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  1. This is a first ever trial run. Use link below or use the main horizontal menu header above "PHOTO COMPETITION" http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/competition/ The rules are simple. One entry per member, up to 8 votes per member. Please don't search the internet for pictures, please use your own that you captured around town or during a job. It's the first and a trial run, we'll figure out a 1st place price. This ends August 8th 2019 Please do not Photoshop pictures. The Contest: FUNNIEST SIGN PHOTO This is the Funniest Sign Photo "Contest" that has to do with a sign in the photo. The way it looks, the content, the shape it is in, or perhaps something that happened to it. No Photo shopping. Please no searching the internet for photos, it should be your own that you captured around town
  2. Thought I would show off a new Sign Syndicate Board function. It's "Tell a Friend" If you have any friends that you would like to show this site to you can click on the small share button Fill out the two short fields and Presto What it will look like to your friend
  3. Wow Angie, you deserve some kind of award for posting those shots. Not sure what, but
  4. I Bet the "F" lit just fine too
  5. PK HOUSINGS PK, or Neon P-K Housings are harder and harder to find these days with no major Neon Manufacturer still producing the Metal Shroud portion of a PK Housing. Westrim?? Nope....Transco? Nope....Allanson? Nope... In fact, it's been nearly impossible to find New complete PK Housings. The only way in the last couple of years if you had a Neon Project for a client has been to find existing stock from a sign company that has had some just sitting on a old dusty shelf somewhere, or possibly a sign supplier who didn't even know they had any, and with LEDs flooding the market it's doubtful a supplier rep even knows what they are/were, and that dusty case they do have with all those strange metal & glass components was possibly spare parts for some old delivery truck their company use to have from the 90's??? Think of how many have just been straight thrown out in the garbage Well, not every Neon wall project calls for #200, #300 Housings, the difficult Masters Technologies Boots and Sleeving System. If you want a Neon attached to on a wall for a clean look & without a raceway, YES...it IS still possible!!! We've been sitting on these for some time, sorry for the late public announcement Store Link of Neon Housings http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/8-neon-housing-components/ Call or Email us for questions or orders!! orders@thesignsyndicate (858) 880-1400
  6. There's a LOT of truth to that
  7. When it's dangerous, when it's safe and how it's natural
  8. "...about half..." When I visit local shops, it's entertaining to see the ones that have bounced around from shop to shop and think to myself *oh boy*. They're the ones that give owners the headache. They have bad habits..bad work ethic, probably never learned the right way, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, they find ways to stretch the clock, and now they're at a new shop repeating what happened at other places of employment
  9. Love it, Good music to keep the theme High Energy, good job!
  10. Just improved the Installer Map Function Now when you select a member on the map you will see some quick contact info rather than having to click again on the members name to go to their profile. So it's very important for users to go to their profile and fill out all necessary fields to make it easier to be contacted. We'll be adding more quick options too soon. Any suggestions you may have would be helpful. Current Fields that show up are COMPANY: NAME: LOCATION: CONTACT NO. EQUIPMENT: WEBSITE URL: (Coming Soon)
  11. Everything should function normal if not better. If anyone has any issues please contact me or reply here Thanks! Erik
  12. Hey Gerald, If you have anyone who supplies Makrolon they have a nice 2051 Polycarb Blue, they sent us some nice oversized sheets for the various tests we do here, their blue was nice and we used it in the Blue Light Special Test. Think it came in some HUGE sizes and even roll stock? It's been a few years
  13. I'm apPAULled by the small and unfit drain holes!!!!
  14. @paul321 Where were you vacationing? Bankok?
  15. So after the above post I was sent this question, which I think is a very good question. So I thought I would post here NC LED is HUGE company in Asia, they truly are a big international lighting company. They make so much more than just LED Modules, they make bigger lighting fixtures as well. They expanded a plant in Vietnam probably about a year or two ago. This is a plant where they make cheaper NC lines to compete with a lot of these Chinese LED lines that come from other LED companies that sell here in the US, you know the names. They can't compete with cheaper LED lines coming out of China with our High-End Line NC has been one of the best companies to not only sell for but work with. They listen to us, they work with us and our NC Line is the Premium High-End Flagship Line. This is pretty much the break down: Made in Korea Platinum Line (Reckless) Gold Line (White Horse and Samsung Constant Voltage) - High Tier Samsung Chips Made in Vietnam Silver Line Bronze Line - Chinese and other Korean chips So, how do we know ours are not being swapped out or substituted? Well for one NC LED is a Korean Company, not Chinese where they promise you on thing then swap down the line. NC Likes that we test all their Products in our light comparison tests, and as you can imagine they enjoy the results as much as we do if not more. They know the importance of keeping, having and maintaining a premium high-end line (Reckless & White Horse) to compliment their other lines. NC is probably one of the few manufacturers that don't change their LED module line much like others who do so practically annually. Future maintenance if needed is NEVER a problem, not much changes. We test batches as well to make sure they match the previous. Lastly, we know ours are made in Korea, because they are shipped from Korea to us. We have no desire to compete in the electric sign industry with lower grade products, especially with LED products that come out of CHINA. We ONLY want to pass out the BEST. Some have bought from us in the past, consistently, or once, then bought from some other NC LED Seller because the price was so much lower, because they either were contacted by a rep or ran into a supplier at some Sign Show, then found out the above. Sorry, I've been saying and announcing. Other Suppliers DO NOT SELL the Reckless or White Horse High-End Line, if they say they do, they do not, PLEASE let us know if they claim to We won't roll out around town in a Honda or Yugo.....it's the Benz....or not at all.
  16. UPDATE: There have been some price drops for most white LED configurations for both the Reckless and White Horse Line because sales have been good. Unlike most suppliers we can either profit more... or pass the savings on, we choose to pass it on. As a reminder because I get asked and or I hear it. Our "Reckless & White Horse" NC LED Line is NOT the same quality or configurations that comes from other NC LED Distributors/ Suppliers around the US. You will see others who sell NC LEDs at a much lower reduced cost. This is because some lines are made in Vietnam, some with diodes made in CHINA, and or lower tier Samsung Chips if they even are indeed Samsung chips, in conjunction with being Constant Voltage NOT Constant Current like the Reckless & White Horse Line NC Likes to compete with lower cost lines because they want to compete everywhere BUT WE DO NOT. The Reckless & White Horse is ONLY made in Korea NOT CHINA or Vietnam. We only stick to High-End Components and strive to serve to shops looking for High-End Components to build High-End Products. Hence why we like other High-End products such as Elekemet & USHIO of Japan. We're not looking to focus on trying to be a Sign Supplier rather than just serve a and fill a "Niche" market of High Quality. So bottom line.....just because it's a NC LED product you're buying elsewhere, it's NOT the same quality in anyway that we stock and supply here Lastly any orders of 10 or more Trays is FREE SHIPPING (Mainland US Only)
  17. Thanks Keith, I'm working on it. I'll do a separate announcement for those, but here's a sneak peek. They range from 75W, 100W, 240W & 360W, They are rated to replace 150W to 1,500W fixtures. Dimmable, DLC, and of course Whacky CA Title 24
  18. NOW AVAILABLE USHIO LED Wall Pack Fixtures Ushio America’s TWP series traditional wall pack LED light fixtures are manufactured with premium, long-life LEDs, cast-aluminum housings with shatter resistant glass and excellent thermal dynamics. The TWP series is designed using the traditional wall pack appearance and replaces much higher wattage HID luminaires, saving up to 80% on energy costs. The traditional shape maintains an aesthetic appearance and will replace any building’s wall pack, or perimeter lighting. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Energy Saving • DLC Qualified • IP65 Outdoor Rated • Operating Temperature: -4° F to 120° F • 15-30 Foot Height Performance • Shatter Resistant Glass • Dimmable (0-10V) • Photocell Compatible • Long Life: 50,000 Hours • 5-Year Limited Warranty APPLICATIONS • Area Lighting • Security Lighting • Entryway Lighting • Pathway Lighting 42w 5000K $87.49 60w 5000K $99.99 Call (858) 880-1400 or email us orders@thesignsyndicate.com
  19. So, I've been meaning to post this, so what better time than while it's fresh in my head. I get these from time to time....I think I've mentioned it a couple of times, or maybe I haven't. I received a email shortly after the ISA show from a National Sign Company we were at. Their known for their.....not so good payment schedule. In short they asked me to remove the content about their company on my board, and that it was for the most part untrue, and in most cases under normal circumstances most are paid by 60 days. I'm not going to mention the name of the company, it's not important and email exchange was short. It appears that it all sparked from whatever happened at the ISA Show. I'm not sure if possibly they were a company that took part at the meet and greet, or it was brought up in other ways, maybe over a dinner meeting. Anyhow, my response was basically that if you stick to your promised payment schedule then there shouldn't be any issues. Issues usually happen when companies promise terms then go over that. I also let them know that if they're doing business in states like California (which they are), by law subs have to be paid in 30 days. I also let them know that executing contracts and subbing installs and service work in states like CA is illegal if they do not have a contractors license in those states. In a reply I asked why they go beyond 30 days in the first place. In states like mine (CA) it's the responsibility of the General Contractor to obtain a line of credit to pay Subcontractors if need be, NOT use subs as a line of credit and only paying them once THEY get paid....which in states like CA is also illegal. IN fact in order to get a contractor license in my state you have to have a certain amount of cash flow in your bank account, and you must be bonded ($15K last I looked) which a consumer or sub can go after for unpaid bills or as a fix Lastly in that same reply, I also relayed the fact that it's ridiculous that some Nationals ask Subcontractors that work for them to sign away their lean rights. ( I didn't aim this question at them because I didn't know if they require this, but i just mentioned it as lately it seems like a normal thing to get a sub to sign). Though I doubt a judge would even abide by that as even that is illegal in my state and why there are preliminary lean notices before project work and lean release once paid by subs Well, that's where communication pretty much stopped. I'm posting this because it seems that what we are doing here, coming together and opening up a line of communication about one of our industry's biggest problem IS having an impact....clearly. It hasn't been the first email or call I've received from an unhappy National. At the ISA Shows, I'll say it's thee biggest compliment we get in passing or by those that meet with us is the National Sign & Service Install Review Forum, and having the courage to host such a thing on the Sign Syndicate. My point is this. It's probably the most active used part of this site, but by those who just use it, they need to participate in it more actively rather than just read what someone else wrote about a particular company they may be checking up on. More need to actually participate and give their own feedback for others as well and not be so passive...reciprocate the help. Keep updating your experiences with these companies, whether it's positive or negative, because obviously.....everything we have been doing here is working for our industry
  20. Hey Paul, Dimensions are on the pdf spec sheet above, and for New York I would expect about 4 business days if you order before 11am PST
  21. 1/2" on the side, 3/4" on the top for direct Mount
  22. Keith, they come in black only. Also updated the product with more info
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