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  1. Old as hell, those dog years kicked in! Thanks Gary. Patriots won on my Birthday, I can't complain
  2. So.... I'm sure not many American Sign Companies and Vendors will benefit in anyway (and probably could care less), in fact the Brits will probably benefit more as far as user ship goes but.. Yeah..... Apparently ISA and the BSGA have created a partnership, ISA is good for creating something from nothing, that ends up as nothing, nothing as far as benefits for the end user but a return for the association itself. So, this is most likely another cycle, another idea conjured beacause their background is not of our industry but birthed from others. If ISA was filled with actual sign industry people and not Lori Andersons, this probably wouldn't have even been a thing. But here's the curious part that we, here at the SS have ourselves were kicking around. At least the BSGA, British Sign & Graphics Association takes "Pride" in their country to integrate such a name and their flag in their association logo, and I'm sure their more "Pro-UK" than ISA is Pro-American. Now, I don't know much about the BSGA, except for a few members here that are over there across the big pond, but just off appearance I'm sure they do great for their country men and women, well........ I know they do because I've read some of the "goings ons" over the years, nothing current but still, I'm sure it hasn't changed much. I've always wanted to visit their show, because I've always wanted to visit the UK So what have we always gotten with ISA? Well the theme is "International" We get the Association that cares more about overseas monies than building incentive for our own countries manufacturers, or taking up our homegrown manufacturer concerns. No integration of our country's great flag that has been sacrificed for, or good 'ol Red, White, and Blue in our supposed industry "Leadership Association" logo run by non-industry people of course. I mean, if someone had to ask what the colors of ISA is right now....as we stroll through a show, I would think it was Red with a gold star. So now let all the marketing programs commence to our manufacturers to sell them on overseas and partnership programs that DON'T really equal ours or make sense. Somehow there will be a equation chart for "Channel Letters" to "3D Built Up Letters" (<---------- Haha, I made a international funny....funny only if you follow things "international") Guess for now the closest way ISA can get to "Red, White, & Blue" integrated into their logo is by Union Jack, NOT by old Glory.....money must be calling... Maybe the USSC, United States Sign Council can benefit from this, their the only independent Association and their Pro American Themed. Oh....wait.... I forgot, they dropped the Red, White, and Blue too.... Oh and, I don't even think their called the USSC anymore. Yes I remember now....they decided to chase the coat tails and live in the shadow of ISA and their the...Sign World, or Sign Expo, something like that....maybe it's ISA "Jr", or step-child. Still.... .....ISA-UK will allow ISA and BSGA to work together on issues common across the sign, graphics and visual communications industry, including codes and regulations, research, workforce education and events......This is an exciting move for ISA and for BSGA," said Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. "The business world is no longer contained by borders and this partnership offers tremendous opportunities for the growth of our industry. Together, we are stronger." This Makes me shutter, not that ISA will ever have much bearing on ever bringing actual change (Thank God) to US regulation and policy, well they sort of, as it pertains to failures, and being on the wrong side of issues for the electric sign industry. I'm sure ISA-Euro is next but... I just hate to read all the upcoming bullshit articles about all their ideas, and supposed ongoing (Salesman face) success with their new venture in all the brochure rags to come. Look for Euro type regulations and ideas. Look for Euro like Environmentalism topics and issues. Regulation & Environmental Tyranny has all but killed our US manufacturing and jobs in the past. All these imported ideas to "Improve" and make American Sign Companies and Manufacturers "better" by making us more.....Euro like. Oh boy, just when I made a self commitment to never dig into ISA again because I was sooooo tired of it. I was actually going to try real hard to find something to cheer for about them, seriously I was.... Until I read about this.
  3. Neon Transformer Recommendations

    Look for a Neon Pro or Franceformer, or Ventex model. Most likely a electronic, plug in, pull chain model that will auto load 1kv - 10kv (10kv model) Ebay or amazon
  4. Anyone Write Blogs About Sign

    Hi Michelle and welcome The reasons for investing in a pylon sign are too easy, and it's all about visibility for your tenants and investing in your tenants so their noticed. Especially for centers that are not so easily seen from the public right of way. That can be for a ground or pole sign. I think a even better article that could help in educating property managers is having some knowledge in...is whether or not they should be investing and paying a large upfront cost in "retrofitting" their existing signage when marketed too by a lot of these so called "independent firms or consultants....who aren't actually interdependent at all, their actually salesmen or reps of light source manufactures. They will walk into your office as if they are the "wizards of smart" and can come in with a impressive power point presentation. They may even have a lot of articles from our sad trade magazines, whom aren't actually trade magazines at all, their actually just brochure magazines who are more set on selling one page ads than actually representing the truth for the electric sign industry. Property managers and developers are fed a lot of marketing claims such as "savings"...."efficient"....."Return on investment". I'm talking about Retrofitting from conventional light sources such as Fluorescent or Neon Lamps to LED There is a lot of mis-information by these reps and sign companies who are looking to make profit on parts and labor of LEDs for something that makes no sense in most cases. There is very little difference in power consumption between the three when it comes to equal light output, and very little difference in cost of operation. IN fact in most cases, the ROI on retrofitting is and can be 20 to 40 years, and in that time consumers will be re-retrofitting many times over and that savings never comes. So consumers who have no background or experience in light sources, or their cost of operation are being mislead into thinking Fluorescent and Neon Lamps are inefficient, dangerous and have poor light output, when actually the opposite is true. But, you won't find any of this out from a light source rep who was a lift-gate salesman one day and a LED rep the next who has never even held, tested or evaluated a Neon or Fluorescent lamp. We have done a lot of testing here on the Sign Syndicate in lumen maintenance, cost of operation, and I probably would only trust about 10% of LED products out there on life, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of apples to apples light output. When you hear or are being told statements such as "80% in savings and efficiency".....nothing is further from the truth because a rep is comparing a penlight to a mag-light and telling you the penlight is saving 80% in efficiency. The truth is.....you can only claim one product is more efficient than the other when both have equal light output BUT..... one is doing it at a lower cost of operation. ONLY then can you claim one is actually more "energy efficient" Sadly, there are a lot of sign producers who are lazy and or have very little knowledge of fabrication in integrating Fluorescent & Neon Lamps for illuminating signs OR, they prefer to have a lower cost/wage in employees that don't have the skill set in a wide variety of applications so they only produce with a "LED everything" attitude. Which is great for them in a business sense.... ....but terrible for the consumer who can be left with a end-product that has cheap imported Chinese LEDs or product that has the environment that is too harsh for LEDs There is something that consumers are NOT aware of. Every light source has their strengths and weaknesses, and not one light source is a fit for all applications
  5. The White Horse NC LED

    THE WHITE HORSE NC LED Our White Horse NC LED is our Flag Ship wide angle 160˙ LED module for shallow, low profile, and general lighting projects. Shallow Lobby Signs, Channel Letters, Reverse Channel Letters, & Cabinet Lighting. The White Horse comes in both .92 watt (186 Lumen/ft) & .72 watt (150 Lumen/ft) high powered light output LED modules, both are constant current and high grade Samsung diodes. The White Horse is a high quality, low cost component for a lot of your Sign & Lighting applications. 100 modules per tray will give you 42 Linear feet of lighting • 160˙ Wide Angle LED Module • Shallow Projects, Sign Cabinet Lighting, & Channel Letters • IP68 UL/CE • 5 Year, 50,000 Hour Warranty • High Brightness Light Output • Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage • NOT Made in CHINA If you already like and use our Reckless NC LED Line, you'll LOVE these! 3" Depth Lobby Sign with Bright & Consistent Lighting (.92w Modules) To Place an order Online visit our Online Shopping Cart. Lower priced Discounts to our Sign Syndicate Patron's (The Order) For Inquiries, Questions, or to place Orders over the phone or email contact us at 858.880.1400 / orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  6. Pretty Cool for the shop

    Their just pretty well built, their beefy, and can be adjusted in many ways besides the height
  7. Maybe I'm not with the times, but saw these Saw Horses in a shop from one of my customers and thought i t was pretty cool. A line of products that I know Lowes stocks. But thought how handy these must be. This shop loves them

    That's awesome Paul! Glad to hear you had a lot of good success with our USHIO LED lamps, we love looking at our customers finished product pics especially when their used in the way you applied them, flashing and animated. And of course, those Red Neon Lamps......they'll last forever just being Glass and Gas, their light output is not affected by time or environmental temperatures. They'll outlast and outshine any "Fake" Neon Flex LED product because each individual diode in that product are always degrading with each day that passes, especially the Diodes that are trapped in a gel or silicone. I still don't understand the shops that use these fake Neon products, I get it for indoor....accessible to public applications, but for outdoor? Always failure to come with inconsistent light soon enough
  9. My morning coffee engineering

    You ain't seen nothing yet,wait until I break out my crayons!
  10. I know my fabricator loves my high detailed project plans, wait until you see my method of of attachment plan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I get calls and emails every so often about the frustration in the need to login to read some topics. So, I thought I would renew the reason why in an explanation. The Electric Sign Industry is still a trade, at least we are the few who still treat it that way and NOT as a commodity.....and the very reason why some topics we don't want out for public reading. All members are verified in a variety of ways to gain entry here. Some topics are public, most are private for the trade only. Unlike the print sticky aspect of our trade, for whom can just simply buy a printer or plotter on ebay, the electric sign industry still is a true trade and there is a learning process, safety aspect, as well as consumer protection part where in most states... electric sign companies need a contractors license and again, individuals who qualify must go through their state requirements and that is a Trade process. Anyhow, that is why you must login to read most trade subjects here
  12. Anyone know what the deal is with the OSHA Crane Certification? I thought I heard the requirement is postponed or put off complacently? Or maybe I heard wrong altogether
  13. Can't fix stupid

    it was Soooooooo bright!
  14. It's a shame, the only entities/groups etc, in America that have anything remotely close to incorporating anything Americana is this site, and the United States Sign Council Sign Association. Oh wait, I don't think there is a USSC anymore, and before I left they removed the Red, White, & Blue out of their logo and tried to chase the coattails of ISA to capture a "international" audience and $$$$$. However, the USSC involves themselves in more Pro-American causes than ISA, with vets, tributes etc
  15. We're SUPER excited on the new high-end upcoming USHIO LED Products that have been long over due. LED WALL PACKS Ushio America’s traditional wall pack LED light fixtures are manufactured with premium, long-life LEDs, cast-aluminum housings with shatter resistant glass and excellent thermal dynamics. DesignLights Consortium qualified, the series is designed using the traditional wall pack appearance and replaces much higher wattage HID luminaires, saving up to 80% on energy costs. The traditional shape maintains an aesthetic appearance and will replace any building’s wall pack, or perimeter lighting. The light fixture is ideal for outdoor applications such as parking areas, loading areas, carports, driveways and pathways. These are designed for wall mounting above four feet from ground. All series fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 42W and 60W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving DLC Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -4° F to -120° F 15-30 Foot Height Performance Shatter Resistant Glass Dimmable (0-10V) Photocell Compatible Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty Fixtures operate on standard voltage (120V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 13W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. • Energy Saving • ENERGY STAR® Certified • IP65 Outdoor Rated • Operating Temperature: -22° F to -120° F • Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included • Long Life: 50,000 Hours • 5-Year Limited Warranty CANOPY MOUNT Ushio America’s series slim canopy mount LED fixture is DLC qualified and UL listed for wet locations with an IP65 rating, making it ideal for outdoor areas such as parking garages, walkways and building entrances. The fixtures are built tough with an elegant appearance. They have a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing design with weather-resistant, die-cast aluminum housings and shatter-resistant polycarbonate prismatic lens. Their dust-proof, sealed structure has multiple ½” conduit entrances on the side. These slim canopy fixtures support pendant mounting and direct surface ceiling mounting options. Fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 28W, 42W and 59W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty Energy Saving DLC Premium Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -4° F to -120° F Shatter Resistant Glass Dimmable (0-10V) Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty AREA LIGHT FIXTURE Ushio America’s Slim Area Light LED Fixture is constructed with a rugged, die-cast aluminum housing and its excellent thermal design makes it the perfect lighting solution for your parking lot, walkway, street, building flood up/down light or it can be used as an outdoor sign light. The fixture provides energy savings up to 85% while eliminating maintenance as well as lamp and labor costs. These fixtures are available in a wide range of wattage selections to replace from 150W to 1500W HID fixtures. Our fixtures are DLC certified and IP65 rated with five types of mounting options available: Swivel Bracket, Slip Fitter, Yoke, 6” Extruded Arm and Pendant Mount. Several photocell and motions sensor options are also available. All series fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 75W, 100W, 240W and 360W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving DLC Premium Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -40° F to -122° F Dimmable (0-10V) Photocell and Motion Sensor Compatible Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty SECURITY LIGHTING Ushio America’s series security LED light fixtures provide bright, energy-saving options to replace old incandescent wall mounted security lighting or for new construction. The fixture is ENERGY STAR® certified and provides energy savings up to 80% while eliminating maintenance as well as lamp and labor costs. It also comes with a dusk to dawn photocell sensor. All fixtures operate on standard voltage (120V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 13W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving ENERGY STAR® Certified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -22° F to -120° F Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty