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  1. We have done this type of work. The customer contacted the cell phone company and arranged it.
  2. Located in North Orange County California

    Servicing all of Southern California

  3. Take the job and signs from Regency.  After they are delivered, demand full payment in cash or certified check only.  Do not accept credit cards, the can revoke them after.  If they owe you previous balances, use the new money to pay that.  Then stick it to them. Demand full payment again or tell them to pick up their signs. AND of course charge them for delivery, storage and loading.  It sounds bad, but they are the scum of the earth. And they have been doing this for over 30 years under different names

  4. Hire us to make you look good when providing repair service for you National Account. 99.9% A+ service when rated by our customer's customer. We have a wide variety of experience. No job is too big or small. QS Westgate Storefront sign.bmp
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