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  1. Working in woodshop, metal shop and machanics was awesome when I was in school. I actually got to build, furniture, dust pan, dinner bell and work on my own car. How to opporate small power tools has benefitted me my entire life. These things should be offered in school. I am all about the built in the USA. You are correct, the job you save may be your own if you buy american. There is something so completely annoying about calling two weeks after buying something for some technical support and finding your self transferred several times, between people that don't speak english and can not help you. The LED sign manufacturer I work for, ,manufactures all but a couple of components in the signs we sell. I stand behind that. I can walk into the plant, and watch americans working to support their families. It is not an assembly plant. They are actually manufacturing. It is something to be proud of.
  2. Your not being unrealistic to THINK they have some responsibility, but you might be to excpect them to chip in. If they do, hang on to them and build that relationship becasue that is rare from my experience. We have similiar issues happen more than we would like, getting reimbursed for labor is tough - although absolutley is the right thing to do. I work for a manufacturer of LED signs and we sell wholesale to sign companies only. The company I work for has reimbursed several sign companies on labor when there was a problem with the initial install of a sign. Our warranty, does not cover labor, but parts, and factory repair if the sign is sent back. However, in an effort to keep good relations with repeat customers we have reimbursed labor in some cases. I agree, It is absolutely the right thing to do.
  3. Hello from SW Ky. New LED signs being manufactured everyday.

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