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  1. Word Of Caution

    So.... I've had some recent conversations (phone and in person) and just wanted to remind everyone who might be taking a interest in our awesome NC Reckless LED's. Our NC LED's are NOT the same as NC LED's sold by other distributors. I don't care what they might be telling you NC LED is really growing and branching out. Our NC Reckless LED line is named "Reckless" for a reason, their NOT the same module you could have gotten a sample from some other Vendor here in the US or abroad i.e. Europe. A quick side by side comparison is the DEAD giveaway. NC LED Recently opened up a plant in Vietnam and they make all kinds of modules from various diode producers including Samsung, their catering and competing with other lower tier/cost LED Manufacturers here in the US and all over the world. The NC LED Lower Tier modules are still good, don't get me wrong and much better than the other lower tier manufacturers. NC LED makes LED modules from all kinds of various Diode Producers like LG, SOL, Samsung, etc, and even some Chinese Chips (Vietnam). That being said.... Our NC Reckless LED's are specifically made in Korea, and unique. Our modules are built to specific configurations (we chose from our testing) ONLY with top tier top grade Samsung Diodes. Honestly there is over 30+ Samsung grades and when you open up a magazine like Signs of The Times and see flash words like "Samsung" & "50¢ per module". NOT THE SAME THING, sorry if you bought something called Samsung and expect that to be a Top Tier diode just because of name.....SURPRISE! That is lower tier/grade garbage I would not use commercially With a background in electric sign production I wouldn't do that to you. Our Reckless LED Line is the Cream of The Crop when it comes to NC LED Modules, there is a reason why ours appear "True White" compared to other NC LED's (lower cost) and those other LED's you may be currently be purchasing. Our module specifications have on board current drivers (Constant Current) and NOT Constant Voltage (resistor base) for long life. I'm not putting down or detouring anyone from other NC LED's, they are good quality and better than 75% or on par with all the crap out there in the market....but....their not TOP Tier or High-End. BIG Difference! Anyone who has been buying our LED line, thank you for supporting our high-end quality products for your projects and customers and for supporting The Sign Syndicate. Rest assure you're good when it's from us! Side Note, our offering is expanding in colors, as well as White Temperatures 3000K, 8000K, & Soon 4,000K, 5,000K, 2700K Check us out http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/43-nc-led/
  2. NEW Neon Park - Signs Wanted

    Restoring the Past: Group raising funds to refurbish, display neon signs from Rt. 66 http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Restoring-the-Past-Group-raising-funds-to-refurbish-display-neon-signs-from-Rt-66-477554943.html ST. ROBERT, Mo. -- "As a nation, sometimes we're not protecting our history." That's why Beth Wiles, the President of the Pulaski County Route 66 Preservation group, started a project to restore old neon signs, and put them on display in a so-called "neon park." "We've been working on obtaining signs. We have five of them stored locally. We have one of them in St. Louis, and three others throughout the state that are in the care of the association," Wiles said. Signs from places like the Motel St. Louis, the Stanley Courtel, the Motel Linair, and a sign from the Modern Cabins. "It was originally located in the Bassett Insurance Agency area of St. Robert, that is just down from the park area," Wiles said. The group has several signs, but they're still looking for more to display in the park. "The signs that are eligible for the park must have been located on Route 66 between 1926 and 1984, and we also are looking for the motels, the diners, shopping, things related to the automobile," Wiles said. "Those are all qualifiers for the park." They also still need help raising money to refurbish them. "Restoring these signs is not inexpensive," Wiles added. "You've got the transmitters, all of the wiring, the blown glass tubing. As we look at the Modern Cabins sign, we're looking at probably about $7,000 just to restore that sign, and it's fairly small compared to the Linair for instance. That's 19 feet tall." But Wiles says she feels it's all worth it. "I think it's going to be exciting. I think it's going to be a great anchor attraction for the state as well as our area." The group has a while to go until they reach all the funds they need to refurbish the signs and get the park completed, but Wiles said she hopes the first three signs will be ready to be put up in Spring 2019.
  3. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    On a side note. I have to chuckle..... I read somewhere on some social media site post that ISA will be having a meet/discussion at the Expo to talk aluminum. Also, that their so connected to "DC" and that they will be working with politicians to get things turned around. What does that mean? Does that mean their position is that they want to create/aid opposition to the tariffs, or help build our industry and plants back up from the ashes? Because right now at their their show it's a CHINA expo, with very little "America" ISA can do their part by promoting and giving discounts to all American Vendors/Exhibitors if they really cared. I bet our Vendors get taxed when they go to Signs CHINA Expo
  4. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Dave, Our previous wonderful Presidents have let other countries have their "way" with us. We haven't had fair trade up until now. When has NAFTA ever benefited our Farmers, factories Automobile plants etc for us? Our farmers are suffering and losing their farms, our plants ar just about shut down in the last 30 years. Our largest steel plants are about to shut their doors. Other countries tax our exports 25%+, we tax them 2.5%. Is this fair? Does Canada do this? When you say "his way" you mean our way, because this President, our President is following through on promises he ran on and was voted in to fulfill, like him or not. Cost for us may go up for the short term (hopefully), and that's something we may just have to bite on a piece of leather for a bit,...but this is to get/rebuild our industry back up because we're losing it.
  5. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    I happened to call SignComp because I may have a possible upcoming project. Supposedly their not affected by the tariffs so I guess their Aluminum is not imported. They will have a slight increase on their products starting this April 1st of 6% but nothing to do with the Chinese deal
  6. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Heh, Read this post and decided to call my regular plastics/alum sales and I guess their down to their last few pre-finished white alum sheets (China) and they only have 4'x10' now and their thinking it will be about 3 months until they see the next shipment of the regular 4x8's. He was telling me the big American company was about to close their doors in a few months because they couldn't compete with the Chinese. So it will be interesting what happens in the next few months with pricing and how that will fluctuate
  7. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    How generous, the unique patented Sign Money EZlit Letters and EZlit Logo's come with a 1 year warranty. Replacement parts can be new or "refurbished". Also, any labor to replace during this 1 year period is not part of the warranty. I have to chuckle that he's in the electric sign industry yet Neon needs to be installed by other "experts". Also if his Faux Neon letter "E" was Neon he would get zapped at 15,000 volts for just merely touching the glass... "so you don't want to do that". But yet in a video is it was said he's actually an "electrician"....I guess in his videos he's just playing to the end-user, consumer audience that can install themselves If you spend a little more with them he might throw in his "Sign Monkey Archimedes Hydropower Screw Generator" to go with your plug-n-play channel letter set that "anyone" can install, maybe even a monkey. In all seriousness though....the Owner of Sign Monkey is also the owner of Paris Signs in West Virginia, a company that seems to know what their building judging from their gallery pages. So I don't know why the whole "Sign Monkey" thing The address of both companies are the same. He seems to be using Osram LED's, which is listed on the Monkey. He explains that his Neon LED is more efficient than Neon....uh...Wut?!?! The watts per foot is about the same if not less for Neon 3.7 watts per foot LED vs 3 watts per foot Neon. We don't even have to go into Lumens because the whites, greens, blues etc for Neon is 3x to 10x that of LED for "faux Neon" He's also a member here, with no participation since 2009 and recently rejoining last year. As a member, shame on him for throwing Neon under the bus, he should be better educated and informed than that by just reading here with all the data we pump out on cost of operation for light sources,, but then again, he's not active here so.... ******* Our NON CHINA.... NC Reckless LED's comes with a 5 year warranty (50,000 hour) and will cover up to $500 for labor costs per incident. To this date we have not had ANY come back to us. But then again, we aren't toting our LED systems directly to the consumer. But any consumer should rest assured if their Signs are lit by our Reckless LED's! Okay, shameless "plug" with no pun intended......*kek*...plug
  8. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    pictures or it didn't happen
  9. I'm new and have a question about trade shows

    I think we'll be going to our SGIA Show this year. Thought maybe we'll go to check out. It's mostly a printy show but, think we'll be going to prospect it out.
  10. So, as of today all alum & steel from countries like China will now have a tariff of 15% & 25%. As we know, our industry buys a LOT from China, especially a lot of cheap products. I haven't looked into it but I know there are quite a few alum companies who's coils and pre-finished aluminum sheets will now cost a lot higher. I wonder if those finished alum projects will have a tariff too, such as alum letters and alum sign structures? Maybe hard in the beginning, costs will go up, but hopefully American growth will happen again and those costs with lower regulation can get those costs down and start competing on the world market again. After all shouldn't a tax be equal between two countries? If China taxes our exports to them 25%, should we not equally tax theirs? Thoughts?
  11. Getting Replaced

    Had a customer send this to us by email, maybe they'll chime in a tell us more but... It's simple, they're replacing cheap plastic LED power supplies made in CHINA with better quality, better thermal cooling LED Power Supplies...OUR Union Korean Made LED Power Supplies. Our 60 watt (displayed above) is IP68, Recognized by UL as Class II (SAM) and for Wet Location. These are versatile, you can use in a box or sign structure, or use externally. Most importantly you can breath easy when your UL Inspector surprises you with a visit and sees these units, including our 120watt version which is one of the few approved and listed in the SAM The cheap plastic Chinese LED Power Supplies by Principal LED & others are great for areas that have good cooling like external fans or for your kids school science projects but not in closed areas where ventilation is not great. The "cheapies" are attractive for the price at $12 or less, but not great for consumers who have to pay the service bill of a crane and labor to replace because as professionals we know these only last for short periods of time. "Buy the best and only cry once"
  12. PLEASE put the city and State in the Topic Title Example Fabricator / Installer - San Francisco, CA
  13. I'm new and have a question about trade shows

    When I can, we usually go the ISA shows, but not this year. SGIA, we have never been but I guess that's mostly a printer show? Well.....so is the ISA, lol. Because it's close by and one of my sons wants to get involved I'll be attending a NBM show in Long Beach later this year Welcome the board Lisa
  14. Applying vinyl to fresh paint

    I'm going to assume the bubbles happening is a result of the paint gassing? Similar to pulling off a fresh masking from a acrylic sheet, give it some time.
  15. My new desk lamp

    If your stare at the glass long enough you will see that it has a soul, and it's trapped in the glass