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  1. My morning coffee engineering

    I agree with Keith. Changing out the transformer down the road would be a lot easier and it wouldn't rot in the moisture at the bottom.
  2. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    Nobody will snap any wrists on my watch, ladder or bucket truck. Damn paddle bits just wont drill through stucco over plywood (note other drill on ladder with bit). I could have given her the stubby bit but then winter just wouldn't hurt. Plus I use that drill all the time due to its light weight and rebar sucks but clutch is there for a reason.
  3. 5 degrees here today YUCK

    Winter sucks. Sometimes we have to break out the long sleeve t-shirts and snowbirds are everywhere.
  4. Try Tony at Electric Time Co, they've been around since 1928.

    Believe it or not Paul we use that technique to keep the intense sun off of us down here from time to time. Especially Aug. and Sept. when a couple of hours in the sun can be painful. Some companies here even have canvas Bimini tops for their baskets.
  6. Moronic Behavior

    If they told you to paint the whole face Brian, I hope it was because it was a second surface applied painted graphics like in the picture here. Otherwise your customer is prepared to loose a portion of his/her deposit to replace the plastic. I said above the vinyl was less than a year old, you know...easy to peel. In any case a desk jockey isn't going to tell me, the sign guy how to properly remove their copy from a multi tenant sign. The property manager of the mall may not appreciate my lame excuse that THEY told me to do it. Same property manager would always remember us as morons and potentially cost me future work. The job of the guy who hired us is to write the check so that by the time I get back to the shop I'm already compensated. I don't do stories, excuses, 30, 60, 90 or 120.
  7. Moronic Behavior

    I think the image speaks for itself but a major supermarket moved out of a plaza and had a sign company remove all the signage including the less than 1 year old, first surface vinyl on (4 ) 10 ft. tenant panels. Some bright nitwit thought peeling the vinyl would be a bitch with vice grips a hammer or whatever he had so he decided to flip the faces but first, fill in all those white plex colors with red spray paint this way at night when the signs light up, no one will know. Needless to say I would like to thank him or her for providing us with new work to replace all the white plastic.
  8. Stay Positive

    And also remember Kirstie, obstacles are what you see when you loose sight of your goal.
  9. Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    Obviously needed a much larger crane if you are not going to take it down in sections. Can you say Morons.
  10. Sign man electrocuted in the Keys dies

    This man didn't need to get hurt if the priority wasn't to save money while getting sign repaired. Call a licensed pro who knows what not to do.
  11. Our thoughts are with his family. Another reminder of respect for that which bites. Police release identity on man electrocuted at Florida Keys marina BY DAVID GOODHUE dgoodhue@keysreporter.com Police released the identity of the man electrocuted while working on a sign at Whale Harbor Marina Saturday afternoon. Roger Dinneen, 54, was working on the sign at Wahoo’s Bar & Grill and asked a co-worker to turn the electricity back on so he could see which lights were not working, said Deputy Becky Herrin, media relations officer for the Monroe Sheriff’s Office. The other worker switched the power back on and returned to the sign with a volt meter and saw his colleague being electrocuted. He rushed back to the office to shut the power off. When he got back to the sign, Dinneen was unconscious and lying on the ground, Herrin said. Medics took Dinneen to Mariners Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating the incident.
  12. Worker Hurt in Crane Collapse

    Assuming they were the right bolts to begin with, torqued down to the proper specs. $$$$ As far as 3rd party inspections go it's hard enough to find anyone to service this equipment let alone inspect it. Sign companies repair when it breaks and expect the driver to be the inspector or "fall guy". Most of the time the driver is barely a sign guy to qualify as aerial equipment inspector. The equipment may also have been used past it's limits many times to weaken the bolts as in extended all the way out at almost a horizontal angle. It happened to a 100ft Manitex bucket that was nearly all the way out installing a sign 20 ft off the ground. Can you say pop the bolts like popcorn.
  13. Aluminum Stud Welder Question

    I can only speak for what I use like Steve but try to get some specs from those you can find, stud availability, gun types and compare.
  14. Sign designer / vinyl application - Central Florida

    Hey Bill, for those that don't know it, this company has made amazing signs in the past and from what I understand is now offering wholesale pan faces. Is that correct and what are your size limits Bill.
  15. Would you increase the price?

    I wouldn't but you could argue the other 1/2 of the Acrylic sheet won't be 4 x 4 any more, if that matters. If that is what it takes to make the sale, you won't feel the additional 2 inches.