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  1. Need some help with Flex Face Clips

    I would love to know what the best way to build a sign with a flex face, both economically and mechanically. We have used F-clips for years and really like them except that the retainers have to be so big to conceal the clips. We've run into CTS clips before but never built a sign with them. Are they reliable? Reasonably priced?
  2. Great article. I've had issues with LED retrofits in lighted sign cabinets because the LEDs will cast shadows on the faces if there is anything at all between them and the face, even a frame for a flex-face sign. That's not a problem with fluorescent tubes because of the way they cast light in all directions.
  3. Seriously why bother

    I reported an exposed neon sign here in Arlington, Texas that was wildly out of code and the City told me "well, they got a permit so there's nothing we can do about it." This is in a City where they do a final inspection ... so how on earth did it pass?!? How do companies get away with this? I can't imagine, if I ever had the inclination to try this kind of thing, that I would get by unscathed. Heck, I just got hit with a red tag because the drain holes were not big enough! (FYI, they actually were big enough but a metal filing on one of the letters was laying on top of the hole so it looked too small.) Only those that follow the rules are affected by them. If you don't follow the rules are then it doesn't matter how out of control they get.
  4. Job Management Software

    Every year I go on the hunt for software to keep track of our production, and of a large number of projects at the same time, and I always come up empty. I'll keep on eye on this thread...
  5. Regarding sign products from China, the issues we have always seen is quality control. Every company says they have "best quality" but in reality they have zero quality control. Every product you order has problems, and every one is different from the last making them incompatible. Chinese companies will change what you order without telling you and just expect you to be okay with it. Their warranties are worthless, as you can't ship any "used" products in to their country, so it's impossible to take advantage of their warranties. There's a tremendous time delay when dealing with China. You ask a question, they respond the next day (usually not even answering your question but instead asking you something that you've already answered in a previous email). If you have a liaison that speaks the dialect and can be a middle-man that is great if your middle-man knows the product and problems and can ask the right questions. Otherwise, every time you want to talk to them you have to set up a midnight meeting and pay your middle-man to translate for you. It's really hard to provide a quality product if you're ordering it from China, and it's near impossible to do it in a timely manner and keep your customer from being furious at you!
  6. They don't expect to actually find anybody for $1000. That's just where they want to start negotiating. If you start at $2400 or $2800, you'll meet around $2000 and they'll be happy because you're doing work without being adequately compensated for it. If you give them your $2400 or $2800 price, stick to it. Tell them you're sorry you can't hit their number but you know your price is a good one and you're not going to do the work for less. They'll get it, you'll get it, and everybody will be happy.
  7. Anybody reconize this truck

    We had a similar situation in Texas while we were repo-ing a sign. The police told us that we had to leave the property and suggested we come back after hours when the owner wasn't there to report it. That's what we did ... and we got paid, including for the cost to remove it and the cost to re-install it. In my opinion this type of thing is happening more and more. People are just taking advantage and trying to stick it to the company that put all the work in. I even had one customer who was very happy with his sign but shortpaid us $75 because "it's not worth your time to fight it for only $75."
  8. Another City is falling to the "signage is bad" mentality. The City of Dallas is about to have a meeting to change their LED sign ordinance. They are aiming to: create unrealistic brightness restrictions, make the sign company responsible for the brightness of the sign, and make a size limitation for the LED signs that is different from the rest of their pole sign ordinance. If you'd like to attend the meeting, it is Thursday, June 9, 2015, 9am, City Hall (1500 Marilla). http://citysecretary.dallascityhall.com/pdf/meetings/070915_ZOC.pdf
  9. The Profit ..another Sign Co.

    I watched the last episode with the company in Florida, but that's the only time I've ever watched The Profit. Does the show ever go into precisely WHAT Marcus does to help the company other than give them money (which, from the episode I watched, was a tiny amount of cash for a huge portion of the business)?
  10. That outrigger is neatly tucked in under the truck ... never was deployed.
  11. We are looking for an experienced sign installer with or without a TDLR license to install signs in Texas. Our company installs signs of all types including: electronic LED signs, channel letters, pole signs, monument signs, vinyl graphics, banners, etc. We provide competitive pay and more! Most installs are performed in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Driver's license required. 800-333-7137 Jobs@SignsManufacturing.com

    I've noticed that most companies, including Daktronics and Watchfire (which I think are good companies) only offer support for their products for "up to" 10 years. Technology marches on, and nobody wants to keep making obsolete boards, I guess. When you sell an LED sign, buy 10% extra boards and stick them on a shelf, or inside the sign, or give them to the customer or something. That way you always have extras just in case. The Chinese products are the worse. There is NO quality control over there. It's very difficult to find anything that is not junk from overseas. We've had a few bad experiences trying that out ... never again. I'm still servicing one of those signs for free, even though it's 2 years out of warranty, because I can't get it to work for more than 3 months at a time.
  13. Donald Trump, Rahm Emanuel clash over Chicago tower sign

    I hope Trump sues the pants off of Emanuel. Frankly, I think that sign looks pretty good. Dresses up an otherwise boring building. Signs Manufacturing, a Texas Sign Company
  14. The City has gone full Nazi on signs!

    Now THAT is a smart idea Mike. About 20 years ago we had a business that wanted a big pole sign but the City wouldn't allow it. However, they were allowed two smaller pole signs because they have two frontages. The City Inspector (who, unfortunately, has retired now) suggested that we build the two pole signs to look like one but not have them touch each other so they can be permitted separately. Worked like a charm. We tried it again last year and the new regime denied it saying we were clearly trying to get around the ordinance. Well, yeah, of course we were! What's wrong with that? In Irving, TX a few years ago they passed a new ordinance banning plastic on all signs! No acrylic or Lexan sign faces, no vinyl, nothing. After a few months they just started ignoring that part of the ordinance and issued permits anyways. After a couple years they revised the ordinance again. They were trying to eliminate coroplast signs and (shocker) messed up everything in the process. Still, sounds like Dallas and Irving aren't as bad as Indianola, IA. That is a crazy requirement. At least you know that everybody (that actually files permits) has to do the same thing.