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  1. Nashville seems to be the Mecca of Neon lately. Welcome the the SS!
  2. Usually members contact me by email or message and we put them up. As long as their Nationals for this forum that hire subs and they are not listed here send me a list in a message or reply here and I'll get them up. Thanks for updating Steve!
  3. Are they still in business? Google says they are "Permanently Closed" odd But, anyhow they are now listed here
  4. I have to post this everyone once in a while, so I'm repeating again. For all those those who have access the National Sign & Service Company Review Forum, your participation, NOT your Distance Watching is much needed. Too many are just watching, scanning without engaging. The Review list is ONLY as good as it can be with more engagement. Good reviews of companies are just as good as the, not so good. I can't tell you how many times over the years it's helped get a lot of companies get paid, or saved companies from getting shaf
  5. The Gordon Hotel Lights Its Big Sign, And Rolls Out The Carpet For Guest Story: https://www.klcc.org/post/gordon-hotel-lights-its-big-sign-and-rolls-out-carpet-guests
  6. I Suppose maybe I could include these programs under the Company listed in the National Sign & Service Review listing, not sure if that would help, might be hard to update. I'll make a seperate post or dedicated newsletter to ask members to post information they know in regards to programs each national might have. Any additional feedback or ideas would be helpful
  7. The Century-Old Neon Sign Tearing Up LA Conservationists https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvxp5m/adohr-milk-farms-la-neon-sign-conservation-debate
  8. SNA Displays intros LED display at Times Square SNA Displays has crafted the Broadway Plaza Digital LED displays at H&M's Times Square flagship location at 151 West 42nd Street in New York City. This 19.8 by 85-foot wide display features an oblique return, a gap on the left end of the display that angles away from the main part of the screen, to accommodate future signage, according to a press release. Branded Cities is currently managing advertising and digital marketing campaigns for the 10-millimeter pixel pitch displays, while conceptual design, EDC permitt
  9. Op-ed: Leave the sign on Chicago’s Trump Tower By JACK MODZELEWSKI. CHICAGO TRIBUNE | JAN 25, 2021 AT 4:06 PM https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-opinion-trump-tower-sign-riverfront-20210125-a3vc6k2dhnddxmac45zfodqdcu-story.html It’s the most controversial illuminated sign in Chicago — those five huge letters that spell TRUMP on the city’s second tallest building. Residents, downtown workers and visitors have marveled at and derided it, viewing it from nearby sidewalks, office buildings, hotels
  10. I guess it's just a virtual convention now, not sure how that is done but I guess I won't be browsing with a beverage in hand.
  11. Still working through the quarks. At this point please contact us, reply back, if anything is not functioning correctly
  12. After a lot of inquiries I'd just like to mention that we now have plenty of stock Brass Neon Tube Supports, the conventional 1.75" size. You can place orders using out online cart in case quantities of 500 or smaller quantities of 100
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