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Drug testing and background checks

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How do you all feel about a national company asking for drug testing and background checks for your employees?  Complete with

  • A background portion (criminal, sex offender, terrorist watch list), driving record and credit report.  This check is looking for felonies, violent and trust based crimes

  • Drug testing- standard 5-panel

  • Fingerprinting to follow at a later date with a badge issued

We always do a driver license check, all our drivers are on the random drug testing program but I feel really uncomfortable with giving personal information to another company.  Am I over reacting?

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  • !llumenati

You could ask the Nationals for the same information also.
Why do you want to work for or represent a company that maybe has criminals ?

The next questions will be what Political Policies and Groups do you follow ? .........
Do you or anyone in your Co own a gun ?..........
Do you have an American Flag on your trucks, building or clothing ? ............

How about asking the National for more information....
Like how many times have they filed for Bankruptcy ?................
How many name changes ? ..............
Who is the real owner and their personal information ? ..........

We all want to have good employees and have them represent our Sign Company in the best way.
We have a choice of who we employ and who we work for.

I would not answer them.  Just do the work under your terms 

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  • Board Patron

It's almost certainly a case of their insurance company wanting to limit their liability "just in case".   Say one of your employees was a deep undercover KGB spy (hey, these insurance types actually think of these things) and went into a bank where you were installing signs and...    It's nuts.   I won't do Walmart work because they want I-9 form (imigration) on all employees.  My secretary is my sister and some my kids work part time and I know they are legally here.    


And by the way, make sure to read any fine print on secondary pages of PO's.   Some companies are sneaking in things like this.  Ruggles (one of the best nationals) now has in their PO that I cannot use anyone that was incarcerated for more than a year (might be 18 months) on their work.   I think that this is the way that the world in turning towards.   While society often says that we need to give people a chance to turn their life around (say they got in legal trouble at age 18) the insurance companies and large corporations think otherwise.   Maybe it's time to call in the ACLU about things like this becuase it might be an invasion or privacy.   I mean you aren't allowed to ask someone if they are married or not during an interview (at least I think that's correct).   I'm no lawyer, just a simple sign guy, so YMMV.  

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I appreciate the input Rocco.  I told the company we would not be sending them that information and they said they would take us off the vendor list.  It's ok, we are plenty busy anyway.


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It's getting to be really difficult to walk that fine line between keeping customers happy (even the 'good' ones) and being able to get and keep good employees.  You need a full time HR person, lawyer, architect, engineer, social media liason, insurance expert, IT person, and more just for the paperwork.   The owner of a small company has a hard time wearing all those hats.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The only time we ever had to do this kind of thing (other than drug testing on big construction sites) was when we were working in an airport. The security for that job amazing. We often spent as much time checking in and out, showing all credentials etc. than actually working on the job.

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