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    I have a deep, deep passion for neon applications. I truly enjoy seeing other tube benders work and enjoy exchanging information that can make my job easier and more productive.

    I enjoy playing the guitar, fishing and time at the beach. I am a true beach bum and live just an hour from the coast. I like the Blues and I am huge fan of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Allman Brothers Band, Eric Clapton, and I must admit, I enjoy the music of The Grateful Dead.

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  1. Haven't logged on in sometime....I am happy to bend the plastic backings for you. Email me at sales@davidshieldsneon.com David
  2. Damn Eric.....I deeply appreciate that post. Not sure where we are headed, but your information is great. Thank you for your input..... David
  3. I need to do this....wonder why the ISA not use the Orlando World Center Marriott just outside the Gates of Disney? It's self contained...more reasonable than the hotels listed and just outside Disney. I was just there for a week in December at the Athletic Director Conference and it was the second time they have hosted it in the last five years.....but what do I know. LOL. Eric....there is A LOT to do down there. Lotta fun. Great Food and Drink....Trust me. It ain't Vegas, but what is?
  4. Good read. Don't post much. Read a lot. I've been doing neon for a long time. It started as a hobby and evolved into a full time endeavor. I stay as busy as I want to be I guess, While I have observed the insurgence of LED and other products that have tried to replace neon, it's amazing to me that the neon dudes, including myself, have sat on our ass and let the other applications come into our own backyard and literally take over. I am from south Georgia and we have a fish in local rivers and ponds called a Crappie. It's a great tasting fish to eat, but not fun to catch. The fish literally wi
  5. Good article. I still believe Neon is the best choice for channel letters in most cases.
  6. Gary, that was friggin awesome....thanks for sharing.....
  7. Hi George, Thanks for the response. I have purchased glass from both places and appreciate your comments.My only hang up is their samples are computer generated and I don't want to buy the wrong kind. Based on the samples provided, would you feel comfortable making a suggestion as to which yellow the glass is? David
  8. Hi All, Looking for some neon to match this small repair for a friend of mine. If any of you know where I might get a small quantity of the glass in the picture. Please message me. Thanks and stay warm. David
  9. Thanks for sharing. I have a deep appreciation of the signs you shared in the video. At some point in time, some business owner is going to also embrace the past and do something about it. I would love to help breath life into one of these signs as a donation.
  10. This kind of advertising bull crap has being going on since the invention of AC and DC current by Tesla and Edison. Edison, backed by JP Morgan and Tesla, backed by George Westinghouse got in a cut throat battle in the late 1800's that is still practiced today. Rather than focus on the good each design could offer the customer, each became engrossed in befaming the other.....in fact, it's exactly what the LED folks have spent most of their advertising dollars on in their war against neon, even though each has a valid place in our industry. I am all for each man having the opportunity to make
  11. Interesting results Eric......I am a simple man with a simple plan....not much overhead and not much debt. The recession has not had an impact on my business model. Folks order neon signs everyday and I ship them everywhere. Early on, I was like most sign guys....I wanted to do it all....paint billboards, letter race cars, hand paint signs, bend neon, sell rental signs, service signs, sandblast signs, form faces, stretch flex faces, fleet graphics, awnings.....are you catching my drift????? I wanted to be "your one stop shop" sign man....Like most sign guys, it exposed me to the potential of e
  12. As long as I have been on this earth, I have tried to figure out what the deep seeded attraction to the ocean and it's beaches were to me. My folks never really carried me as a kid, but we lived just 60 miles from the Florida/Georgia coast lines so I got to visit them with my friends quite often. Since I became a father, I have never missed a summer carrying my wife and kids to beach for our annual family vacation.....I have never been able to afford it, but shit, I went anyway......in fact, I am here today...woke up on the shoreline of Daytona Beach. We are staying right in the middle of org
  13. Great post Erik. Don't know your friend, however I admire his passion for our trade. I too, wish him a speedy recovery and will pray the doctors got their "A" game on today.
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