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  1. If all you need is solid power, I prefer the Sensata Dimensions 3000 watt Pur Sine Inverter. Many used units out there from utility trucks. Have it professionally installed and all you have to do is maintain a marine deep cycle battery. We have 2 units and you can do everything you need to do. Except run a welder, but then you maybe able to that we just have never researched or tried to. https://www.magnum-dimensions.com/product-inverter/3000w-12vdc-pure-sine-inverter-charger-0
  2. Well Guys, how are you all dealing with current conditions in dealing with your National Sign & Service Companies and Extending Credit. Are you still willing to extend the 30-60-90-120 Days? Or are you asking for 50% Down by Credit Card with the Balance on the Credit Card upon completion? Especially with the new ones that are starting to contact us that we have never done business with. Would like to hear what others think especially with all the Bankruptcies being announced. Even in circumstances where the one you are working with and it has nothing to do with
  3. The white Halo on the white EIFS should be OK, if they LED's, spacing from wall and the proper difuser back to prevent hot spots from the LED's. I am also not clear if the balck faces are Opaque or are they Black Perforated vinyl to light up white also? If so that does not make for a very good night time look in my opinion..
  4. Late to the show but, great work, fast and reasonably priced. www.copyartwork.com
  5. Erik, I have worked with Keystone also, they are based here in Pennsylvania, good technical support too. So don’t write them off either.
  6. Did you have them mounted with the Corn Cob Up or to the side, in High Rise Signs we worry about the corn cob breaking from the base. I have seen this on occasion but the horizontal really worries me. I did have a conversation a while back with France and they were revising the LED Bright Units to support the Lamp better with an O Ring or something, should be out and on the market by now, they were in testing when I was talking to them. The France Unit Looks just Like the Sign Bright Unit that was the standard HID light in High Rise signs for years. Another note was the LED lo
  7. Look for a vendor that stands behind the product first, then research it and do not, I mean do not by online on Amazon or some crazy looking website. IF THEY ARE CHEAP, BUYER BEWARE.....THEY WILL FAIL FOR SURE.
  8. WOW, anyone have any marshmallows or wienies?
  9. I have installed and repaired the junk that Everbrite builds (I am not sure personaly do them or bid them out, I have my suspicians) and I mean junk. That is as nice as I can be about the Dunkin Brand. It has never been about quality signs with them, it is about screwing over the locals of making any money on these projects, they could care less about you and your business. Thank you for listening, now I feel a litle better.
  10. jboles9134


  11. This sign was actually only 10.5 amps when tested, we do not know where the 4.2 amps per powers supply comes from. So were good.
  12. Here is a new cabinet showing the LED's along with the completed sign install. We even hid the LED's Power Supplies in the hinged end cap so service of power supplies does not require removing any faces.
  13. Yea, a real shame that is was a sign company, but I guess that faux pas is why he chose to just stick them to light bulbs....and everything else he could stick them to. The sample I shared is OK like I said, I just prefer the sticks, our new cabinets still have the raceways and sockets, you never know what we may have to deal with in the future, nothing with LED's stays the same for more than 3 months.
  14. Angie, was this another Sign Companies handy work or was this a Licensed Electrician doing sign retros. We have a few locally doing this type of LED stuff too, and I have found mixed bag of nuts, some some of it is OK, but other stuff falls into this SHIT SHOW category as I call it. This is a new sign we had to install faces for a Dollar Store, lot of work to just have LED's where a Stick Product would work and if you have a warranty issue you just take the stick out and insert a new one. In my opinion works better and less time out on the repair.
  15. Sign Lady, what was the service call that assisted your guys in finding this.......crea...no..cheap solution to sign illumination? Would love to hear the real story. and did they choose to fix or just repair..we will wait intently for your response.
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