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  1. We have been employee owned for about 10 years now. To clarify what employee owned means,,,You get stock in the company by giving them years of service. Not much different then owning stock in AT&T you have no say in how the company gets run. there is no investment from the employee except sweat equity. Your daily efforts make the company money and in return you get the benefit of rising stock price. It has been great for us and our employees. last year my stock value increased more than my yearly salary. In effect i received more than a 100% pay boost
  2. We make the Sprint/Radioshack signs. E-mail me at mandersen @ Prioritysign . com. I will get you in contact with one of our project managers.
  3. If I could use LED's I would make this myself. I got the call today that the landlord is requiring Neon. I told our project manager to run the other way. We are having the drawing revised to reflect 2" stroke and let the customer approve or reject it. I have found these forums to be very pro neon so I thought that I might find somebody that could do it and be in there wheelhouse, cause I don't want to see this one come thru ours. We don't make any neon in house and are just to busy to be messing around with a one off project like this.
  4. I am looking for someone to bid making some neon Reverse channel letters. The drawing is called out for LED's Which we can do but the landlord is requesting Neon. The letter stroke 1 1/8" looks way to thin for neon. How thick of stroke do you need for proper neon spacing? Anybody out there willing to give this a shot? C34226 Wrentham, MA (1) 8-2-12.pdf
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