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  1. I'll second Trinity Products and add Eagle Tubular. They are both great companies to work with.
  2. I would agree that your rates are too low which raises a red flag to a lot of people.
  3. Come on guys, at least they used light enhancement paint on the the backs. FYI- If you want a good laugh on LED module pricing go to DHgate.com. A distributor and I were looking up pricing for a good laugh a few weeks ago and found 12 cents per foot modules. Yes, 12 cents per foot. Lead time was something like 3-25 weeks. UL Recognized modules of course.
  4. They look like old SignComp wedge clamps that have been discontinued. You might need to replace all the clips on the sign with new ones.
  5. Maybe the ladder they have isn't OSHA approved. Did I read the related article right that one of the "braces" (I'm assuming outriggers) failed?
  6. Hopefully it's better than the last one where the guy just wanted to be the nationwide sign vendor for Marcus. The guy needed help but my recollection is most of the show revolved around the guy's pitch to Marcus and not Marcus working his magic on the business.
  7. The Adams machine is the same as the Accubend, you only actually get about 6' of bendable material out of a 10' piece. FWIW, you should be able to find someone to slit stainless coil down whatever size you need for around a 1200lb minimum order which may or may not be feasible for you. If you do decide to get coil make sure you get the maximum coil size from your bender that will work on their particular machine and also get a pvc coating on the outside of the coil. Don't forget just because you can buy a 26" outside diameter coil and 12" inside diameter coil that it's necessarily a good id
  8. It won't take the sting out of the yearly fee but you should ask your UL field rep about reducing the number of inspections per year if possible. We're labeling way more signs than you are but are "only" subject to eight visits per year. At 12 signs per year I would think your UL rep would be showing up often without you having any product to look at, just documentation/records.
  9. For the record I voted "What's neon?". I think we did two signs with neon last year. Our UL reps that visit us are usually very knowledgeable about how neon signs actually work. Of course they do check the components to look for their UL symbol but they also can answer any questions we might have about the "best" way of making something so it both meets their standards but also is installer friendly.
  10. Holy crap on the ladder sticking out of the car!
  11. For recycling plastic try Laird or Piedmont or a similar type plastic distributor. They provide the gaylord boxes at no charge. For wood pallets and crates the best we've been able to do is get someone to take them for free. Try checking with local suppliers if they need any. FYI- We sort it acrylic versus polycarb and clear versus pigmented to get better pricing from them but it's not required.
  12. We ran into a similar situation about a year ago when a vendor we use to cut stainless upgraded their laser cutting software. After changing the settings in Corel multiple times we found the DXFs exported out of EnRoute were suitable for their needs.
  13. Try Kachele Group out of New Jersey. They will take care of all necessary calculations with a quick turnaround and without jacking up the price. They will also let you know if something is way overbuilt or on the flip side let you know what needs to change in design to get something up to code. 1000 Whitehorse Road, Suite 406 Voorhees, NJ 08043 Phone: 856-346-7111 Fax: 856-346-7112
  14. 22ga x 5" 304 #4 brushed stainless .063 x 1.0625" mill finish aluminum in either 3003 or 6061 with a soft temper We're looking to buy around 2000lf at a time. The biggest problem is Wrisco, Alumet, etc have very very large minimum orders that just aren't practical for us.
  15. Does anyone have any sources for custom sizes of aluminum and stainless steel channel coil that can process small batches, say 1000lf at a time? We're good on the standard products but are running into problems finding vendors that don't have huge minimum orders, like five year supplies for some of the things we need. Thanks
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