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  1. Don't sign it. You're giving up your only guarantee to get paid. You're supposed to be getting paid after your completion of the work you were hired for BEFORE they get paid. They are in a bind because you're being used as a extension of their "line of credit" and using you in a way their not supposed to....maybe dragging payment from 30 days to 60...90...180 days In my state Subs need to be paid within 30 days by the primary contractor and as a Primary Licensed Contractor CANNOT wait to pay subs before a customer pays them. Primaries are supposed to secure their own line of credit by other means to pay suppliers and subcontractors by a bank etc if they don't have the working capital. Subs are typically required to fill out a Lien notification, a notification that reaches the customers and banks (Before work starts) that a sub has been hired to perform work. Once the work is finished the sub signs a Lien Release stating that the work is done and they have been paid. It sounds like right now, a customer or institution wants verification that everyone from subs to suppliers have been paid so they are not held liable by someone who has been short changed, or unpaid. Once verified they will pay the Primary You sign, and you're telling the primary contractor's customer or institution you have already been paid. That risk is yours If this was happening in my state, the Contractors License Board would be all up in the Primary Contractors Business for trying to obtain a release before payment, that's illegal and they could lose their License
  2. I'm going to close and lock Reviews for the following companies in our National Sign & Service Review Forum Icon MC Sign Company StarLite Keiffer We'll start new ones since these companies merged, we'll also leave links to visit the past and links to visit the new in the old reviews so nothing is missed Icon | MC Keiffer | StarLite
  3. Read this topic on a Social Media Platform. We've discussed this in the past but it's been some time. It reminded me about a fellow vendor who visits some large sign companies all around the US and how he had to fill out NDA's before he even stepped foot inside the front door or warehouse. It's also a another big reason why most of the topics, comments here on the SS are mostly made/done by Business Owners and less by Employees. Admittedly sometimes I even get calls or emails from some of our members in panic telling me I need to go in and delete a truth or two otherwise the boss will "whack" them I mean, sure it helps to protect business accounts, the supposed "Trade Secrets", keep relationships going that shouldn't be "exposed". It's not only done for employment, but also for vendors and suppliers. Has common sense and decency gone out the door where there's too many loose lips and NDA's are a must for everything? What has your experience taught you about having or not having, the horror stories perhaps of NDA's?
  4. Glass Pumped Neon so ambient temps won't affect the light is my two cents, and it won't degrade
  5. Oh boy, trouble came back
  6. Never too late @bonehead This seems a be a repetitive question. Any particular brand? Thanks!
  7. I want to give a big Welcome to The Sign Syndicate's newest Board Vendor, and that is Elrod Engineering Elrod Engineering offers a pretty wide variety of services from Sign Engineering for those special wall sign projects, monument signs, pylons signs, and even those stressful highrise signs. Wind calcs, attachment details, all those fine details city developments need and want to have, most importantly making sure you're building and attaching a safe project. Their services can help fine tune your quotes and bidding process. Elrod Engineering has been around since 1983, and carry a license in just about every state Structural Engineering, they also engineer for New Buildings, Walls, Monuments. Sign Program Management, they can assist your company with managing your sign programs, re-brands, daily sign related issues. Visit https://www.elrodllc.com/ and contact @roballey for any inquiries you may have for their services
  8. Correct. The letters are mounded to the wall using 1.5" alum spacers. Shops that mount the LED to the back of the pans pointing towards the plastic and walls tent to make weird reflections and make shard like displays. You can almost cram LEDs in small reverse channel letter backs with only 50% unblocked light and still no shadows .
  9. I want to give a big warm welcome to Sign Tracker, our newest Sign Syndicate Board Vendor. Joe Arenella @Sign Guy Joe has been a member here on the SS for some time. He's a good guy and I've even run into him on occasion on the floor at ISA Sign Tracker is a Sign Shop Management Software that can help you get organized with customers, estimates, contracts, scheduling, complete with many interactive features. Probably something I myself need to look into instead of using a notepad for everything and losing somewhere. If you want to give it a try, they a have a FREE 30 Day Trial. Sign Tracker https://www.sign-tracker.com/ Video on how to do a Free 30 Day Trial
  10. From what I hear, France Lighting Solutions has some VERY nice ones and they've been selling theirs for years now. We know the name France
  11. Thanks! Same white, the narrow letters will just provide a different more focused backlight over the broader wider cabinet in backlighting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Maybe I should have titled it "That BrightON Halo Illumination" Thought I would share a project where our new High-End 24 volt, .8watt BrightON II LED Modules were used. As I've discussed before in the past. There is a difference and a gap between "Usable Light" and "Competitive Light". The BrightON II is the most efficient (Light per power) LED Module in it's class, and it is the definition of Competitive Light. As explained here and suggested for spacing, it was chosen to use the 3" module spacer, and obviously you'll see as you scroll down the spacing could have even been much farther apart. Using the 3" spacers or 5" on center module to module spacing of the .8 watt will give you that extra punch for Halo and Day / Night faces, and you're looking at only $2 a foot buying a single bag of modules. Important note is what you're getting for that $2 a foot. Very easily module to module spacing could have been 7" OC, and a $1.45 a foot. The Grand Result? No over exposure here to make the lighting more extreme than "IRL"...in real life. because I have another picture to share here of a neighboring sign that is made up of your standard front illuminated channel letters. This is the very visual explanation of "Competitive Light". The BrightON II Modules will give sign shops more versatility with their lighting projects, eliminating a 3 diode module & eliminating stocking more various modules with just simple spacing making the BrightON II a more universal product in your shop. The reason? Because the BrightON II meets or exceeds the Performance of most 3 diode LED Modules on the market on Maximum Efficiency of 24V. Also, the long module to module wire leads. Could you just imagine for a second the BrightON II LED modules in the neighboring Coffee Sign at the maximum stretched module to module spacing of 7.625" or 1.57 ($1.33 a foot) modules per foot? I can! Something is being left out here and I have to discuss what completes this High-End system? That would be adding a France Lighting Solution LED Power supply of course In this case the 24V France Atlas with built in LED indicator light for proper function, bringing more Quality & Dependability to the project. The most important aspect of this job was the feedback from the client. They were VERY impressed with their sign when they drove by at night to see what their identity looked like. Their face will be your face. These are the types of results you will get with the BrightON II LED Modules. Finished jobs will sell themselves. Happy, impressed clients will sell, and market for you...provided you not only sold them a good product but good service as well. Come night, the mere visual can attract potential customers and a resume address can assure and close sales prospects, end results will be referral makers! FRANCE LED POWER SUPPLIES http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/22-led-power-supplies/
  13. Introducing our new Sign Syndicate BrightON II LED module. It's the newest all around LED Module for your Channel Letter, Sign Cabinet, and Linear Lighting needs. BrightON, pronounced like the city Just like our BrightON Sunfire LED Module, the II is just as unique. The BrightON II rids the need for shops having to stock a 2 and 3 Diode Module for different size lettering. The BrightON II meets or exceeds the performance of most 3 Diode LED Modules on the market with our Maximum performance efficiency at 24V The BrightON II LEDs are under driven for Improved Thermal Performance Through all the various testing we have done here on the Sign Syndicate when it came to Neon or LED illuminated channel letter testing as well as feedback from customers who purchase our NC Reckless LED Line. When it comes to illuminating signs, there is a divide between, Very Bright / Competitive Lighting / Usable Light. Competitive Light begins around the 170+ Foot Candles on a sign face surface, Brighter Light 190 FC+ and above. Anything under 150 Foot candles is just Usable, or Acceptable light. To date, our BrightON II is the most efficient LED module in it's class in light output per power given. Below are some our biggest competitors that we all see from cover to cover advertised in monthly paid brochure trade magazines. For our own purposes we've limited it to two, because.....they have been the most marketed and we can't help but turn a corner in this industry and there they are, an ad to tell us how great they are. Also listed, we have our NC Reckless LED Line. The test channel are 4" x 2'. Same as our Great White Hope II Test. 4" tall because our industry standard has usually been, anything (stroke) beyond 4" will require another stroke of Neon, or LED Row. The Hanley PE-4 is a 4 diode module with 3 mods, & the Hanley PE-2 is a 2 diode module with 4 mods in the channel Principal Heavy Weight is 3 diodes per module, and 4 modules in the channel NC Reckless-2 is a 2 diode module with 6 mods, and Reckless-3 is a 3 diode module with 4 mods in the channel BrightON II is the same spacing and module count as the Hanley PE-2, or 2 diode mod, 4 mods in the channel From the sign surface light output measured in Foot Candles, combined with the Foot Candles per watt, the BrightON II has exceeded our competition with like modules in it's class. Even some modules with higher output rating (1.32w, .92w) module and a higher mod count in the same measured channel. In other words with the BrighON II, you're getting more light with less modules, more light at a lower project cost, and more light at a lower cost of operation. That's efficiency in a lot more ways than one!!! A single bag of BrightON II LED modules is composed of 80 modules. Fully stretched Module to Module on a string gives you 7.625" on center, 5.5" of wire between module, that's 50.83 Linear feet of light, or 1.57 modules per foot. We purposely gave the BrightON II just like the SunFire an extra wire length. The extra wire length was configured to give extra space for not only for changing your lighting needs, but also to save labor on single stroke LED layouts for going in and back out of letter layout for "Bars, Extensions, & Serifs" such as E's and F's among others without having to make a splice. The extra wire length will also allow you enough wire to jump and make a 5" row to row. One of the bigger feedback's we received was a lack of wire space. With our High Efficiency diodes combined with 175˙ Optics, our modules don't need to be spaced so close together for light uniformity. All of our orders will be sent with three convenient module spacers for laying out your modules faster rather than by naked eye, or tape measuring out if you need. SPACERS The three spacers serve a purpose. The 175˙ Deg Optics gives you a unique ability to spread the High-End Super Efficient Light of the BrightON II LED Module. Fully stretched you already have above competitive light as listed above in a 5" channel. - Fully Stretched is 7.625" Module to Module OC, giving you slightly lower lighting levels than listed down below. This is for your typical everyday channel letters you can economize and still have above competitive light. (50.83 Liner feet of light, $1.33 a foot) - The first spacer is 5" long for a 7" Module to Module OC, giving you 192 FC on a 5" deep sign face surface, this is for your typical everyday channel letters. (46.66 Linear feet of light, $1.45 a foot) - The second spacer is 4" long for a 6" Module to Module OC, giving you 200 FC on a 5" deep sign face surface, this is for your competitive build channel letters that might require more light (Freeway Visible) and for Halo Lighting (40 Liner feet of light, $1.70 a foot) - The third spacer is 3" long for a 5"Module to Module OC, giving you 235 FC on a 5" deep sign face surface, this is for your specialty channel letters that may have Day/Night faces that you want to look White White at Night, and NOT a murky dirty Gray, or again for Halo Lettering that need that PUNCH! (33.33 Linear feet of light, $2.04 a foot) CONSTANT CURRENT Beside the important aspect that the BrightON II LEDs are 24 volt modules, most importantly they are Constant Current....NOT Constant Voltage. What is that? Constant Current Systems mean, every LED module is integrated with a Current Driver (Not just resistors) for protection keeping the current the same one each module from the first to the last module on a string. What does this do? In short, Constant Voltage LED Systems have no regulation, only resistors for protection. On a Constant Current System the brightness of the first LED on a long string is just as bright as the last LED on the same string, unlike CV where the first LED will be brighter than the last. The first LED on a CV system is taking a bigger hit from the power supply than the last. Protection from LED Power Supplies. Each LED PS has a different DC Output, it can range from 12v to 12.25v. Each additional traction of a volt can kill a CV LED system because it's NOT regulated and it's taking a bigger hit. As mentioned on the Sign Syndicate before in the past, while installing a set of CV Permlight LEDs for our Neon & LED Bench Mark Test (The Great White Hope) where all strings were set on a dedicated PS, it wasn't noticed that a manually adjustable LED Power Supply was previously set for 12.20 volts not 12.0 volts from previous benchmark testing, and within 30 days the LED string had degraded 30%. This is what a fraction of a volt can do to various LED product lines based on how they are developed With CC LEDs, the output of the PS is regulated across the LED modules, more power won't hurt it. When you hear such words affiliated to LED product lines such as "Eco, or value line" it means Constant Voltage Constant Current LEDs have longer life spans because they are protected. We've always been very big here on the Sign Syndicate about Constant Current systems 24 VOLT SYSTEM The Complete BrightON Line is 24v, NOT 12v, there is a clear advantage for this. First and most importantly, this 24v system operation halves the amperage running through the Wiring and Modules reducing the heat, resistance, & improving reliability You'll also have more voltage headroom for longer runs. With a 24v system you can load more on a power supply. With a 12v system you are limited to a 60W power supply channel with U.L. regulations, with a 24v you are forded 96W. That's a lot more modules per channel! Less cost, less labor, less moving parts so to speak. 24 VOLT POWER SUPPLIES We recommend using our choice LED Power Supply for our system, and that is non other than France Lighting Solutions. France isn't just some brand we so happen to stock. We went out of our way and asked them (truth be told....I got on my hands and knees and begged) if we could compliment our High-End BrightON Line with their High-End LED Power Supplies. Here is the reason why for my pride swallowing experience. With your typical LED Power Supply (Insert name here), you'll be loading (depending on brand) it to 80%-85% of your full 96W channel, or 77 watts to 81 watts of LEDs, leaving room for voltage loss etc to keep from stressing your power supply. With our Brighton II LEDs, that's 96 to 101 LED Modules. We want to offer nothing but the best. With France Lighting Solutions...and if you've been in this electric sign industry long enough to know when it comes to their Neon or LED Power Supplies, you're getting not only quality, but longevity, & dependability. With the France Atlas & Eco Series that we stock to compliment our system, you are getting the only, ONLY "True Power" LED Power Supply in the industry True Power means that you have the ability to load their power supplies to Full Load. YES...Full Load That's the way they were engineered, that's the way they are made, and that is what you're getting alongside our LEDs to give you a complete High-End System for all your Sign & Lighting Projects The Atlas series even has a LED indicator light to tell if you're loading too many LEDs on the power supply. With a France "True Power" LED Power Supply you can load 120 BrightON II LED modules, that's almost a 24 module difference over using another brand LED power supply. That 24 more additional modules can make the difference in NOT having to add another or multiple LED power supplies for a single sign or project. You will be saving cost and labor from having to add another or multiple LED power supplies for a Sign or Cabinet. We will be stocking 24V France 96W, 60W, and 30W LED Power Supplies http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/22-led-power-supplies/ SPECIFICATIONS - High-End 24V LED Module System - .8 watts per module - 155 lum/W Efficiency - 175 Degree High Efficiency Uniformity Optics - Constant Current, NOT Constant Voltage - IP67 - 5 Year, 50,000 Hour Warranty - 6500K Temperature Light - UL/CE - 80 Modules Per Bag (Fully Stretched 50.83', 1.57 Mods/Ft) - Load 120 Modules on a single France 96W LED PS For Place Orders by phone, by email, or for inquires we can be contacted at (858) 880-1400 - orders@thesignsyndicate.com or use our online shopping cart.
  14. Hi Ralph, Once at home, you can go into the log in, and go to "Forgot password" and have a password reset sent to your email address, then click on that confirm link and rest a password to your liking. Later change your existing Or from your existing computer, go to your profile located at the upper right window in a pull down menu and go to your settings > EMAIL/PASSWORD and select a password to your liking that you can remember for both locations. But, it might ask you to put in your existing password. In that case logout, and to the following I described above. If you need more help, you can email us at admin@thesignsyndicate.com
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