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  1. Got wind of this from a buddy? Anyone know about the sale and merger of these two companies along with Principal LED? What it might been for some products that might generate a conflict of interest that might cause some products to disappear out of the line up?
  2. That's a very good aggressive article. Not sure one like that has been in their magazine before. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201411/#/36
  3. Too bad about the neon part but congratulations to the syndicate.
  4. Glad we tried these from you, love the new L.E.D. boxes and the axiom drivers. These are pretty cool, like the fact that their small and have an L.E.D. light so you know their on and working properly. Keep up the good work SS!
  5. Is this MET Labs UL 48 Program for real or is this a joke? I always see advertising for them on this site as a alternative listing lab to be used in UL's stead, but it's nearly impossible to get a call back. I've been told to call multiple MET reps from different regions and it all have a different pricing structure that differ in thousand$$$ of dollars?!??! What gives??? Any shops here successfully gone MET??? If so, tell me about it-------PLEASE.
  6. True and funny review. I get them all free except S&DG, so I don't know what is in there except to say I'm not surprised if nothings changed.
  7. Good for you guys! I can't crap through my local channel, no ones stocks nothing!
  8. Is it me, or is it really hard to come across qualified help these days? Anyone else have this problem, or is it just dependent on local?
  9. here http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/STMG/sott_201204/
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