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  2. Does anyone know of a source for textured 1/4" thick aluminum sheets? i got an RFQ for a sign for a state park and they are looking for something that looks like rough cast iron. Yes I could always just take a hammer/chains and "age" it, but if i can get it already textured that would save a lot of time in fab. Thanks! Rocco
  3. I just got a vendor packet from these folks but they aren't in the review list. Does anyone have anything to say about them? Thanks Rocco
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  5. Creative Sign Designs located in Tampa, FL is actively seeking a lead sign fabricator with experience building custom architectural pylons, monuments, cabinets, plus knowledge of Sign Comp/EMS extrusions. This opening also allows for advancement of the right person and experience to floor supervisor of fabrication. If you have ever thought about relocating to sunny Florida and have sign fabrication experience now is the time, please contact us. Contact information-Email: bvaughn@creativesigndesigns.com Phone: 813.749.2301 Creative Sign Designs is a 30 plus year old large
  6. I think it's a combination of other shops telling them they don't have time to the PM's thinking the quote is too high. I'd throw the high number at them and see if they bite
  7. I just got another of those dreaded "need a quote on a large project by EOD tomorrow" emails. It's a full rest stop worth of signs to be installed (several weeks work) on the turnpike and a job that I'd love to get. The customer sent it after hours yesterday and wants a price back by EOD tomorrow. Even if I had nothing else going on, I'd want at least 2-3 days to give an accurate quote. For example, I'm sure to have questions that would need to be answered about the drawings they sent. OK, enough of a rant. My real question is, why do these large companies wait until the las
  8. Going to be doing some much needed upgrades across the site so we might be down for a few days.
  9. Back in the late 90's, before i ended up buying the family business, my parents talked to several different business brokers. it took nearly almost two years to find one that was trustworthy. One just wanted to sell us a book about the history of the business, another couldn't get any interested buyers, some just want to put your business up on a website, etc. I eventually bought the family business (still not sure if that was a good idea or not) and we worked out our own terms. Plus there was no brokers commission. One of my realtor customers is also a business broker and we're suppo
  10. What's the best way to sell my 51 year old commercal sign business? millersignsinc.com Tanks, Rob
  11. FOR SALE

    5' x 10' CnC Router table with vacuum hold down , and dust collection

    (See attached ad for more details)


    Contact our facility at:

    Sign Crafters

    Victoria, TX 77901


    361.573.0808, ext. 10





  12. Hey Brian, I tried to get to the art room to ask our Flexi techs. But, it was a busy morning. I know in Corel Draw if you have the text converted to curves. You can look in object properties at path and it will show the path length. Which is the distance around the letter plus inserts.
  13. Thanks Rocco. I was able to find suppliers that would ship to us. But, we would be on our own for set up and training on the new machines. We are going to send our fabricator to a couple of shops that have purchased from our prospective supplier and check out the equipment before we buy. Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  14. Is there a way in flexi to determine the distance around a letter ...say for the length of trim cap needed?
  15. And another late entry. I was looking for a USA made drill press because my old one is ready to be replaced. I found Kalamazoo metal muncher (https://www.kalamazoometalmuncher.com/product-category/machines/hydraulic-shears/) and they say their products are still USA made.
  16. Tecnolux / Ablon Silicone GTO-15 (Gray)
    GTO 15KV Integral Sleeve Siliflex 14AWG Silicone
    Cable for Gas Tube Sign Cable, single core, flexible, insulation in silicone rubber.  Integral Sleeve

    - Made in Italy, NOT China!
    - 250' Black Roll
    - UL File E1913971
    - CSA MC 212445
    - Rated for 15,000 VAC, -50˙C to 150˙C
    - Conforms to UL Standard 814 for gas tube sign ignition cable
    - UL 879

  17. Has anyone done work with them recently? Good....Bad? I have them in the system but no jobs are showing ever done for them. They are in MI. Thanks Richard
  18. You need to make the final calls to United. If your not satisfied...... Call the Dealership and speck with the :" Bossman " and tell them your problem Call Audi Corporate and tell them your problem Most likely, United is not the real company that did the work, they are a Middleman Desk Top. No One wants a bad reputation and problems LEIN the job and everyone you can get information on ( United ROBBED YOU !, They are not your friend ) Don't wait till it's to late
  19. Anyone else experiencing problems with the national, United Visual Branding? We recently completed a large Audi project for them and they stopped payment on a small check last week, still owe us a large chunk of $ and are past due, are non-responsive to calls/emails, and we found on another forum the PM we worked with was laid-off last month.
  20. It's a thought. I'll ask my digital print guys. I don't have a printer because within a ten minute drive there are four sign shops who have one. it's one less piece of equipment to maintain! Trucks, plotters, CNC router, etc. are enough of a headache.
  21. Digitally Print the colors on the vinyl film and to the Plexi faces You can match the other faded faces
  22. Hi all, I have to replace some faces on an existing Olive Garden channel letter sign. Does anyone have the specs for their vinyl - both the green and perf brown. They gave me PMS colors but nothing close comes up in the 3m color charts. Thanks!
  23. Hey everybody... hope all is well! Linking a video I made about how I ditched the conventional keyboard-shortcut life a while ago and switched up to "gamer" peripherals to save time and keep those repetitive strain injuries at bay. I know these days sign work means long hours in at the computer for some of us so thought this might be helpful... Thanks for the great site!
  24. i have a customer who wants a small simple emc. just words approx 2' by 6' or 3 by 6. 1 color outdoor durable 2 sided... would prefer a hand held keyboard controller for simplicity. there must be a market for this.. i typically use dak or watchfire because i stand by everything i sell. i am seeing a huge market for signs in this price point category....any ideas???
  25. I made a post about it on the sign group on FB and I finally got an email response first time since June. They "Claim" they are sending ACH. We will see!
  26. We did work for them in January and have not been paid or contacted. Tom Merkle posted on the South Water Signs forum on this site and said he's never not paid for work, but you can't prove that by me! I contacted the customer's corporate office and got a response that they will push the issue with him.
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