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  1. corel x4 font help

    Are you exporting from Coreldraw as DFX format? If so, there is the problem. Alternatively is your router guy exporting from Coreldraw to DXF ? Coreldraw exports DXF as thousands of straight lines. GC
  2. Damn it's cold here!

    Humid, hot & Steamy here. Had 8" of rain on Sunday night though. Gold Coast, QLD, Oz
  3. A day history was made

    Due to the time difference here, my father rang me in the the dead of night and told me to turn on the TV. I said "what channel" and he replied "any channel". Like everyone else I was stunned, shocked at what was happening. The effect was felt all over the world. GC
  4. ISA Orlando

    I'll be sipping Mai Tai's in Maui.
  5. Denny, thanks heaps for the reply. I'll pass those details on to my friend. Thanks again & have a great day, Graham
  6. A friend in OZ is looking for 750mm punched pounce paper to fit a Gerber 750 which is no longer available here. Can anyone recommend a supplier in the USA or the UK that might still stock it? Thanks in advance. regards, Graham
  7. Sorry, that we won't be there this year & we hope you all have a great time. We did the ISA show four years in a row but our circumstances have changed recently. Maybe we might catch up again in future years. regards, Graham & Leanne.
  8. Raised Lettering for ADA Signs

    Eric, the product is called Aplique, excuse my spelling if it's wrong. You can cut ut seperately and apply it or apply a panel of it to a flat substrate and rout it only just through to the substrate with a v-cutter and weed it. Done! The finished raised effect is called tactile.
  9. Really?

    Eric, next vacation, Come on UP!
  10. Really?

    That's a very interesting map. Australia at the top, right where it should be :)
  11. The Pee Test

    Steve, my wife & I just got back from visiting the South bit further west than where you are and I reckon I must have heard that word "Y'all" about a gazillion times, Start and end of a sentence for instance "Y'all have a nice day Y'all" The cop say's as he's handing me a ticket, "Y'all drive carefully now Y'all. Crikey, you guys talk funny.
  12. Did I mention that we are paying a Tax on "Carbon Dioxide" from July 1? Starting at $23 per tonne the country 500 biggest "polluters" will be slugged $23 per tonne of "Carbon Dioxide" emmissions they produce. They are of course energy producers and the like so that cost will be passed on to the consumer who are already paying for a huge increase in power, water etc supply that will of course get worse once the tax starts in just over a month. Currently our home elecricity supply is approx $1,100 per quarter (over $4,000 per year). And this is imposed during our countries worst economic climate in my lifetime. Google carbon dioxide, it is the air that you exhale.
  13. Snoochie, as Greg has said, Medical is "Free" here in Oz.......... As long as you don't die waiting whereas private health insurance is expensive. I have never heard of anyone here declaring bankruptcy over medial bills though. I would expect it must happen but is not common. Public transport in OZ is sooper dooper expensive compared to what I have seen in the USA. University is funded via grants that have to be paid back unless you are a lazy f*cker that doesn't earn enough to do so. GC

    too late