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  1. At the indoor malls, no permit of any kind is required and the malls have not required me to add them on the insurance yet. They probably just haven't thought about it. New malls here are all outdoor set up to look like a faux village of some sort and the municipalities do require permits even though the signs are not facing a street which I find odd because I thought the whole premise of having a sign code was to make everything pretty while driving down the road. Electrical varies. One 'burb requires an electrician sign off on the permit, another has a spot for me to sign saying a licensed electrician will make the final hookup, and the rest around town don't care as long as I have my bond.
  2. I've had one for years, the only problem I have had is the wires were not soldered to the internal brass pieces of the cutter handle well and caused an open in the circuit. I spent forever cleaning the contacts of the push button switch till I figured out the real problem.
  3. My carrier is dropping the whole category and I'm not finding many that freak out when I say electricity and bucket truck. What's the best options out there for a small company?
  4. One of your guys called me today. 8' x 20' pan without a seam is impressive.
  5. Hooters competition showed up in town. They are working on a Lone Star I de-identified when it closed. Can i get a name drop for who has their national account? TIA
  6. We have a national account forum for these types of questions. http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6107-ainor-signs-inc/
  7. $3.00/lb for copper? I just took some insulated wire and they only gave me $1.68/lb! Rocco, I don't install used transformers either but have sold some regular type transformers from time to time to walk in's, but never a PKBM.
  8. If I act like a union, I go to federal prison for extortion. d) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another or the reputation of a deceased person or any threat to accuse the addressee or any other person of a crime, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.The statement about how unions are written into laws in NYC is about quality is pure BS. It's more like union dues go to the slush fund to lobby, and bribe local politicians into locking out non union work. No one in a union seems to care about the founding principle of LIBERTY.
  9. I've been upgrading some Office Depots lately and after salvaging the old letters from scrap I have over 100 good used PKBM type transformers I'd like to sell to someone other than to the scrap dealer for 10 cents a pound. I have 3k, 6k, and 7.5k in the mix. How do you get rid of your old working transformers?
  10. Went on a neon service call and they said their wall sign had been out for weeks, all exposed neon. I determined the transformer was dead and proceeded to get in the attic on a nice hot day. My flashlight was weak so when I peered in the transformer can with no lid it took a second to determine what was moving. Maggots on a dead rat! I abandoned all that and sold them a new transformer, enclosure, and wiring!
  11. I get a few of these a year and the pleas typically go, the fire department won't come, the animal control won't come, and the humane society won't come. Please help, my cat has been in a tree for 3 days! I tell them my standard rate and they wail more and tell me it's their children's cat and they are crying etc. The last one that I refused to go after for free was "rescued" by a tree trimmer that managed to let the cat fall 25' or so... but he was the hero, he got her out! Do any of you do cat charity calls?
  12. I was thinking about the ever rising price of fuel and figured the best thing to do is buy it when it's low and if the market dips, buy some more. A local fuel wholesaler will bring a pump and 1000 gallon tank with spill containment box (for lack of better term). Has anyone figured out a cost / benefit for this?
  13. I wonder if he contacted the primary or the secondary? We'll probably never know. On a related note I picked out a pair of Thorogood boots because they carried an electric shock rating... well that and because I'm 'bad to the bone', lol!
  14. I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!!! ISA doesn't get any of my money.
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