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  1. we dont advertise it as a service like you do, but my brother and I and one of our installers will go out on a moments notice for an emergency. We work 6-7 days a week anyways. Its happened a few times but nothing I could see being worth marketing. In what instances do you have customers who will be calling you at 1 am? Other then a sign falling down and needing to be removed or repaired for health and safety concerns?
  2. how did you guys make channel letter patterns on the projector?
  3. I love hearing old stories, true ones. Anyone have stories of installs? I have heard many about the days of no baskets on the skyhooks, installers climbing the ladders on the cranes up 50' to put an 8x8 face in a sign. It really blows my mind and is hard to grasp. I mean these people really were nuts.
  4. We are raising our rates because some will not pay a surcharge. yea We dont line item a surcharge, just throw in extra money to the bill as we see fit
  5. Somewhere in the archives on this site, our now beloved, deceased JoeMamma did a great tutorial on servicing signs with a multimeter and what those readings represented. gn any info you can pass along would be great. I am looking to expand the service side of our business.
  6. Both my local sign supplier and I am looking for socket testers, Havnt known anyone that still makes them. anyone have a source? Im looking for like 2 he is looking for a hundred
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