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  1. Would you describe this as something that is happening in Maine due to their offices being their, or is this something that you feel is happening all over. I have had gotten some quotes from our area rep, that is located in our area and they were pretty adamant about knowing where the sign was being quoted for, the client and their address, of course I refused that and just give them our name and a code to file it under to track the quote. But this always seemed out of place for them to ask. They always told us that they wanted the opportunity to stop by and show the client the demo board and help close the sale.....? Not so sure that is how it would go down, I know I may sound a little guarded but these days it is going on more than we care to think, especially in the LED Message Board Arena, in my opinion.
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  3. This sign was actually only 10.5 amps when tested, we do not know where the 4.2 amps per powers supply comes from. So were good.
  4. Here is a new cabinet showing the LED's along with the completed sign install. We even hid the LED's Power Supplies in the hinged end cap so service of power supplies does not require removing any faces.
  5. Yea, a real shame that is was a sign company, but I guess that faux pas is why he chose to just stick them to light bulbs....and everything else he could stick them to. The sample I shared is OK like I said, I just prefer the sticks, our new cabinets still have the raceways and sockets, you never know what we may have to deal with in the future, nothing with LED's stays the same for more than 3 months.
  6. Angie, was this another Sign Companies handy work or was this a Licensed Electrician doing sign retros. We have a few locally doing this type of LED stuff too, and I have found mixed bag of nuts, some some of it is OK, but other stuff falls into this SHIT SHOW category as I call it. This is a new sign we had to install faces for a Dollar Store, lot of work to just have LED's where a Stick Product would work and if you have a warranty issue you just take the stick out and insert a new one. In my opinion works better and less time out on the repair.
  7. Sign Lady, what was the service call that assisted your guys in finding this.......crea...no..cheap solution to sign illumination? Would love to hear the real story. and did they choose to fix or just repair..we will wait intently for your response.
  8. Come on guys, this is not a Ladder, it is a High Dive Platform for your swimming pool. Check out that nice big platform at the top to stand on a do a Triple something into a full rotation Swan Dive. Splash !!
  9. To which ones are you referring to, the first picture of the channel letters that Paul posted are Compact Fluorescent bulbs that we have always called the Pig Tail bulbs because to the twist in them, otherwise I was being sarcastic in all my comments and the correction really wasn't warranted, unless you are advocating this type of lighting conversion to the rest of the discussion board. OR Blog in case I have misstated that fact too. There I go again being sarcastic again, I will try and keep my dictionary and encyclopedia handy next time. The second picture by Angie "The Sign Lady" was what I was referring to LED Bulbs in the sign cabinet. NO Sarcasm there.
  10. Where do you start, First thing, those Fluorescent Pig Tail Bulb in the letters is just a treat to see, then the LED Light bulbs, that is just pure GENIUS, but the recycled Neon Letters, that is pure cheapness at it's finest. What the Hell has our industry come to, when this is what is becoming the norm and not the exception. Now looking back at these, I am truyly speechless and that is saying something, I am rarely speechless.
  11. Here is a place to start if you wish. http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/search/&q=sam marcum
  12. Where do you start, I read a lot on Sam Marcum, last I remember was you do not walk away from Sam, YOU RUN!!!!! But as Kgirl says, search here on the Sign Syndicate I am sure something will com up, it just may take you a while to get through the pages and pages of comments, most people were passionate about their responses.
  13. Full 5 year Warranty for Parts and Labor I would not expect anything less from China!
  14. Just try to explain an permit including drawings can reach over $800 to install a 3' x 8' wall cabinet. With construction of new housing way down, the sign industry is what is supporting the architects and the building and inspection departments. We have become the new cash flow for them.
  15. Great looking truck Paul, we just had our new service truck done, but still needs some advertisement added. Probably wait till this spring, It is a G4500 Chevrolet Cutaway with a Aerocell 15' box, the aerial is from Van Ladder out in Albert Lea Minnesota and the ladder frame does not take hardly any of the interior space at all. See a couple of picture we took when it was being Minnesota.
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