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  1. SignTek (, a leader in the Texas sign industry since 1997, is seeking an experienced and skilled Electrical Sign Installation/Service Technician to join our team at our newest branch in Austin, Texas. This is a salaried position with paid annual leave and room for advancement. The ideal candidate will possess the qualities and skills that typify the highest standards of our company: Ability to diagnose and repair signs and exterior lighting, including neon Experienced installing channel letters, cabinets, blade signs, monuments, etc. Experienced installing pole signs, including drilling, pipe setting, welding, etc. Experienced installing vinyl, banners, decals, panaflex signage Ability to retrofit existing fixtures to increase energy efficiency Ability to operate and maintain up to a 58’ service crane truck Able to work flexible hours, including late nights and weekends, when needed Able to work independently or in teams to deliver timely, consistent, high quality results Must be friendly, professional, cooperative, and able to communicate clearly with co-workers and customers. Candidates must take pride in their work and deliver high-quality service to prevent errors and lag time, and to increase productivity and return customers. We are not looking for clock-watchers or techs with an “hourly pay mentality.” We believe that good work is its own reward and that a job done right the first time allows for a better work/life balance. Minimum Qualifications 4 years of electrical sign experience Must hold a current journeyman electricians or journeyman sign electricians license (or equivalent if from out of stateMust hold valid driver’s license, with a clean driving record Must have own tools, including small power tools Must be able to lift over 50 lbs Must be willing to submit to drug screening and background check Bilingual English/Spanish a plus Digital/electronic message center experience a plus Starting Salary: negotiable, starting from $37,500 (commensurate with experience) Many of our team have been with us for years, and there is opportunity for rapid advancement for those who contribute to our growth and five-star reputation. If you would like to be a part of the growing SignTek family, email us at for a job application. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.
  2. We are a full service shop in San Antonio and handle a lot of painting. feel free to check out our feedback on sign search, and or give me a call at 210-825-1433. thanks, steve
  3. Thanks very much everyone. We pride ourselves in quality work and have a great background of 20 plus years working in Texas. One of our greatest forms of success in our area is to actually work WITH other sign companies in the area. I don't have a single retail customer and really haven't in 15 years or so. Its great when my "competitors" call me to discuss national bids etc. and can openly talk about which ones owe them / us money so neither of us get screwed. (I know, hardly ever happens...wink wink). as my motto goes "I don't need practice, I need to eat!" If you need help in the SD area, we also have certified welders & inspectors on staff. We look forward to meeting and working with you guys in the future! - link to our Texas site
  4. Hoping that you guys can help. We are relocating to the west coast from Texas and are looking at install rates and pricing in the San Diego / LA county area. We had another sign company (fast signs / non C45 Licensed) call us today for a bid and after he fell over when we gave him our pricing, his reply was: Basic Job: Install (32) 24" channel letters on 2 walls (tilt wall) 16 letters on each wall. He told me his budget was $1000.00 retail to the customer. I don't want to offend anyone, but in Texas by the time we pay for insurance, workman's comp, the truck, the installers etc... I would have lost a $1000.00 just showing up. We handle national accounts all day long in Texas, and the project managers we work with often complain about not having very good luck working with San Diego / LA installers. Is the west coast that cheap or am I missing something? Thanks!
  5. any updates? They want us to fill out a book prior to "even being considered"........ The real question is, do they pay ontime and do they have any work?
  6. MC went from being a great company to work with several years ago to a slow pay, bitch about the invoice, dont pay a single add on company over the last couple years. I went from doing 200K a year with them to ZERO for those reasons. The project managers that were good either moved up or moved on and we kicked them to the curb. Thats only my experience and others may have way better! I have now started posting positive and negative feedback on signsearch with all of the companies I use, and also ask them to do the same for our company. I just finished a Zoes Kitchen project with MAGNA SIGNS and then the are super slow pay and making weekly payments. funny how that happens. they need you, they answer the phone.... They dont... THEY DONT! Here is a letter I just sent to a national company... please enjoy :) Gentlemen, It was a pleasure working with your company on the XXXXXXXX project. The quality of the workmanship was excellent and working with Phyllis XXXXX was also very easy. She answered her phones and emails in a timely manner. We completed the project going above and beyond the standard time restraints, survey requirements etc. I find it very troubling that I now have to call and demand money for work completed. We provided all of the invoice and completion photos in a timely manner yet I don’t hear anything unless I call your company. We have standard procedures stated on the bottom of our invoices for late payment. Please review those with your accounts payable and forward complete payment in a timely manner. It’s funny how working with national companies has come to this. WE complete the job, then hope that YOU pay your bills in a timely manner. It would have been much easier to start the project with “HI, this is Phyllis XXXXXX with XXXXXXX. I have a great project that I need your help with, but I can’t pay you on the back end. Would you like to work with us?” If you took paychecks this month, but didn’t pay your vendors, you should be ashamed. I didn’t take one so I could pay my employees. Thanks, Steve Tyo
  7. I run a sign company in Texas, and am ready to pull my hair out. The national companies that sub your projects to us are about as dirty, sad and pathetic as it gets. Whats happened to our idustry? My list of SLOW OR NO pay national companies is getting really long. I know, times are hard... let me guess..... STARBUCKS couldnt pay you... or the HOME DEPOTS that I waited 6 months on. The 80K I lost on Dairy Queens..... small business is going out of business because of the poor business practices of the nationals. you should all be ashamed.... sorry about my rant, the 1000.00 bucks I just recieved in the mail with the note saying the rest would be slow pay was pretty sad! The other 2 nationals that didnt pay me this week are jokes as well!
  8. Signsearch has been great, but the issues I have are that they dont check to see if a company actually has a license to work in a state, so half of the electrical sign companies that they list in my area are working illegally. It would be great if they listed distance by feedback!