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  1. Updated above!
  2. So far we've had some VERY good feedback from the White Horse Mini's. The biggest compliment beside the small size has of these modules is that their so damn bright because of the small size. Well....that's because their a high grade/tier Samsung. A lot of LED mfg's use Samsung but they use lower tier because their cheaper and they just try and ride on the name "Samsung" for sales pitches. That's not the case. If anyone wants samples of these, drop us a reply or shoot us an email, you'll be VERY impressed!
  3. Alan, Let's just stick to REAL sign discussion and leave this content and future content like this for other sites as well as social media. Thanks
  4. Okay so.... WOW! I'm quite impressed.... So I'd like to introduce our newest addition to our family. The NC White Horse Mini! These lil suckers are BRIGHT as hell. Their about .4 watts each, True White high quality tier/grade 6500K Samsung Diodes. Their approx 5 mini modules per foot, they come in 100 module strings and you get about 25' per string....and as you can see, 3 diodes per module, and just like it's bigger brother "The White Horse" their 160˙ wide angle modules. But, because their so small, these only come in constant voltage NOT constant current. The upside is, these are lower wattage modules. So many possibilities with these high quality modules that are small, yet pack a BIG punch of light...DAMN! The good news is, their only $89.99 per string of 25'......The bad news is, there was a miscommunication and they only sent us 20 bags, but more are on the way. P.S.- NOT made in CHINA!!! NC LED 's are generally pretty small anyway, especially the Reckless-2, but as a visual the White Horse Mini is significantly smaller!!! With Great Channel Letter Benders like the SDS/AdamsTech Machines out there creating some small 8" to 5" Letters, below are a few LED moduldes for visual layout purposes. Tot he far Left we have our NC White Horse Mini, and NC Reckless-2 to the right of it. The Reckless-2 can work as well but imagine if this letter just just a little bit smaller. Visualize the other components needed for in conjunction with the poly-carbonate backs. The tab support for the aluminum pan letters, the peg stand-offs and well as the secondary wiring hole. Larger modules don't make sense for these small tight letters. With the White Horse Mini's, having that extra room to move modules around makes more sense along with more even lighting than using long or larger modules. With the White Horse Mini's you won't struggle with letter assembly. The Brightness? Everything you would expect from our NC Reckless & White Horse LED Line
  5. If you move your mouse over their name a small window should pop up and you should see "ignore user". I think that's the one you want
  6. well....I've heard many explanations and conspiracy's and..... Sometimes the most simplest reasons are the most simplest answers....middle east culture and ideology will never mix with western culture.....and for obvious reasons being the beacon of liberty and freedom of the world we were attacked. Because of our very hardened values and principles on which this country was founded, created and sacrificed for, we will never bend for others who seek to take our beacon of light from darkness that has shrouded this world. America will ALWAYS be that light that lights fires across the world the idea that is "Liberty" & "Virtue". That's our job, and we will ALWAYS be the only ones who will fight for the idea because we are the ONLY ones who understand it.
  7. Thanks everybody for chiming in, I think it helped
  8. Thanks Gary, and an awesome one!
  9. Hi Guys & Gals. Posting a video sent from one of our members that need help in defining the issue. Usually seen and requiring longer burn in, but any idea why it would happen over an extended time? Hopefully some of the Neon folks can chime in
  10. A video of a members Neon Issues
  11. And here we go....
  12. I just received these pics along with some killer videos of our Ushio S14 Bulbs in full flashing/animation mode, which I'll post later from Paul of Paul Signs in New York. This job consists of 800 of our USHIO S14 LED Lamps along with 4,300 Linear feet of Clear Red Neon. PAUL SIGNS - NEW YORK Big Thank You Paul, I LOVE Pictures Like This. Thank you for taking the time to take these awesome pics and videos!!!
  13. Thanks everyone! You know, I had so many intentions of taking so many pics of this job from start to finish. I even wanted to buy a drone in time to have it on auto circling the building as the signs were being installed. I had so much going on none of that EVER happened. I'll have some nice night shots, though, but sadly not a whole lot of fab or install pics
  14. Day of installation. Being as it is, installing right before Labor Day Weekend we had to arrive at the job at 4am to get parking and secure a spot for the Crane. Getting up at 3am was not fun especially when you have a sick 7 year old waking you up at 1:30 am Beach side up! Rigging up the rear side sign Our Masters Technologies wet location single and two piece caps and boots coupled with their GTO sleeving in preparation to embrace the Voltarc Glass The Beauty of it all. Voltarc's Tri-Phosphor Accent 30 (3000K). Made right here in the Good 'ol USA! I captured this shot while taking a morning beach walk a few days later after installation For some reason this was one stressful job that would haunt me nights prior. I don't know why, the process was from fabrication to installation went smooth but for some reason it would keep me up at night. Guess maybe it's because it's what happens when you get older. I'm just glad it's up and out of my way. The Job Recipe: Voltarc 18mm Accent 30 (3000K Voltarc 15mm Sparkling Blue France Neon Transformers Transco 200 Porcelain Housings Tecnolux Silicone GTO Masters Technologies -One Piece Boots - Two Piece Boots - Sleeving EGL & FMS Neon Tube Supports NC LED Constant Current 2 Diode .48 Watt Green modules Union Elecom Class II 120watt LED Power Supplies (One per sign) LED Wall Pass Thru system Big thank you to Joe Walsh at Voltarc for coming through on this project Night shots to follow
  15. Thought I'd post some pics of a project I recently put up for a group of owners I've been doing some signs for over 15 years, this is the latest project located here in San Diego in Pacific Beach California. This job was supposed to be up last December, but as you can imagine things don't happen over night like they should in for this project in California and a good reason why business's leave California for other fruitful states in our grand union. This project was no different and unlike other,anything built on the beach, you have to go through the California Coastal Commission. This establishment won't be ready after much delay until almost a year later, and set to open this November possibly December. This project was originally composed of a third sign, a 18' tall projecting sign which got denied in the permitting process. Can't get them all in California I guess you can say. So we're left to be happy with what THEY allow us to have. Anyhow, this project is two 4' x 20' Electric wall sign cabinets, 1/8" alum walls and 3" deep open face channel letters spaced 1.5" from the cabinet background. 18mm Tri-Phosphor Voltarc Accent 30 border, and Voltarc 15mm Rare Earth Phosphor Sparkling Blue Letter outline lighting. The owners wanted a halo lighting similar to a previous job so we used Our NC LED's Constant Current Green LED Modules for low light subtle Rear Letter Halo Lighting. All Lighting Powered by Franceformer's for Neon, and our Union Elecom for the driving the NC Green Constant Current LED's A big thank you to Joe Walsh of Voltarc for helping us get what was needed for this job, the Neon is Brilliant and of course stands out over the beach night city scape. This Beach won't be needing a light house for lost fisherman after all now thanks to Voltarc! There aren't very many Neon signs on this coast that I know of, in fact....I can't think of any so these signs are a real beacon. They must be because the owners asked me if after installation and first lighting if I could hook up a dimmer......" a wut??!?!" Early assembly shots Tranny trays And a shot of our LED Wall Pass Thru System A solo illumination shot of our Green Constant Current NC LED Modules, using just a single stroke for a light subtle offering. Wall Pattern Day. If you're going to do a sign project on a hot summer day you might as well be RIGHT on the beach. All that project stress went away sitting on the scaffolding listening to the seagulls, the crashing of waves, and smell of sea spray. I won't lie, I wanted to just bust out a hammock and go to sleep. Yes, I was working in Van's....I'm in SoCal, so that's all you need to know! Westrim Products Graphed Pattern Paper!