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    Bucket trucks, Roland VP540i 54" print/cut, 24" Roland cutter & Roland LEJ640 hybrid. General fab shop, Corel Draw,

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  1. We are looking for a person who can do all three, Graphic Design/Printing/Shop work. We are also looking for an installer. We are a small but growing company with lots of work. Please send resume's to sales@americanmadesigns.com
  2. Do you have the clamps for the table still? Also, how old is it. Those Sabres are workhorses but the boss will ask.
  3. What did you end up doing with this? Wish I had seen the post earlier...
  4. We have been looking for an installer for months. Nobody will apply and I hear stories from other local businesses about when they do find someone, if they are on unemployment, they don't want to start until it expires. The couple of guys we talked to before COVID mysteriously disappeared from the radar when this all started. The job market in Charlottesville was tight to start with and now this...
  5. American Made Signs in Charlottesville is open for business and looking for a sign installer. Please send resumes (real resumes) to jobs@americanmadesigns.com
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