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  1. "Police say weather was not a factor in the accident, as it was raining." I call Bull Shit. This was a senseless death that could have and should have been avoided. No sign company should ever send their employees out to a job site if it's raining. If there is even a possibility of rain in the forecast I will call the customer and simply explain that we don't work in the rain, period. I've never had a customer complain about that. Not even when it set back a deadline install that absolutely has to be up on the wall TODAY! Rain changes everything. I've driven hundreds of miles to a job site, many times, only to get there and cancel the job due to rain. Even a slight drizzle is grounds for packing up the tools and heading back to the shop. I've lost hundreds of dollars in gas and employee wages, many times, due to rain cancellations. And I would gladly lose hundreds more rather than risk injury to myself, my wife, or an employee. Rain = Reschedule. My condolences to the sign guy's family and friends.
  2. Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

  3. That's ridiculous. Our policy: Work 'em till they drop and then tell the other guys to drag them off the job site. Of course, "they" is me. And the "other guys" is my wife. But she doesn't have any problem what-so-ever dragging my carcass out of the bucket and finishing up the install. Seriously, we carry workers comp. But we don't have to pay anything close to what Donco pays.
  4. Katie is down and out for the count this morning. It may be a couple days of recuperation before she gets back to work. That was the longest ride she had ever attempted. She's a trooper. Just so ya'all know - she and I had a great time getting to meet everybody. And it was more about that (getting to meet the syndicates) than anything else. We're looking forward to doing it again soon!
  5. Katie and I are heading out in the morning... on the bike. Hope to see ya'all there.
  6. Lane Booth

    Another Phase

    Well, 8 months later... The answer is "Permlight". Although we have used Sloan a couple times. Sorry it took so long for me to get an answer back to you. I didn't see the question till this morning.
  7. Recently... We have lost too many jobs (mainly, exclusively, ship-ins for national accounts) over our 50% deposit requirement. On all business with out of state sign companies we have always required a 50% deposit. Especially if it's a company that we haven't had a long relationship with. And especially on large jobs. Local companies that we trust and have never had a problem getting paid from - unless it's a large job - we just go do the job and pick up a check when the job is done. Never a problem. Likewise, our local companies have never bitched about giving us a 50% deposit on the larger jobs. So my question is this: What the hell is the deal with these larger sign companies telling us that they don't do 50% deposits? ("Never have, never will") On the other hand... I can go with no deposit and terms of 30 - 45 days... If, and only if, they can go with me nearly doubling our rate. If I gotta hang my ass out there on your job and wait to get paid - it's gonna cost ya. Or you can find someone else to install your sign. That our policy. What say all of you?
  8. Luckily, we are already booked for the entire summer - doing cafeteria graphics for 190 schools in Texas. (Gotta love those interior air-conditioned jobs.) Which is not to say we are doing well. Over the last month we have had a drastic slow down in work. And it seems like everyday I hear of layoffs and shut downs. Weird times.
  9. That sucks, Gary. I hope the best for you.
  10. Sorry Erik, I didn't register either, but had every entention of attending. In the back of my mind I could see the wife and I just jumping in the car and driving over to SD for the meet and then driving right back. (That's how the last two shows were for us, Vegas and San Diego, and even the Indian Motorcycle Ralley in Branson. Road Trip, no sleep, just get there, meet everyone, soak up as much information as possible and get back to our dogs before they chew up the house.)
  11. Wish I could go, but I gave up trying to have vacation time. Now the best I can do is head out to the desert if there's so much as one hour left of daylight ridng time. (Not that I won't strap on a 12 volt Ryobi flashlight to my handlebars and ride at night - sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.) This was me about a minute before I stopped to call and wish Mom a Happy Mothers Day.
  12. Well, that explaines it. I never look at that email addreess and there's probably 25,000 spam messages in the bulk folder. Once in a great while I go there click delete and move on to the next thing. Can you manually change my email for receiving news letters on your end? If so, just use my current email.
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