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  1. Matt finished vinyl?

    I have a laminator and I have laminated with matte laminate and some etch glass vinyl for a cool look!
  2. Choosing Wisely

    Tru dat!! LOL
  3. Sign*Search Issues???

    I do a bit of web advertising but I'm still on the fence with these people. I think there service could be great if they refined it and marketed it better.
  4. Men & Women's Dictionary

    So true! Damn Women
  5. Does this make sense???

    Hmmmm,,, I'm from N Cal... and I'm a green company! what company does not want to be green! did you not see al Gore's Movie!??? An Inconvenient Truth... hello we are all going to DIE if we don't go green!. LOL When I say green I really am talking about the money! LOL I like the green stuff.. I wish I could get more green.. I don't think I have enough green in my wallet either so I want to get as green as possible.. OK seirously.. I'm down for ways to improve producats and efishicy because power consumtion will be an issue we will face one day BUT.. Give me a break there is a point were common sense should be used..
  6. Burnout

    Some one must have turned off the DSC on the Beemer! LOL And the bike!.... dude can petal
  7. A recent Board situation here

    Can you show us whats behind your screen shot!
  8. SD Car Show

    +1 Nice shots however
  9. I like Most --

  10. School 1967 vs. School 2007

    Hell you could change the date from 1969 to 1985.. too not much changed until the 90's
  11. Puppet

    Damn he or she is good..
  12. Bidding

  13. Looking For a Hex tool key

    Found it!.. http://www.simifast.com/