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  1. SignComp

    Well that's good to know because I'd rather bypass mine too. I'll be in touch soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SignComp

    SignComp is usually pretty quick, you may have a sign supply rep issue.
  3. It has to be called a claim because there is no way to verify something that hasn't even existed long enough to know. So here it is... Sloan is putting out their Prism Enlighten LED Module with a 9 year Warranty. Already they've received a few "Wows!" I mean, why wouldn't that statement, receive such a reaction from the public or end-users? It's like a statement that came straight out of 2005 from a manufacturer that said 100,000 hours guaranteed followed by all the "Oooooo and Awwww's" of a public who had no idea what they were in store for. The Sloan Specifiers and Marketeers who are said to be independent are already batting this out there Now, that's fine and dandy, and their probably correct. I've never heard of a 9 year claim until now. Doing a quick skim of the product page I see they only offer a 5 year warranty for labor, so....after 9 years what will a user get for replacement and what about the match of rendering and light output and how will that affect the sign itself? Will all parties be happy, especially the consumer? When a Marketeer for Sloan was asked on Social Media by us as well as an energy efficiency consultant, the questions went unanswered only more push of "Look at the amazing Light and Product" and oh, please attend one of their amazing power point presentations for answers to your questions. HUH?!?!? So the answers will only come to light behind a closed door controlled environment by the manufacturer, no answer out in public like the executed marketing statement . The questions were simple, and something all who sell products would be asked for. We asked, "does that include labor too? (Before out skim read). In almost 79,000 hours of operation what % of the original light output does the warranty cover? For example, will the cover anything that drops below 70%, 60%, etc etc. A lighting consultant asked, "Also, what time is covered by the warranty? 24 by 7, 12hrs/day, , 3 hrs/day, or?" A just question, for example is the 9 year claim specify a limited time of operation within a day....or is it 24/7 and almost 80,000 Hours? Now, I'm of the opinion this is all hype as the labor cut off is still a typical 5 year warranty, anything above that Sloan is taking a calculated gamble that the Sign Company who did the won't remember or push for the warranty after 7 or 8 tears, the consumer who signed the contract is still around and remembers they have a 9 year warranty, the business/consumer is still around and in business, and that the sign might even get revamped by them with something newer. That's my opinion. But that marketing claim (something executed but never fully explained) sounds good. It's...."Very Good Bullshit" Now don't get me wrong, their modules are Nichia (nice), their Contant Current (Nice), but their only .72 watts per module and you're going to need a lot of them just to compete with most light output of good quality Korean LED Manufacturers, or Neon, or HO Long Life Fluorescent lamps that companies like Voltarc Produce (50,000 hrs). You must also use their power supplies for this warranty, which makes no sense because their LED's are Constant Current. But, anything to stretch to purpose to buy more I guess. Bottom line, It's mediocre light output and low power for less heat, but it has a very good Marketing claim behind it that's not fully explained as to whether it's warrantied for almost 80,000 hours of operation at what cost of light output, or whether as the Lighting Consultant runs to all the time, is the 9 year only for say 3 hours or 8 hours a day which would put it as 9,855 to 26,280 hours of operation??? Because that is a HUGE difference maker. In our own testing of Project Tightey Whitey, good low power LED's usually last 70% at 18,000 hours and some even 24,000 hours. Those who aren't from this industry, or hip to what goes on which seems to be a big preaching point will read, go to their presentation and say "WOW!" Oh, the adoring public. The Trade magazines who get this big check for advertising will no doubt be orgasm'ing all over this product in future obligation piece write-ups are in the works if that has not already begun, because I don't read these brochure magazines much anymore, so I don't know if it's already been done The biggest part that disturbs me are these outside/independent "Specifiers and Marketeers" who are supposed to be independent and who push the end clients towards a particular manufacturer. Are they Independent? We saw this in the Genesee Beer Project (who was merketed to by an outside agency) that was complete Hogwash from the beginning and mass failure happened with that project before it even began http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/5364-signs-of-the-times-february-2012-issue/
  4. The Silicone Electrode caps are going extremely fast, just a heads up
  5. Sometimes it seems like we've been around much longer but I guess not. And you're one of the OG's!
  6. Well deserved and Congrats!
  7. We've never had a Sign Syndicate Birthday Sale because it's always been so close to Christmas, so here we are.....finally! This month marks our 13th year in existence, hard to believe we've been around this long, because that time has flown. It's end of the year and if you need to stock up and and spend before next year, here we are. It's a BIG sale. We'll slowly add a few more products in the upcoming days, and this BIG sale ends December 31st. Let us know if you have any questions. For Orders or Inquiries Call us at 858-880-1400 or email us orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  8. Christmas Night Parades

    That's awesome Dave, thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for sharing that. It's always interesting when you peel back a a few layers of old buildings, sometimes cool to see some old wall mural exposed that's been covered up. Or maybe discover a body.....which you wouldn't know anything about finding Paul
  10. Erik Sine

  11. Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We're currently going through a site upgrade. So PLEASE, if you're having any issue with this site please email us at admin@thesignsyndicate.com and let us know any site issues you're having. I'm resolving some issues already reported but I won't know unless were notified Thanks Erik
  12. routers

    Absolutely. It does exactly what I need, and more for the $$$$ Others have more bells and whistles, which you can add to s SB too. One of the biggest reasons why I purchased a SB is because the SB community is large, very active (meets and camps) and always expand on ideas and support. As far as Tech Support for Shop Bot, I can't ask for anything more. Each machine has their pros and cons, SB will do what I want for the money
  13. Ridding Chinese LED Failure

    Chinese LED products can be okay IF, their mfg'ing hands ar being held and the quality is overseen similar to what apple does. But so far no American Company selling LEDs has had that control that I know of, in fact their filled with horror stories you won't hear about publicly. American reps will show up to those factories once a quarter or once a year, or never again and they have no real control, it's just based on hopes and dreams that they won't get deceived by a manufacturer who is making modules for 10 other companies as well. I have yet to ever see a Chinese product, or an American company who is using importing Chinese Diodes & materials...the ol "Assembled In America" really last or have a nice color rendering. In fact what I see is a lot of inconsistency.....lay out and light a whole string and you'll see what I'm talking about. To many manufacturers here aren't from this industry and all they want to do is just "sell" a product. The objective is only produce cheap and sell for as much as they can get, quality is of no concern. That's okay, because a lot of sign companies are the same, they just want to collect a check and walk away, and others will deal with the mess like above. From all of our testing that we've been doing here, I've yet to see one of these products actually hold up with out degrading in light output over a short time short time or color shifting in that short time. From all the testing we've been doing, that list of who's products I would ever is is only large enough to write on my hand. None of them are Chinese. My standards are high, because quality is first on my list A lot will say, "I've never had failure". Their standard or scale of "failure" is most likely outright failure, NOT degradation. Yet, they wonder why in a few years why that once even face is now hot spotting. It's hot spotting because that original module spacing cannot fulfill that spacing any longer because of the light loss. I am generalizing about Chinese LED module products because the standard their next too, and competing against when it comes to quality, has yet to be surpassed. If there is one, I should like to get a hold of some so we can see how they hold up to what is made available. When you put a quality LED module product in a channel next to what I've described side by side, the comparison is obvious. But you won't know until you have two to look at. To date, I've only been impressed with Korean and Japanese components
  14. After so many re--re-retrofit jobs using failing or inferior Chinese LED products it's time to just cut their cord, untwist the wire connectors and disconnect the problem and replace with a superior LED product NOT made in CHINA!!! And of course I'm talking about our "Reckless" LED line by NC LED. This is one of those jobs where the client was sold on "Energy Efficiency" and "Saving" over Neon, which was the light source on their previous Channel Letter set. Well....after the original signs company who installed this set pulling out the original JS LED modules, replacing with their newer, then another company replacing the individual JS LED failures with another Chinese LED.....JT LED modules. Those savings turned into high Sign Repair costs and headache for repairs needed quite often for these Highway viewable signs that leaves this establishment a black eye. With all the benchmark testing we have done here on the Sign Syndicate we know what the Chinese LED modules measure up, and what we can expect from our NC Reckless LED's. Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage, Brighter true white 6500K and most importantly high quality standards because their NOT made in CHINA. End result, Brighter and Even illumination at night and NO return trips for a Loooooong time. Eventually and soon, all these letters will have to be replaced because the catastrophic failure is coming! UH OH REPLACING CHINA FOR MORE CHINA REPLACING CHINA WITH OUR NC RECKLESS LED'S. LESS MODULES AND BIGGER SPACING FAILING CHINESE LED LIGHTING (BEFORE) RENEW WITH NC RECKLESS LED'S (AFTER) HARD TO SHOW WITH A IPHONE SHOT, BUT IN REAL TIME THE DIFFERENCE IS DRASTIC. THERE IS ONE OTHER LETTER RETROFIT FROM OVER A YEAR AGO USING OUR RECKLESS....CAN YOU FIND IT? THIS LOGO HAS NEVER LOOKED THIS BRIGHT BEFORE YES, OUR AD. A Lot of our sales come from Sign Shops who's products have failed them in the past, and they've never been happier since making the switch to our NC Reckless LED line. Less hassle, their now more confident in the end products they sell, and their customers are excited about the Bright finished product that displays their identity / branding at night. For more Product info on our Reckless LED line: http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/7353-bright-long-lasting-channel-letters-and-what-it-takes/ For all Sales & Inquiry you can contact us at (858) 880-1400, or by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  15. routers

    I bought a Shopbot CNC back in 2005 and have been VERY happy since. The newer models are even better. A couple things to consider to add into cost. Does your building have the power requirements in whatever you choose, 240 or 3-phase spindles. For dust collection as well as a vacuum table for hold down. Cost or running electrical as well as wiring. Always buy a bigger table than what you think you can use, this is a wish every CNC buyer always falls short on after a short time of use. When they bought a 4'x8' for example, a 5x10 for 6x12 made more sense.