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  1. Hey man, are you looking to piece it together, one thing at a time? Or are you looking for a complete shop? Lots of miscellaneous stuff out there. Like, for instance, I have 3 tube cutters but only one that works. Others need some service first. Lots of remnants from other shops. But not the complete setup.
  2. A bit of clarification, do I see it correctly that your modules are shining into the letter and the light is reflecting back out from there? And no shadows from the brackets or the modules themselves? How are the letters mounted to the wall? We are being very slow to adopt the LEDs since we're a long-time neon shop, but that's a nice display
  3. bender


    That is the most impressive manifold I have ever seen. I would like to share these photos with a neon forum on Facebook. I have been asked, believe it or not, by a large company in another state, if I could imagine a manifold with 4 or 6 connection points. If you're ever passing through Oregon stop in and we'll put one of these together.
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