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  1. jrosenfeld

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Yep. I fly in Wednesday afternoon and out Friday morning.
  2. jrosenfeld

    Project and Manufacturing Software

    Brad, I've been going through the software search process myself. Feel free to reach out to me and I'll share what I've discovered.
  3. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is seeking a large format digital print operator. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  4. Integrated Image, a full service Interior and Exterior sign company is hiring fabricators of all skill levels. If interested, please reply with your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  5. jrosenfeld

    Waterfall Signage

    Anyone know who makes interior waterfall signage similar to the attached pic?
  6. jrosenfeld

    Sign Salesperson recruiter

    This guy markets himself as a nation recruiter in the sign industry. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-bell-34766111
  7. jrosenfeld

    Aluminum Steel Tariffs & The Sign Industry

    Growing up in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with the stories of how Bethlehem Steel provided the backbone of our country I certainly have mixed thoughts about these tariffs. The idealist in me would love to see American Steel seize this opportunity and reclaim its market; however, I don’t see that happening. Steel mills like all other corporations are dependent on their stock price. Raising tariffs on steel and aluminum will most certainly have a negative effect on manufacturing and construction resulting in slower economic growth and lower corporate profits. This will result in higher cost of goods and compound from there. This feels like the fulfillment of a short-sighted campaign promise, one that is intended to benefit a few, but will have more broad-based repercussions.
  8. jrosenfeld

    Flex Face Clip Help

    Thanks Travis! Looks like that could be it.
  9. jrosenfeld

    Flex Face Clip Help

    Here's a pic. I uploaded it with the post. Not sure why it didn't show up.
  10. jrosenfeld

    Flex Face Clip Help

    Hello everyone. We need more of the attached clips to button up a retro fit project. Problem is no one seems to be able to ID the pic. I was hoping the community could provide some input. Thanks in advance!
  11. jrosenfeld

    Ridding Chinese LED Failure

    The Chinese LEDs illuminate like 20 year old old X-Mas lights that have been pulled from the attic. Just need to replace the module that's out and you're good to go!
  12. jrosenfeld

    Selling Corporate Chains - Big Fish

    Sean, I would start by looking into some regional trade shows where you could display, or even attend and network at. ISCS, International Council of Shopping Centers - www.icsc.org is a good place to start. Keep in mind, these types of sales are difficult, often taking a year or so to close a deal and most of the time involving some type of RFP. Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you want more info.
  13. jrosenfeld

    Sign & Crane Accident mixed with Power Lines

    Agree. The rigging was totally asinine. Did they ever consider center of gravity? Aside from the impending OSHA certification, companies should take on the responsibility of properly training their personnel on rigging and lifting..
  14. jrosenfeld

    Architectural Details

    Thanks. We'll give them a call.
  15. jrosenfeld

    Architectural Details

    Curious if anyone has a source who can generate and stamp architectural framing details. Specifically the framing that supports stone veneer around monuments. Yes, I understand that this framing is not difficult to draw and fabricate; however, we have worked in municipalities that require the detail to be signed off by an AIA. Thanks in advance.