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  1. can you post pics of the backside so i can see knockouts and mounting holes And do the housings come in white?
  2. Never have run into it but there seems like a obvious answer. Dig out your rakes and shovels or find a sub and make it another line item on your bill or have the customer take care of it
  3. you cant have your feet off the bottom of the bucket/basket
  4. "We have a service opportunity in your area for 1 man in a bucket truck our NTE is 275" does that sound familar?
  5. dont you have someone local that you can sub the router work out to? doesnt sound like to have the volume to justify one yet
  6. I only have 12 of the tc100 and 22 of the glass ones
  7. I have TC100 if that helps or smaller glass housings with the wording "7500 volts-Pyrex TM reg F1" made is usa
  8. dont waste your time with tape and paper patterns. Tape your pattern to coroplast or spray glue. Also you can make them on your router. put a sharpie in the spindle and draw the pattern on the coro and use a cutting bit to cut the pattern out and key it into the next panel and drill the holes through the coro.
  9. Got a request to do a service call for them at a local place. THE MAINTENANCE COMPANY 8286 cLEVELAND aVE, nw NORTH CANTON, oh 44720 WWW.THEMAINTCO.COM
  10. Signsfast


  11. thats where i ordered. just needed small sheets for side vents on emc's
  12. looking for a vendor for perforated Alum(the alum with holes in it) thanks
  13. looks more like the double back tape failed on the paint and the letters are sliding down.
  14. looks like a portable saw horse..what Am i missing?
  15. I prefer to correspond through email for "paper trail" reasons as well. I have no problem talking to people either its just that to get details that I can refer back to their is no better way then email. Also Paul your people have you so well insulated its hard to even get through to you. they screen the hell out of the calls when asking for you
  16. they didnt have them in stock and where calling their vendor and letting me know. never got a return call.. big surprise. cant find any website for westrim to call them direct. what a stupid idea to put these POS lamps in this changeover for wf
  17. We are doing service work for wells fargo and need some of these t8 sockets for the reliant lamps. does anyone know of a vendor that stocks them?
  18. put the tranny up higher to your access cover
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