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  2. a de-rated crane is not only the lifting chart label that gets replaced, they actually install a hydraulic valve that reduced the capacity of the crane for waht the loading chart says and limits the maximum capacity to #2,000.00, that device must be installed and certified by a 3rd party, it gets tested witha 2000 lbs load, and its something you would not be able to easily remove on site, and it limits you so you will not be able to over load the crane as it will not work with anything heavier. We already got 5 of our technicians certified, it was a bit expensive but is well worth it. for NYC since any truck with a winch is consider a crane, we have been removing the cables off to use them as man lifts and we only install the cables a few days before we need to use them as cranes.
  3. Yes, this site is amazing!! thanks for all the hard work you put into it, It has help me a lot to screen the National Sign Companies, and I will make sure we put more posts on all the nationals we work with.
  4. Great, thank you for the information I already sent 3 joysticks I had sitting around trying to find someone to fix them.
  5. They were having problems issuing payments for the last six months, I wonder if they are going down the hill. thanks got I got my last check 2 weeks ago and I have no balance with them anymore.
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