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    We call our customers, but when it comes to prices, we email. Ya gotta have a paper trail because customers will hear you say "$1000" firm when you really said $1000 plus permits/tax.
  2. Can't fix stupid

    I bet the business owner did it.... trying to save a buck. "Penny wise and pound foolish".
  3. Crane Certification Update?

    Washington State has had the rule on their books for quite a while. But what's up with the certification classes? when our guys first took the class, they had two days in class room and the third day they took the test, then had to schedule to take the practical test. $1800 each. Now it's five days with the test and practical, and $3000 each. And everyone I know hates the practical - it's a timed "course" and you have to speed thru it to pass. I kinda think all these crane rules did was create a new niche market. Someone is making big bucks.
  4. Wow - what a well documented story! It's just mind blowing that one a** can cause so much problems. And why would he care? Just a power trip-and no one to stop him (or no one in the government who cares). Our tax dollars hard at work.
  5. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    This is the pic, not a bad sign but hard to read. I have no idea what this business was, they were'nt in this location for long. It's hard to see in the photo, but the edges of the print are starting to peel. (I downsized the photo to attach it here). I agree about the installation tabs, it's a horrible idea. I'm hoping people who buy this stuff do a little homework about what they are buying and how it's going to be installed.
  6. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    As soon as they download I'll share, but they aren't great photos. Hey, you should check out the "faux neon" channel letters...
  7. Sign Monkey sign shop?

    We have a new customer who needs a new sign face at an existing business. The existing sign has a Sign Monkey sticker. The clear vinyl is delaminating and the sign is in poor shape. They have these clear little tabs that stick off the back where it was installed. The little tabs are so you don't have to open the face to install. When I looked it up on their website I was floored. They say right on the website that their signs don't need an electrician to install, they have cables that can be plugged into the next letter, then the next and so on. They are even ul listed. In Washington State, if it's electrical you have to have an ELECTRICIAN install it unless it has a regular plug in (like a hanging window sign). Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts? I'm really uncomfortable how easy they make installing look, when we all know it's not that easy.
  8. Sorry I didn't see this earlier - my previous post was fron 2014. We sold that truck last year and I no longer have the manual. Sorry!!
  9. It's just one of those days

    Just another day in the pacific NW!
  10. Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    Oh, I should have said I earned it, but God blessed me with everything I have! Like the will to work for what I want ...
  11. Just Out of Curiosity - Day Without a Woman

    It's all BS - I was in the Navy for 8 years, 10 years as a secretary and now 19 years in this sign shop. You want equality? Do the job! Want a raise? Do the job! Deserve a raise? Ask for it! If you don't get what you deserve, find a job where you will. Just stop blaming other people. I'm sure there are situations/companies that really work that way. I guess I've been blessed not to be in that situation. There were some instances in the Navy where the "old guard" called me sweetheart and made inappropriate comments. I stood up for my self and called bs on it. The one guy who didn't quit got reported to our superiors (chain of command, it works) and then he quit. Retaliation? Nope. Our leadership took effective action and shut him down. Maybe this "Womens Day" was to call attention to women all over the world that are treated as second class citizens - not equal to their male counterparts (I don't know the real issue, I missed the memo)? How does our "support" by not going to work help these women out? wouldn't it be better to find organizations that support helping these women and donate a day's pay to them? I'm not entitled to anything because I'm a woman. I'm entitled to what I earn because I work for it.
  12. High-End Sign Bulbs In Action

    We put these in for one of our customers who has an old sign with chasing lights around part of it - over a year and no issues. Our customer is very happy not to be changing light bulbs every 3-4 months. They are much brighter than we thought they would be. Well worth the initial cost!
  13. The sign business!

    How blessed is your life! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Plastic recyclers ??????

    Yeah, we don't have a plastic recycler anymore either, so it gets dumptserized. Same with our wood, but we do have a few locals that come out and get some of the usable stuff for sheds/coops etc. And we have taken sign faces home for yard projects (around the bottom of my green house). It is a shame that so much gets tossed.