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  1. Just wanted to share a recent experience after reading yours. 25 years ago when I started in this business I received a very valuable lesson. If the customer can't (or won't) give us the 50% deposit we require to begin their project, it will be a nightmare trying to collect the rest. Thankfully I've stuck to my convictions and very rarely been stuck. Recently however, I almost fell into the poor-me trap. We created a proposal for someone who was in desperate need of a sign. The proposal was a rush as they we're submitting it to their city for an enhancement grant. We told them up front
  2. Does anyone have information about HTM-Lighting in Brooksville, FL. They seem to have gone out of business and are back in business under a different name. There former contact info doesn't work and the address has changed. Thanks.
  3. I am in CO and live very close to LetterFab. I can't vouch for them - yet. I can say the other major player in CO is Direct Sign Wholesale. Don't use them! I learned that the hard way.
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