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  1. Typically, you don't as long as you're complying with Prevailing Wage laws (local regs) and or Davis Bacon (Federal regs). Neither requires you to be part of a bona fied union organization. Otherwise known as the PLA.... Some labor agreements can be very strict. Depending on your scope of work, Carpenters, Iron workers, or even other trades will "claim" the work falls in their trade as defined in the PLA. Nonetheless, since you're not union, I advise a cautious approach to your bid. Having a good union partner is critical in situations like this. If you really want to bid the work, cont
  2. Endeavor Neon - Andrew Hibbs https://instagram.com/endeavourneon/
  3. Using only the router admin, can you see the sign? If not, you've yet to successfully set up/configure the board. You'll need to hook a laptop directly up to the sign and configure it. These cheaper offshore signs are not the easiest to configure and come with little support in the form of a poorly structured manual. Nonetheless, open up the setup manual and follow it step by step making sure you've got all of the correct software and comm drivers on your laptop. My personal opinion is these signs are alright..... but they are so over driven, they will likely fail in 2 to 3 years. Ag
  4. Wired? - Dare I ask if the Ethernet cable is plugged into the sign and a router? WiFi Wireless? - Is the wifi access properly set up? i.e. Credentials. passwords? All in all it sounds like a network configuration issue and likely a conflict. You'll also need to confirm the correct Communication settings are chosen. NOTE: since the IP address is manually configured you need to make sure there is no conflict with the router or other device on the network. If you have access to the sites router, you should be able to confirm IF and what address has been assigned to the sign. I wo
  5. Try Scott.... Keene or Keen I believe.... out of their corporate in Chapel Hill, NC. He may possibly be able to point you in the right direction. Just let him know you're interested in doing regional sign work direct or through a national vendor they already have. I guess Han Del Bars let go.
  6. Probably LQ10D368 or LQ10D367..... but double check by removing it.
  7. 3003 is the most workable alloy. Most sign stuff is brake formed up to 90 degrees. Sometimes obtuse, but mostly just 90 bends. I have seen both 5052, being a harder alloy with magnesium, and 6061 with magnesium and silly cone, crack at a 90 bend before.... A contributing factor may be attributed to not properly adjusting the brake for material thickness. Nonetheless, anything signage or general purpose for that matter, all alloys mentioned will work. Difference being in the paint prep and finish. 7075 sheets don't have a real use in the sign industry unless there's some weird h
  8. Glad you got a fix. Pretty reliable equipment.... just out of business. If I may suggest, clone your hard drive at least once per year as a back up. Worst case scenario, you swap out the faulty drive. The stepper motors and other components should last you a while(and are not hard to find), but the hard drive will invariably tank.
  9. I hammered out three thousandths once.... :) Maybe it was 7075.... two thousandths difference in tolerance from 6061 or 5052. Welcome to the Syndicate, Troy.
  10. Agree. Best method I know of for this type of application. Relatively long life and it's temp range covers Ohio's weather mood swings. (-40 to +300°F )
  11. We've heard from more than a few of Syndicate Members about Sign.Guide . Thanks so much for your support and a big thanks to those who helped out with the initial Beta testing. Today is the very last day to get an Introductory Offer for a 5 YEAR PREMIER LISTING for only $50. Afterwards, listings will be $50 per year. -Check out the site -Get our newsletter Sign.Guide Listing Benefits: Listings include: -High Visibility (more so than any other site) -Paid listings are included in direct marketing to over 5,000 Business Owners, Architects, and Facility Managers. (Free Trial excl
  12. It's possible. Going to require some testing, adjustments, and tweaks I'm sure. If I may suggest, use a low speed high torque dc motor ($20-60 each Reduction/or worm gear style. ) that runs about 1-3 RPM. Any faster will likely be too much. Don't cheap out on the power supply for the motors. There's a ton of made in china models to choose from. Not familiar with a US manufacturer off the top of my head. Last thought.... balance your "wheel" and reinforce the "hub"
  13. Many expressed they wish they hadn't missed our initial free listing offer. Here's your second chance. We're giving away (3) three Free Premium 5 Year Sign Guide Listings. Click on the image or here to enter. Click on the image or here to enter.
  14. I'm excited, a nerd, and can't freaking wait! I've even got my 7 year old hooked. Properly, at that. IV, V, II, III, VI. Then I showed him Episode I being sure to point out all of it's shortcomings. Not that ii or iii we're much better but this order made the most sense.
  15. Ha! That's kind of funny. I think most that would comment are in Vegas playing...er um, "working" at the ISA sign show. You'll probably get some more replies on Monday.
  16. I've worked at a few shops that had written guidelines for this very purpose. As they say, things can look good on paper... It sounds like you hired outside of the industry with little to no sign experience. Maybe on purpose or possibly because there was no applicants with experience. Either way, you've got your work cut out for you. Everyone is different, but it's safe to assume it takes most people at least a year to learn enough of the basics to do a good job. A written reference is a good start, but a group tour of jobs you've completed and other sign types throughout your immedi
  17. ISA PRE SHOW SPECIAL You can get a 5 Year Premium Listing for your company by creating a “New Listing” at http://sign.guide At just $10 per year, it’s an excellent deal! -Visitors are shown companies close to them. -Show what services and equipment you offer. -Showcase your premier projects in your listing’s gallery. There’s no limit to how many photos you can add! -Quickly add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your listing.
  18. We're up and running. To those from the Syndicate who participated in the Free Listing opportunity, THANKS! Your BayGraphic log in credentials are the same and encrypted for use on Sign.Guide
  19. By the way, glaziers slap those frames in, level them, and throw maybe 2 anchors on the bottom each lite (pane) and 2 on the top. This is usually a tapcon. They also use a polyurethane sealant/caulk. Vulkem is popular.... BUT they run up to a 1/2" bead. Besides possibly some foam and plastic shims used to level, that caulk bead and those few tapcons is what is actually holding that curtain wall in place. Also, consider glass service..... if one of those lites is vandalized, or otherwise broken, how can a glass company replace it with your letter set spanning it? Unless you're in a
  20. Paul brings up good points all around about that curtain wall and the comparison to the Tim H. letterset. That looks like Kawneer extrusion....very thin wall. Granted, a LED letterset with a narrow raceway isn't all that much weight. Still, get it engineered. CYA.
  21. I've updated my signature video.... just in case you would like to see a cameo by "The Sign Syndicate", give it a view. Someone had recently asked me what it is I do. Well, in addition to wayfinding, drawing prints, schematics, and section views of of all types of signage, I also do these types of renderings. and
  22. Hmmmm. Channel Letters? Let's assume that the electrical is already there. Say an outdoor weatherproof outlet enclosure of some sort. Let's also assume that there's no local or national code which precludes the use of such an outlet and the sign is simply "plugged in". Afterall, LED illumination doesn't really have a hazardous secondary to work with and from what I'm reading here would likely have ye' old "Electrocution Hazard: Qualified Service Only" or "Non-Serviceable Parts" labeling. Similar to your tv and other household appliances. So, what about attachment method specific t
  23. 40 Free Listings Left. Here's what you'll need to complete your listing upon login. -Enter your Company Information REQUIRED (Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Web, Email) -Listing Image W: 250px by H:100px REQUIRED -Company Profile Image 500px wide. No height restriction. REQUIRED -YouTube Video Embed OTIONAL -Services, Equipment, etc. REQUIRED -Enter your license and issuing authority information* *If you're a wholesaler, you must enter what underwriting label your components carry. e.g. UL, Met, etc. NOTE: You must follow these guidelines. If you do not comply your profile is subject
  24. Why not replace with Fluke? Great brand. I have a Tenma. Cheesy ground clip. Had to replace it. Sits on the shelf now while I sit at a desk. They're all about $150.... Fluke, B&K, Tenma. There is probably a better deal somewhere. 1530 is likely the highest voltage you're going to see on a service call. Match your meter's quality. Hope this helps.
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