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  1. Bakers' is a full service, (1) stop sign shop based just north of Houston, TX. Looking to fill the below positions immediately. We are a company that has been in business for over (35) years, Lots of work, high pace, REALLY good benefits and TOP industry Pay. Industry Experience, Licenses, is a plus but not needed in some instances.  


    - Field Helper / Service Technician / Installer / Vinyl / Print Dept. Manager 


    Benefits: Paid Time off / Vacations, Holiday Pay, 401K with company match, Health / Dental / Life insurance with portion paid by company etc.......


    Email inquires and resumes to matt@bakerssigns.com

    Bakers basic intro 1.16.pdf

  2. Fabricator – Triangle Sign & Service, LLC


    Since 1931 Triangle Sign & Service has been building a reputation for doing signs right. Our custom made signs grace major sport complexes, direct travelers through busy airports and attract shoppers to well-known retailers across the country.  From our offices and manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland we design, fabricate, and manage projects for a wide variety of clients.

    We currently employ 146 people and are seeking to hire a Fabricator working in our Manufacturing Department. 

    This is a union position offering great benefits including fully paid Medical, Dental and Vision coverage.  Other benefits include a company pension contribution.

    Responsibilities of this position include; fabricating and repairing a variety of metal and plastic sign products both illuminated and non-illuminated.

    In addition, the individual:

    • Must be able to read drawings, plan and layout work, set up and operate machinery such as shears, brakes, rollers, etc.

    • Must be able to weld steel and aluminum products.

    • Must be knowledgeable in various types of lighting such as LED, Florescent, Neon, etc. as used in the fabrication of signs.

    • Must be able to lift or move up to 80 pounds.

    • Job consists of 8 hour shifts and employee is regularly required to stand, walk, lift and reach with hands and arms.

    Send resumes to James.destefano@trianglesign.com or employment@trianglesign.com

  3. LNS Legacy National Signs Inc. is hiring Master & Journeyman Sign Installers. We are looking for responsible Sign Installers who want to maximize their earnings by consistently providing a high standard of work, and service in the sign industry. We are located near 635 and 35 off of Luna Road in North Dallas.

    Serious candidates for the Master and Journeyman Sign Installer position should meet the following requirements:

    • A valid CDL license and a good driving record is a plus
    • Must be able to Inspect and adhere to work orders
    • Experience with all types of sign installations including neon, electrical & non-electrical signs
    • Have knowledge of sign equipment and use appropriate safety procedures
    • Have welding experience and crane operating experience (certifications are a plus)
    • Have experience working on elevated platforms, swing stage rigging & always follow fall protection guidelines
    • Have the ability to read drawings for proper sign placement
    • Attention to detail and follow through is a must!!!
    • Need to be computer literate enough to handle smart phones, e-mail and digital attachments
    • Must have basic knowledge of point and shoot camera and or smart phones in order to take clear and concise completion photos.
    • Have the ability to travel
    • Be able to pass drug and alcohol screening
    • Truck Inventory Control: notify supervisor of needed materials on daily/weekly basis
    • Maintain equipment, tools, and trucks with daily cleaning and storage
    • Communication: timely reporting of project status, problems, and completion
    • Must report to work and or jobsite ready to work and on time!!!

    LNS Legacy National Signs Inc. offers a better than competitive salary. Applicants should reply to this posting by emailing a resume or listing of work experience & current contact info including phone and/or e-mail address where you can be reached to hiring@lnssigns.com.

    Want to know more about our organization and what we do? Please visit us at www.lnssigns.com.

  4. Hey there Sign world! Looking for qualified electrical sign installers in the Guam territory? Any suggestions or ideas?

    email me jpanuzzo@me.com


  5. I was contacted by Thinksign recently and low and behold a couple weeks later a client wanted a LED reader board. Now I am a neon guy and do not know much about LED reader boards, I told the client this but they stated that since I am doing the rest of the retro I might as well price out the reader board.

    Has anyone had any dealings with Thinksign ? Are their boards good quality ?

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    Does anyone know Steve McCullers in Florida? Has anyone had any dealings with him?

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    I am going to move my design portfolio here. More to come later.STAINLESS%2520STEEL%2520CHANNEL%2520LETTER.jpg

  6. I feel that it is important to maintain a professional image to city officials. In many cases, they don't know you or the company that you are representing and if there is any doubt throughout the process, the Pro will get the benefit of it.

    I have had sign companies send me a box of painted wood chips when I requested a color board. The samples were not labeled or mounted and I will NOT attempt to submit a box of random painted wood blocks and try to pass it off as a Color / Material board. Try fitting that into a file folder. The one thing that you definately do not want to do is make the Planner think you are sloppy and inconsiderate, not that they would accept it anyway.

    I prefer to make Color / Material boards out of mat board (8.5" X 11") so that they will easily fit into the file. I do the layout in Corel Draw, listing all of the color call outs and identifying where the color can be found on the sign. I have even printed out the sign detail and connected the samples with arrows - very effective. I print the sign company's logo at the bottom, along with the sit address. I then use spray adhesive to attach the printed out sheet to the mat board. Hot glue usually works pretty good to attach the samples or plex, trim cap, vinyl, etc.

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    hey anyone working with ProMed Signs beware!! i worked with them for two of their customers

    over 10 months ago

    Poor customers!!

    They were to send some signs in for install and 8 months later the customer has not recieved the

    signs but they have paid a large portion or even paid in full without receiving their signs

    They sent me an initial partial permit aquisiton and partial engineering payment

    then the customer hardley heard from them untill they wanted more money saying they needed it to finish the job to no result sttill no signs were sent

    Finaly after 10 months they sent a channel letter set but i had to have the customer pay me so i could get paid for that and a logo cabinet the copy art on it was very low standard

    it was jagged edges like they tooka copyof it from a print not a good file which had to be redone

    which also cost the customer

    The sign sent was not built to our survey requirment s due to no access in wall resulting in us having to

    re wire the whole sign and making a raceway, so it could be installed on the wall correctly. again no return emails or calls to rectify problems from PRO MED SIGNS

    I cannot get a hold of them on the phone or online they will not return my calls or the customers

    The customer has gotten their L E D now by paying the maufacture directly but has overpaid ProMed Signs and PRO MED SIGNS have no interest in paying me im sure for anything like

    Permit s and Engineering the Crapy channel letter sign Install or installing the L E D Signs

    Poor customers !!! have to put additonal money out to get their signs installed now

    How about their warranty !! i doubt that will ever be handeled if there are any problems

    I Have discounted my cost of Installing to this customer to help them out in getting this completed

    as it should of been done 10 moonths ago

    Also the other customer just decide to loose the $3,000.00 deposit that he spent and call it quits with Pro Med Signs once they realized what was happening

    So Im out months of working with the city and permit and engineering fees

    Thanks PRO MED SIGNS!!

    Thought you should know to prevent loosing money and time


    Please feel free to contact me and i will put you in touch with the customers im sure they would be happy to verify what i have said.

    Their names are

    Pro Med Signs

    5495 Beltline Road – Suite 100 South

    Dallas, TX 75254



    972-713-9598 Fax

    Their names are Jeff Gibens and Bill Tatum


    They contacted me through Sign Search .com but of course they are not on there now

    These people give Sign businesses a bad name .

    And make Good and Honest Companys look Bad

    Neon lighting & Electric Signs

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    As technology changes its important to keep pace or get left behind.

    There are a lot new widgets, apps, social, RRS feeds, tags, Alt tags, email interface, SEO masters, CRM software, email list management, tech tools, you name it its happening.

    The most surprising or shall we say the most rewarding new tech that has effected the closing rate while impressing big and small customers alike has been digital signing of contracts / deals. We use My linkto manage, sort, sign and initial all my contracts. We then simply email them to the customer or client who are amazed by our technological achievements ( makes us look like were in the game )and we find them sending us back signed docs.

    The beauty of this online email digital document signing is that all the documents are in easy to create ( we use word )and store doc files for later use. Once one creates different doc one simply makes a change to the name of client and Walla! Done.

    When time permits Ill share more cool stuff with fellow Sign pros out there looking to gain an edge in the new way in which we all conduct business.


  7. http://distinctinspirations.wordpress.com/


    This is my blog & my website and I invite you to check it out!

    This was from last weekend's posting, but I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow along on my journey!

    Just curious – I am going to be working the majority of the weekend and sometimes it feels like it never stops. But I have to see the bigger picture of things. I have to see the end-game. I keep telling myself that I do.

    But why are so many people willing to "say" they want to do the extra work necessary to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move ahead for themselves and their families or whatever it is that is important to them, but unwilling to actually do the work? Have I written on this before? I feel like it's something that just grinds me over and over. It's not like it is only the younger generation or the Gen Y or the Gen X or even the baby boomer generation. Are people tired or are they less motivated today than before?

    Yesterday I read in Penelope Trunk's blog about her farmer and how he views things today – she writes, "I asked the farmer how he gets the cows to go to the corral. He says he used to try to force them. And it was always frustrating because they didn't want to go. He was always fighting against them. Now he tells himself he has an infinite amount of time. He tells himself it doesn't matter when he gets them in the corral as long as he's making progress. Sometimes he loses one or two cows as he's going, but he knows they'll come later if he gets the rest of them. And sometimes, if a cow isn't coming with the rest, he tries to get her to go the opposite direction, away from the herd, and it confuses her so much that she follows the herd. The farmer tells me that he stays calm and tells himself he just needs to be making progress."

    300px-Hereford_bull_large.jpg Image via Wikipedia

    I think I would like her farmer…But, maybe I need to just learn from what she has shared about him in this post.  "How to know if you're making progress". I don't very often refer people to a Penelope Trunk blog because, for me, she goes a little over the top, but I still find myself reading it and finding things to use in everyday ways.

    I want people to be successful and I want to help them – yes, I do believe in "Pay It Forward". I am willing to work for others to be successful – we are in this together; or is that what we've forgotten? There are alternative ways to be successful and we all measure success with different metrics.

    5143YKTC2EL._SL300_.jpg Cover of Pay it Forward

    So, me & Penelope's farmer are going to just keep doing what we do and I'm going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that as long as I keep moving forward I'm making progress. Then the other things will all come along – eventually.



  8. Just finished installing two sets of channel letters, here is the first set. Filmed this with my iPhone G4.


    At The Sign Syndicate, we believe this portal is for experienced sign companies, sign owners, and sign industry people who want to know more about all the details of every facet of the business, including making quality signs.

    Just about every business (and the new ones opening) needs a sign, and a large percentage, electrical signs.

    Could we possibly sell more signs, and better designed signs, if the Sign Industry (the experienced sign people), interacted together and shared the knowledge of how to beat the marketplace? Are sign company owners interested in learning from one another, or do they just, "know-it-all." Is there a pervasive, kinda-a-like, "paranoia" that is in this industry, or is it something else?

    What I have seen in my 10 yeas is a thought, "if it sticks sell it." "If it doesn't, oh well." This is not my opinion, this is what I have seen from small and mid-size sign companies in many Western states. As a small business owner, I don't understand this attitude.

    I have never once, seen sign owners, I know, open to learning how to sell signs better. Most sign owners have the attitude, "Let's see how long this salesperson will last." There is absolutely no training involved." No weekly sales meeting, with a little training each week, feedback, and "how-do-we-do-it-better," mentality.

    What sells signs? How do you increase sales? Some factors to consider:

    1. Initial assessment BEFORE even taking a job to determine if the customer is going to "buy" or is just "fishing?" QUALIFY the sign buyer.

    2. Is it the "fast-talking" sign person, someone new to the industry hungry to get a sale, just a good sales person (without knowledge of signs), or experienced sign sales people that sells a sign?

    3. A good sign design, a properly formatted sign submittal? Does it really help, or not? Does the customer need to see a design, or not?

    4. The vibe of the market at any one time in the year, or a business needs sign regardless?

    5. Fact: the customers needs a sign? Oh well, they may go to your competitor. Sometimes it is all about price, and the customer will go somewhere else. This is a given.

    But what about increasing sales by 25%, 35%, or more? Most people, in every small business, just want to make a quota, pay the mortgage, and get by. GET BY?

    I think America needs to wake up. EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH is nipping at our shores. Americans better wake up. Period.

    Do sign companies set goals for sales?

    Or, it is just that, sign companies love to make signs, and, oh well, it just happens to be a business?

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    Boston's Famous Citgo Sign Catches Fire

    POSTED: 12:28 pm EDT October 15, 2008

    UPDATED: 2:28 pm EDT October 15, 2008

    BOSTON, Mass. -- The world-famous Citgo sign that sits behind the Green Monster in Fenway Park caught fire Wednesday.

    Two ladder trucks were dispatched to the sign late Wednesday morning. The fire blackened some of the panels on the red, white and blue sign.

    Fire department spokesman Steve MacDonald said flames were visible when firefighters got there, but the fire was quickly put out. MacDonald said the blaze was likely caused by an electrical short circuit and estimated the damage at about $5,000.

    The sign, said to be the largest sign in New England at 60 by 60 feet, was originally built over the Cities Service divisional office in 1940. The original neon tube sign was rebuilt in 2005 to feature thousands of LED lights.

    October 21, 2008

    Don't Blame Neon!

    The Citgo sign that is located behind the Green Monster in Fenway Park caught fire on October 15, 2008. Immediately "neon" was the blame. Unfortunately the neon sign that was in the stadium since 1940 was rebuilt with LED's in 2005. So in reality it was an LED fire, not a neon fire. Why is it that neon is the scapegoat for all things that go wrong? Just because LED's are a newer technology, doesn't mean it is a better technology. Neon has stood the test of time, meanwhile LED's are still unproven. And yes LED's can cause fires as well!

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    Here I am, sitting deeply lost in thought as I try to come up with a way to spread the word. No fair, that Illy has dominated the online community with forums of bragging print masters and sign-making hippies. Not that I hate them. I do appreciate good word when they back up what they believe in. I am in deep involvement with a software of my own.

    I had walked around the crowded convention center last week, observing the seemingly all-too-similar large format printers as I crave to take one of their "samples" to bring home for myself. The public would often times sneak in and grab a few samples for themselves, unregistered and uninvited. I eye each representative of their own individual companies and I would quietly pull them aside as I asked them why they are representing the brands they have chosen to represent.

    "What software do you use?" I keenly stare wide-eyed at the displays printing slowly but surely out of their format printers.

    Some of them keep their stern eyes on my buyer name badge, while others would let loose and remember that I'm a human being and not a potential sale.




    Those were some of the answers I've heard, or some at least among the more commonly mentioned words included in the exchange. They ask me what business I'm in, and I answer, "EasySign." I squint my eyes as I envisioned each representative walking away from me, like guys walking from a nerdy school girl in a junior high school.

    But they don't. They ask me what it is. Sign-making software. How many available licenses? Many; starter, pro, master, bundling, etc. I reassure them that there is no need to have them convert from RIP, eliminating any possible (and unnecessary) middleman in the transaction. Good business is business done directly between two firms, and not by their henchmen. That's what I always thought. I offered them a demo version of EasySign v5 as they handed me their business cards, which I carefully placed in my own wallet. I only give them my business card upon request; I don't want to be seen carelessly throwing around my card like it's my phone number in a singles' bar. I have value, and I know it.

    I spoke to around 8 or 9 individuals that day, and each one of them personally. Only a couple can I recall that they gave me a cold, dry-eyed stare because I was asking too many questions (I am not very knowledgeable in the whole world of sign-making!). They had dollar signs in their eyes, and they were not appealing to me whatsoever. I do recall, however, each and every single individual who remained grounded as we made interesting conversation about the vinyl cutters and the posters that they specialize in. I learned about what type of printers are good for what type of businesses (i.e. billboards, movie posters, etc.). Mimaki, Signmart, Sign Warehouse, etc. were all but a few that I have spoken with.

    You weren't at the convention center...were you? If you're reading this, and you're probably wondering why I wrote this, it's because that was my first sign-making trade show, EVER. Care to educate me, then that's fine. Care to ask me questions about EasySign, I will provide you with the information. All you have to do is message me via this forum site or contact me with relevant content at julie@easysignusa.com. I don't know how often I will be on here :)

    I'm an interesting person with a lot of things to say. Promise!

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    Service Coordinator Needed!!!!!

    Experience Required:

    Experience working in sign industry managing service sub contractors


    Experience managing subcontractors in a service environment

    Responsibilities will include:

    Receiving in service calls

    Dispatching to subcontractor

    Keeping reports updated

    Managing subcontractor to make sure jobs are completed in a timely manner

    This is not a work from home position must be located in the philadelphia area or willing to relocated

    E-mail all resumes to amikula@imageoneind.com

    Imageone Industries

    125 Phyllis Dr

    Croydon, PA 19021

  10. Hi Fellow Sign Gals and Guys.

    Our company is new to the board, and is not to familiar with the rules of what we can post and what we cannot. So please excuse us if any rules are violated with our posting.

    As a fellow business owner, we understand the challenges of keeping a company profitable. We understand it is important to keep our overheads low and efficiencies high by improving our work processes and by sourcing quality products at competitive prices. In these troubled economic times, it is even more important now than ever, to make our businesses leaner and more efficient. However, with that being said, we believe there's a huge opportunity for the folks in the sign industry as the economy withers and falters. We don't like what's happening in the economy but we strongly believe that this recession will lead us to the next boom in the signage industry as bankrupt companies are taken over and replaced by new companies. So hang in there because better times are up ahead.

    At E-TEC, Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to supply quality products at competitive prices to our customers. We know our products will help your business improve its bottom line. We are currently offering to send you a FREE SAMPLE of our LED module (0204M-LS0766-CW) free of charge. We want you to see and compare for yourself, the quality of our modules, and how the modules can improve the profitability of your company.

    To review a list of other products that our company offers, please visit us at www.ETECDISPLAY.com. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our company or products. You can reach me directly at 626-419-1863 or e-mail me at toms@etecdisplay.com.

    Best regards,

    Tom Shyr



    P: 626-419-1863

    F: 626-551-3193

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    I just found out that the company that is handling the Wamu/Chase conversion for California (NW Signs out of New Jersey) is flying out their own installers. They are not licensed to do any work in California and I feel that they are taking work away from us installers that do hold a license. They had us do the surveys and now sending out their installers from New Jersey to do the work. Is this right? I want to know how other installers think about this

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    As cheaper imports continue to present a major and growing threat to US industries, there are applications where these imports could end up costing many folds more than their US made counterparts.

    This is so true for electronic sign controllers. One of our customers, we will call him XYZ signs, has been seduced by the lower cost offered by an importer for DMX512 dimmer modules. He needed 35 of those in a sign with PC controlled animation. The difference in price between our modules and the imported ones was a total of $735.00.

    XYZ owner who took the cheaper route ended up calling us after wasting a few days on trying to make the sign function correctly. The US importer could not provide any troubleshooting support beyond the instructions that came with the units. The man was devastated!

    The traitor, after so many years of enjoying our superb technical support, he sold us for a fist full of dollars! I took the call. He acknowledged that these products are not stand alone and do need to be interconnected and wired to lights in different environments. He said that he never felt as alone as when he was trying to figure out what was wrong with the controls. He apologetically proclaimed how much he missed our prompt and adequate assistance. He ended up reordering the 35 dimmer modules from us.

    I could only forgive him because he knew what he did wrong and, probably, after spending a couple of thousands on trying to make things work, he had learned his lesson.

    Support US manufacturers, not only because it is a patriotic thing to do, but also because it makes fiscal sense. Keep buying the imports and soon enough you will not find a shoulder to cry on.

  11. Just published one of a kind SIGN photo book- 43 states over 25 years...more than 300 images!

    Enjoy the most comprehensive collection of SIGNAGE, consumer culture, and commercial folk art ever documented. The one of a kind collection captures, and preserves, part of Americana advertising, culture and commercial heritage- 90% of the imageryis GONE forever! The Signs of the Times Collection.

    A new 88 page book presenting 165 images can be previewed at:


    Visit the complete collection of more than 300 images at:


    Signs are truly a "universal language" of human expression, humor, commercialism with enormous popular interests and appeal. The collection was photographed over 23 years and 43 states!

    These never published images, are a documentation of past Americana and visual imagery and expressionism. Walker Evans, Man Ray,Chuck Close, Cartier Bresson, Chistenberry -NO other single photographer in history has achieved the immense scope (and variety) of this "photo realism"collection and in such a powerful form of popular expression.

    Susan Kismarik, photo curator at MOMA, selected images as National Award Winners for photo show at Soho Gallery in July!

    * Many sign images are relics of "Americana" and a vital record of the past and are GONE FOREVER - never to be recaptured or documented!

    I am looking for private or corporate collectors and will consider individual purchases from the collection.

    You may contact me at: email: ad2web@aol.com.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Billy Tucker, Photo Realist

    telephone: 239. 200.8979, Sarasota, Fla. USA

    "signs have always been a universal language of expression when spoken words were insufficient to express thoughts,emotions ,humor ,consciousness and the human condition"- Billy Tucker, fine art photographer

  12. I need to be in contact with someone at The Chelsea Property Group and Simon Mall regarding the treatment of my company and many others regarding the Jersey Shore Outlets. We are one of the companies who made this project happen, yet we can’t seem to get paid. We completed our portion of work 11/12/08 working around the clock to make sure the outlets opened on time. We are still owed almost $27,000 since that time. There are approximately eight other sign vendors that I know of in the same position, some are owed almost $200,000. We were all originally hired by the 3d Group in Tampa, Fl, who was hired by Chelsea. They have since filed Chapter 7 on 3/5/09 due to non-payment. I have spoken to Charlie Mannino, a representative of Chelsea, who has absolutely no answer for me. He says to contact 3d’s lawyer. Since Chelsea has not paid 3d the balance owed, what would that do? Nobody cares if the small businesses go under. Now they don’t have to be paid. The only one who cared at the time was Larry Parr who guaranteed we would be paid and from what I understand he is no longer with Chelsea. I would really appreciate it if some representative of Simon or Chelsea who cares, to contact me, if there is that type of person at your organizations.

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    Is anybody currently using Cyrious software or did ?? If so, what was your experience with it?


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    We are always telling our customers that signs bring business. Apperance brings customers, Right ?

    Why do so many sign companies drive and show up to the job in rolling junk ?

    I have been in the sign business for myself for over 25 years and take great pride in it. I started out very simple, a van with chrome wheels and lettering. Very clean and professional looking. Today I operate 12 cranes and bucket trucks. Each truck is bought new and then we add lots of chrome, polished diamond plate and every work accessories to make life easier. Each truck is identical in color, design and lettering. They are washed every week, waxed and bodywork done asap. Very clean and professional. We make a statement everytime they are on the street.

    I do get alot of work just from my trucks, one job was a $ 275,000 change over project because a salesman saw my trucks and called from his car.

    Some of us sign companies have big investments in our equipment and employees. If you want the better work and the bigger dollars, make the investment. Your customers will not question your ability or price if you look and provide professional services

    If you appear as a second class contractor, you will be treated as one. You will make our industry 2nd rate also

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    Is there anyone out there that owns a gerber solara and is having issues with the ink cartridge caps breaking off in the machine?

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    We are closing out the second week and we are about to finalize the slot placement on the board project "The Great White Hope".

    The project for where we will be testing initial light output, running daily for 8 hours a day and ending in one year for a final light output measurement to see what has changed for both white Cold Cathode & LED's. We will have a total of twelve slots measuring inside walls of 8" x 3' x 5" deep to simulate a double stroke channel letter. Though this benchmark test will be what it is, a benchmark test in a nearly perfect environment with little outside factor to affect the components, It will give a good indicator on how mainstream and underdog light sources compare to one another. The standard for our project will be 15mm 6500 Snow White.

    Even though all sources will vary in brightness and in power consumption, my personal opinion will be that each source will vary for different applications. It will all lead to personal perception and preference.

    I've decided to give the Live Chat function another try, I will mass PM or email everyone announcing a group effort for live communication, starting off with one weekly meeting at a set time or daily, why not right?

    I've consolidated Sports Central, Comedy Central, and a few other off topics to another new forum "The Dead Prince", which is the name I would give a real bar or pub if I had the opportunity to have one.

    "Acrylic Blue" became an interesting thread on, well blue faces for channel letters. This thread had my mind working for a few other applications

    "Lighted Channel Letter Returns", finally I got to finishing a demo for a client and I posted a pic in this thread using some Of Manuel from Axiom LED's to illuminate it. I made this particular letter with a shallow metal backing that could be easily screwed to the sides using pins, neon could be used as well and it would work to code. There we some other various pics and descriptions posted which could give people a lot of ideas on doing their own.

    Now "LED Message boards" is an older thread from a previous week. I brought it up here because I though this is a must read if you're curious about different LED message board manufacturer's and opinions of the sign companies that set up and install them.

    If all goes well with a sign proposal and I get the approval from a design committee I'll be starting a new thread on energy efficient cold cathode powered reverse channel letters, and a unorthodox way of setting them up and installing them.