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    Chargers 2005!!!!

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  8. We've used both Think Signs and Cirrus as well as Watchfire
  9. With Principal LED and Sloan's V-series (value line) LED lines hitting the market at extremely low pricing I noticed a surge in shops literally flocking to save on peanuts. Here's a warning, be weary....It seems like Principal LED has taken a large step back in LED module quality as all their LED modules have gone all Constant Voltage.....no longer Constant Current. Sloan's newest Value 4 line....the 2LED Module is now .96 watts per module with modest light output for that power....this module is also Constant Voltage Not Constant Current. My thoughts on Sloan is for
  10. The only time we ever had to do this kind of thing (other than drug testing on big construction sites) was when we were working in an airport. The security for that job amazing. We often spent as much time checking in and out, showing all credentials etc. than actually working on the job.
  11. Creative Sign Designs is a large Southeastern US leading custom Architectural Sign Manufacturer. We are currently looking for an experienced Sign Production Manager located at our headquarter facility in the beautiful Tampa Bay area. If you are interested please send resume and contact me at: bvaughn@creativesigndesigns.com to learn more about this opportunity.
  12. For the past 11 years I have managed & operated a full service sign company, very simply, I love creating and building things and I have high aptitude for learning. I thrive in demanding roles. I have a solid foundation in the Business Management, Organizational behavior, Sales and Technical Skilled Trades. I am looking to achieve a Quality of Life that is beneficial to my family by investing my next 20+ years in a stable organization. If you are looking for an experienced organized leader who cares about the customer, profit margins, company reputation, has internal drive, int
  13. In case you’re living in the metro, gleaming lights shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. These promoting methodologies will quite often be exceptionally normal as organizations attempt to grow their compass to a wide assortment of likely clients. In the midst of this large number of headways and arising patterns, a more up-to-date method for drawing in purchasers to actual stores exists. This can be accomplished by evolving the “brand” of your business, and custom neon signs are a decent method for the beginning. Neon signs have been supporting business setups to stand out for decades. T
  14. Can you share some pics of the phone modem that isn't working?
  15. It's getting to be really difficult to walk that fine line between keeping customers happy (even the 'good' ones) and being able to get and keep good employees. You need a full time HR person, lawyer, architect, engineer, social media liason, insurance expert, IT person, and more just for the paperwork. The owner of a small company has a hard time wearing all those hats.
  16. I appreciate the input Rocco. I told the company we would not be sending them that information and they said they would take us off the vendor list. It's ok, we are plenty busy anyway.
  17. Our team is deep with talent, creativity, knowledge; we care for our clients and each other. We believe that designing and building with our clients' best interest in mind builds great relationships. We look for long-term employees that have a passion for what we do and work hard together within our casual environment. Because we care for our employees, we offer a comprehensive compensation package including competitive salary. We're also strong believers in work-life balance and encourage our employees to take time off so they can refresh and come back to making awesome signs.
  18. It's almost certainly a case of their insurance company wanting to limit their liability "just in case". Say one of your employees was a deep undercover KGB spy (hey, these insurance types actually think of these things) and went into a bank where you were installing signs and... It's nuts. I won't do Walmart work because they want I-9 form (imigration) on all employees. My secretary is my sister and some my kids work part time and I know they are legally here. And by the way, make sure to read any fine print on secondary pages of PO's. Some companies are sneaking in
  19. Texas Signmaker

    Skyline Sign

    They installed some flexfaces in a highrise sign for me and did a perfect job. Survey was fast and install timeliness was great.
  20. Thanks! TBH I was wondering because they seem to be blanketing the country with small jobs like MC used to do. Now I won't always turn down small work because you never know where it might lead.
  21. I get TONS of requests from them. I used to bid on them but never got accepted. Their pricing is absolutely terrible. Unless you want to work for peanuts I wouldn't waste time bidding.
  22. I've been getting a lot of calls since we switched over from NC LEDs to our New BrightON LED Line, specifically on what BrightON module is equivalent to the NC Reckless Constant Current Module. In Short, BrightOn is by far more light efficient (Chip Efficiency) than the NC LED Line. The light is spread wider (175˙ vs 120˙) and, 155/165 l/w vs. 68 l/w.....you're getting more light using the BrigthON Lighting (.72watt) over the .92watt NC LED Reckless. If you're using the 24v BrightON then you're getting longer life out of each module because you're getting lesser h
  23. Hey, looking for scrap vinyl, 1ft sq or more, all colors, hoping for some frosted, etc, cool stuff. No problem paying for shipping. Thanks in advance. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks.
  24. That's how I feel! Thanks for your input, Paul!
  25. You could ask the Nationals for the same information also. Why do you want to work for or represent a company that maybe has criminals ? The next questions will be what Political Policies and Groups do you follow ? ......... Do you or anyone in your Co own a gun ?.......... Do you have an American Flag on your trucks, building or clothing ? ............ How about asking the National for more information.... Like how many times have they filed for Bankruptcy ?................ How many name changes ? .............. Who is the real owner and their personal information ? ....
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