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  1. WOW another great thought out, fact filled article. I can see why the associations want nothing to do with you in their circle jerks. keep up the great work Erik.
  2. I think it has been reverse cut vinyl applied to flex face. Its miserable dont get me wrong but its possible. if the mfg says otherwise always give your customer their recommendation and get your terms in writing to cover your ass
  3. yes that is still the case. those signs are as good as scrap. What dealership is going to buy the old branding when they wont be able to put it up. No collector will buy it.
  4. if you cant get the mandrels in its too cold. We have done plenty in the 30's it sucks but never had any problems down the road
  5. looking for who has this account. thanks
  6. I always try and bypass the distributor. ours are always the bottleneck with signcomp orders.
  7. "routered and backed up" is what we call it "routered and push through" is what we call push through letters
  8. I cant explain the ladder plank but it looks like the blocks under the frame holding the turret to the frame came off. you can see the bolts are still attached to the turret plate. Thats scary
  9. im assuming you are using leds or else this would be 48x49. No i would probably not increase the price if this was a once and done sale. not expecting to make a bunch more for other locations.
  10. someone def was an idiot with the treadle. The back gauge is fine. I see what you are saying it looks wierd but its the photo.
  11. just got a request from these people to remove a banner. any experience with them on payment. PO says 60 days and invoices to be mailed. Adams Signs 1100 Industrial Ave. SW Massillon, OH 44647
  12. bought a bunch of equipment and this came with it, I already have one and would like to recoup some money. 3phase 5hp motor, 12gauge 4 foot power shear. $4,000 is a great deal. Im in eastern PA. come get it private message me if interested
  13. for the record, we also put silicone on each led module along with the provided VHB tape. added insurance, nothing wrong with it. Id call it hack if they didnt use silicone.
  14. Today I am identifying as a woman so I don't have to go into the shop. Thanks obama
  15. We are looking for the following equipment for our shop. let me know if you guys in the northeast have anything for sale you are not using or know of anyone closing or selling anything. thanks! 4' box pan brake WR #98 letter brake 48" jump shear 10' power shear paint booth extrusion saw floor mounted jib cranes
  16. I love reading stuff like this. thanks for sharing!
  17. we bend it on our metal brake believe it or not
  18. are you talking about steel poles for sign structures?
  19. only did a survey for them, took 114 days to get paid
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