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  1. SignComp

    We always order directly through them, they send the bill to my dist. who is Wensco and then Wensco bills me... I'm sure Wensco is marking it up and not doing a damn thing but taking the middle man out of the process and getting details straight the first time are more than worth it.
  2. SignComp

    The Problem is your supplier...or someone is not telling the whole story, Signcomp is a very easy company to get a hold of. They are easily found on the interweb... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiOrrijoYfYAhUH9YMKHURAC_IQFggpMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.signcomp.com%2F&usg=AOvVaw1wly9WHksJ5HZiaYu23eTJ I have had nothing by great service from Signcomp, they are super fast and get me what I need every time.
  3. I see your IQ does not allow you to have an intelligent conversation without cursing and name calling.... so have a nice day. P.S. There are only a few people in my life that I will allow to dishonor my name... and you sir are not one of them.
  4. Oh I can assure you that I have more flippin licenses, Insurance, bonds, certifications than you can shake a stick at... but I will not play the game of pay to play... unless absolutely required to. But you never answered my question... do you have all of your equipment ready for the 29 CFR 1926.1153 Crystalline Silica standard for Construction?
  5. Untrained sign hacks???? Really??? Because I know how the government works and how they delay, delay, delay and then finally come out with a rule that eliminates half of the people that were going to have to get a certification, I'm a hack? Get over yourself... Now when they say I have to, I will but not a minute before then, why give my money to an organization that wants do nothing but fine you for the smallest infraction. But since you're all up on your OSHA rules and all, I trust that you have all of your equipment in place for the 29 CFR 1926.1153 Crystalline Silica standard for Construction?
  6. Vantage EMC

    I use them all the time, great product, great sales staff, very easy to use....and the competition is always trying to catch up with them and their technology.
  7. The crane was plenty big enough to lift that structure, with the proper set up, that structure has 11 cabinets that weigh somewhere in the range of say 250#'s each (rough guesstimate) those three poles I'm guessing around 1800#'s each and then miscellaneous cross braces, say another 1000#'s for those. Total guesstimated weight is roughly 9150#'s. That is a 105 foot 30 ton crane, it can lift two of those structures with the proper set up. Lifting over the side of the crane like that with a boom angle such as this one is never a good idea. Also the way they had it rigged make NO sense at all, Now if he were to set up closer and have the boom more straight up I don't believe this would have happened. Did anyone else notice the propane torch tank in the bed of the pickup that the boom landed on? The boom missed it by merely inches. With the sparks from the electrical contact and the propane, that could have been a hell of a lot worse!
  8. Thank God It's Friday

    I'm sure it's nothing a little lake time on the boat and some stiff drinks can't take care of!
  9. 48" pexto 12gauge power shear

    What happened to the foot bar and the back gauge?? Did someone try to lift it by those with a forklift?? The foot bar eeehhh that can be repaired pretty easy as long as it did not damage any actuators, but the back gauge looks smoked...
  10. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    They Claim they are UL listed...
  11. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    This is what happens when you don't use the silicone and only rely on the VHB...and use VHB to block a module up to not be shadowed by an LED driver...This was a company out of Indiana that made these...
  12. Looking for input

    Long story short....you'll spend more money on vinyl that what it's worth to go with a cheap cutter, I threw away lots and lots of vinyl with my US Cutters... From not tracking straight to just stopping in the middle of a cut file they have sooo many bugs in them it's not funny.
  13. New Installation Method

    I'm guessing with the faces already removed, all ALL of the letters hanging, not just a few, that this was a job the OP was removing and did it for the laugh factor... No way...NO WAY in hell even if they used really short screws and very little silicone that they all would have fallen without the owner noticing and calling it in...
  14. Old sign project

    We will be hanging the ones in the photos from the ceiling of a convention room, but they are too large to fit through the door, so they have walls torn out for us to get them in the room, once the room gets closer to completion we will finish the install of these along with a few other smaller ones that can fit through the door. At that time yes we will be fixing the neon on all of the signs, they also wanted to fix the flashing lights around the Chevrolet sign! I suggested that they would not need any other lighting in the room if they chose to do that! They decided to go with just the neon...