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    Westrim 200 Housing Listing.jpg

    Westrim Neon U.L. Listed Glass 200P - Peanut Housing


    Panel Hole:  1 3/8"

    Housing Opening:   7/8"

    Overall Height:  2 1/2"


    These are Real UL Listed Neon Glass Receptacles for Electric Signs, NOT imported Chinese Knock Offs that are embossed with a UL Emblem but do NOT carry a actual UL Listing or are have thin glass walls that break easily.

    Optional High Voltage Terminal Caps and Wet Location Electrode End Cap



  3. I love it!!! Brilliant suggestion Erik. Multiple resources in one location. Educating people is half our battle here. Most people are more content with the old adage of being able to say "Sorry, I didn't know that..." - like that is a justified answer to the problems we encounter AFTER the fact. Now if I can just get anybody here to listen to the suggestion...
  4. PAsignco


  5. Took some digging. But thought this might help apply for your project Here is two Day/Night Projects with dark or near black faces This is Ideal This is not to Ideal and hard to read in angles. The property manager wouldn't allow the returns be white This is all black reverse and returns are 2" or 1.5". Better for all black if you have to do them that way like we did, but still ideally white returns would have been better. As Jacob mentioned on LEDs...I'm sure you already know but thought I'd mention for readers...point them in the pan for light dismemberment oh and, LoL. If you want any suggestions on kick ass White LEDs for your lighting try ours. 24V, much better than 12V and ours are so bright and efficient! Your customer will love you for it! http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/9088-that-bright-halo-illumination/
  6. I second that Snoochie! Erik, please tell K Girl that we are so proud of her and thank her for giving so selflessly even when it puts her own family at risk. That cannot be easy!
  7. The white Halo on the white EIFS should be OK, if they LED's, spacing from wall and the proper difuser back to prevent hot spots from the LED's. I am also not clear if the balck faces are Opaque or are they Black Perforated vinyl to light up white also? If so that does not make for a very good night time look in my opinion..
  8. Thanks Erik, I see it all the time faces and returns the same color.Looks black streaks.Really bad on small chucky letters.White or light colored cans is best.
  9. Last week
  10. Depending on your state and city you're in, you might be completely shut down and like myself.....you're bored with very little to do with almost a helpless feeling. Well, you don't need to feel helpless, here is something you can do while in hibernation and keep the gears or productivity going. Pick up a book and learn, your employees can advance themselves. There is a special going on right now. As I've said in other threads these books are more technical and more geared towards educating your sign company. The price of these books is NOTHING compared to hiring constants or "experts" to come in and educate your staff. We are in a Trade, and there is NO Trade School. Books like these aid our Grand Trade. These books will expand horizons. Get them, and have your whole staff read these, installers, fabricators, designers, and sales crew. These were just timely revised and price went up. As a Courtesy to The Sign Syndicate I've asked for our members to get these at a discounted price during these slow times Visit Sign Business Books https://signbusinessbooks.com/ and use the Coupon Code JNUV243 for a limited time $30.00 off
  11. Erik; You are way too tough to let this COVID keep you down. If you can monitor sign people, like those on this board, this virus ain't got nothing on you. Take care of yourself, Josey Wales......... Tell K Girl thanks for being on the front lines fighting for us all with the rest of those doing the same. I, like you, am at a standstill and don't anticipate not being in this state for a while. But our collective health is the most important thing in this time of crisis. We will get back to economics as normal because that is what we Americans do. We fight and Prevail. Also, take the time to extend kindness to someone else who needs it like we all do. As Tom Bon Jovi said; "If you can't do what you do, do what you can". Godspeed to all on the board Peace out
  12. I drew the Popeye's Account for Superior Electrical Advertising back in 1994. I am not sure if SEA still has the contract.
  13. First, I've removed all political comments from this thread. If you want to post political topics and comments do that here http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/forum/41-bar-stool-madness/ My intention of this topic is to find out all the "going's on's" of our industry and how all you are doing and hopefully hanging in there and staying healthy. Secondarily , how all this shut down will affect us and our industry. Looks like most of everything is closed down until end of April. My kids are out of school like most and won't return physically until their next school year and class schedule done on Zoom Kgirl's been mostly busy at her other job working in the Hospital ER so she's on the frontlines so to speak. My feeling is we've already been hit with a mild case (she brought home with her) of the COVID, and the small flu we had came and passed, her symptoms were more close to the Corona than mine, loss off smell, taste, etc. Most of what she's run into and positive cases are just flu symptoms, quarantine and let it ride out. Very few death cases and when they are they were, they were elderly and individuals susceptible due to their current health, like most flu sickness can result in. I'm at a standstill with work here locally and any work is only coming from here. Right now.... I'm bored. Just been working out, running, biking, lifting weight, and making beer! Thought I'd share a small batch that I did of a Pale Ale And lot's of late Nights under the stars smoking Cigars Drinking my Beer and all while listening to Talk Radio Well the positive to all this I will most likely accomplish and finish all those things I said I would "Get too" Stay healthy out there!!
  14. SOrry if I dont know where to put this. Any suggestions on good quality translucent film for Roland SP300V printer. Outdoor use 30 inch 5 years will work. Thanks for any help as prices are getting up there with present suppliers.
  15. If I'm reading you right, for the Black faces on a white background I would go with white returns. Make it two-tone
  16. Got a job designed by an architect. The specs are halo lit channel letters.Black face and returns installed to a white eifs background. My concern is that it will be hard to read,black letters that make a black shadow, especially at a slight angle. Also concerned that the eifs will absorb the light and not make decent halo. I'm thinking of proposing white or brushed letters mounted to a dark colored panel. What do you think?

    Westrim 200 Housing Listing.jpg

    Westrim Neon U.L. Listed Glass 200 Housing


    Panel Hole:  1 3/8"

    Housing Opening:   7/8"

    Overall Height:  3 1/2"


    These are Real UL Listed Neon Glass Receptacles for Electric Signs, NOT imported Chinese Knock Offs that are embossed with a UL Emblem but do NOT carry a actual UL Listing or are have thin glass walls that break easily.

    Optional High Voltage Terminal Caps and Wet Location Electrode End Cap



  18. There have been quite a few Pop-Eyes re-branded in my area does anyone know the vendor for there account?
  19. I have to laugh at UL Right now. I just received that long boring..."our company is doing this to ensure yadda yadda..." on the Virus. With links to click on to ensure you're using "UL approved Medical supplies" Can they not be anymore retarded than they already are during these times, people are having to 3D print their face masks right now
  20. Earlier
  21. Hello Kerry I remember you from 2004. I hope you are in good health and spirits.
  22. We are finishing up projects, fabricating where we can and installing when we can. For the most part it's a skeleton crew, most are working from home. All jobs that were up and coming have been placed on hold. Stay safe and healthy everyone, things will normalize.
  23. First of all I want to say I have infinite respect and admiration for professional sign installers, for theirs is the most dangerous job in the sign industry. As for the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt I was immune to it as I already work from home and can socially isolate myself. However, government mandates have occurred in states where I have valued clients. They have had to altogether shut down or curtail operations, meaning the amount of work in my inbox has slowed to a crawl. I hope that this pandemic will be over soon so we can all resume our jobs and get back to work. Sincerely, Matthew Ota Architectural & Electrical Sign Designer since 1993
  24. I heard Everbrite shut down their neon manufacturing facilities. This was before the shut down though.
  25. Sign shops in Washington state aren't considered essential... home improvement stores, pot shops and "vegetation management crews" are essential. Good to know where we stand....
  26. I just got a "unsubscribe" from our newsletters and reason stated "Going out of Business". This comes from a pretty large longtime Sign Company here in California
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