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  1. Not sure what you're doing but we have these here on the site But you been Flex conduit, and their rated for wet/outdoor
  2. Have a project coming up and have been doing some reading online. Going to be using all thread to hang a large sign cabinet on a parapet wall. The back of the wall is exposed to the sun and faces east while the wall sign will face the boardwalk of the Pacific Ocean. I can't get a definitive answer on SS grade to use which won't be overkill. 304 SS which seems more common, or a 316 high higher grade, which seems like a grade made for direct water exposure (splash). The rear wall will get that mild salt air and mist which will bake when the sun is out. I had one person suggest Galvanized and seal the rear with sealant, but then there is the inside of the cab, and you can't stop moisture from forming. Hell, most stainless steel grill that reside on the beach have to be replaced every couple of years....salt waters a bitch
  3. lmao, I'll shoot you over a updated price list of everything we stock later today. I don't want to post prices here in case down the road those change then I have to come back here and re-edit.
  4. and just like that I already need to order more. Prices aren't showing up in the cart?
  5. An official product announcement. The Low Voltage LED Wall Wire Protectors are finally up in our online shopping cart. I was going to wait until I upgraded the site, which will bring a nice new look and functionality to the site, but I've just been nose deep in work and will do so in a few days. Anyhow..... These are some picture of the LED Wire Pass Throughs. Perfect for standard Channel Letters and especially Reverse Channel Letters I know and not all have issue's with either their U.L. Inspectors or Local Building Inspectors that require a pass through for standard LED channel letters and more so for reverse channel letters that need more of something that penetrates through the wall. These are UL879 and in the UL SAM. And if nothing else, these make GREAT Fidget Spinners! Spinning the plastic nut up and down the threads! We'll stock these in 2", 4", 6", and for some who like them big there is even the 8" lengths Before bringing them in I had a friend use them for a job and it was all thumbs up, they liked them over the more costly Paige Wall Busters. These are sold in packages of 10 Oh and these are produced and manufactured right here in the good 'ol USA!! You can purchase from our online Shopping Cart or Order by Phone / Email (858) 880-1400 -- The Cart isn't always up to date on quantity & availability because of call-in orders, local sales, etc. So if you're unsure just call or email
  6. So....we've had them and I haven't been pushing them out because I didn't think they were right yet. But now that time has come. Been to a few shops of customers and when I saw what I saw, I had to push for it. It's al because one of my customers recently obtained a new AdamsTech Bender. So now he's producing Channel Letters, reverse Channel Letters that are so small and tight the worry is no longer being capable of producing such a letter the worry is the hell to power it up PROPERLY. It's hard to put existing modules in, competent LED modules I mean. Well....In mid to late September we will have NC LED White Horse Mini's (Far right) Their 160˙, same top tier Samsung used in our White Horse Product Line. Their about 4 per foot and power consumption will be .48 per module. If the Reckless 2, and White Horse 2 weren't already small enough as is, the White Horse Line will fit and integrate into all those hard to reach places and give you a bright light output
  7. Should have just used a roller....spray paint is too much work
  8. That makes me want to cry
  9. Steve from UFB Fabrication sent this to me and it took some time trying to figure out how to post on here, but it got done! BTW - This work was not performed by a Sign Shop
  10. Kylie Jenner sued for copying neon 'lip bite' art for reality show promo Kylie Jenner sued for copying neon 'lip bite' art for reality show promo Kylie Jenner is being sued again. The 19-year-old make-up mogul is being accused of copying an experienced painter's work according to a Tuesday report from TMZ In legal documents obtained by the publication, Sara Pope claims Jenner copied her 'Temptation Neon' logo in order to use it for promotional materials for Kylie's reality show.' Spot the difference: In legal documents obtained by the publication, Sara Pope claims Jenner copied her 'Temptation Neon' logo (left) in order to use it for promotional materials for Kylie's reality show (right)' According to the documents obtained by TMZ, the artist said she created the art piece in 2015. A similar piece featuring glossy set of lips lined by neon lights could be seen at the very beginning of the first Life Of Kylie trailer as well as all over social media. Sources close to the reality show later told TMZ that the design in question was created by a third party and Jenner had nothing to do with the process. More
  11. though it's incorrect, I'm guilt of "Routed"
  12. That's god awful
  13. What's odd is, that looks like a 16' Werner scaffold plank resting on top of the ladder extension
  14. Worker Hurt in Crane Collapse SUNBURY – A worker was hurt when a crane he was working on collapsed in Northumberland County. A contractor was fixing a sign at CVS on South Fourth Street in Sunbury around 10 a.m. when the crane he was working on collapsed, and he fell off, according to the Sunbury fire chief. The name of the worker and his condition were not released. The fire chief said his injuries were not life-threatening. Around 50 to 100 gallons of hydraulic fluid spilled from the truck. The CVS store remained open.
  15. AdamsTech and SDS – Joining Forces Global manufacturing leader, SDS Korea, and sales and service partner, AdamsTech, are combining forces in North America, and bringing new manufacturing capabilities to the United States. July 7, 2017 (Boulder, CO): “We are very excited to announce the formation of a new company, SDS/AdamsTech, with our longtime manufacturing partner, SDS,” said Mike Adams, co-founder and former president of AdamsTech. “We are likewise pleased to announce that Ellen and I, though still available for SDS/AdamsTech and customers as consultants, are happily passing on our leadership responsibilities as we enter the next stage of our career.” The new company will begin manufacturing SDS machinery in Irvine, CA, as well as continue sales and service of other products like Cutlite Penta lasers and Delta Diemaking equipment from their office in Boulder, CO. Assuming the role as President of SDS/AdamsTech is Tony Lim of SDS, who is both a familiar face to AdamsTech customers and has been a partner of the company for almost 20 years. Key employees who will continue with the new company are Connie Adams, James Cross, and John Wiley, as well as the technical support staff, many of whom customers know personally, including Brad DeHaan, Sara Fox, Don Hill, Kyle Kermoade, and Andy Park, known for their “best-in-class” support. AdamsTech and SDS, partners for more than 21 years, have long anticipated, as the natural progression of their success, this evolution into one company. Their combined forces as global manufacturing leader of both automated channel letters and steel rule fabrication, with expertise in sales and service, will lift the new company and its products to the next level. Look for even more innovations in die- and sign-making from SDS/AdamsTech.