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  1. Yeah, the shortage on translucent continues. I hear 3M is even going to shrink their line and pallette
  2. They are magnetic, and I have yet to have a failure. There are now only two magnetic Neon transformers made for our industry....Allanson, made in China...and France, made in the US. Transco / Ventex stopped producing.
  3. Well, it's show off time, and I want to show off how really awesome and high efficient (Light for power)these little modules are. At just .72 watts per module the efficiency of these little modules really comes to light (No Pun Intended). Yes, these little modules at just 1.375" long x 1/2" are Constant Current...NOT (Eco / Value) Constant Voltage! The BrightON LED Modules are made for shallow projects of 1.5" and above. They are also available in 3000K All BrightON LED Module are Under Driven, which is VERY important for longevity
  4. Not good at all Sign Fallen.mp4
  5. Just learned that all locations of Interstate Electric Sign Supply have closed, strange.
  6. Thought I would share some pictures of what makes the Westrim Burroughs Pattern Paper that we stock so good to use especially in unique conditions. This is a perfect case for using Westrim's Pattern Paper. External corrugated paneling. I suppose you could measure a wall out and hope it lines up doing a computer generated pattern that you will plot out and hand to the install crew, or you could use the Westrim Burroughs Pattens paper, cut a small strip out and make a real time field pattern. Bring back to your shop a accurate pattern of the corrugated pane
  7. Some project pics of our High Performance, High Brightness, Constant Current 24v 175˙Optics BrightON II LEDs powered by France Lighting Solutions True Power LED Power Supplies. Our 24V BrightON LEDs have half the current running across the PCB Boards which means HALF the heat and resistance of a 12V system, this equals out to a already long life Constant Current System to thrive even longer! BrightON LEDs are Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage like Principal LEDs and Sloan Value Line LEDs for shorter life The Project Results....Even, Bright Competitive L
  8. JEWELITE TRIM CAP NOW IN STOCK!!! I am very proud to announce that we NOW stock Jewelite (Vidon) Trim Cap We just brought in a good sizable stock load of both 1" & 3/4" Trim Caps. One of the awesome things about Jewelite is, it's now of the few components in our trade that is actually made right here in the Good ol' U.S. of A Our Current Sign Syndicate Trim Cap Pricing as follows: 3/4" x 150' 6+ Rolls $46.75 each 1-5 Rolls $51.25 each 1" x 150' 6+ Rolls $56.75 each 1-5 Rolls $61.25 each **Discounted shippin
  9. As most of you know Raw and Electrical Components like LEDs, Power Supplies, etc have soared just this year not even counting what's happened since COVID. One low cost component we can continue for now are Toggle Switches. With oil pricing rising we can expect a lot more costs to rise in the near future...DON'T WAIT! What's a good price today, can't be guaranteed tomorrow! Toggle Switches for $4.23 each in boxes of 25, FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental US For orders 858-880-1400 | orders@thesignsyndicate.com or use our online CART
  10. Well the ship has landed. To compliment our High-End BrightON LED Module Line we brought in nothing but the best when it comes to LED Power Supplies, hence France Lighting Solutions. For those that don't know, the France LED power supplies are True Power, which means they are 100% Loadable. No more loading a LED power supply to 80% or 85% to be on the safe side....well...I take that back you had to underload for the PS to survive. These....France PS's are 100% Loadable! We've been stocking the 24V for some time for our 24V BrightON, but since we also have
  11. It was asked for so we did it. The BrightON Lightning now also comes in 3000K. We had a feeling the BrightON Lightning would be a popular seller and so far it has been. Users seem to like the sizing of NC LED Reckless LED Modules along with the spacing. As I've said a few times, the Lightning captures that module sizing but with larger spacing between modules. The Reckless was a Constant Current .92w 2Diode Module, our Lightning is a 3 diode, .72 watt module. The difference is, the chip efficiency in the Lighting is much much better....you get more ligh
  12. What's the biggest sign component rise in cost you've seen that you normally get, and what is it? I'm seen everything from Neon Transformers to LED power supplies up 30% to 40%
  13. With Principal LED and Sloan's V-series (value line) LED lines hitting the market at extremely low pricing I noticed a surge in shops literally flocking to save on peanuts. Here's a warning, be weary....It seems like Principal LED has taken a large step back in LED module quality as all their LED modules have gone all Constant Voltage.....no longer Constant Current. Sloan's newest Value 4 line....the 2LED Module is now .96 watts per module with modest light output for that power....this module is also Constant Voltage Not Constant Current. My thoughts on Sloan is for
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