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  1. https://miratecsystems.com/ or https://z3graphics.com/
  2. We have an Original Saw Model 3579-20M 208V 3 Phase w/ 20’ of in/out feed table that we are looking to sell. The saw is was purchased in 2019 and is a beast. We're selling because we upgraded to an Elumatic up cut saw. We had purchased from Mid-Atlantic Machinery for $18K, but would sell for $12K. Pics and literature attached Steel-Cutting-Radial-Arm-Saw-3579-20M.pdf
  3. Hi Everyone, We're working on a program that has a decent amount of interior neon signs. I wanted to see if there was anyone in SS land that does neon production work. PM me for details. Thanks, Jamin
  4. Hello everyone. Looking to see if anyone out there has about 5 yards or so of this available for purchase.
  5. A private equity firm has no interest in running the day to day operations. Their sole goal is to inject money, paying for operating capital, expansion and acquisition with the goal of selling the components off down the line for profit. It makes sense that there's behind the scene financing for the Icon acquisition. I didn't think MC had the bandwidth to pull that off. If I was a sub working for Icon I'd want to take a look at my existing contracts and pay closer attention to invoicing.
  6. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mc-group-merges-with-icon-to-form-one-of-the-largest-brand-implementation-companies-in-the-united-states-300912712.html
  7. Curious how others are laminating large flex faces. Looking for something better then soapy water and a large squeegee. I know the rollsroller is out there, but the price is pretty salty.
  8. jrosenfeld


  9. Yep. I fly in Wednesday afternoon and out Friday morning.
  10. Brad, I've been going through the software search process myself. Feel free to reach out to me and I'll share what I've discovered.
  11. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is seeking a large format digital print operator. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  12. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is hiring fabricators of all skill levels. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  13. Anyone know who makes interior waterfall signage similar to the attached pic?
  14. This guy markets himself as a nation recruiter in the sign industry. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-bell-34766111
  15. Growing up in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with the stories of how Bethlehem Steel provided the backbone of our country I certainly have mixed thoughts about these tariffs. The idealist in me would love to see American Steel seize this opportunity and reclaim its market; however, I don’t see that happening. Steel mills like all other corporations are dependent on their stock price. Raising tariffs on steel and aluminum will most certainly have a negative effect on manufacturing and construction resulting in slower economic growth and lower corporate profits. This will result in higher cost of go
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