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  1. This years ISA Expo is a graveyard in attendance 😐....

  2. Off to ISA! Vegas Baby!

  3. @southernsigns I did not nor have not. I'm not aware of anyone using these for outdoor applications but because their such a small diameter I imagine based on typical cabinet depths you would need to space them pretty close otherwise a lot of hot spots and you're limited to use based on their length.
  4. Thanks again everyone. @Mad Scientist A. Yep, Yep, Yep, one day maybe we we should combine a few minds and write a long detailed book for the industry and consumers. Something that's always been on my mind. Aimed more for the consumers & large retailers, because their the ones getting all the incorrect information by the ill advised/educated in our industry B. Starting to see that more. Everyone's looking to put their hand out so they can get "their$" Not seeing it here in my neck of the woods. On a side note. This article made 600+ reads in less than 48 hours. A lot of reads were by large retailers who read/follow this site often.
  5. Hopefully you'll post those pics when you're done, that sounds like a huge undertaking and a LOT of Transformers! I would suggest Franceformers!
  6. Thanks Steve! The idea was to smack them in the face with a 2 x 4, then continually put out some hard info in multi-sub categories at the same time building actual cabinets and testing initial brightness of various light sources, sort of what we have been doing here on the Sign Syndicate for years. Only difference would have been the test wouldn't go for measuring lumen maintenance.
  7. THE BACKGROUND So, as I mentioned in this thread I left the USSC I was given this newsletter from Image 360˙. From my understanding this is a newsletter for sign franchises and others such as Signs By Tomorrow. This is your typical marketing point newsletter describing how greatly valued one light sources is (LEDs) compared to "inefficient" Neon & Fluorescent lamps. If you've been in this electric sign trade long enough you'll know that this is your typical mis-information marketing hype, brochure talking points, something we all read in our Brochure Trade Magazines, or are taught at Trade Show Seminars that does nothing other than mis-characterizes LEDs, Neon, & Fluorescent Lamps to something they are not. I was asked to rebut this article and hit it hard. I did. It was soon met with apprehension by email which lead to conference call by committee. We all know what happens, and how a decision by committee can go, as Sign Fabricators imagine yourself looking to get approval from a city design review board. Everyone has an opinion, and soon it takes a tangent like, "Let's get the owner to add some green trees to the property too". The feedback was both praise and deflection. Some thought we should waste time in developing a relationship with image 360 "to better educate them", find some other way to combat this. The thought of hurting those who are new to the trade, by franchise or otherwise came up. It would appear as if USSC was picking a side, or picking the side of electric sign shops over mom and pop shops/franchise shops that are looking into doing electric signs. Then I had to remind the board that in most states you need to be a licensed contractor to fabricate & install electric signs and you can not just simply buy your way in to a trade. Is the electric sign industry still a trade, or is it not? I went into the fact that no other Association has ever protected, let alone rebut the typical marketing points that we all see on a everyday basis THAT we all know is wrong, and that it would take courage to do so. I've been preaching the need to have courage to this association for some time along with the need to do what is right and NOT continue to always do only what is easy I also reminded them that I am here with them to build an Association (by membership), and that I was NOT here to build a annual show. The Electric Sign Trade has been looking for some kind of leadership and representation for as long as I have been around and no one has EVER been around to do that. USSC could have been the first to fill what this Trade, and members here have been thirsty for.....Real "Leadership" The topic got batted around back and forth and it appeared to go south, then I asked "where is the courage of this sign association?" and "What have you done on this very topic in the last 12 years?" Then, BOOM!!! I'm getting threatened with "The next time I see you I'm going to kick your ass!". I'm short tempered and can flip on a dime, anytime, anywhere, so......immediately I'm following up with "I'm going to kick your ass when I see you!" followed by your mutual back and forth "Fuck you's, etc etc etc" It got very High School, VERY fast. Not your typical Sign Association Board conference call I'm sure. can't accuse the USSC of NOT being passionate about the sign industry! I'm not going to go into greater detail, or name names. It's details the Association can deal with, it's inner family stuff. I thought things could finally change for once when it comes to sign associations, I'm not surprised, but I'm defiantly disappointed. I was hoping the "movement" would finally gain ground beginning with the USSC. There are things I've mentioned in the past about Sign Associations, and nothing has changed. It has to do with long time Board Members who float around either in the same association, or are concurrently in multiple at the same time. After awhile long term relationships are built, ego's are developed, and the need to protect one's legacy evolves. New people appear to threaten what some perceive as their territory. It's just like our everyday politicians, they all start off with good intentions then sooner or later their hurting more than doing good. A lot of newbies or quite types who join associations don't like to speak up, or engage what might be thought of as ruffling feathers or rubbing shoulders with those that have been in for some time. This is the biggest reason why I never saw myself ever in a association, I like to act and execute, and "fuck 'em" if they don't have a sense of humor . Look, I'm no different and I'm not going to paint myself as someone any different that can get used to my own ways . BUT, I know there will come a day where it's just better for me to walk away from here, and not get in the way of others who could carry on and do a better job. I hope I will know when that time comes myself, or at least hope someone will just tell me, "Erik, dude it's time to go, shut up and stop". That time is not yet, because this industry has been losing, very badly I might add. I told them I would continue to get this article out with them, or go it alone...which I have never had an issue with I think I was born this way. Obviously, it became the latter. Their loss, and the loss for their members who have any care about the state of the electric sign "Trade" The omission to speak out, or failing to do what's right for our industry in hopes of staying neutral, makes those just as bad as the party making the accusations who's spreading the mis-information and mis-characterizations. So...what was to be executed by USSC by means of newsletters, social media blasts, and PR Web, and possible trade magazine article is below...
  8. Not only the bulb itself, but I sure hope that's a women taking apart that bulb
  9. Hi Brian, I Never have. I tried at one point a couple of years ago but they were hard to obtain and the mfg never wanted to give larger samples which we needed. They seemed to be more regional at the time and from my understanding early on they were NC LED's which we sell, but they went their own way. Do you who's diodes they use? That's a good question to ask and always an ask they should have no problem answering without hesitation. There are legal reason behind that as well. If you have some and a few 2' strings by all means I'll put them in. One of the reasons what I shy'd away was, every ISA convention they seemed to have something different every time, so what was there that year was gone the next. But again, this was years ago and maybe things changed. Being on the west coast they seemed to be more east coast.
  10. My old school report card use to often say "Does not play well with others" Keep given 'em hell Adam. You will "do it"....if not there, some place else! All the best Amigo!
  11. See, as a long time participant, and as someone who's been/gone there for a number of years you know exactly what how it's been. I truly was the elephant. Some thought I was refreshing from the old stale bunch, some didn't like me because either I wasn't their typical follower because I was engaging, or I was a threat to thier business as usual and didn't like what i was pointing out. Some of the real good people just sort of stand in the shadows and are too afraid to make waves. Since I got there, I never considered myself a part of them, apart of the USSC, they had to earn that. I considered myself more of an outsider, or observer. I didn't go out to join them, they asked me. But, I needed to have a VERY good reason to help in promoting them and supporting them. I didn't see that. It came VERY close, don't get me wrong. They have more in place that would make them the better Association over all others. Bu,t the slate must be cleaned and purged in order for that to happen. New blood in, old blood out. Some have been there so long, they don't see what I as an outsider, what you see, they only see what's straight in front of them and in some ways it's their way of life and Ego plays a HUGE role. Ego will kill anything in the long term. It's too bad, their so close to being a great Association, but their priorities are VERY out of order. They have the right man as a President this year who has bigger/larger purpose in wanting the USSC to do good, a new person or (New Blood) but unfortunately he's a threat to them AND, their tying his hands in doing what needs to be done. He has more enemies than he realizes there, probably more so than I, LoL ......The Slate should have been cleaned prior to a new year.
  12. People wanted an update about how things were going with my time spent at the USSC, or United States Sign Council. Well....I had to step away. I'll get into the good, the bad, and the ugly this week. I'll be releasing a full article this week, and it's the main reason why I stepped away. I was asked to write it, it was thought to be too controversial. Some wanted it, some did not have the courage to follow through and get it out. I can't waste my time and sit on something of value and wait for individuals who are worrying about who might get offended, and be wary of sensitivity. I lost patience, and faith that anything would happen with the USSC when it comes to the core values & principals that the electric sign industry holds at heart. I can't as a person who puts an industry first before making a buck, especially being in a position of industry leadership to stand by and do nothing. That's not leading, nor doing what needs to be done, that's being careful, and leading from behind. Most will get a kick out of, and enjoy the article.
  13. The Sign Syndicate - March 2017 Video Update Topics: USHIO s14 LED Lamps The Hall Of Shame
  14. The Sign Syndicate proudly distributes the Ushio Utopia LED s14 Lamp for all your Sign & Lighting Projects. These can be purchased from our online store or call to place your order Utopia™ LED S14 series of lamps are not only built to operate in the demanding conditions of signs, marquees and amusement rides, but they are also uniquely designed to provide an appearance that replicates traditional incandescent lamps. Utopia lamps do all of this while saving up to 80% in energy costs. The Utopia LED S14 lamps use special AC LEDs which allow them to operate with fewer electrical components. This reduces the number of potential points of failure, providing you with a more reliable product. This higher level of reliability is especially important in hard to change applications. These dimmable LED lamps consume only 2 watts of power and are able to be cycled and flashed. Their life is rated for up to 50,000 hours, and they’re approved for wet location operation. USHIO is proud to stand behind these energy-saving LED lamps with a 5-year warranty. The Utopia LED S14 lamps come in E26 medium base with warm white color (2700K). These LED S14 lamps are available in clear, frost, red, green, blue, and yellow. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Energy Saving • Dimmable • Able to Cycle & Flash • Unique Optic for a Dramatic Appearance • AC LED – Less Components Mean More Reliability • Wet Location Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Use • Direct Replacement for 11W S14 Lamps • Long Life: 50,000 Hours • Application Friendly: UV Free & IR Free • Environmentally Friendly: Mercury Free, Lead Free and RoHS Compliant • 5-Year Limited Warranty APPLICATIONS • Signs • Marquees • Amusement Lighting • Accent Lighting • Indoor and Outdoor
  15. I Remember discussing that job you had a number of years ago and too bad. I told you, YOU should have posted it here instead, or did you finally? I have to give James Cross credit. That was ballsy posting those pics and I admire him for doing so. That's just so.."Sign Syndicate" My admiration has nothing to do with the fact that he posted pictorial evidence like I do all so commonly by the way...I should have you know. It may have been an advertisement but as a Board Vendor he's free to engage and discuss his own products wherever he wants, and the members are more than welcome to engage him back, as they did. But, I'll always allow discussion here on products that work, whether their a Board Vendor or not, even whether it compete with me, by what I sell here or not. I like Quality and that's what I strive to get out here. I discuss a lot of products and services of companies/individuals who aren't even paid Vendors here because the quality of our trade and preservation of our valued long time traditions and heritage will always supersede making a buck for me. It just happened too that Adam's Channel Letter Machines are awesome, they truly are. I don't say that because they advertise here, I say that because I've seen them work first hand and in person. Posts and threads don't always work out that way for paid Vendors An example is a Vendor we had Olympia LED, he made his pitch and members engaged him back. It didn't work out for him and that's just how it goes here on the SS. I wasn't going to favor or handicap what he was selling, it had to stand on it's own merit or it didn't. I get slack at times from both sides and all I can do is let products and individuals stand/speak on their own merit, it's fair for the industry, it's fair to the readers and potential consumers. yes, I can lose out a lot of times as I have so many times in the past, but it's a cost/realationship I'm willing to eat because getting out the truth, and quality are just more important to me