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  1. It's a shame, the only entities/groups etc, in America that have anything remotely close to incorporating anything Americana is this site, and the United States Sign Council Sign Association. Oh wait, I don't think there is a USSC anymore, and before I left they removed the Red, White, & Blue out of their logo and tried to chase the coattails of ISA to capture a "international" audience and $$$$$. However, the USSC involves themselves in more Pro-American causes than ISA, with vets, tributes etc
  2. We're SUPER excited on the new high-end upcoming USHIO LED Products that have been long over due. LED WALL PACKS Ushio America’s traditional wall pack LED light fixtures are manufactured with premium, long-life LEDs, cast-aluminum housings with shatter resistant glass and excellent thermal dynamics. DesignLights Consortium qualified, the series is designed using the traditional wall pack appearance and replaces much higher wattage HID luminaires, saving up to 80% on energy costs. The traditional shape maintains an aesthetic appearance and will replace any building’s wall pack, or perimeter lighting. The light fixture is ideal for outdoor applications such as parking areas, loading areas, carports, driveways and pathways. These are designed for wall mounting above four feet from ground. All series fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 42W and 60W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving DLC Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -4° F to -120° F 15-30 Foot Height Performance Shatter Resistant Glass Dimmable (0-10V) Photocell Compatible Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty Fixtures operate on standard voltage (120V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 13W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. • Energy Saving • ENERGY STAR® Certified • IP65 Outdoor Rated • Operating Temperature: -22° F to -120° F • Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included • Long Life: 50,000 Hours • 5-Year Limited Warranty CANOPY MOUNT Ushio America’s series slim canopy mount LED fixture is DLC qualified and UL listed for wet locations with an IP65 rating, making it ideal for outdoor areas such as parking garages, walkways and building entrances. The fixtures are built tough with an elegant appearance. They have a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing design with weather-resistant, die-cast aluminum housings and shatter-resistant polycarbonate prismatic lens. Their dust-proof, sealed structure has multiple ½” conduit entrances on the side. These slim canopy fixtures support pendant mounting and direct surface ceiling mounting options. Fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 28W, 42W and 59W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty Energy Saving DLC Premium Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -4° F to -120° F Shatter Resistant Glass Dimmable (0-10V) Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty AREA LIGHT FIXTURE Ushio America’s Slim Area Light LED Fixture is constructed with a rugged, die-cast aluminum housing and its excellent thermal design makes it the perfect lighting solution for your parking lot, walkway, street, building flood up/down light or it can be used as an outdoor sign light. The fixture provides energy savings up to 85% while eliminating maintenance as well as lamp and labor costs. These fixtures are available in a wide range of wattage selections to replace from 150W to 1500W HID fixtures. Our fixtures are DLC certified and IP65 rated with five types of mounting options available: Swivel Bracket, Slip Fitter, Yoke, 6” Extruded Arm and Pendant Mount. Several photocell and motions sensor options are also available. All series fixtures operate on universal voltage (100-277V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 75W, 100W, 240W and 360W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving DLC Premium Qualified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -40° F to -122° F Dimmable (0-10V) Photocell and Motion Sensor Compatible Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty SECURITY LIGHTING Ushio America’s series security LED light fixtures provide bright, energy-saving options to replace old incandescent wall mounted security lighting or for new construction. The fixture is ENERGY STAR® certified and provides energy savings up to 80% while eliminating maintenance as well as lamp and labor costs. It also comes with a dusk to dawn photocell sensor. All fixtures operate on standard voltage (120V) with popular color temperatures (5000K and 4000K). Available in 13W, these LED fixtures come with Ushio’s premium 5-year limited warranty. Energy Saving ENERGY STAR® Certified IP65 Outdoor Rated Operating Temperature: -22° F to -120° F Dusk to Dawn Photocell Included Long Life: 50,000 Hours 5-Year Limited Warranty

    One of the reasons why is, because it's easier to mass email you and the 30 other shops around the intended targeted area and look at the replies with the lowest price rather than taking the time to call 30 shops who might have too many questions
  4. Signs Of The Times - April 2018

    So after doing some research on The Sign Syndicate I found a lost post I made and apparently it has NOT been 4 years since I've had to do some Fact Checking / Debunking FOR the Signs of the Times magazine. How come I don't get paid to correct their magazine? Is this what Pro bono is all about??? I knew it didn't feel right, and 4 year is just too long. I somehow had this tucked away in Joe Wartman's Forum Damn.... It's only been a year
  5. Signs Of The Times - April 2018

    Thanks Brian! Thank you. And as you already know, some of the sign companies the consumers might get who are supposed to be "professionals" but more times than not their more in it form themselves than really helping the consumer by passing along correct advice. These newer shops/companies don't have the "know how" so it's all about "peel and stick" and make money off labor to pull out viable light sources and replace, when more times than not they don't have the knowledge or desire to what maybe just do what is REALLY needed by making a few corrections on loading, wiring correction, etc to make a sign run correctly, and at a much lower cost to the consumer. Instead some do not truly serve the consumer or this industry Not only do we have trade magazines printing incorrect information but we also have these so called "Marketing Associates", who are supposed to be independent, a knowledgeable consultant, etc etc. More times than not they're manufacturer reps, or tools, "posing" as "consultants". These businesses are made up of a few individuals and they're supposed to be our industry experts, at least that's how they advertise themselves to retailers and consumers and of course sign shops. But they're also "LED Everything" Some of these "Associates" even brag about project like the Citgo Sign sitting in Boston, which I've seen in person. Not impressed http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/4108-citgo-sign-in-kenmore-square-led-replaced/ Or the famous Genesee Beer Sign, another project where these independent marketing associates are involved as a sales buffer between sign shop and consumer. But it's more of the same.........failure. http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/5364-signs-of-the-times-february-2012-issue/ The list can go on. There's a time and place for all light sources, LED's are not the "everything", it's only the "everything" for those who have limited knowledge of this industry, or for those "specifiers" that have a manufacturer agenda, or have no knowledge themselves. Large retailers and consumers need to be warned. .....And they are in some ways, as some large retailers monitor and have joined this site, even one particular large national Cinemas chain, because they've had some large failures themselves and I'm sure they enjoy the articles here which actually display "numbers".
  6. Signs Of The Times - April 2018 So.... It's been about four years since I've written an article about our trade magazines and their "fluff...puff pieces". I thought I was going to retire from ever having to do this again after Wade, whom I once coined....."The Community Organizer" turned the SOT boat around for the better, reporting more balanced articles on Neon & LEDs. I never really commented on Sign Builder, or Sign & Digital Graphics Brochure rags Errrrr....trade magazines because well....no one reads them for credible information and no Trade Journeyman who is worth their salt would ever open one up to find viable real information, so why bother? Only the new, the born yesterdays, the sign industry buy-ins (franchise) or the ISA Elite youth brigade program subscribers & graduates buy into the articles and hold them as value, and as truth. I have to admit right now, once I learned of Wade Swormstedt, the captain of the leading Sign Trade Magazine Signs Of The Times "The World Leader in Sign Information Since 1906" was retiring, and handing over the keyboard it made me shutter. I don't know why, I just did, just call it woman's intuition. It's that feeling you get as you board that ship or plane with adult beverage in hand for vacation, you cock that one eye brow and think to yourself....did I leave the kitchen sink on? Did I forget to shut the stove off? Not even a couple of months / issues later after Wade put his Hula shirt on, boarded the retirement plane with Pina Colada in hand off for the sunset... This occurred.... But I still boarded my plane too. Wade and I were at the same airport together, at the same terminal, but he was going his way and I was going mine. We waved to one another, smiled, raised our glasses in a cheer...a toast. I left even with the thought that maybe... I did leave the sink running. Maybe he left hastily thinking..."will my magazine be in good hands?" With a few good years under Wade before he left, I was relaxed. So I did peek at a couple of articles after his leave, and yes...the mag was starting to turn onto a rag again. But I was still enjoying my vacation. What's a few bad articles, how bad can it REALLY get? Damn.... *Sign* So.... The "Community Agitator" Robin Donovan is really undoing all of Wade's legacy. Just opening up this April's issue was like having that relaxed feeling until someone decided to scratch a chalkboard......are there still chalkboards? ENERGY MASTERS http://read.nxtbook.com/st_media/signs_of_the_times/april_2018/index.html#energy_masters What?!??!? Oh Bill, I can't believe you carry a title "Sign-Industry & Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry or...(FASI)" That is a long, lengthy title....and reminds me of... "Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons" Poor Bill knows very little about whats he's preaching or writing about. He's a person who has only heard, read, and is himself is a victim of light source manufacturer claims and believes in the mis-characterization of light sources, and then we read his regurgitation and we're supposed to assume and think he is a "wizard of smart"... sadly though, he himself, doesn't know any better. He's never been a "doer" or someone who has any real hands on experience about what he's supposed to be an expert in. Yes I know, he has experience in other areas, government etc. But, like most of the ISA Association guys who collect a paycheck (NOT the volunteer base) who came from one other industries like the plastics or "pool and spa", then landed a gig in the sign industry like Lori Anderson, one day he will leave our industry and became a instant expert in another, just watch. i.e. Rich Gottwald Let's talk about what he either doesn't know, omits, or fails to understand and relay to others in the Signs of The Times April Issue. What Bill fails at miserably is his "hands on" mechanics of comparing two light sources and understanding that two light sources have to have equal brightness, and when one can perform like it does for a lesser cost of operation then...and ONLY then, can you say one is more "efficient" than the other. ...and I'll say it again. Otherwise you're comparing a Mag-light to a Pen-light and saying the Pen-light is more efficient because it's operating at lesser power. End of story. This is a good comparison to show from their article. This illustrates the same spacing as a fluorescent tube configuration. Looks good, looks easy. The problem comes at night. The sign will be illuminated with 25% to 50% of the original brightness that it once was with Conventional light sources. Use less power sure, but NOT more efficient. Also, what's omitted is, magnetic ballasts, transformers or even LED Power supplies last significantly longer than any solid state or electronic power source. Their just coils with no electronics. With long-life fluorescent lamps such as Voltarcs Starlite Lamps rated for (50,00 hours), these are just as maintenance free than an LED system would be and far less expensive to the consumer. As a sign shop, how many LED power Supplies do we change out? Far more than magnetics! The LED population illustrated in this picture would have to be doubled to tripled just to have comparable light to that of conventional fluorescents, HO lamps, even more so if we compare LEDs to Tri-Phophor coated lamps....well, then we're looking at comparable Cost of Operation and words like "Efficient" truthfully go away..... This is what people like Bill, who are experts don't understand. They don't understand the basic principals, that you don't get something for nothing, and everything you chose has a price to be paid somewhere. LEDs are not an answer to all phases of the electric sign industry. He writes about the frustrations sign shops go through with local jurisdictions for permitting or approval, well "duh". They read it from the Sign Foundation "Experts" like him. They believe the mis-information because it's written by an individual who has self titled themselves...."Sign-Industry & Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry or...(FASI)" or similar. Bill doesn't understand.....or he understands BUT, doesn't want to admit outright in the public because of the shoes he would be stepping on....I'll try and give him more cred and say it's the first rather than the latter. Here's a hidden trade secret about Associations, & Trade Magazine. This is info SOME sign associations can't say they don't know, but continue to pretend they don' t know because they're worried about who they will offend and who's membership money they might not get, oh....and don't forget the advertisers! Our Associations are always SO quick to claim their here to benefit, pioneer and Shepard our "trade" with their "studies", yet they can't even come out with REAL facts and figures that tell the truth about our trades biggest and most valued Traditions & Heritages that still make our trade, a trade. As for the rest of the sad April 2018 articles, you would think this is a return of 2005 because it's just more "Neon Bad.....LED Good" With no fun facts about pro's and con's of each light source based on environment or application, or that each light source whether it's Neon, Fluorescent, & LED Lamps, all have their strengths and weaknesses...and not one light source is a better fit in all phases of the electric sign industry HISTORY LESSON http://read.nxtbook.com/st_media/signs_of_the_times/april_2018/index.html#history_lesson MARQUEE DE MOD http://read.nxtbook.com/st_media/signs_of_the_times/april_2018/index.html#marquee_de_mod The signs in these articles have no soul. My feeling is, I bet this these types of articles bring tears to the eyes of more, greater experienced sign shops & journeymen & women who create and restore some real beauties When you have historical signs for restoration and revamps, you can restore with better Neon i.e. rare earth/tri phosphors & improved wiring configuration, better wiring, improved loading for longer life. You don't redo classics and historics with inferior Flex LED Neon which has a significant shorter life, is no where near the brightness as Neon and degrades unevenly with individual diodes breakdown in the silicone heat trap of death. Flex Neon...It's not art, it's laziness. Save those projects of where the public right of way can come in contact, interior applications, or your kids school science projects. But these souless projects occur when the consumer puts their trust in companies who have no business doing what they do in these types of projects, they only chose what comes easy (peel and stick) because they lack the "know how" of the electric sign industries greatest traditions and heritage of Neon, or don't employ any staff that has the real experience of either the fabrication/processing or proper installation of Neon..... or..... They're avid readers of the Community Agitators brochure magazine and quite possibly graduates of the ISA Elite yoot brigade. On a side note. Looking at an issue a decade ago, they had 110 pages of content before the directory, this year only 65 pages of content before the directory which is about half the content. It appears they have plenty of pages and room left, maybe they can fill with more "balanced" content to do "better". Does Marcus and Nisa still work there? If not, the Community Agitator needs find herself some more "experts" to carry the brochure mag
  7. Federal Marshal’s Seize Neon Sign After Owner Invested Thousands of Dollars for Restoration http://www.ktva.com/clip/14278225/anchorage-woman-wants-her-neon-palm-tree-the-feds-want-it-back http://www.ktva.com/clip/14290467/spenard-inns-neon-palm-tree-turned-over-to-feds A neon palm tree that's been at the center of a dispute between a local businesswoman and the federal government changed hands on Friday. Bernadette Wilson obeyed a judge's order to give back the sign, which once adorned Spenard's storied Paradise Inn for decades. Wilson kept the location of the tree a secret until Friday morning when it turned up on the back of a trailer in South Anchorage. Workers hired by the U.S. Marshals Service office in Anchorage brought their own truck and hauled it away. Wilson has given up the giant neon sign for now, but she may not have given up the fight. She has until Tuesday to decide if she wants to appeal the judge's ruling. She'd also like to get back some of the tens of thousands of dollars she said she's spent, removing, storing and fighting for the sign. "If the federal government is going to tell you to do something and, in turn, tell you to keep it and you incur those costs, it's not right to force those costs on a small business owner and leave them with nothing to show for it," Wilson said. Wilson said she would love to see the iconic sign displayed in Anchorage, possibly at the Anchorage Museum or by the Koots windmill in Spenard. The federal government has indicated it plans to auction the sign and the Paradise Inn property, where the palm tree stood for more than 50 years. U.S. Attorney for Alaska Bryan Schroder's office and marshals haven't released any details so far of when the auction will be held.
  8. Sign Syndicate Board Patrons

    UPDATED - Features
  9. Just a quick note Board patron's can now insert their social Media sites to their profile, and it will appear in each post as well as when someone hovers over your name with the mouse as well as a few other key areas. WHERE IT CAN SHOW WHERE TO FIND THE SETTINGS - INSERT YOUR SITES, SOCIAL, MEDIA, GAMING, ETC As always, thank you very much for supporting The Sign Syndicate and the rest of the Electric Sign Community
  10. Eric, which white led's do you recommend for illuminating an 8" deep 4' x 8' D/F sign cabinet, with white poly faces? I will be sticking them to 1" aluminum square tubes that will be installed in the middle of the cabinet instead of fluorescent lamps. Please advise.

    Thanks and have a great day. 

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    2. Erik Sine

      Erik Sine

      You can space a little farther apart, I'm just suggesting for bright even lighting.  You can always play with the spacing and it is all dependent on white face type too.  

    3. chuckssigns


      Thanks eric, I will play with some I have here and go from there. Thanks for your advice. I will be placing an order tomorrow. 

      Thanks again, have a great night.

    4. Erik Sine

      Erik Sine

      No Problem!

  11. First, I want to thank all of the Sign Syndicate Members chose to support this site by upgrading their free membership to that of a Board Patron. We really appreciate it! INSTALLER / MEMBERSHIP MAP Second, don't forget to add yourself on Sign Installer Map here http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/membermap/ ELECTRIC SIGN SUPPLY DISCOUNTS Third, as a Board Patron you will get discounts on most products on our Online Store: http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/ However, I just noticed a lot of those discounts disappeared from the recent site upgrade. So I'll be working on getting those back up in the next day or two, I have to do it all manually. SOCIAL MEDIA ICON LINKS Forth, add your Company Social Media Sites viewable by all http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/8273-more-board-patron-features/ STICKY PADS Have the ability to send yourself or someone a sticky note. (How to, to come) POST SIGNATURES Create Signatures that are viewable with each post you make on The Sign Syndicate. You can be allowed to upload a gif or jpeg image, ad a link to your signature than can be seen in every post you make to topics. Short video on how to post create signatures, profile pictures and more http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/5108-video-tutorial-create-avatars-signatures-create-threads-posts/ Signatures for NON-Distributor/Sign Supply/Equipment Companies only. See Board Vendor Membership for this promotional/advertising signatures If you're not already a Board Patron and would like to join for Full Board Access you can do so from this link below Thank you again for your support of The Sign Syndicate as well as the Electric Sign Community!
  12. Barnes & Noble Books

    Anyone know the "green" channel letter face specs? I have never seen anything other than white with a green background. Is there a translucent Green Film or Acrylic/Polycarb spec?
  13. USHIO Filament s14 LED Bulb

    Just updated this Topic with the U.L. SAM Wet Location Certification Try getting that certification from other s14 LED Lamp Manufacturers, chances are they have NONE!
  14. Just to give an update. With so much volume of the Constant Current Reckless-2 being moved/sold the cost has come down so we're passing that right along to our customers. If you haven't noticed our Constant Current Color NC LED modules are now priced the same as the whites. We're selling a lot of colors! We now offer a lower powered version of our Reckless LED Line, a .72w for our Reckless-2 & Reckless 3. A lot of wholesalers and large volume customers seem to like these better so they can spread out the LED Power Supply Load. To be honest, there is not a lot of visual difference on illuminated sign surfaces between the .92w and .72w Reckless-2 For the folks familiar with Neon, the Reckless-2 .92w LED module light output is just about on par with a single stroke of a 13mm Tri-Phosphor Neon Lamp. That should give you an idea just how bright these suckers are! Also new on our Reckless-2 Line is, they also come in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K in a .72w module. The 3000K has been a very popular choice for our customer who are doing Way-finding / architectural signs and those that might illuminate slate and stone When it comes to building parameter (under trough) lighting our Reckless-2 & Reckless-3 .72 watt modules have been a big hit. These have been used for the Mor Furniture Stores in the Western States. With our High Powered .92 watt and 1.2watt modules used to light up the Monstrous Day Night Face Channel Letters Since we've been distributing our NC Reckless LED Line I can't tell you how many satisfied customers we have gained over time. I've been a sign producer like you and I'm picky as hell when it comes to integrating components into my signs. I've also been in the ear like a gnat of quite a few people and when the failures finally came for them from their inferior constant voltage (eco) product they were sold based on Hype and cost from and American LED Company or Supplier.... a product imported from China, they tried the Reckless and so far never looked back. The NC Reckless LED's aren't cheap I know, but their High-End, and you'll always get what you pay for. Build signs with these and you'll build happy customers If you're a Neon guy looking for that dependable High Powered kick in light output, like i said earlier, a single stroke of the Reckless-2 is like a single stroke of a 13mm Tri-Phosphor Neon Lamp. Well....It's been a fun ride so far, and thank a big thank you for all our customers, I DO enjoy serving you!