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  1. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    Sounds like our southern border James. Once you sneak it in, it's in, for a while. That is because there is no budget for enforcement, you as the sign company is who they expect to enforce these rules. They mostly enforce stupid little real estate signs on wire frames out of a pick up truck, banners and feather banners. Luckily property managers want permits and most stay on top of it to some extent. As soon as a business needs to add a partner or adjust their lease, bang. You just got popped. If you are spending north of a few thousand dollars for a sign, the permit is not that much more to do it the right way. Some just like to pay twice.
  2. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    If you are looking for those exact words you will not find the answer. When you submit your drawings for permitting and are denied because corrections are needed, that is how we find out something has changed. In our neck of the woods. If you simply bang out signs to ship out to others, you will find out in other ways. We remove them as soon as signs ship in and plug the hole. Maybe the attached can help you understand.
  3. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    May be my photo but certainly not my work Bob. The way these morons installed that switch would be equivalent to hooking the switch up to the GTO in a neon letter. But their way of thinking was that from the ground it would pass inspection which it did not. Inspectors have a way of sniffing out sign companies using cheezy paperwork also. A lift was requested by the inspector to verify, cricket noises were heard for 2 years before landlord warned tenant to get on it.
  4. Mad Scientist

    LED Components - You Should Be Worried

    All I can say is ata boy uncle Donnie. My inspectors are bitching about having too many inspections on their daily schedule, property managers are filling up their centers and when I ask why? Its always the same story, thanks Mr T.
  5. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    We had an inspection in a town nearby that doesn't allow switches on front wall but electrical inspectors accept lockout on back of wall or at circuit breaker, both clearly out of sight. Using 2014 Code around here in S Florida. Additional note from inspection yesterday with an elder inspector, since I generally try to pick their mind while I have their attention for few minutes. His opinion for why the toggle switches were phased out from being attached to metal, they don't stand up to weather as good as most would like to think.
  6. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    Another winner. Keeps us busy, following so called sign companies who I'm sure "think" they know what they are doing except for calling in their inspections. Owner of the sign gets to pay for change of contractor and all the repairs to bring sign up to code. Wondering if the toggle switch pictured below is part of the reason why the Code changed for the use of these on letters. Another popular problem is the use of non-metalic liquidtitght (cheaper of course but obvious to inspectors as being a fail) AND no ground wire. Bonding? What's that? Morons faking sign installs/customer paying through butt to satisfy shopping center open permits which never get called in for inspections. Wonder why?
  7. Mad Scientist

    Mad Scientist

  8. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    No more toggle switches allowed on individual channel letters or sign cabinets. First thing electrical inspector looks at, assuming you pulled a permit for your sign installation. No energized wiring passing through sign bodies towards the switch. Towns that do not allow switch box, Bell box etc. on fascia will require lockout means behind the wall or at circuit breaker. Lockout plate which fits over a toggle switch will see rise in sales.
  9. Mad Scientist

    Toggle Switches

    Interesting that almost 5 days after your post not a single response to the major change in the NEC since January regarding switches and sign bodies.
  10. Mad Scientist

    My morning coffee engineering

    I agree with Keith. Changing out the transformer down the road would be a lot easier and it wouldn't rot in the moisture at the bottom.
  11. Mad Scientist

    5 degrees here today YUCK

    Nobody will snap any wrists on my watch, ladder or bucket truck. Damn paddle bits just wont drill through stucco over plywood (note other drill on ladder with bit). I could have given her the stubby bit but then winter just wouldn't hurt. Plus I use that drill all the time due to its light weight and rebar sucks but clutch is there for a reason.
  12. Mad Scientist

    5 degrees here today YUCK

    Winter sucks. Sometimes we have to break out the long sleeve t-shirts and snowbirds are everywhere.
  13. Try Tony at Electric Time Co, they've been around since 1928.
  14. Mad Scientist


    Believe it or not Paul we use that technique to keep the intense sun off of us down here from time to time. Especially Aug. and Sept. when a couple of hours in the sun can be painful. Some companies here even have canvas Bimini tops for their baskets.
  15. Mad Scientist

    Moronic Behavior

    If they told you to paint the whole face Brian, I hope it was because it was a second surface applied painted graphics like in the picture here. Otherwise your customer is prepared to loose a portion of his/her deposit to replace the plastic. I said above the vinyl was less than a year old, you know...easy to peel. In any case a desk jockey isn't going to tell me, the sign guy how to properly remove their copy from a multi tenant sign. The property manager of the mall may not appreciate my lame excuse that THEY told me to do it. Same property manager would always remember us as morons and potentially cost me future work. The job of the guy who hired us is to write the check so that by the time I get back to the shop I'm already compensated. I don't do stories, excuses, 30, 60, 90 or 120.