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  1. I am looking for large blue 2051 x 3/16 acrylic. 5x10, 6x8, 6x10 etc.. Can anyone pint me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree, buy bigger than you think you need. I have an AXYZ and he has been bullet proof so far. I had it 11 years. Still runs great and used everyday. Vacuum hold down is a must if you are doing production work. You get better material yield and and you don't have to baby sit as much.
  3. Sounds like that came from the White House!!
  4. It's so hot here, chickens are laying hard boiled eggs.
  5. We use Mathews etching primer that we use on aluminum. Haven't painted a lot of galvanized but it seemed to do the job.
  6. I'm in Lexington Ky. What do you have. All we do is wholesale. Mainly channel letters but we do a couple of cabinets a month.
  7. We have an Accu Bend. The problem is, with 10ft strips is, you can't use all of it. You would only be able to bend about 6ft of it. It gets pushed thru from the rear and bent at the front. There is about 4 ft from the pusher to the bender.
  8. At least you included K Girl in your deep concern for the rest of us.
  9. I use a brown paper with lines on it. 48" wide and fairly thick. I get it from NEI Sign Supplies in Cinn. Ohio.800.582.9024
  10. Congrats, I've been here since 06 and check it almost daily.
  11. Just did some repairs for a friend that owns a bunch of gas stations. I won't mention the name. It seems all the trim cap came off the channel letters. These were about 2 years old. Made in Germany. They had 3/4" flimsy trim cap and it just peeled off. He tried to get the national, branded gas supplier to let me build his. They sent a qualifier questionnaire and there was no way I could qualify. But yet the type of stuff I repaired was being shipped all over the USA.
  12. Getting business like this is a process. When we were still doing full service, now we are strictly wholesale, I used the contractors plan room service. At first I thought it was a waste of time. You bid these jobs before construction begins usually, so it takes a while for the jobs to show up. But they did show up. And, they were typically good size jobs. I also think it give you credibility to the contractors. It keeps them from having to call sign companies and trying to get quotes. You do one quote and submit to all the contractors who are bidding on the job.We got a lot of Hospitals, Banks and government jobs.
  13. love Squidbillie's!!!!
  14. Anyone that would try to strong arm you or me, because of our participation on SS, is probably someone we don't want to do business with anyway. Net Gain!
  15. When you're self employed Friday never comes!
  16. I saw it also. Nice job and congrats.
  17. In my experience, when we used to do retail, churches were one of the worst customers to get a final design on and then they are rarely happy with the outcome. Everyone at the church has an idea how to improve it. There's a lot of internal politics in religion and churches..
  18. Yeh it's great Erik has made this work for so long. Most don't make it.
  19. Doesn't Duxbury still have the patent on it?
  20. here's one good possibility. http://www.wagnerzip.com/2005/slotted.htm
  21. I've used the same brand LED's for 6 years now. I use name brands on everything. I am wholesale to the trade only, channel letters etc... I want to know whats in my signs everytime. I don't want to use the deal of the month. Once it leaves here, I don't want to have to worry about it anymore.
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