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  1. installation

    Curious how you pull your permits. Are you licensed sign erectors to do installations only at some point?
  2. Nice job Erik. Couple of comments on the above. A. If you are in cold weather and using Argon gas for Mercury tubes, why not just throw them in the dumpster first. Anyone in cold weather that wants the mercury filled tubes to light uses K-4 gas otherwise even a 60ma tranny may not light bright. B. All this retrofit talk failed to mention the listing already on the sign letters. Parts of our state are already requiring permits for the retrofit of letters or cabinets to LED. I doubt this will hit the boonies as hard as metro areas but beware of code enforcement. I didn't see that in the Image 360 bullshit.
  3. Sounds like a good time to properly repair and service the neon portions but the frame is probably shot and customer will want LEDs.
  4. Noticing this "special effect" all over town.
  5. Try Todd at Austin Relics if you need someone local. He could possibly help or guide you in the right direction.
  6. Like I originally said in the beginning of this post, not only a shitty weld but where is the sleeve inside the pipe at the weld point? Duh. Morons can kill.
  7. As interesting as the lucky bastard was Angie, just trying to figure out the other part of the story. Why did the f...... thing fall down. Let's get to the bottom of that.
  8. What are we looking at? Cold welds on the pipe?
  9. Marina Mark, what the hell are you talking about? I'm going to have to get Tim Kaine to translate that for me. Are you saying keep your neon signs clean, no mater what background you use?
  10. The funny thing is how much everyone loved Reagan as a President....a former actor. That can only mean Trump will surpass any expectations by those who think he is unfit to be president. Why? He has brass balls (maybe solid gold), speaks his mind without being PC. I can't even imagine anyone more qualified to run this country than Donald Trump. A professional negotiator who convinced people to finance projects in NYC when all were running out of NYC. How much does one individual have to accomplish in his or her life to qualify for president. I read his book decades ago when it was on the NY Times Bestseller list for like a year and realized this is an extraordinary man. Those who protest because democracy worked (not in their favor) are clueless and swallowed the campaign crap hook line and sinker. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the price of LED's to fall but am certain his touch will help America first as he promised. Did anyone else on the list say they don't want the pay for being president?
  11. Always use sides for the window signs as this helps prevent warping, protects neon during shipping and allows you to mount 3 hole brackets on top corners for chain and leveling. This is BEST way to level signs in the window. Of course do not use plastic tube supports unless you want the neon units to fall off the background down the road or be written up in certain municipalities.
  12. Looking for replacement Formed faces damaged by Hurricane Mathew. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Jamin, it doesn't seem anyone has any input on the procedure we all use to construct a majority of signage in this industry or it is a tightly held secret. We talk about LED's constantly but welding? What's that. Is that the stuff that makes sparks?
  14. Thin out the deadbeats, cheap hunters (they will always be cheap and their referrals will expect cheap), favor seekers. You'd be surprised how much quality time is left for your good customers and personal life.