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  1. Can you still sip out of plastic straws Paul?
  2. This caught me by surprise but, Eco-Tyranny continues in California. We can no longer buy denatured alcohol. This was an awesome product with many uses in the Sign Industry No more plastic straws, plates, Styrofoam....now DA
  3. Good article. Neon's not going anywhere. All the smart companies, especially the large nationals know that Neon is one of their premium projects that make VERY good money because not many shops have the knowledge or know how to do so the competition is sooo loooow
  4. Thanks Ric, I'll shoot you up some samples soon! You'll love em!
  5. I split these posts off to create it's own topic because it's far too interesting to get lost in the shuffle in a LED discussion. Those are some awesome pics Frank, thanks for sharing those....oh and by all means I don't think anyone here can get tired from hearing about Neon!
  6. Thank you guys! They say you're supposed to get wiser with age. Well......
  7. You''re correct, it is all about finding the "right" company. We've seen & found some good ones
  8. Thank you! Yes it is different, you have one of the earlier sample batches. Our final version has a much higher luminous efficacy, and much nicer bin. I'll drop a sample of these off to you soon
  9. Been working with Marko on this one Gary, so you know it kicks ass. He's the engineer brain behind it.
  10. slow payer + slow player = x x=?
  11. So, we finally did it. It's been kicked around for months, prototypes, after prototypes and locked in on a configuration that we finally liked. As most of you know the Sign Syndicate we've been testing majority of the main stream LED's since 2008 in a unbiased benchmark comparison, tests such as "The Great White Hope....Project Tighty Whitey...Red Light District...Border Security & Blue Light Special". Over that time we've seen some characteristics that we liked, made sense, understood what will last and won't. What it means to be a High-End LED product. We have sold the NC LED's & Axioms for a few years now, as some of our favorites from the testing (Axioms no longer). But it's been time to do our own, make it more custom and more perfect for the Sign Industry. The Brighton line is made from those in the Sign Industry.....FOR the Sign Industry. It's BrightON, pronounced just like the city. So what so unique about the Brighton? For starters, we wanted it to be VERY efficient. I don't know of another more bright and efficient LED module in it's class. 155 lum/W and 124lum with a 170˙ Batwing optic lens, most importantly when it comes the sign industry the important number is 63.09 Foot Candles on a sign face per Watt The important aspects of long lasting LEDs is of course finding the "sweet spot", where it's driven just perfect for light and power. The Brighton is VERY under driven, less power, MORE light! These can be spaced out pretty far due to the optics lens, it's brighter in angles than it is straight on, or up. Under driving improves thermal performance, which extends life all while getting higher Lumens per watt. The Brighton LED is a High-End, High Performance LED module for High-End applications. For starters off the bat we will have a 2 Diode, (no need for a 3 Diode), 4 Diode, and our Sign Cabinet model 6 Diode (SunFire). Shops won't need to stock multiple module types, the Brighton-2 is so versatile, you can use it for almost anything, just adjust the spacing. It already comes with 7" inches of wire so jumping from one row to another is easy. Space the center to center at 6" for good light, 5" center for Better Light, 4" for Best Light. They're 1.7 mods/foot and work good for shallow 2" applications depending on face type to of course much deeper. Since these are driven so low, they don't generate a whole lot of heat, BUT, our Brighton-6 (2.8w) is Heatsinked on all Aluminum PCB for longer life. One of the biggest complaints we have received about LEDs when it comes to large projects like large letters or cabinets is......"We have to use so MANY Power Supplies!" A nice aspect about the Brighton is, it's a whole 24v system! Everything! As sign companies we are redistricted by the Class II regulation of no larger than 5A per channel. So 12v is restricted to 60watts, BUT....24v is restricted to 96watts. 24v will mean more modules per power supply. You're now getting almost double the amount of modules for a project. 24V cuts that amperage that runs across the wiring and module in half! It reduces the resistance, reduces the heat and most importantly IMPROVES reliability. I think we can all agree that LESS is BETTER, less moving parts, the less you have to worry. This is the first part of our Brighton Line, we'll continue to improve it widening the line and of course always always staying far ahead of the curve I'm including some rough test pics of our process and how they fair. We should have these available in the first part of Fall. And yes, we will still stock, and continue to sell NC LED Reckless LED Early Try Out's, various wattage and diode mfg's
  12. We will be shutting down this week and any orders placed will be shipped out August 19th
  13. This is terrible news Bob, even worse a terrible condition. Had the pleasure of talking with Val many times on the phone and enjoyed his sense of humor. Wish I would have had the opportunity to meet Val in person. Thank you for letting us know, I'll miss our conversations as well as his presence here on the SS
  14. Anyone know the film or process of that fading etched glass film? Just the other day I was in an office building and saw a lobby glass window where half was etched and at the top it faded to clear (Gradient). Now have a request for it. Is it a film, printed, or did I see real sand blasted glass?
  15. Just to give everyone an update and will be making a separate post soon. Our own new LED line is just about done and it's going to KICK ass! This process has taken a few different turns for the better, and I believe everything happens for a reason, and this is one of those results From all the testing (Great White Hope, Project Tighty Whitey, etc) we've been doing here on the SS, learning what works, what doesn't, along with finding out the needs of the US Market and Custom Sign Shops we've nailed it! Most LED lines don't address those needs. I wish I can say more but I can't until it comes out. We've carried NC LED and they've configured to our needs for the US Market, and we will continue to do carry them...they aren't going anywhere. For now, all I can say is our new Syndicate LED line will be Bright, extremely wide angle light spread, will have a superior Bin of 6500K White. Most importantly a few things....will operate HUGELY under driven, which means LONGER LIFE. It fills a HUGE void that most sign shops complain about what most LED product lines cannot do (BIG Point) Yes....it is Constant Current NOT Constant Voltage Soon to be out, a High-End LED Module line for Channel Letters, Cabinets, and General Lighting use, at the cost of most commonly used LEDs that are Mediocre. An LED Line for the Electric Sign Industry by those IN the Electric Sign Industry
  16. This is a first ever trial run. Use link below or use the main horizontal menu header above "PHOTO COMPETITION" http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/competition/ The rules are simple. One entry per member, up to 8 votes per member. Please don't search the internet for pictures, please use your own that you captured around town or during a job. It's the first and a trial run, we'll figure out a 1st place price. This ends August 8th 2019 Please do not Photoshop pictures. The Contest: FUNNIEST SIGN PHOTO This is the Funniest Sign Photo "Contest" that has to do with a sign in the photo. The way it looks, the content, the shape it is in, or perhaps something that happened to it. No Photo shopping. Please no searching the internet for photos, it should be your own that you captured around town
  17. Thought I would show off a new Sign Syndicate Board function. It's "Tell a Friend" If you have any friends that you would like to show this site to you can click on the small share button Fill out the two short fields and Presto What it will look like to your friend
  18. Wow Angie, you deserve some kind of award for posting those shots. Not sure what, but
  19. I Bet the "F" lit just fine too
  20. PK HOUSINGS PK, or Neon P-K Housings are harder and harder to find these days with no major Neon Manufacturer still producing the Metal Shroud portion of a PK Housing. Westrim?? Nope....Transco? Nope....Allanson? Nope... In fact, it's been nearly impossible to find New complete PK Housings. The only way in the last couple of years if you had a Neon Project for a client has been to find existing stock from a sign company that has had some just sitting on a old dusty shelf somewhere, or possibly a sign supplier who didn't even know they had any, and with LEDs flooding the market it's doubtful a supplier rep even knows what they are/were, and that dusty case they do have with all those strange metal & glass components was possibly spare parts for some old delivery truck their company use to have from the 90's??? Think of how many have just been straight thrown out in the garbage Well, not every Neon wall project calls for #200, #300 Housings, the difficult Masters Technologies Boots and Sleeving System. If you want a Neon attached to on a wall for a clean look & without a raceway, YES...it IS still possible!!! We've been sitting on these for some time, sorry for the late public announcement Store Link of Neon Housings http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/8-neon-housing-components/ Call or Email us for questions or orders!! orders@thesignsyndicate (858) 880-1400
  21. There's a LOT of truth to that
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