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  1. I haven't been in to the ISA show in a handful of years. Think it might be cool to go and see whats new...if anything. Does anyone know if all the days are the same (as far as the expo goes), or is there a day that is best to shoot for?
  2. Well stated. It seems this question comes up a lot....'cant you just get rid of the old lighting and just use LEDs?' The answer is .....Yes AND (mostly) NO. Part of our job as sign professionals seems to be educating our customers, general public and even other sign shops etc. that 'newer is better' is not always the case. And unfortunately there is not always a good source to go to for reliable & trustworthy info on this particular subject...Well, Except of course Right HERE on the SS. Thanks for shedding some 'Light' on this subject!
  3. I've been wondering the same thing.... That might explain why I never got paid for the work I did a few months ago! Every email inquiry we have made (they dont except calls) about the status of our over due bill replies with 'accounting is aware of the problem' or something to that degree. Sucks! I hate taking ship-in jobs for that very reason.
  4. I've always liked installing signs that have a fun crooked appearance or with uneven baselines like that of a kids hair salon. But this, this is even better! Its like a 'Hipster Sign Install' and while I am no hipster...I think I could adopt this method. Just got to find customers that would be interested in something so cutting edge! The Future of signs is upon us!
  5. Ive got a 10hp electric regenerative vacuum/blower that I'm not using anymore. It is a 3 phase wiring though.
  6. Not too sure whats going on here.
  7. wire nuts, not good for high voltage, also, GTO not completely in conduit.
  8. nice primary wiring.
  9. Set of Channel letters near Sacramento Ca. The perfect "what not to do" when installing a neon sign. No neon boots, no pass-thru.
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