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The Awesomeness of The BrightON Lightning

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BrightON Lightning Logo 2.png


I've been getting a lot of calls since we switched over from NC LEDs to our New BrightON LED Line, specifically on what BrightON module is equivalent to the NC Reckless Constant Current Module.


In Short, BrightOn is by far more light efficient (Chip Efficiency) than the NC LED Line.  The light is spread wider (175˙ vs 120˙) and, 155/165 l/w   vs.  68 l/w.....you're getting more light using the BrigthON Lighting (.72watt) over the .92watt NC LED Reckless. 


If you're using the 24v BrightON then you're getting longer life out of each module because you're getting lesser heat an resistance running across the wiring/board of each module.


Now, back to what is equivalent, or almost...... since it's been asked.


The BrightON Lighting in size is equivalent as seen below






The size of the module is about the same since so many liked the module size.  


The NC Reckless LED was 3 modules per foot or 33.33 linear feet per tray of 100.

The BrightON Lightning is 36.66 Linear feet per bag of 80 modules.  


At .72watt Lightning with lesser modules per foot, the light output or luminance on a sign face is far brighter due to chip efficiency.  


Look at the high efficiency uniform 175˙ optics of the BrightON above and over the NC "White Horse" 140˙ LED which is the same foot print as the 120˙ NC Reckless LED.


Both are 12v.


Both are constant current NOT constant voltage.


Bottomline....The Brighton puts our far more light because of chip efficiency, cost less per foot (bag cost $58.99  vs  $79.99), is operating "under driven" with lesser heat, which will result in longer life, and you will get far more light per bag with wider rows for more light than the NC Reckless Modules




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