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  1. http://www.wwsign.com World Wide Signs - when we need a formed face we call them, they have several manufacturing locations in the states.
  2. We did pretty good - had a boatload of work from national companies that kept us hopping almost all year!
  3. If it's a "conditional" waiver, it means that you are waiving any right to lien the property for non payment only if they don't pay you. Usually after the work is finished and PAID the customer will request a non conditional waiver, meaning you waive all rights ('cause you were already paid). Never EVER sign one before you are paid and the check clears! If they want one before the work is done, walk away.
  4. A big Shout Out to Dick Haight at the Crane Center for getting me the sticker - it's beautiful. Thanks, Dick!!
  5. I agree with your Mom - tired of the running/screaming women (I hated 50's movies for that very thing!). Maybe that's why Linda Hamilton in T2 is one of my fave heros. No train tracks for her!
  6. That would be great - if someone can find one!
  7. Let's see... a business owner using a shocking image to promote his product.....this is not a new idea. I'm not really insulted as a woman, maybe just a little offended that he had to use a woman in the picture (why not HIS photo?), and just plain amazed that he thought this was a good idea. That's the best he came up with? I sincerely doubt he was promoting violence against women, but this kind of crosses a line. As to the use of the cartoon - let's face it, when this cartoon was on it was about the hero saving the damsel in distress more than the evil guy practicing violence (at least that's what I remember). I could never figure out why he tied her up on a railroad track anyway... The market sign is not offensive, though the teenager in me giggled. It's all about perspective, isn't it?
  8. This is the one - we had to heat the pin behind it to get it out.... evidently this sticker is not heat proof....
  9. Thanks for the info - it really is an sx60. My boss talked to several people at the crane center about getting specs and got no where. Yesterday afternoon I emailed Rory at Chris Crane and he is looking for one for me - or at least going to send me the sketch so we can print one ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to reply to this topic for me!
  10. We are working on our crane, had to do some repair work and the load decal took a direct hit from the welder. Anyone know where we can get a new one? The Crane Center in OH has not been very helpful with any of our requests so far.... Thanking you in advance!
  11. http://freetheanimal.com/2012/07/health-care-is-not-insurance.html I've read some ugly things about the UK's health care system, but this article explained much about the american system..... interesting read.
  12. Family owned business in Kitsap County WA seeking experienced lighting technician. Must have valid Washington State journeymans electrical license and valid WA drivers license. Drug Free work environment. Paid Vacation, medical and dental. Salary DOE.
  13. How do you drive down the road and NOT feel the trailer getting jerked around????
  14. Since our insurance coverage cost is on a sliding scale, the older we get, the more expensive it is. Who can afford to hire an experienced worker with the coverage like that? for medical for our 11 people (boss included) we pay $4000 PER MONTH! If the potus wanted to work on health care, why didn't he start with the insurance companies? Oh, did they help get him elected?
  15. One of our installers smokes, but since the other installer does not, the smoker doesn't smoke around him. Now the cell phone thing - that drives me crazy. We provide cell phones for our installers, and they don't abuse it too much. If you have a no personal calls/texts/emails rule at work, how do you enforce it? In the shop it's easy, but when they are out on the road/at a job site....
  16. A few of our guys smoke, but they carry a sealed ashtray (i.e. empty snapple bottle) for the butts. No smoking on jobsites or in the building. A worker worth his salt only smokes on a break (or in the basket a zillion feet in the air) and not while working. Paul, while I agree with you about not leaving butts around and smoking while working, the kill yourself on your own time comment really stings. Our long time service tech had to retire last October due to terminal lung cancer. He smoked - alot - but also served in Viet Nam. Who's to say how the cancer started?
  17. This wasn't an attack, it was a legitimate blog on a legitimate topic! We had a local restaurant owner who folded his restaurant and shortly after was trying to sell us LEDs. My confidence level in him was not very high. Eric, you made great points. Good job!
  18. This is one of those nigerian scams that has been around for years. There is a website http://www.419eater.com/html/letters.htm that details some pretty funny revenge on the scammers.
  19. I once had a D&B sales guy contact me - told me our company profile was only ok, but he could improve it for me if we registered with one of their yearly monitoring programs. When I asked if that wasn't blackmail, he didn't have much to say.
  20. "When Monumental Contracting was installing the first unit, Fish Construction and Monumental exchanged communications about the units' stability and sought advice from KPS Group, the statement said. Brasfield & Gorrie received some, but not all, of those communications, according to the statement. "From the current information we have, it does not appear there was a definitive engineered enhancement reached to address the stability concerns," the statement said." Just finger pointing, no solving of the issue. Poor engineering plus an unconcerned contractor who installed it. We had a job recently to install a very tall video board (shipped in, not made by us). It was definately not stable after the complete install, so we removed it completely the same day. Fortunately, the company who shipped it paid us for the extra work and even apologized for it. Too bad all this didn't happen with that airport sign.
  21. No Wind or Rain in Oregon - like saying always sunny in Seattle! But seriously, we've done work for Ramsay Signs. I don't know if they do installs like that, but they have been great people, so give 'em a call. Ramsay Signs 9160 SE 74th Ave Portland, OR 97206 (503) 777-4555
  22. I saw this tragic story Friday afternoon. One of the bystanders said it looked like the sign was installed with "Liquid Nails". Today the news said the airport removed a similary sign, so I found the photo. It does look like a freestanding sign, but shouldn't it have been secured to the wall? I feel so sorry for the family...
  23. Well, since it's crappy service topic, why don't they hand you your bag when you buy something (like at the drug store)? They leave it sitting there at the end of the checkout line and you have to reach across the counter for it. A petty annoyance, sure, but it seems kind of rude.
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