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  1. Hey Brian, I tried to get to the art room to ask our Flexi techs. But, it was a busy morning. I know in Corel Draw if you have the text converted to curves. You can look in object properties at path and it will show the path length. Which is the distance around the letter plus inserts.
  2. Thanks Rocco. I was able to find suppliers that would ship to us. But, we would be on our own for set up and training on the new machines. We are going to send our fabricator to a couple of shops that have purchased from our prospective supplier and check out the equipment before we buy. Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  3. I haven't been to a trade show since probably 1982 when they had it in Miami. I guarantee all of the brakes I have used over the years were already old when I went to that show. If you were looking for a new brake what would you look at? Are the computerized brakes worth the money? What about 10' shears? We have an electric and a pneumatic shear. But, they both have their nuances. So, same question. If you were looking for a 10' shear, what would you look for and if you have any recommendations. Our channel letter department is all automated. But, our cabinet building shop is kind of iron aged in comparison. So, any advice is appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys, Got some bad news that Val, aka Mad Scientist on this board passed away of Friday. He had a bad case of food poisoning and then had a stroke that killed him on Friday. Val and I worked together at the company I manage now along with his girl. They left many years ago to their grow their own business. He was well liked R.I.P.
  5. It wasn't a great deal cheaper. It saved my guys from having to drive an hour each way though. I also think it helped for them to take the class and test in a familiar environment and on our equipment in our yard. Though it was a little hectic shutting down most of our installers and service people.
  6. We had a company come out and certify 10 of our guys. 5 passed and I had to send the other 5 and 1 new hire down to Miami to pass the parts they failed (mostly the math part of de-rating jib booms). All 11 now are certified. Then in 5 years we have to re-certify. But, my understanding it will be a much easier process.
  7. Early trucks. http://www.artsignfl.com/component/phocagallery/category/15-our-history
  8. LOL, I learned to drive on a 100 Skyhook. We walked the ladders every day with our hands full. I worked on pick boards set on the back side of 40' I frame extension ladders. I didn't work in a basket truck till 2003. LOL
  9. They should put a manual descent control on those " "window washing mechanisms" motors.
  10. Gary, are you confusing the NEC's three year code cycle with UL? The 2011 NEC drops the bonding requirement for LEDs. Saying that a AHJ can make up more stringent codes scares me. Our code does not allow an inspector to issue a red tag without a specific code section listed as being violated. What? Like the inspector would rather see a #12 bond for secondary rather than #14? So using the same logic a cop could give you a ticket for doing 32mph in a 35mph zone because he feels 30mph is safer? How about no! LOL
  11. No, can you tell me about your experiences with them? Do you get labels just that same as UL?
  12. Any thing new on listing agencies?
  13. Really sorry to hear of Jim's passing...
  14. I'd have to say no. If even a quarter of Brushy Bill's claims were true his life would be remarkable. If he was arrested in Kansas City as being suspected of being a dead outlaw there should be a record. In what capacity was he in Buffalo Bill Cody's show? Both Frank James and Cole Younger were in the show. I've held the jewelry box Cole made for the sheriffs daughter after his arrest at for the Northfield raid. Who was he when he worked for Judge Parker? Went to Cuba as a rough rider? Had his own Wild West Show? Fought for Poncho Villa? Didn't mention all the other stuff. Mr. Roberts was far more remarkable than the Kid if any of that crap is true.
  15. I'm not going to even ask if there is a free trial period...
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