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  1. I painted this 2" square tube yesterday and this morning when I loaded it onto my headache rack...I got a headache....SEE PIC I need the good red/brown sandable primer you brush onto steel.....Someone please tell me where to buy the good shit! I bought some alkyld shit from Sherwin williams and it sucks! It slow drys and scrapes right off easy when you put the primed steel into the rack or on the floor to fab.... I am looking thru my old records because I used to get the good shit...help...I am back into fabricating....and need help... I appreciate any help anyone can give...Name..Brand...w
  2. Greetings, signmanmatt here. I'm taking the time to invest with my brothers in the sign industry. I am 35 years in the business and I am still honing my everyday shit. *I had to say it that way to prove I am a real sign man. Isn't it great how a real sign man can tell a poser in just a few minutes... Now to the meat of my post....Please tell me what you would charge for this project and why? (see attached) Keep in mind, I don't need your help, I am just curious about how people price their work, etc. I will post my pricing spreadsheet and let you know if I get the job. FYI- your success is
  3. Make Better Drawings. Fast! 100% VECTOR ART. VISIT: http://www.signmanmatt.com
  4. 1993 International with 1995 Wilkie 520 Follow this link for pics and info... http://matcosigns.com/tools.htm Thanks Matt 469-263-0414
  5. I have what's called a Juan's Channel Letter Brake for sale. They are made one-at-a-time in North Texas (by Juan, of course) It has worked great for me, but my shop is closing. $1000 plus you pay the freight... They cost $1250 new, see... http://www.juanschannelletterbrake.com Thanks Matt 469-363-0414
  6. I recently closed my company and I still have some items for sale... 4x8 AccuCut Router Table with Computer and MaxCamm Software...made by Computerized Cutters in Plano, Texas Great router...works great...priced to sell at $13,000 30" SummaGraphics T-750 with Inspire Software...and $1000 worth of left over vinyl...PRICE: $1500 18 Foot Bumper Trailer - Dual Axle - New Boards - Lock for Hitch - $1500 Torch with Bottles Millermatic 185 with Spoolmate Gun Juans Channel Letter Break - Send me an E-Mail and I will link you to a hidden page on my website...to see pics and descriptions of all.
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