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  3. I went one year all excited to have a glass bender get together and it didnt happen...i sure as hell am not going being forced to wear a damn mask, its all a ploy...
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  5. Still working through the quarks. At this point please contact us, reply back, if anything is not functioning correctly
  6. After a lot of inquiries I'd just like to mention that we now have plenty of stock Brass Neon Tube Supports, the conventional 1.75" size. You can place orders using out online cart in case quantities of 500 or smaller quantities of 100
  7. Box Qty - 100


    1.75" Brass Neon Tube Supports for the harshest of outdoor environments

  8. Case Quantity 500


    1.75" Brass Neon Tube Supports for the harshest of outdoor environments

  9. Anyone going? I think I'm opting out this year. I love the Vegas Show but the idea of walking around masked up doesn't sound enjoyable, especially trying to have conversations with them on in the middle of a convention hall. The idea of walking around a resort with a mask on just doesn't bring excitement
  10. So, thought I'd give a sneak peek into our New 2021 BrightON Line. CHANGES The big differences between our upcoming version vs our existing is the following. • Slightly Better 6500K Bin • Aluminum PCB from Fiberglass. Because our modules are already super efficient and under driven, this really isn't needed, but it sure is nice to have for thermal cooling (Except BrightON MINI) • Wider 180˙ High Efficient Optics from 175˙ (Picture below) We added a 3 Diode Module BrightON III & Mini which will be a 12V Module. The BrightON II and IV will rema
  11. For Neon? We have a few boxes in Stock. But call us, we haven't updated our current stock. I think we're right about 48 or so
  12. Does anyone have a lead on where you can purchase splice boxes? I had a place, but they are out of stock.
  13. Richard Z.

    Richard Z.

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  15. DId I mention we would help with moving expenses for the right candidate?
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm upgrading our site so a few things will act weird or not function at all, please be patient as I work on these over the next few days
  17. To update, I ended up going with the Generac for $549 from Home Depot which they delivered the next day. I'm pretty damn happy with it. Starts on the first half pull and is quiet as hell.
  18. Has anyone had any issues getting paid by them? We have worked with them in the past but are currently owed several thousand and can’t seem to get any commitments on getting paid.
  19. Gemini and Chemical Concepts have them. We use them every chance we can, simple Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Keith !
  20. paul which kind do you use and where from? I have only seen the ones from chemical concepts
  21. Been running a cheap 99.00 dollar Sams club inverter in my bucket truck for 15 years or more and it does everything I need. It is a 1500 watt. It runs grinders,band saws, heat gun,miter saw and everything I need. Just remember to turn it off at night. Also test fire signs after install if power is not available.
  22. I am looking for a guy that can Build fabricated letters out of CNC routed, Aluminum sheets with Mig. Ideally living in easy commuting distance to Oceanside and having shop experience. It is a 7-3 gig with A MigBig and a good group of people. If interested email me frank@s4sd.com
  23. If all you need is solid power, I prefer the Sensata Dimensions 3000 watt Pur Sine Inverter. Many used units out there from utility trucks. Have it professionally installed and all you have to do is maintain a marine deep cycle battery. We have 2 units and you can do everything you need to do. Except run a welder, but then you maybe able to that we just have never researched or tried to. https://www.magnum-dimensions.com/product-inverter/3000w-12vdc-pure-sine-inverter-charger-0
  24. Me too. The Generac is fairly new to portable generators (2015) but of course longtime in bigger generators. Yamaha motors IMO are right there with Honda and in some ways even better, and their generator is fairly less expensive than Honda and more reasonable. I'd hate the market to be like TV's where once Sony was the top dog and charged far out of value and just sold the name, then came along Mitsubishi, SamSung, LG, which had far superior units for lesser money. I like the Honda generator too, but wonder if the market of it's competitors has finally caught up where you can sp
  25. Metal Miracle Pads and Lords, works great.
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