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  1. x3 on this one folks ... also wishing all of you a happy, healthy and a prosperous new year (private as well as business-wise). best, eddy
  2. that dunkin donuts neon is a work of a genius, truly magnificent !!! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. just don´t get it how 21th century technology level can not substitute that neon light. Just asking because I was at a neon shop recently and had the chance to see the whole process and that is time consuming and expensive for sure. On the other hand obviously profitable as well :D
  3. all said and done already ... food and fodder comes before troops and horses ... they should not poke their noses where it don´t belong to really. As you folks mentioned already most of these non-profits turned into pure revenue streams over the years. Some of them like Unicef, Oxfam and Co. are juggling with billions in the meanwhile and are exceeding some countries GDP´s out there. Now that is just plain weired xD^^ I wish the governments would bring out a legislation amendment or so to cut down management costs. Wondering how much of those rats would be not abandoning the ship and keep working on a voluntary basis :) to sum it up: the Signvine thing ethically a complete disaster, but a smart move from that cheeky fella Paul Martin to add some further sales that goes onto his account ...
  4. this guy really was a mess and way beyond Mr. Lemonis`s help ... The way he communicates with the customers, not necessarily everyone´s cup of tea I guess. Also his own production manager making fun of his ASL shirt .. that´s something you definitely want to avoid. sure it´s good to have some good ol` dose of self-confidence but you should never overestimate that attribute of yours, else its gonna get you in trouble one day, no matter what business you are into ...
  5. @Paul I second you on that one and that´s the case anyway with our sign & lighting forgery we have. Already running installations and regular maintenance work for some bigger accounts we have in our portfolio in IL, IN and WI and these keep on recommending us. But besides that, I am trying to figure out new sources for delivering exceptional work in time and budget for potential customers and as a by-product creating more revenue and facilitate further growth for our company. In other words trying to spread the word and reputation faster ;) @Gerald thanks for the hint. even though the volume of jobs seems to be at all time low in there, I will be adding that as a possible source to my database and will be looking into on a regular basis.
  6. sorry about that @george, was just using the common word right there. but bottom line you are completely right ... through most of those subcontracting auction platforms the industry is somehow doomed to be measured by price instead of quality ... maybe I am too optimistic at this point but still worth giving it a shot I think ... Might catch a healthy fish or two :D And WOM always works, that`s for sure ;)
  7. I know this thread is kinda worn out but I am also at the stage of kind of preparing myself for the "elephant hunt". Having said that, without having signed up, just had a look at ASA and it looks pretty decent to me. Apart from @Sharon, did ASA work for anyone else in here ? Are they still maintaining their Bidding activities ? What kind of other bidding platforms / website are you making use of to get a hold of more subcontracting jobs ? Really appreciate your help in advance ....
  8. Prolly won´t be able to watch it on tuesday due to time diff. but if anyone else magically misses that broadcast you can always have go from here later on: http://www.cnbc.com/live-tv/the-profit
  9. Right back Erik ... hope all of you guys a had a great and blessed family time ;)
  10. I 2nd you on that one Vince ... had similar experiences with fellow colleagues working as a product and project manager myself within the telco and hosting industry. drive to success and perfection, either you have it or you don´t I guess ;)
  11. Hi there folks, since I am digging deep for all kinds of info regarding the sign industry, I came across the whitepaper / handbook "What´s your Signage" developed by the NewYork State Small Business Development Center ;) Prolly nothing new for you folks but it´s an interesting read based on facts and numbers from time to time so thought it would be worthwhile sharing. PDF attached. Enjoy, Eddy Whats_Your_Signage.pdf
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