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  1. Everlasting Neon!!.....

  2. Just one of those day here in SoCal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. You can't be serious right??? I do know what fly's out of my mouth on here right, and how I about....???
  4. I have to chuckle, and I have to note that today, we've had a lot of angry members unsubscribe today from newsletters because of this thread. I've received everything from: "FUCK YOU" to.... "As a woman, I don't want to be ridiculed. Just because you don't experience sexism in your life doesn't mean that others have that experience. I wish you had shown kindness and compassion for others less fortunate..." Lot's of emotion out there.
  5. NEW USHIO Filament s14 LED Lamp We're proud to announce USHIO's newest generation s14 LED Lamp for Accent Lighting, Marquees & Signs!!! Ushio America introduces the new U-LED™ Filament LED S14 lamps. Ushio brings modern technology to classic design with these LED S14 lament lamps. These lamps provide the timeless look of an incandescent lamp with the energy eciency of LED technology. U-LED lament LED lamps have no visible circuit boards or heat sinks, they are dimmable and provide an omni-directional light that replicates the appearance of incandescent lament lamps. Unlike traditional incandescent, the U-LED S14 lamps operate cool to the touch while saving up to 90% in energy costs. These LED lamps provide 150 lumens and consume only 1.5W of power. U-LED S14 lamps are rated for 25,000 hours and approved for wet location operation. Ushio America is proud to stand behind these energy-saving lamps with a 3-year limited warranty. The U-LED S14 lamps are available in E26 medium base with soft white color temperature (2700K). What's awesome about these new lamps are obviously, at first glance is the filament appearance over the crystal LED...but their also a LOT brighter than the previous generation. One thing that needs to be emphasized is the fact that these are U.L. Approved to use in Wet Locations. A lot of lamp manufacturers will claim this but they have no UL Paperwork to back that up and it gets a lot of Custom Sign Shops in deep Doo Doo with their UL inspector. • Up to 90% Energy Savings • Dim, Cycle, and Flash • Wet Location Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Use • Direct Replacement for 11W S14 Lamps • 25,000 Hours Rated life • 3-Year Limited Warranty Downloadable File Sheet : SS-filament-led-s14.pdf USHIO S14 LED Lamp Demonstration Video USHIO Filament S14 LED Lamp Demonstration Video For Placing Orders / Inquiries, you can email or call - (858) 880-1400 You can also purchase from out online Shopping Cart
  6. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Just a sneak peak and it's going to take me some time to update all the info on here but here is a sneak peak on the new clear USHIO s14 LED Lamp. It's now a Filament appearance. Most importantly MUCH cheaper than before $5.50 each!!!!! I never realized how hard it was to find these s14 lamps that rated by UL for Wet location, a lot claim to be "wet" but their not. These are! In Fact, ALL USHIO Lamps BR/R/PAR used for Gooseneck Lighting has been drastically reduced. If you've never seen one of these lamps in real time...the high quality light output, High CRI (90+), you'd be amazed! USHIO Filament s14 Bulb
  7. Check this out. This is for a national chain "Stanton Optical" who's saving money on buying their channel letters directly from CHINA, then having local sign shops install them. I don't think need to say much. Upon a closer look, yes the paint job is from a paint can....who's quality is so good even Earl Sheib is jelly!! Oh and let's not leave out the VERY high quality constant voltage (Blue View) LEDs fastened by caulking In case you were going to ask YES........they are UL Listed Thanks sooooo much to our Sign Trade Magazines who's articles pound the bastardization of our industry and turn our trade into a commodity where "anyone can do it" environment everything is now a mail order. Wonder if these came with a 5 year warranty
  8. New York City Neon Company Supporting Havana’s Neon Restoration Program New York City’s legendary neon creators, Let There Be Neon, has become the first US neon company involved in Havana, Cuba’s emerging neon sign restoration movement. Let There Be Neon has agreed to become a strategic partner with Habana Light Neon + Signs, Havana’s only private neon company, in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. New York, NY (PRWEB) February 05, 2017 New York City’s legendary neon creators, Let There Be Neon, has become the first US neon company involved in Havana, Cuba’s emerging neon sign restoration movement. Let There Be Neon has agreed to become a strategic partner with Habana Light Neon + Signs, Havana’s only private neon company, in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. This effort is made to confirm Let There Be Neon’s relationship with the innovative private sector company, Habana Light Neon + Signs, prior to the change in administration. This is a strategy other major US Companies are employing to solidify their business positions during a period of uncertainty in US-Cuba relations. Let There Be Neon will assist Habana Light in the exciting historic preservation projects now going on in that city. “We are committed to the preservation of historic neon throughout the world and Havana is a very special place in the history of neon said Jeff Friedman, President of Let There Be Neon. Mr Friedman added that as part of his company's involvement , Let There Be Neon will make a major contribution of supplies and materials, in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations, to Habana Light Neon + Signs to assist the restoration of what is left of Havana's historic neon sign structures. “Our company was established by a visionary, the late Rudi Stern, and our goal has always been to continue Rudi’s commitment on seeing neon flourish throughout the world.” said Mr. Friedman. The agreement with Habana Light Neon + Signs, which fully complies U.S. laws and regulations, calls for a strategic partnership whereby Let There Be Neon will assist small and emerging Cuban artists-entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams of bringing light and beauty back to the city of Havana. “We are very happy to have the support and guidance of such an important neon fabricator to assist us to expand our project " said Havana artist Kadir Lopez Nieves the Co- Founder of the Havana project who with Los Angeles, CA based Cuban producer Adolfo Nodal started restoring the historic signs in mid 2014 as a public art practice. Mr. Lopez Nieves and Mr. Nodal subsequently founded Habana Light Neon + Signs and have restored a variety of historic neon signs. “This new relationship with Let There Be Neon will greatly increase our capacity to reach a critical mass of restorations that will make all the difference in showing results for the everyday citizen on the street who are the prime beneficiaries of our work.” Said Mr. Nodal who is well known in Los Angeles for the successful revival of that city's historic neon signage. Habana Light Neon + Signs is Cuba’s premiere neon sign restoration and production Company. Now two years old, the company restores historic signs as a public service Let There Be Neon is one of the world’s most important custom neon and sign companies working alongside artists, architects and numerous trades in the professional and private sector throughout the world. For more information contact: Jeff Friedman 212 226-4883 info(at)lettherebeneon(dot)com or Adolfo Nodal 310 808-3594 habananeon(at)gmail(dot)com -END- CONTACT Jeff Friedman Let There Be Neon 212-226-4883 212-334-8481 info@(at)ettherebeneon(dot)com
  9. Philly company sues over ownership of Trump Taj Mahal signs Philadelphia company has filed a lawsuit claiming ownership of two signs removed from the shuttered Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. Recycling of Urban Materials for Profit (RUMP) says after lawfully purchasing the signs and putting one set of the "TRUMP" letters up for sale on eBay, Eastern Sign Tech tried to reclaim the signs and said the sale didn’t get proper approval, causing eBay to take down the online auction. According to the suit, filed Friday in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, two RUMP employees were driving past the casino on Feb. 16 when the "TRUMP" signs were being taken down. RUMP specializes in marketing and recycling architectural artifacts, and the two employees saw potential value in the signs, which they thought may be thrown away. They told an Eastern Sign employee they wanted to buy the signs. The worker told them they had been planning to dispose of the signs, adding that while driving to throw away another Trump sign the day before, he was subject to "rude gestures and insults" while traveling through the Atlantic City area, according to the suit. President Donald Trump, the former owner of the casino, has had low approval ratings during his first month in his office, and his properties have been subject to protests since his electoral victory in November. The Eastern Sign employee called his supervisor and got approval to sell the signs for $250 a piece, and the RUMP employees paid for them immediately, arranging for pickup of the signs, the suit claims. After putting one of the signs up for auction on eBay, hundreds placed bids on it, driving the price up to $7,500. As media coverage of the signs increased, Eastern Sign then tried to repurchase the signs, claiming they were sold to RUMP “without authority.” Additionally, a Taj Mahal security guard allegedly came forward and claimed the signs had been stolen, and attempted to get local police involved. That same guard had approached the RUMP employees when they came back for pickup and was told they were buying the signs, the suit claims. The guard had wished them well at the time of pickup and told them they "had gotten a bargain," the suit says. Because of the competing ownership claims, eBay took the online auction down, depriving RUMP of a potentially large profit, the suit claims. The company is seeking compensation in excess of $100,000, which the company says is fair market value for the signs, citing the value of Trump's name and brand. Trump Taj Mahal was taken over by billionaire developer Carl Icahn in February 2016, two years after the casino filed for bankruptcy. The move extinguished the remaining 10 percent ownership stake then-presidential candidate Trump had left in the casino. Icahn closed the casino in October because of a months-long workers strike over health care benefits and pensions. Eastern Sign and Trump Taj Mahal Associates, both based in Atlantic City, are named as defendants in the suit. Attempts to reach phone numbers listed for both companies outside of business hours Saturday were not successful. An email request for comment to Eastern Sign was not immediately returned.
  10. Double row is even better than a single row for your transformer runs that will leave all GTO runs short. What components are used for the glass connections? PK's, 200's, Masters?
  11. Dependable LED Power Supplies that wont' have you returning back to your projects...NOT made in CHINA..…

  12. I've gotten many questions over the last year or so and an email the other day that finally put me over and was the final straw for me. "Do these lamps flash, animate, and dim??? I've been meaning to make a video to answer all those question on the USHIO Utopia LED s14 2 watt bulbs that we stock and have sold a lot of, and well.....finally did it! It's a short quick 1 minute video video but I didn't want to bore anyone out of their mind, but I did have fun doing it, and it gave me a chance to work with controllers again, something I don't get a chance that often because my city doesn't allow for anything flashing or animating . I may do a more in depth video later but i think this one does a pretty good job of it. These LED lamps truly are nicely made and bright lil suckers. Anyone who's bought from us can tell you, well...I've always been very impressed with USHIO of Japan products, they make high-end products and you always get what you pay for! 2 Watt LED Lamp Spec Downloadable Sheet SS-USHIO-s14-1.pdf You can purchase these from our online shopping cart HERE, or order by phone (858) 880-1400 VIDEO
  13. Is America missing from the Sign Industry???

  14. I was curious about the thoughts that come from our community. Is "America" missing from the Sign Industry in our nation? Is it missing from our sign associations, trade magazines, trade shows, & other industry media outlets? Are they doing a good job in representing us? Promoting/celebrating the pride we have for our country? Promoting American Companies, Values, Traditions, etc Just my opinion, But it seems like "Globalism" is pushed/catered to rather than the values we have here at home along with American Exceptionalism. We should focus more here domestically, build what we have here, and the "global, international community" can join us if they want, NOT the other way around. We as Sign Shops get it, but does out "Leadership" I started a poll, would love to get feedback along with your opinion on this