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Erik Sine

Here's some pics of the recent trip we made over over Rosarito Mexico. Papa's & Beer hosted this years V-ball Tourney. My sister rented a house that was a block away from the tournament and right on the beach. We had a mellow time blasting out music from our three story house balcony, well let's call it a Hacienda :P

Lot's of drinking, naps food and shopping. What was best about this trip? 6 girls and 2 guys :eyebrow:

The food shack in front of our house


The girls some shoes on the beach


Yep, our front door


Striking a pose


Eating Lobster at Ortega's in Puerto Nuevo



Kgirl & I, waiting for out grub


Some Beach shots



Playing the drinking game "quarters", she finally made one in


Erik Sine

I can't stand country music but this was fun as hell and for a very good cause. All money went to the soilder's family's who have died in war, thier children's college tuition money. They filmed Fox News Hannity and Colmes show on site. We got to see Oliver North and Ann Coulter do their book signing. We got to meet some interesting and funny people there. I don't even like country but I have to say "Charlie Daniels ROCKS!!" :rock_band: He was the best performer there!

We also got to listen to Oliver North, Ann Coulter, Mark Lavin, Tom DeLay, Sean Hannity, Rick Roberts as speakers.

A very good time

I Should have just walked up and taken a pic of him, to lazy I guess :soopa:


Standing around


Ann Coulter signing my book, I bought it just for the pic :whistling::eyebrow:


End of a long day


Erik Sine

Friends Wedding

Just over this weekend one of my longtime close friends since high school got married. I got the privelidge of being able to film and and make a movie out of it with some apple software. It's a hobby of mine, just another activity to keep me more stuck to the puter I guess.

Awsome Wedding! We had a lot of fun especially seen old faces I have not seen in a very longtime. The funny part to it was the power went out along with 10 other weddings and parties going on in adjacent halls. For 3 hours power ws out until work crews were able to show. Luckily for us it was a wedding of tradesmen, so one friend who lived close by to the hall went and got his trailer mouted industrial construction site generator. We had power an hour after blackout leaving all other hall parties wondering why we had power and they didn't.

Fun night all around, never a dull moment with my friends.

The scenic outdoor beach wedding


Kirstie and her bottles (Just kidding one was mine)






There I think this catches me up for on the latest for awhile :headbang:

Erik Sine

Got a chance to take the family to Universal Studio's park which I haevn't been in 8+ years easily. I think The Jurassic park ride was 2 weeks from completion to the public. Whole family, sister and grandparents went which made it extra special. Lot's to see and the kids got a bigger kick on meeting and seeing the Marvel action hero's walking around the theme park. I was amazed at the "War Of The World's" airplane crash scene which they kept as part of the park tour. I've seen the "Backdraft" special effects before but was still very impressed with it. The best part had to have been the "Shrek" 4-D animation" I missed the Mummy Ride, but maybe next time

Kirstie and the kids


Group Pic


Flexing our "Hulking" muscles


The cool War Of The Worlds plane crash set


Kirstie soaked from the water park


Erik Sine

Getting back from our trip to Rosarito which was very relaxing and much needed, here's a few pic's

Our room View


Chillin on the couch


The taco stand I think I got sick from


MEchanical bull @ Papa's & Beer, it broke right after and we never got a chance to ride :gay:


Me realxing and drinking my cerveza


Kirstie, sweeting up a sale of a silver necklace I think


Throwing some shoes on the beach



Looking for my damn keys in the sand :soopa:


My favorite, having Lobster in Puerto Nuevo with ocean view



It gets pretty crazy at this bar as you can see


Erik Sine
Mexican flag burned following week of protests

PHOENIX (AP) -- Following a week of massive immigrant rights protests, a group of students in Apache Junction burned a Mexican flag, reported a local newspaper.

A Hispanic student had brought the flag to school Thursday morning in a response to what he said was a racist remark directed at him the day before. After he and other students raised the flag over Apache Junction High School, another group of students took it down and burned it, according to the East Valley Tribune newspaper.

The burning and ensuing shoving match between the two groups of students happened before most students arrived at the school.

The six students - three Hispanic and three white - will be disciplined, said school principal Chad Wilson. Officials with the Apache Junction Unified School District would not specify what kind of punishment the students face.

"I know (they) shouldn't have burned the Mexican flag," said sophomore Jacob Stewart, 16. "I heard it was raised above the American flag, and that just irked me."

The school will increase supervision because of the incident, Wilson said in a letter sent home to parents. The increased security will include four off-duty police officers the district hired as security guards, Wilson said.

District spokeswoman Carol Shepherd said the additional security was being brought in as a precaution.

"It's one of those situations where if you didn't have additional security and something did happen, we'd be challenged by parents about why we didn't do anything," she said.

By early afternoon Thursday, district officials said the environment on campus had sufficiently calmed down.

About 17 percent of the overall student body is Latino, according to the district.

Wilson said he e-mailed teachers separately Thursday about the incident, but left it up to them to decide if and how they should address the issue in their classrooms.

He emphasized that six out of the school's 1,618 students were involved in the flag fight, and many students might not have the same problems dealing with the racially charged immigration debate.

School flagpoles have been lightning rods across the country this week, including an incident in which a Houston high school principal was disciplined after he flew a Mexican flag underneath his campus' U.S. and state flags.

A new political awareness among high school students has also been grabbing attention, as thousands of teenagers in Arizona and other states have walked out of classes to join rallies nationwide.

Last Friday, more than 20,000 people protested in downtown Phoenix against a bill that would have made it a felony to be an illegal immigrant in the United States.


Information from: East Valley Tribune/Scottsdale Tribune, http://www.aztrib.com

Stupid ignorant Mexican kids. If you love the Mexican flag more than the American flag then leave this country and go live there.

I don't wanna see a bunch Jackass drop outs on the news holding up a flag of another country in America. Be proud of your heritege whatever it is but Be American First HERE!

Someone please deport these kids across the fence, then we'll see how fast they start waving the red white and blue.

I don't wanna pay for, or have my tax dollars go towards 12 Million ILLEGAL aliens in anyway shape or form. We need to put our national guard or military on that fence. I love Bush to death but next election "We" need to elect a president who has some BALLS and will protect our borders!

I'm tired of pushing #1 for english for customer service on the phone and 2nd generation kids who can't even speak english in our school system.

Assimilate or get the Hell Out!

Those kids who tore down and burned the Mexican flag in that school are Hero's in my eyes and true Patriots. The hell if I'll let someone burn, tear or dimeaner my flag in my country in front of me. What nerve of some ass to lower our flag and raise the colors of another :wave-finger:

My blog rant for the day. My words are probably harsh but oh well

Erik Sine

A Saturday Night

"A Saturday Night" of fun. Kirstie and I went out to dinner to "Outback Steak House" in Poway where there was an hour and a half wait, but just as we stepped in and gave them our names Kirstie located a two table booth at the far end of the bar where it's first come first serve. We got lucky and ordered some drinks and appetizers. Kirstie ordered ribs and I ordered a fat steak with garlic mash potatoes. An hour and a half went by which to us seemed like 20 minutes filled with fun conversation and just as we finished our names get called. I get the bill and just as I reach for my wallet I muttered "oh Shit!" I can't believe I left my wallet at home o­n the bathroom counter. I never leave my wallet anywhere! Luckily Kirstie had some extra cash in her purse along with a gift cert we got for our anniversary. I actually try this to get out of paying for dates. We went back home to get my wallet and then met up with Clint and Jackie at Camel Moutian's "The Irish Pub". A pub now owned by a cool bartender who always took care of me while I went there. As soon as he saw me walk in the front door he always had a pitcher of my favorite beer waiting. Talk about funny conversation all night there with Clint and Jackie. I can't go into details but definitlty memorable converation to say the least with great bar atmosphere. Fastest 3 hours I can remember in a bar for a longtime. Good times....


Erik Sine


From Hero to Zero.

If you rescue a women and pull her out of her burning house then rape her on her lawn, are you still a hero?



Erik Sine

Kirstie's Birthday

Started out celebrating Kirstie's 3oth with a family dinner at Fudrucker's then back to our house for Ice Cream Cake from 31 Flavors. The next morning o­n Kirstie's actual birthday her & I both drove up to Disneyland and stayed at a hotel right across the street from the entrance which was a short walking distance in and out. Kirstie's still in a Cam Walker so we rented a wheelchair and I strolled her throughout the whole park. The best part of the wheelchair was...No Lines!!!! We went into any ride we wanted to and just waited a few minutes. The park wasn't that crowded to begin with but at least we didn't have any waiting time.

Later o­n in the afternoon we left the park and checked into our hotel at around 3pm. Went to the lil convience store and loaded up o­n wine and beer. Hooked up the ipod and some speakers in our room and partied away. I have this little sub so it was shaking our room LOL. Had dinner about 5pm at the "Tony Roma's" bar which was a crowded restaurant. We saw lot's of San Diego people wearing their Charger gear for the Sunday's game against the Raiders. Lot's of LA Raider fan's too. We went back to our hotel room and concealed about a 6 pack of Heinakens, and four small mini bottles wine in our clothes for our return trip to the park. Don't ask how we did it we always do though. Pretty funny as were walking in and you can hear some small chinging of cans and bottles. But we did it as Security o­nly checked our backpack. o­nce into the park we emptied our adult beverages into our Minnie & Mickey bottles for visual concealment and the rest into the backpack for later. We had a load more fun as you can imagine, especailly o­n the rides. Kirstie kept dropping cans and bottles in the restroom as she poured the beverages into the mickey sports bottles making her nervous and the situation funny. Anyway we had a fun day and birthday for Kirst.

Pic of Kirstie blowing out her candles


Disneyland Pics,


Our retarded faces on Space Mountain


Erik Sine

San Francisco Trip

This coming December Kirst & I have planned to go to San FranFreako for a couple of days. Well since voters and politicians thought it was okay to kick out our military from recruiting kids in high school and colleges and basically tell the rest of the world that our men & women in uniform are not welcome, We've had a change in plans and destination. I know SF is pretty wacky and far left wing but this changes everything and my opinion of that town. I love the city and I have many fond memories of the town and plenty of friends who live there, but I'm totally disgusted with the city and it's “Bigbuck's coffee” kool-aid drinkers. I can only hope another great fire will take place and level the city.

"Sometimes to save something you have to destroy it" Comes to mind. If SF is ever in need of assistance I sure hope the National Guard and Military take a very very long time to get there. They truly do live in the fog :gay:

I'm going to spend my money in some other town

:mf_unclesmile: :usaflag:

Erik Sine

Saturday Night

Night out with our friends, something we haven't had a chance to do in a while. Had a few drinks at "Islands Restaurant" and ran into an old friend. Watched the world series for a bit and moved on over to "Pitchers", a little hole in the wall bar and met up with some friends. Few rounds of pool and another run in with a friend who I haven't seen since Jr. High School. A night of old faces. Kirstie & I just pretty much chilled the night away, it was cool to hang out with our friends for some good laughs.

A few pics of the evening

My buddy rich making a shot


rich with his pool face


Kirstie & I


Friend Natalie, shit faced


Erik Sine

Back To The Basics

I am sore as hell as today is the first day I'm back at the gym. It's been 3-4 months since I've routinely gone....now it begins! :headbang:

Also this week I'm making a trip out to the Home Brew Mart so I can make two batches of beer in time for both Thanksgiving & Christmas. I'm going to make a Light Pilsner & Pale Ale. I haven't made a batch in over two years and before that YEARS. My last batch everyone loved, it was a Honey Wheat.

Erik Sine

Palomar Moutain Trip

The whole family left Friday afternoon to a cabin in Palomar Mountain Gina had gotten for us. Everybody had such a ball especially the kids. The first day we pretty much just relaxed with some wine and games. The cabin was called the Lilac and was build by the Bailey family in 1925. The cabin was very old and yet very historical. The interior was filled with antiquities and memoirs of past guests. Guests seemed to leave items behind and write a diary in a general guestbook. It made it all that much interesting. It was a two story cabin with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The atmosphere of the cabin had such a kind and cozy feeling to it. We all easily felt at home there. Kirstie is still in her cast so it was difficult for her to get around easily. All who were present were my parents, my sister Gina, Kirstie and our two kids Anthony & Dario.

Saturday we all woke up early, made coffee and Gina made Banana pancakes for breakfast. They were so tasty. A little before noon we traveled a few miles down the road and went to the Palomar Observatory. All these years and I had never been there. I can’t believe how monstrous the dome is and the picture I took does no justice to the actual presence there. After the Observatory we then had lunch at the only nearby restaurant. A vegan restaurant. Eeeewww, please change the menu. That was my only complaint. I actually had time to read a book which I haven’t done in such a longtime, I read “The Da Vinci Code”. I was glued all weekend. Dario & Anthony got to run around a lot outside. They would both take Gina’s dog “reily” for walks and pick up sticks. All in all a much need get away and opportunity for our family to get away and spend quality time.

Our next family get away will hopefully be Big Bear Mountain for some Boarding in January

Anthony, Kirst, Dario & I


Anthony & Dario


My sister (aunt Gina), parents (Grandama & Grandpa) with Dario


Erik Sine

Done For Today

Well close to 10, finished at 10:30pm. What a pain in the ass wall. Staggered shingle surface, what a pain for the pattern and lousy uneven surface for lettering. But it's done and looks good annnd brightest sign in the center of course. I wish I had a pic of their old sign before they revised it.


Night all :sleeping:

Erik Sine

Thursty Thursday

Loooong day ahead of me today before I leave on a short weekend trip. Fabrication of channel letters, removal of channel letters then installation of channel letters. It's a channel letter day!

This may even serve as a reminder to myself. Aaaaand if I can squeeze some time in I can even finish up some lobby signs and dimensional letters for other installations next week. If i'm lucky i'll be done by 10pm tonight........

........ :ash: