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Upgrading Your Free Membership

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Why Should I Upgrade?


There are two kinds of memberships. Board Patrons for individual sign shops, & Board Vendors for Suppliers / Distributors / Wholesalers / Media / Associations, or anyone who sells products & services to sign shops.


By upgrading your free membership you will be helping to support the Sign Syndicate develop helpful tutorials, build and update light sources testing for channel letters, sign cabinets and general lighting. As a thank you for supporting us you will have access to all tutorials and test results from our various board projects.


We started out tested our testing in 2008, which consists of every major manufacturer of Neon & LED lamps continually updating them as new products get introduced. These tests help to make your buying decisions easier.


The benefits of doing so are listed below: (You don't need a paypal account, any credit card can be used)

Membership Purchase Link



Board Patrons

Board Patron $29.99 per year


Status is only for individual sign shops, or sign shops who also do wholesale work for other sign shops. We will also use and separate at my own discretion should there be a conflict of interest.


You will have access into our National Sign & Service Review Forum, Sign Company Installer Map, Post items in our Classified Section, Access to our Private Forum - The Order.


Supporting our various Light Project Comparisons for Channel Letters and Sign Cabinets


Light Projects


These are the current Light Projects that The Sign Syndicate Exclusively holds at present, The Great White Hope, Project Tighty Whitey, and The Red Light District, Border Security, & Project Blue Light Special


Over 50+ Different individual compartment testing of all major brand light products currently used on the market.



For those who lurk but have not yet signed up, Erik did drop the subscription pricing. I know we all like to get our information free online, but a lot of time and resources have gone into the projects shared on here - and the information available is extremely valuable to those in the electric sign industry - so a starting price of $65 is very reasonable. If it helps you make even one project decision that saves you some headache and grief, it will have been worth it.


Some of you may well spend hundreds or thousands doing your owning testing and comparisons - which is commendable (but rare) - but the rest of you could arm yourselves with some very valuable information for a fraction of the cost of what it would take you to do these comparisons yourselves, and with a wider range of products than you'd likely include yourselves.

It's a privately run forum by a sign shop owner, so maybe it doesn't have the clout of other paid associations, it has its navigation quirks and personalities you'd prefer to not have to filter through - but the value of information gleaned goes far and beyond what you get from trade magazines. You can learn by lurking the public areas of the site, of course, but can benefit even more by participating (or at least supporting) in the more detailed areas that really are intended to help the industry as a whole.

-Marko, YYZ Systems



Video Tutorials

HV Probe Use Tutorial - How to use a HV Probe when serving neon, make sure your neon load on a transformer is correct. A lot of time when servicing someone else's work you might find that they didn't load the magnetic transformer correctly

HV Still.jpeg


Capacitance Tutorial - This is a tutorial on a basic comparison on Neon GTO cable products put our by various manufacturers and how they compare to one another. How capacitance differs in various solid conduits but most importantly what toll they can put on your transformers. Video demonstrations to neon transformers reactions to loads of neon filled lamps, Hg filled lamps, and heavy capacitive loads

Still 3.jpeg


Added Benefits as a Board Patron

Sign companies will now have the added bonus to become listed in the Install & Service Map for easy finding . This directory & map can assist your company in obtaining sub-contract work from other sign companies across the country and further. You will also be the only members who can have graphics or links as signatures that will appear at the bottom in every post you make.


Signature example:

Patron Sig.jpg


Install & Service Map





Board Vendor I - Gross Sales Under ($500K)

Board Vendor II - Gross Sales Over ($500K)

Board Vendor I $350, Board Vendors II $500 


Status is for Component Manufacturer's, Suppliers, Distributors, Industry Groups, Trade Magazine Staff & Sign Association.


No longer can anyone in this category sign up for a Board Patron.


For the duration of your membership:


All the added benefits of Board Patron's PLUS...


Board Vendors have their own Directory where they can promote their products & services in our Board Vendor List, also get customer feedback as well.  Also with the ability to Promote, Mention their Products and services anywhere across the Board with some restrictions


As a Vendor you are given a Affiliate banner located at the footer of this site for the membership duration, a rotating Board Vendor Banner seen on all phases of this website, a large horizontal banner that is rotated between Board Vendors in each weekly newsletter. Depending on the number of Board vendors participating in newsletter ads a possible second location will be opened


Newsletter Banner


Banner Size 175 x 700 Horizontal



Board Vendor posts made in their directory, promoting or advertising their products and services will be shown at the bottom of the weekly newsletters under “NEW PRODUCTS & SPECIALS” as they come


Affiliate Banner (Footer Location)




Rotating Banner










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We are strongly considering signing up for the 1 year subscription as a Board Patron.

We are a wholesale to sign trade direct manufacturing of Channel Letters, Logo Boxes, and Cabinets. I currently do not see such a Board Patron in this category. Is this an accurate assessment?

Our Marketing Director is asking that I get all the dimensions & specifications for our banner ads, signature lines, etc. so that we can have them submitted in advance of ous coming on line with you.

Estimated launch date for us on the Sign Syndicate is Aug. 15th.


Mike Ketcherside

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    • Easy Cut Studio is introducing many new, helpful features with the new version 6 for Windows and macOS.   NEW YORK, United States, June 10th, 2024 -- EasyCut Studio, a worldwide leading developer of sign-making software solutions, has announced the launch of Easy Cut Studio 6, with immediate and global availability. A fully-updated and next-generation version of its highly-successful industry-acclaimed vinyl cutting software. This will undoubtedly take your print and cut business to new heights!   The new version introduces a range of new features, including larger workspace area,  variable data printing and cutting, Import embroidery files (PEC, PES, HUS, JEF, SEW, VIP, DST, EXP, MTC, XXX) , more options to customize rhinestone designs, new special effects, convert square corners to rounded corners, nesting Improvements, more path options to divide overlapping shapes, enhanced color management system, Adds support for importing text from PDF and SVG files. Additionally, the update brings improvements to the Bezier and vector editing, to improve its user experience. this update also includes more than 15 new Print & Cut drivers for the latest printers and vinyl cutters.   Eric Lee, senior product manager at EasyCut Studio, said: "We are excited to unveil Easy Cut Studio 6 to the world. Packed with a variety of time-saving tools and enhanced rhinestone features, this brilliant new version will revolutionize print and cut production and streamline workflows, reduce waste, and increase productivity like never before. whether you're a sign shop or a small-scale business, our software is designed to meet your sign design, printing, and cutting requirements effectively and efficiently.”   Easy Cut Studio 6 is meticulously crafted to harness the full power of macOS 14 and Apple Silicon, delivering a browsing experience that's both fluid and lightning-fast. And with continued support for Intel processors and macOS 10.12 and later, ECS 6 ensures a seamless experience across a diverse range of Mac devices. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with years of feedback from our end customers and partners, ECS 6 maintains its status as the number one choice for reliable, feature-rich sign design and cut software with uncompromising quality.   Below are the exciting new features and enhancements Easy Cut Studio 6 delivers: - New special effects including rhinestone scatter, cast shadow, monogram and rays. - More options to customize rhinestone designs. - Advanced variable data features will let you add more variable data to your print or cut jobs. - Separate score force. - Convert square corners to rounded corners. - Text can be imported from SVG and PDF files. - Larger workspace area. - Add VersaWorks compatible option for PDF export. - More options to choose, select and replace colors. - More path options to divide overlapping shapes. - Add customizable arrow shape. - Ability to ungroup text by individual glyphs, by words, or by lines. - Remove overlap below shape (e.g. HTV applications). - Export the G-code. - Apple Silicon (M1,M2) Native Mac versions. - Ready for macOS 14.5 Sonoma or higher. - Other stability improvements. - and more!   *** For more detailed information on these updates and more, visit the official Easy Cut Studio website at https://www.easycutstudio.com/ .     Pricing and Availability: Easy Cut Studio 6 is compatible with a range of operating systems, For Windows, it is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 (32-bit & 64-bit). For macOS, it is compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura, and 14 Sonoma. Easy Cut Studio 6 is available for one-time purchase at the suggested retail price of $59.95 USD. All registered owners of V5 are eligible to upgrade to V6 for only $34.95 USD.     About EasyCut : Founded in 2007, EasyCut is one of the world's leading providers of sign design and vinyl cutting software. With over 16 years of excellent technical support and service, EasyCut has built an unparalleled community of end customers, resellers, and manufacturers around the world.                                                                 ### PRESS CONTACT:   Eric Johnson Director of Marketing E-mail: support@easycutstudio.com Website: https://www.easycutstudio.com/
    • yes, you never know, they maybe interested.
    • Thanks for the info.    Buying up shops eh?  Maybe I'll ask them to buy me out.  After nearly 50 years in this crazy game I wouldn't mind retiring.   
    • I met them yesterday, seems like great guys, they have bought a few companies in NJ, and are looking to expand their network, they are growing,  their company very quickly and seems to be very organized and have a very modern work system.    their offices and shop are very clean, modern and organized, I think you could trust them. 
    • Does anyone know of someone who can hand letter on a brick wall in Phila?    The job was supposed to be lit channel letters, but they now wants to go old-school (very old school) on this location.  it's about 15' to the top of the lettering and a scissor lift can be provided.      Thanks folks!   Rocco
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