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  3. Electronic Transformer used inside the sign cabinet shorted and caught fire. Glass melts at 1,000 degrees and the neon glass in the sign is melted into a new shape. Think of the damages if this was inside the building, thru the wall, or just an interior neon sign on a wall. The electrical breaker never tripped, So we will blame it on the electrician
  4. Sharing a link to a video I made showing how we make our tabs for our reverse channel letters... a lot easier than doing them the Ye Olde Timey way.
  5. Last week
  6. Howdy, I am looking for a (two?) old school #500 tipping torch. The one I have is over 20 years old and has served me well. It is just falling apart. The new ones from EGL have screw-in tips and are just too big for a lot of the work that I do.
  7. Pyrex manifold for two canisters with vacuum gauge is what I'm looking for. I know SVP's manifolds I discussed with Mark and I already have a quote. I worked on this kind of stuff it's a very nice set and it's exactly what I want, but when you add all regular options it's over my budget for the moment. It's why I 'm trying to find a used one
  8. Just any old manifold? I might know where there's a dusty system made of old leaded glass and glass stopcocks. I would expect it wouldn't be worth your while; the vacuum gauge is butyl phthylate, the stopcocks need greasing, but I'm pretty sure one of them is broken and they sure aren't cheap these days. Pyrex greaseless stopcocks cost lots less, but then you're stuck finding someone to assemble it. There's a guy out in the Carolinas who makes them custom--way spendy. I'm not sure if anyone else has responded to this request, but feel free to clarify: how many kinds of gas (probably 2, right? red and blue?) and what kind of cylinders or flasks, openings needed for blow hose, electronic vacuum guage, main pump? Grounding electrode? Horizontal or vertical? Neal
  9. We installed a set of channel letters sent to us from Washington state and the pattern they sent us was panels of Sintra. The rep said it's always so soggy where they are that's just how they do it. I guess that would also work on the planet Dagobah. It threw us off a bit because we're in the desert and we usually don't have an issue with soggy, we have an issue with the paper pattern and the installers spontaneously combusting from insane heat...
  10. We plot patterns on coroplast so do not have to worry about rain or wind also put a baseline on for a level and center point
  11. Another great video, thanks for sharing!
  12. Thats the way to do it. OR Wait until the wall dries out
  13. Earlier
  14. We tape the pattern to coroplast and then screw it to the wall in one of the drill holes with tap-cons.
  15. Hey All, What are you folks doing to get a paper template to stick to a wet/cold masonry surface? We have tried duct tape, "Sticks to Anything" rubber tape, prayer and fasting. Short of applying the template to a rigid panel, say plywood, and fastening the plywood to the wall we are out of ideas. Any help out there?
  16. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a manifold for neon sign processing Thank
  17. We are hiring for immediate openings in Orange County Cal. Santa Ana shop. stancosignage.com tyler@stancosignage.com 1 714 549 9303 call for an appointment or email with your information !
  18. Anybody start on these yet? There must be 20,000 locations. Plenty for everyone. The new Brand is Truist. I am wondering who the National is
  19. We are looking for an experienced full time electrical sign installer & service tech. Must have at least 5 years of experience. Wages based on experience. Email resume to sales@signsolutionsbozeman.com
  20. Just thought I'd share a link to a video I posted showing the construction methods we use at our shop for our monuments and cabinets. Maybe some of you might find it interesting...
  21. Quite sorry, didn't notice the Cincinnati Ohio part...
  22. Actually a very professional description of the job but might help your achievement if you'd say where the job is!?
  23. Service Technician is responsible for operating a YESCO service vehicle and providing various types of sign and lighting repairs and installations in a timely and efficient manner. In excising these duties, workmanship and efficiency are the major objective to ultimately satisfy our customer’s expectations. Service Tech Job Description.docx
  24. Cool plotter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. welcome to the new millennium erik!
  26. I recently bought a graphtec plotter as well though I bought the CE 6000-120. My first plotter was a Gerber 4B, which was delivered by Fred Flintstone, which I eventually hooked up to a computer. It was so nice to be able to have more than six fonts! And retirement? What's that? I'm sixty and figure I have about another 35-40 years before I can afford to think about retirement.
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