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  1. Has anyone used Field Nation before? We have a project that requires a bunch of nighttime photos and I was thinking of posting on Field Nation.
  2. Eugene, Wendy's signs are made by National Sign Systems. PM Me and I can probably dig up a PM contact for them.
  3. Seeking a field construction manager. Home base would be Duluth, GA. Travel would be approximately 85%. Permanent position. Great opportunity for someone with installation and / or construction management experience who whats to see the country. See attached job description for details. Field Construction Manager.docx
  4. Yep. Trinity and Eagle are the best. We use eagle more. They provide engineering and fabricate in their shop for easy field assembly Ask for Rick McClain
  5. I have a small interior project at one of our parent companies offices in Ontario, CA. Scope would be: Mounting some Gemini Letters (1/4" Acrylic w/ DF tape) Manufacture and installation of cut vinyl verbiage Installation of provided printed / contour cut graphic. Installation would daytime, normal hours. Let me know if you're interested. CS_OntarioCA_WallConcepts_OptG.pdf
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. The question was asked if it matters where the supplier is located. No, it doesn't. Ideally, we would like to have coverage across the country. While we work with the large "factories" I like to send work local whenever possible. Please feel free to PM / email me if you feel you can bring some value. Thanks. Jamin
  7. Thanks - Much appreciated.
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for a wholesale sign company that can handle custom work. Movie Theaters, Marquees, Neon, etc.. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  9. Looks like a milliken MP-5 aluminum-awning-extrusions-canvas-railing-staples.pdf
  10. I've given up getting any usable feedback on this topic from the board. I had about a 2 year hiatus from the sign industry working in heavy industrial material handling (overhead cranes). That industry was extremely tight with weld procedures and techniques. It seem like our industry doesn't really care, which is a scary thought.
  11. Summa plotters are by far the best. They're workhorses that track extremely well over long cut. Also have a very good print / plot feature.
  12. Guys, Just curious, what AWS standards is everyone welding to? The sign industry is very broad in terms of materials and techniques and it's hard to find a standard that fits "nicely". I thought I'd put it out to the group and see the responses. Thanks, Jamin
  13. Integrated Image, a national sign company, specializing in Specification, Design and Project Management is seeking a Graphic Designer. The ideal candidate will have experience designing signs of all types. Must be fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Full time, salary plus benefits. The location is in the Greater Philadelphia area. If interested, please email your resume to jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com
  14. I've built dunkin signs before, but it was all through the franchisee. Corporate didn't have anything to do with the signs. I'm sure Everbrite is an approved fabricator, but it probably only applies to corporate owned sites.. These franchisees in particular, were very difficult to work with.
  15. Sure Andrea, I would like to get a price from you. You can email me directly at jrosenfeld@integratedimage.com