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  1. Plus it's in the Pacific NW - you've never lived anywhere with prettier scenery!
  2. Identiti Resources Ltd 425 N Martingale Rd, 18th Floor Schaumburg, IL 60173 If you want to include them in the Nationals list, I'll give them a 5 star review.
  3. Full Time Sign Metal Fabricator Needed. We have awesome customers, a wonderful location and a great family atmosphere. Looking for someone who is cheerful, dependable and has some experience in sign building. Please tell us a little about yourself along with your resume. View our website in order to better understand the type of work we do: www.hansonsigns.com Qualifications: -Minimum of 3-5 years in sign fabrication experience -Working knowledge of Welding Processes. -Able to read a tape measure. -Ability to read and build from shop drawings.
  4. DId I mention we would help with moving expenses for the right candidate?
  5. I like the landing page with the recent posts, these forums have been invaluable for us!
  6. Sign Journeyman Electrician / Serviceman Hanson Sign Company, located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, has been in business since 1964. We are known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike. The Sign Electrician will be responsible for ensuring that sign installations and service are executed to code and meet company standards. Specific Responsibilities include: Troubleshoot sign issues and determine repair requirements Install various types of signs and hook up to electrical circuit if required. Operate with safe
  7. We opened with a few of our crew to manufacture sneeze guards for bank teller windows and car dealership sales desks. The only time the phone rings is when a National sign company wants a job done "right away". I think we may be able to go out for service on/around the 18th.
  8. Sign shops in Washington state aren't considered essential... home improvement stores, pot shops and "vegetation management crews" are essential. Good to know where we stand....
  9. Nice, Matt! My daughter actually thought that since China has a large elderly population and this virus seems to have targeted the elderly... and it started in China... how grim is that thought! and here's a link to an interesting article about China's aging population: https://chinapower.csis.org/aging-problem/
  10. In Washington State the employment security dept has a thing called Shared work - if the employer will continue to pay benefits (we pay medical/dental) and sign up for the Shared work project, the employees can file for unemployment without having to look for work, they just report what hours they did work and EmpSec will pay the balance to make up 40 hours. They pay about 75% of the employees pay but it's better than nothing. We've had several larger jobs put on hold and our phones and email has slowed considerably. The feeling in our shop is that the gov will shut everyone dow
  11. A conditional release should have some kind of wording like Upon receipt of payment in full, and upon said payment clearing the bank upon which it is drawn, the undersigned hereby agrees to waive and release any right to a mechanics lien, stop notice, or any right against a labor and material bond on the job. This covers you against their check bouncing - release is only effective after the check clears the bank.
  12. Never give a lien waiver - you can do a conditional waiver that says you won't lien a job as long as you get paid, then an unconditional waiver when you are paid. Tell companies who insist on unconditional waivers before payment that it's extortion and completely unethical.
  13. Neon is a symbol of Seattle's past. What will illuminate its future? The city's most iconic signs are losing their vaunted glow to LED replacements. But not everyone is giving up on neon. https://crosscut.com/2019/09/neon-symbol-seattles-past-what-will-illuminate-its-future This was a great article, well worth the read.
  14. Nothing wrong with uniforms, maybe bright fluorescent pink...
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