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  1. Or you can call your local plastic supplier and order a 4x8 sheet of 1.5" HDPE in white or black and cut it out on the router yourself. Runs about $18.50-20.00/sqft. I did Geothermal installations for a bit, we would install these huge HDPE vaults for the fields, they came capped off with these huge lids that we would throw away after installation. I called one of my buddies that still worked there and got four of them, they were 36" round. Squared them off and added a few finger holes.
  2. Corn cob up and down as the sockets were vertical. They had a tether on all of the lamps to keep them from rotating.
  3. We've had good luck so far with Keystone brand. We have them in several High rise pylons, the one that comes to mind first is a 125' with 12 - 400w LED 1000w MH equivalent. No problems yet and going on a year.
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol is getting harder and harder to find as well.... What's going on with that?
  5. C'mon Erik.....Everyone knows that TCI Paint & Supply is in Turks and Caicos!! Geez man do you live under a rock?
  6. It is an old Phillips 66 Sign, I have checked with most of the suppliers that I could think of that have done the 66 stations, none of them want to help with finding any solution to the problem, they just want to sell my customer a new cabinet. I get it... but.
  7. It's on the tip of my tongue but... I Can't think of the name of the National sign manufacturer that used these retainers in 95% of their cabinets, and the cabinet that this came from has been repainted several times and there is no label on the side, No UL label that I could look them up either. Do any of you know of any companies that still use this or have access to is? It is a two piece inset retainer, with the radius is part of the straight pieces, no welds or kerfs, I can put something on the router and get something close but I would like to use the original.
  8. Well, here's and update... The guy has lost everything, and quickly, I guess it had been a long time coming and he was robbing Peter to pay Paul. All of the stores are closed, his house is no longer his, and anything he does still have in his possession is in his son or Wife's name so it can't be touched from what my lawyer has stated. I have made contact with him but he just gives me the sorry Charlie story. Not sure what avenue to take now as my lawyer has said there is not much we can do that will result in getting paid.
  9. Yeah, it was about $4500.00... I actually spoke to him yesterday, he stated that he cannot file bankruptcy because the IRS seized his assets??? I have NO idea about all of this, but do believe that he is telling me a long line of lies to keep me reeling.... We have our attorney looking into it to see what we can do. I also found out that he just started another business renting campers and from what I'm told he just purchased several hundred thousand dollars of new inventory so I'm guessing the money is there he is just not paying.
  10. We had a customer that we did several signs for in a real quick hurry, customer paid the 50% deposit on the entire bill, we put up the signs on all 5 of his locations and then went silent, couldn't reach him, wouldn't return our calls....nothing. I found his home address and drove to his house as it actually turned out to be only about 4 miles from my home. They were home but would not answer the door. Two weeks go by and I start noticing the business heading down the tube, less and less people coming and going and then the stores wouldn't be open when their hours said they would be. Then
  11. http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/23/news/companies/aluminum-prices-russia/index.html
  12. How do we become able to post our location on that map?
  13. What is the point of sending out a spec for signage on a project when none of the specs you have sent out are going to be used in the actual signage for the building? I have sent three bids out for a project in our area from a local architect, the one we provided a conceptual layout for the purpose of what the signs will look like on the building with the colors used in the signage as usual, we were awarded the project, we built the signage with the colors spec'd only to go to install the signage and find that they used a completely different color of cultured stone on the building, this
  14. Just called and ordered aluminum yesterday, no increase in price at my supplier as of yet.
  15. After looking at their website... It's really no different than any other LED channel letter set. I really like the "plug and play" system as far as hooking up the channel letters to the power supply, I have been on way too many service calls where there are loose or missing wire nuts or 75 wires in 1 wire nut! So making the letters connect to the power supply with a simple two pin connector is a pretty great idea to me. With that being said, the lexan clips for mounting is a TERRIBLE IDEA! Ol' John Won tightens the screws too tight when mounting it to the building and that thing will br
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