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  1. You might start here: https://www.decorativefilm.com/gradient-films
  2. My thought was also to bring it to corporate but what assumption would I be making in doing so? Should it be on company letterhead? Should it be a personal letter written off hours? Should the gentlemen in the photo be approached about why working like that isn't such a good idea? As far as life and limb is concerned, should the subject of the photograph be approached? As far as protecting our industry does the USSC or ISA get involved? I guess it would be a matter of picking the intent and going from there.
  3. I'd say employer provided training and concern for the welfare of the employee also lacking. Self Employed? Well, that won't last long.
  4. Were there any considerations as far as the face material goes and the light output of each? Was the type of Acrylic noted? Edward
  5. United Plastics 847-336-3080 has been very responsive with us as well. Not so responsive but has taken plastics off our hands in the past has been Tyco Optics. Rod Harris Tycho Optics, LLC. 15954 Mur Len Rd. Unit 186 Olathe, Kansas 66062 Tel. 626-215-0246
  6. Same situation in New Jersey and we are willing to give the stuff away. Mostly old sign faces. Of two companies that have expressed an interest, one is out of business, the other keeps in touch and states they will send a truck next week... Every week for months on end... Still the gaylord boxes pile up. However, if what is being recycled is new poly-carbonate and acrylic from drops of a CNC table of clean new waste, separated by color and type, this may be the way in the future. It's depressing to face the fact that one option on the table is a 40 yard dumpster...
  7. Hello folks, I am looking for the manufacturer of Mazda Dealership Signs. Have a local project that may require replacing two large dimensional logos on an older pylon sign. There are many circumstances here, the main one being the dealership owner not wanting to replace an entire dealership ID package to service/rebuild an existing sign. Any help greatly appreciated. Edward
  8. This established, non-union, full service electric sign, company with 37 years in business is seeking one and possibly two full time installation and service techs. We are in search of the best of the best so experience within the sign industry is required. These positions require a minimum of five years experience with a clean driving and safety record. Candidates must have experience hoisting and crane operation, confidence when working at heights on elevated work platforms, ladders and various types of aerial lifts while servicing or installing signage. Be familiar with installing and servicing fluorescent, LED and neon illuminated signs, secondary wiring, installing pylon and building mounted signage and related components. Working safely and in compliance with the company safety policies and various work authorizations is a mandatory requirement. Additional experience in the following areas will increase the base salary: Welding, Certified Welder, Sign or Channel Letter Fabrication, Electrical Licensing or related experience. Certified Crane Operators, CDL Drivers, OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 Department of Labor Card Holders encouraged to apply. Send wage requirements with resume and reference in your cover letter. Email: edward@butlersignco.com. Fax 973-633-7449 Health and Safety Program & Policies, 401K, Medical Benefits, Vacation and Holidays. Butler Sign Company 582 Fairfield Road Wayne, NJ, 07470United States
  9. Acrylic and polycarbonate promise to bring $0.12 per pound once we reach 5000 lbs. Gaylord boxes and shipping paid for by the buyer, we supply labor to seperate & box/pack as well as supply the skids. (Completely dependant on fuel costs and amount being recycled - full trailer vs. half trailer). Wood? I can't understand why it is not recyclable, perhaps it decomposes quickly enough to not be a burden...
  10. We offer a copy of a log sheet with date codes where the case is not stamped with No PCB's. Trouble is some manufacturers print this date code on the primay wires and many log sheets don't have a date associated with what's been recycled. The printing becomes unreadable or the service crews cut the wires to short. Slightly related, I was suprised that out local reecycle accepts wire that has not been stripped.
  11. 0.10 to 0.20 per pound. Only pays for itself when recycling wire, steel and aluminum at the same time. How many document the date codes?
  12. Wondering if anyone else knows about this, not sure how I found it but wish I thought of it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poteetphotography/chasing-neon-documenting-our-historic-americana?ref=email Edward
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