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  1. Just like to announce that we now stock France Westrim Burroughs 1" Grid Pattern Paper for Neon production and Channel Letter & Electric Sign wall Pattern Paper. This is the best Pattern Paper you can use. I've posted pics of this paper plenty of times in the past, I truly believe in it and it makes setting up channel letter patterns much easier with the grid and heavy weight of the paper. Specs: - 70 Lbs Heavy Premium Quality Kraft Paper - 1" Grid with 1/4" Plot Points - 48" x 110 Yard Roll (38Lbs)
  2. ****Update - Now Stocking Westrim #100 and #300 Neon Glass Housings
  3. Wow, so good luck with getting any clear acrylic sheets along with Weld-On
  4. One thing I'm starting to see sign companies use as a tool along with the threats of a lien, and don't know how legal it is but cutting off the additional insured certification carry
  5. Updated. We now stock France Lighting Solutions Eco 24V Power Supply in a 60W unit
  6. So for some time we've had two main pages that I've had out there and thought that maybe I need to make it as just one. 1) Our Landing Page, which I'm using at a main page. When you type in www.thesignsyndicate.com or click on the logo located at the upper left you will come here http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/ 2) Our old Portal Page, which use to be our main page. Which recently I moved to the top menu "What's New" http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/portal/portal/ Is this too confusing having both? Do you prefer one over the other? Which one do you dislike to like better? Some have told me in the past that they dislike 1 or 2 I need your feedback Thanks!
  7. La Mesa city hall is about 15 minutes away and that got destroyed, burned and looted. Many probably didn't hear about it. We don't have the same issues as LA which is not that far. Our city mayor is still a pussy, but not that much of a pussy as the LA Mayor, and our police take care of shit pretty fast...unlike LA. We had a protest/riot downtown, but it didn't last that long
  8. I'm hearing a lot of conversations about Sign Company Employers having issues getting employees "back" to work. Some find it easier to stay "unemployed" and collect a check. Some want to stay partial employed to get the "Covid $600" check. Some states like mine, the Grand State of California dripping back the Shut Down slooooowly, while a lot of states are almost fully open. Anyone running into this issue?
  9. Curious about something. I'm in one of the worst states there is in our grand Union and there is no sign of Business Like Usual. With everything shut down, in just the last few weeks I've had about 3 phone calls from clients who have lost their business's because of $0 income, to quote them on Sign Removal. PPP, and Self-Employed unemployment isn't enough to pay bills and a lease. I've hated everyone of those calls, mainly because I've seen their venture from start to finish and excitement that was there on startup. We all know, starting something new there is risk involved. But whoever saw this coming. Anyway, it's gut wrenching at times. Was wondering if some of you have taken the same calls
  10. Obviously I haven't been up on current events when it comes to our Brochure Magazines, and it might have gone unnoticed but apparently S&DG's is no more. The magazine like a the rest were getting thinner and thinner. They had a few good tech guys writing articles but for the most part S&DG's was the worst of the three with their advertisers writing nothing but infomercial articles and trying to dictate the industry to pass through their business and whatever they were trying to pedal.
  11. Hi Sharon, We're just south of you, deaths and cases are low over here. In fact, many who have Covid don't even know they have it, many have Covid with minor symptoms, and those who had a case of it were just sent home and recover. The ones hit the hardest which wasn't much were the elderly or those with susceptible conditions. Right now our Urgent Cares and ER's are empty, my wife who works in the ER has been pretty idle with Covid. This is a good thing because we need to open up, live life and open up our economy, those who have health concerns should of course resume behind closed doors On another note.... I've gotten a lot of newsletter bounce backs from complete companies who are now out of business along with emails with auto-reply's of "This person is no longer employed here" In platforms like LinkedIn I've seen a lot of familiar faces with "Looking for my next opportunity" on their employment title It's been sad to see. So our industry has taken a pretty big hit
  12. Anyone slowly getting back to work? Or Pretty much still shut down?
  13. Sorry missed this, sorry been weird in SoCal Yeah, my oldest is in his mid 20's but going to Boston to live his dream with his gf. I still have a 20, 17, and 11 yr old to give me hand when I need it 😁
  14. I'm curious. Being what was "normally" Spring Break and since the Shut Down what were your plans that got cancelled, and what plans of yours still may get cancelled ? This month for Spring Break I was supposed to go to Pismo Beach and camp on the beach with my two younger boys. There was a possibility I was going to go to ISA, that was cancelled for sure. I might go in August but I wouldn't be looking forward to a hellascious humidity trip to Orlando....We'll see. What will travel restrictions look like in August??? This June we were going to have a Family Beach Camping trip to Capinteria CA for a week. I'm not so sure this one will go through. We were supposed to go to two away NFL Patriot Games that would be here in the West Coast, and one Home Game in Baastin. But who know what travel will be like. My oldest is moving to Boston at the end of this month and what was hard to find housing has been an easy find with the cost even dropping. I'm assuming all this price dropping is due to students having to leave. So, what were/are your plans?
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