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  1. Hey everybody... hope all is well! Linking a video I made about how I ditched the conventional keyboard-shortcut life a while ago and switched up to "gamer" peripherals to save time and keep those repetitive strain injuries at bay. I know these days sign work means long hours in at the computer for some of us so thought this might be helpful... Thanks for the great site!
  2. I would say they are justifying the fee as a 'handling charge' now that they make you fill out that form, paper, Xerox, filing, yada yada yada. But ultimately malls are hurting in general, so any little bit helps, I guess. Have never heard of that, but not surprised either, and would imagine this will start popping up in other locations.
  3. Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share a video I posted a bit ago about the free DXF files available from McMaster-Carr and how I use them in CorelDRAW. They've become instrumental in my prototyping and building of signs, as well as useful in conveying clear info to the production crews, including install. Even our graphics people are using them in their sketches, which is the reason for the video in the first place. Hope all is well with everyone and have a great day...
  4. Thanks, Erik! I've also included and will be making more videos about using macros in Corel.
  5. Just thought I’d share a link to the YouTube page I set up for showing our fab department play-by-plays on how to assemble the signs I build in Corel, as well as allow a glimpse into the mad scientist’s mind. We’ve been doing this custom construction method for years now and it has so many advantages. Granted, the back shop team has become well-versed in this construction system and can ALMOST read my mind when figuring out what parts go where. Once the parts are routed, cleaned and bent, sitting in a pile on the table like an Erector set designed by a meth-head, there can still be one or two head-scratchers; sometimes LOTS of moving parts. Once COVID forced a remote-working atmosphere with just the basic fab team onsite and the rest of the office folk working at home, I was no longer available to be there to answer questions on the fly. So I had the idea of capturing videos to explain what was going on. Necessity is the mother and silver linings and all that… it has turned out to be immensely helpful to have this resource not only for clear fabrication instructions that can be referred to repeatedly, but also for sharing ideas and design questions when a Zoom chat wasn’t feasible. The person could look at it later and then shoot an answer in a email or make a quick phone call. Since it’s helped me so much and this site has been a great resource for sharing ideas, just thought I’d share mine! Thanks… https://www.youtube.com/user/dezo808
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