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New 2021 Sign Syndicate BrightON LED Line

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BrightON II Logo 2 copy.png



So, thought I'd give a sneak peek into our New 2021 BrightON LED USA Line Up.



The big differences between our upcoming version vs our existing is the following.  

• Slightly Better 6500K Bin

• Aluminum PCB from Fiberglass.  Because our modules are already super efficient and under driven, this really isn't needed, but it sure is nice to have for thermal cooling (Except BrightON MINI)

• Wider 180˙ High Efficient Optics from 175˙ (Picture below)


We added a 3 Diode Module BrightON III & Mini (B-Lightning) which will be a 12V Module.  The BrightON II and IV will remain 24V


By late Summer we will be reintroducing the popular BrightON-SunFire for Sign Cabinets & Monument Signs back into the line.  The only difference will be brighter than before, and brighter as a 2.4 watt module than the older 3 watt module.  You guessed it....a more efficient chip, more light for lesser power, which also mean it's operating with lesser heat that translates to longer life beyond the long life it already had.





BrightON II




BrightON IV




BrightON III




BrightON MINI (B-Lightning)






I underexposed these shots below to give shops the ability to see the light angle.  Last shot is what I would call real time and not under exposed



Current BrightON II




NEW BrightON II - Check out that angle!!

New brightON.jpeg



Real Time Shot

ABrightON II Real Time.jpeg





If our current BrightON Module Line wasn't already Super Fantastic as it was, it just got better.


Most important....besides all the usual specifications I listed above, it's more about the efficiency of the chip we are using in our LED Modules, it's Super...SUPER efficient which translates into more light for LESSER power.  This is why we are able to keep our LEDs "Under Driven" whereas other will run and operate right on Peak and in some ways push the limits which results in faster Lumen Maintenance, or Light Degradation over time or outright catastrophic failure.






We recommend using our choice LED Power Supply for our system, and that is non other than France Lighting Solutions.


France isn't just some brand we so happen to stock.  We went out of our way and asked them (truth be told....I got on my hands and knees and begged) if we could compliment our High-End BrightON Line with their High-End LED Power Supplies.


Here is the reason why for my pride swallowing experience.


With your typical LED Power Supply (Insert name here), you'll be loading (depending on brand) it to 80%-85% of your full 96W channel, or 77 watts to 81 watts of LEDs, leaving room for voltage loss etc to keep from stressing your power supply.  With our Brighton II LEDs, that's 96 to 101 LED Modules.


We want to offer nothing but the best.


With France Lighting Solutions...and if you've been in this electric sign industry long enough to know when it comes to their Neon or LED Power Supplies, you're getting not only quality, but longevity, & dependability.


With the France Atlas & Eco Series that we stock to compliment our system, you are getting the only,  ONLY "True Power" LED Power Supply in the industry


True Power means that you have the ability to load their power supplies to Full Load.


YES...Full Load!!!


That's the way they were engineered, that's the way they are made, and that is what you're getting alongside our LEDs to give you a complete High-End System for all your Sign & Lighting Projects



The Atlas series even has a LED indicator light to tell if you're loading too many LEDs on the power supply.


With a France "True Power" LED Power Supply you can load 120 BrightON II LED modules, that's almost a 24 module difference over using another brand LED power supply.  That 24 more additional modules can make the difference in NOT having to add another or multiple LED power supplies for a single sign or project.  You will be saving cost and labor from having to add another or multiple LED power supplies for a Sign or Cabinet.


We are currently stocking France Lighting Solutions 12V Eco & Atlas Series 60W & Dual Channel 120W Power Supplies.   We also stock both 24V Eco & Atlas 96W, 60W LED Power Supplies.  



France Eco 24V 60W - TruPower DRV-2460-E (24V/60W)

France Eco 24V 96W - TruPower DRV-24100-E (24V/96W)


France Atlas 24V 60W - TruPower DRV-2460-A (24V/60W)



France Eco 12V 60W - TruPower DRV-1260-E (12V/60W)


France Atlas 12V 60W - TruPower DRV-1260-A (12V/60W)

France Atlas 12V 120W - TruPower DRV-12120-A (12V/120W) Dual 60W Channel




I've been getting a lot of calls since we switched over from NC LEDs to our New BrightON LED Line, specifically on what BrightON module is equivalent to the NC Reckless Constant Current Module.


In Short, BrightON is by far more light efficient (Chip Efficiency) than the NC LED Line.  The light is spread wider (175˙ vs 120˙) and, 155/165 l/w   vs.  68 l/w.....you're getting more light using the BrigthON Lighting (.72watt) over the .92watt NC LED Reckless.  


If you're using the 24v BrightON then you're getting longer life out of each module because you're getting lesser heat an resistance running across the wiring/board of each module.


Now, back to what is equivalent, or almost...... since it's been asked.


The BrightON Lighting in size is equivalent as seen below




The size of the module is about the same since so many liked the module size.  


The NC Reckless LED was 3 modules per foot or 33.33 linear feet per tray of 100.

The BrightON Lightning is 36.66 Linear feet per bag of 80 modules.  


At .72watt Lightning with lesser modules per foot, the light output or luminance on a sign face is far brighter due to chip efficiency.  


Look at the high efficiency uniform 175˙ optics of the BrightON above and over the NC "White Horse" 140˙ LED which is the same foot print as the 120˙ NC Reckless LED.


Both are 12v.


Both are constant current NOT constant voltage.


Bottomline....The Brighton Lightning puts out far more light because of chip efficiency, cost less per foot than the NC, is operating "under driven" with lesser heat, which will result in longer life, and you will get far more light per bag with wider rows for more light than the NC Reckless Modules.






Most LED MFG's will just suggest layouts and tell you how many LEDs per foot without telling you how their LEDs will match up against the Standard Lighting in our industry which is Fluorescent HO Lamps.  If you haven't done any lighting for cabinets or never noticed, most fall short of even meeting the luminance that Fluorescent lamps give out on a sign face.


The light that falls short is known as "Usable Light", or light that just gets you there.  It's not Competitive lighting that you would need if your sign I located in a shopping center in competition with other signs looking to be noticed.


So here we have our new BrightON IV....



The conventional Fluorescent HO (800ma High Output) Lamp light output is the standard in the Electric Sign Industry.  When loaded, configured, and installed correct with no cross talk, these lamps and ballasts are a VERY good light source that last for years.


Our High Efficient High-End BrightON IV HO LED modules match the light output of Fluorescent HO lamps of our longtime Electric Sign Standards in lighting applications.  More Light for Lesser Power


The Brighton IV LED is Constant Current, uses a High Efficient chip for illumination, mounted on a Aluminum PCB for better thermal cooling...not that we need Aluminum for a chip that is already under driven and produces less heat & resistance due to operating on a 24V System.


With the BrightON IV you'll save money in project costs over buying specialized proprietary channels/bars (Another reason for a sale) by simply purchasing some right angle aluminum channels for the top and bottom of a sign cabinet, and placing aluminum tubing in between to mount your High-End low cost BrightON IV LEDs on.





Double Face Sign Test Cabinet 

4’ x 4’ x 12” D

Module to face 5”

Sign Face 3/16” Plexiglas MC White #7328





Fluorescent HO Lamp System

Lamps in single and double faces cabinet fabrication typically are spaced 12” OC (On Center)

Sign Face Luminance: 156.5 Foot Candles

Power Consumption: 126 Watts



BrightON IV

Double Face Sign Cabinet Spacing.  8” OC Module to Module, 12” OC Between Rows for Module to Sign Face in depths of 5” or 3”

5” Module to Sign Face Luminance: 156.5 Foot Candles

3.5” Module to Sign Face Luminance: 164 Foot Candles

Power Consumption: 76.8 Watts


126 Watts - 76.8 Watts = 39% Savings in Energy Consumption


Single Face Spacing Suggestions

5” Depth, 9” - 9.5” spacing between rows, 7.5” - 8.5” spacing between modules

3” Depth, 8” - 9” spacing between rows, 8” - 9” spacing between modules



BrightON IV Usable Light Spacing

If you want and need "Usable Light", here it is...some cases call for it.  This lighting would be slightly brighter than Hanley's NRG4.


Double Face Sign Cabinet Spacing.  9.5” OC Module to Module, 12” OC Between Rows for Module to Sign Face in depths of 5” or 3”

Sign Face Luminance: 134.5 Foot Candles

Power Consumption: 64 Watts


126 Watts - 76.8 Watts = 49% Savings in Energy Consumption





Why use the BrightON IV LED?


• For starters it's Constant Current unlike using Principal LED's Constant Voltage Qwik Mods or others.  Constant Current means each module is current regulated with translates to longer life.


• It's a 24 Volt system, which means our system has half the current running through the wiring and board which translates to half the heat & resistance of a 12 volt system.  In other words....Longer Life.


• With a 24V system you're able to use more LED modules on a single 96W channel over a 60W channel.











Some may read this next bit in information as being petty.  


Some don't like it when you supposedly talk about your competition.  It's not my aim, I'm merely making a comparison since I get asked a lot.  Principal LED are big boys....they have made their way into every trade magazine (brochure) and now have the largest booths in all the trade shows...so I know they can take it.




The BrightON-II LED  .vs  The Principal Qwik Mod 2 LED


So....we've been getting lot's questions on how our New High-End BrightON II LED compares to The "New" High Efficient Principal Qwik Mod 2 LED



Well, we did a quick "side by side" benchmark comparison to find out.


They have some basic similarities.   


• .8 watt modules

• Both 170˙/175+ Optics

• Both have Aluminum PCB


We compared both LED modules and placed them in 24" x 4.5" x 5" channels using a standard Plexiglas MC white #7328 white acrylic face to simulate a wide channel letter stroke .  Modules spaced 6" OC from one another and 3" from the channel walls.



Now to find out what the differences are...




Once we lit the channel compartments one big difference was the white appearance of each light source.


The Principal Qwik Mod produces more of a yellow white illumination on the sign face, whereas the BrightON II is more of a True White.  The pictures here may not do justice as it's hard to capture Real Time and Real Life along with how your display may be calibrated.


Both BrightON II & Principals's Qwik Mod are .8w modules....The BrightON II is 24V LED module, the Qwik Mod is 12V LED module.  


24V means half the current flowing through the system of a 12V system, which translates to lesser heat, lesser resistance than a 12V system.  A 24V system is more reliable and a longer life system over time for the very reasons I stated.


A 24V system allows you to use a larger single watt channel PSU (96w).  The BrightON LED system uses the France Lighting Solutions "True Power" LED Drivers to complete the system, "True Power" means users are able to load the PSU to 100%, where as other LED PSU's are recommended not to go beyond 85% of the rating.  A full load 96W France PSU can load 120 BrightON II LED modules.  France Lighting Solutions LED Drivers are the only Drivers to date that are 100% loadable.


With a 12V system a single channel 60W LED PSU is typically loaded at 85% or 51W of a 60W unit, or 63 Qwik Mods.  You can load more modules on a single unit but you would have to be looking at using a 120W PSU that is a dual 60W channel unit.




Right away the biggest take away from this LED comparison in the image below is the Sign Face Surface light output results in Foot Candles using a ExTech Light Meter measuring the High's and Low's in the 7" x 4" rectangle area of the acrylic face.  


The BrightON II has a Foot Candle Average of 209 versus Principal's Qwik Mod coming in lower at 171 Foot Candles.





Constant Current

A HUGE difference which will play big in lighting and in life is how the current is driving across each module.  The BrightON II is of course Constant Current, NOT Constant Voltage.  The Qwik Mod is Constant Voltage.


The quickest, simplest explanation and differences is this.  On a Constant Current system, each module has a current regulator chip which means each module is current regulated, and protected not to overdrive and create more heat and run hotter.  The first module on a Constant Current string is equally as bright as the last module on a string....the result is consistent lighting.   If you've ever paid attention to the light testing we have been doing on The Sign Syndicate since 2009', you would know that the best and lowest light degradation or Lumen Maintenance results always came from CC LED systems, Constant Voltage or "Eco" Modules not so much.


In a CV System you better hope your LED PSU is not driving above the intended voltage of 12 volts.  A slight increase in a fraction of a volt... say...12.2V can kill a LED system fast depending on the makeup of the Modules.  When we did our Light Testing "The Great White Hope" we had a incident where a LED PSU operating at 12.25 was used on a Permlight "El Plato Module which was CV and in under 30 days the original output dropped 30%.  We had to kick out the PSU and start over with another string of EL Plato's using a manual adjustable LED PSU to assure not to go above 12V.


On a typical CV System on long runs the first module will be brighter than the last module on the same string, inconsistent lighting, with a not well regulated LED PSU CV LED will tend to run hotter and brighter in some areas causing a shorter life.  The system is solely dependent on the module resistors for protection.


In Short....

Constant Voltage = Lesser LED life over time

Constant Current = Longer LED life over time





Lighting Angles


Below.....you can take what you want from this part...


We used equal underexposed shots from both LED light sources from a Canon SLR Camera instead of Real Time to show our audience where the optics is transferring light


We used a lighting angle chart that we created, made up of 1" grids just to help in displaying where the optics and throwing light.  Both Module havewide angle optics, I would just say that the Brighton II throws more light towards the edge of the chart and a little higher up the middle.  





What It All Means

In closing, the biggest differences that can be taken away from this benchmark comparison and what separates the BrightON II are a couple of big factors.


• The BrightON 24 volt system which has half the amperage, heat, & resistance than the 12 volt Principal Qwik Mod LED system.  You're also able to load more LED modules on a 24V system than a 12 volt system


• If you're looking for a more "Purer" white light source, better bin, then the BrightON LED Module family is for you.


• More light for less power on the sign surface....better chip efficiency... that was just displayed and shown in Foot Candles....BrightON II  209 FC over Principal Qwik Mod 2  171 FC


• Probably the single most important factor?  The BrightON LED Family is Constant Current rather than a lower costing system that uses unregulated current in Constant Voltage.  What that means for user is....Longer Consistent Life Over Time



For Inquiries or Orders you can contact us at (858) 880-1400 | orders@thesignsyndicate.com | or order through our online Shopping Cart

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