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  1. Aaaargh Aluminum prices

    Just called and ordered aluminum yesterday, no increase in price at my supplier as of yet.
  2. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    After looking at their website... It's really no different than any other LED channel letter set. I really like the "plug and play" system as far as hooking up the channel letters to the power supply, I have been on way too many service calls where there are loose or missing wire nuts or 75 wires in 1 wire nut! So making the letters connect to the power supply with a simple two pin connector is a pretty great idea to me. With that being said, the lexan clips for mounting is a TERRIBLE IDEA! Ol' John Won tightens the screws too tight when mounting it to the building and that thing will break, what are the chances he removes the clip and replaces it? If he was cheap enough to want to install the sign himself then I don't see that happening.,, As far as not having to be an electrician, Low voltage does not require any kind of license in most states that I know of, getting primary to the sign is where you have to have a license in most cases. Their power supply does plug into an outlet so you would still have to have an electrician get an outlet to the location of your sign. Now with all that being said... I really don't think having the end user install their own sign is a good idea at all, there are way too many scenarios that come into play with the mounting of the sign let alone the risks of having them up on a ladder or scaffolding rolling out a 25' paper pattern. I would also question the quality of the products that they are using if you are seeing it coming apart. My prediction... You will start seeing either his "plug and play" connectors or another version of them on letters everywhere soon.
  3. Flex Face Clip Help

    Looks to me like it would be an excellart product. Take a look at the PDF I have attached. Flex-Face-Assembly-Instructions-Part-1(1).pdf
  4. Flex Face Clip Help

    Do you have a photo of it?
  5. Flex Face install in 30° temps

    Even when it's cut vinyl applied to the face? I could see that when it's a printed flex face but the two substrates are totally different animals.
  6. What is the minimum temp that you will install flex faces in? Customer want's it done ASAP and has called the manufacturer of the flex, they told him there is no minimum temp that it can be installed in!! We did one in 28° temps that we had to go back and replace because it stretched tight until it warmed up and then loosened, once the wind had it's way with it, it was junk.
  7. Hyundai Signs For Sale

    In my experience when they come down they would need to be destroyed as they are no longer a logo/concept that the company supports, I think the whole antiques guys going around and buying the old signs has wised up the major corporations about people making money off of their brand... I would bet that if he were to look into his contract with Hyundai, there is some verbiage in there to support this. I have taken down several Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, GoodYear signs and had to provide photos of them being destroyed to the company. I also completed a big casino sign renovation project that included removing a flex face cabinet and installing channel letters, when I took the cabinet down, I just cut the face out instead of removing all of the clips to access the mounting lags. I rolled up the old flex face and threw it in the dumpster, I was contacted by the casino a couple of weeks after completion of the project to advise me that if I didn't remove the post from Craigslist and destroy the face that they would pursue legal action against me, I called them up just as fast as I could to let them know it wasn't me and I had thrown it away just as they had asked, come to find out some guy went dumpster diving, pulled the face out and posted it on Craigslist for $500.00! Just my .02....I could be completely wrong but I would check with all parties before I moved forward with selling the signs.
  8. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    NO FLIPIN WAY!! We run our business all day every day, but on a day like that we would not make our employees come in. I know bills need to be paid and if we're not open or not sending the trucks out we don't make any money, but there is a time when the install or service call would cost you money to complete. I seen one of the other service companies out yesterday servicing a Jimmy Johns logo, -5 degrees with -25 wind chills, it just didn't make sense to me to send out your truck and employee to service a sign in those conditions, by the time you figure the cost of extra fuel and time because the employee is sitting in the truck warming up every 15 minutes... I know the equation of just passing the buck onto the customer but when he gets a bill for 350.00 vs the 175.00 bill he got last time all you may be doing is pissing off a customer.
  9. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    We can dress in layers and keep somewhat warm, jumping in and out of the truck for warmth....But I'm just in constant cringe mode when running our trucks in this weather. What do you guys do for warm up procedures on the hydraulics after driving your truck to the job site?
  10. SignComp

    We always order directly through them, they send the bill to my dist. who is Wensco and then Wensco bills me... I'm sure Wensco is marking it up and not doing a damn thing but taking the middle man out of the process and getting details straight the first time are more than worth it.
  11. SignComp

  12. SignComp

    The Problem is your supplier...or someone is not telling the whole story, Signcomp is a very easy company to get a hold of. They are easily found on the interweb... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiOrrijoYfYAhUH9YMKHURAC_IQFggpMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.signcomp.com%2F&usg=AOvVaw1wly9WHksJ5HZiaYu23eTJ I have had nothing by great service from Signcomp, they are super fast and get me what I need every time.
  13. I see your IQ does not allow you to have an intelligent conversation without cursing and name calling.... so have a nice day. P.S. There are only a few people in my life that I will allow to dishonor my name... and you sir are not one of them.
  14. Oh I can assure you that I have more flippin licenses, Insurance, bonds, certifications than you can shake a stick at... but I will not play the game of pay to play... unless absolutely required to. But you never answered my question... do you have all of your equipment ready for the 29 CFR 1926.1153 Crystalline Silica standard for Construction?
  15. Untrained sign hacks???? Really??? Because I know how the government works and how they delay, delay, delay and then finally come out with a rule that eliminates half of the people that were going to have to get a certification, I'm a hack? Get over yourself... Now when they say I have to, I will but not a minute before then, why give my money to an organization that wants do nothing but fine you for the smallest infraction. But since you're all up on your OSHA rules and all, I trust that you have all of your equipment in place for the 29 CFR 1926.1153 Crystalline Silica standard for Construction?