if not some citrustrip from HomeDepot, both have worked well for us even to remove vinyl from acrylic faces. Henry Z.
  4. Arguing with geomery

    Hi Tom, I'm pretty sure you can You Tube it like anything else to get some pointers... Henry Z
  5. So I guess, BIG BANK takes little bank...
  6. You can say that, been here my whole life and not planning to change that. Only people who like to complaint say that California is too expensive. I bet if they were making an extra 100k a yr. they would still be saying the same, and yeah permits and field survey extra sorry not one of those companies... Henry Z
  7. I don't think Trump will be the solution short or long term, when " You the sign companies" keep dropping your pants and saying yes and accepting low bid jobs, there's always someone that will do it for less. I have tried sourcing from here to China and if you happen to find a good reliable source at a good price why not. I think many people have said it here before - Quality and service comes with a price...Going back to your question I think your Fast signs guy was a few bucks short on his quote thinking he would find someone to do it at that price try $2800 next time. Henry Z Superior Signs
  8. Tipping Monuments

    That's what happens when you realize you are a few bucks short on your estimate and look for a quick solution...
  9. Securing Max Metal to Aluminum

    VHB tape. We mount .125 sheets to square tube, knock on wood but haven't heard of them falling and try to separate them just like lords only cleaner. Henry Z Superior Signs
  10. Hello Karl, what quantities are you looking for and do you have some what of a budget for letters to even consider doing them here, would you weld them your self or are you looking for a complete product? Henry Z Superior Signs
  11. Don't Judge

    Yeah Alltex, I know you want to give props to the white guys for taping the table so it won't slide on top off the other one...
  12. Who Builds Dunkin Donuts Signs

    I thought they were national, but never heard of Shipley's either, weird so close yet so far.
  13. Who Builds Dunkin Donuts Signs

    Winchell's is my choice for a sweet morning treat and by the way we are one of the approved west coast DD Brand suppliers. I thought I would post on this 5 yrs. old thread too. Henry Z
  14. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone is doing 3D printing in house if so do you have any tips for a future purchase, I'm looking at a large format 3DP1000 area approx. 39" x 39" x 20", any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Henry Z
  15. A dxf from Corel to other software

    If your art is clean in Corel you shouldn't have an issue importing into Flexi using EPS format, for Wizard or AutoCAD use DXF format. DWG also works for AutoCAD. If you need it to be DXF try changing some of your export option setting. For the most part is kindda the same like the other fellaz mentioned. Hope this helps a bit. Henry Z