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  1. Buyer Beware On Channel Letters

    Full 5 year Warranty for Parts and Labor I would not expect anything less from China!
  2. I am with Keith on this one. You cannot just rely on adhesives unless you are prepared to still replace panels in the future anyways. Why not just do the stud mount on this one and then look at any future changes using a Shoe Box Panel system in the future to cover the old holes if they don't want to spend the money now to avoid a bunch of holes this time.
  3. The City has gone full Nazi on signs!

    Just try to explain an permit including drawings can reach over $800 to install a 3' x 8' wall cabinet. With construction of new housing way down, the sign industry is what is supporting the architects and the building and inspection departments. We have become the new cash flow for them.

    Great looking truck Paul, we just had our new service truck done, but still needs some advertisement added. Probably wait till this spring, It is a G4500 Chevrolet Cutaway with a Aerocell 15' box, the aerial is from Van Ladder out in Albert Lea Minnesota and the ladder frame does not take hardly any of the interior space at all. See a couple of picture we took when it was being Minnesota.