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  2. I haven't been to a trade show since probably 1982 when they had it in Miami. I guarantee all of the brakes I have used over the years were already old when I went to that show. If you were looking for a new brake what would you look at? Are the computerized brakes worth the money? What about 10' shears? We have an electric and a pneumatic shear. But, they both have their nuances. So, same question. If you were looking for a 10' shear, what would you look for and if you have any recommendations. Our channel letter department is all au
  3. I know that the Franceformer service master can replace a range of output voltages. My question is • is a servicemaster electronic? Or magnectic? (standard core & coil)
  4. I made 10 clear gold ones back in 2007. Total of 9ft. of 10mm material. Was for a architectural restoration.
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  7. would let this go for$4k with the software
  8. So we're in the middle of a bank chain rebrand in our area and the 3M Translucent vinyl that we are using for the rebrand has sort of disappeared. All inventories of the color that we were using have dried up and I'm scrambling to try to find more. Thought I would look here for any ideas. The color we are using is 3M 3630-217 Deep Sea Blue. I've also tried to find an alternate. Closest that I can find is Avery UC 900-626 Pantone 285, but I haven't been able to find any stock of that color either. Just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas for any distributor that may have some stock in transl
  9. Years ago, I saw a tool advertised that would slip between the socket, and the lamp base. Then you could pry up, to remove a tube was slightly too long, because of a sagging lamp track. Anyone remember this, or where I might find one? I have been having a lot of lamps this way lately, and I want a faster, safer way, than how I have to do it now. Or should I just take a prybar, and grind it into what I want. Probably cheaper, but I like rewarding those who actually do make things like this. TIA
  10. Well, it's show off time, and I want to show off how really awesome and high efficient (Light for power)these little modules are. At just .72 watts per module the efficiency of these little modules really comes to light (No Pun Intended). Yes, these little modules at just 1.375" long x 1/2" are Constant Current...NOT (Eco / Value) Constant Voltage! The BrightON LED Modules are made for shallow projects of 1.5" and above. They are also available in 3000K All BrightON LED Module are Under Driven, which is VERY important for longevity
  11. I have a local spray sub (we haven't sprayed in-house in more than 30 years) but he's never sprayed translucent paint on plastic. Plus I'd need to bring it back/forth, not damage it, etc. Yes, I could apply tranlucent white vinyl to the back but with the better translucnt white vinyl at close to $2/sf and adding in the labor to apply it, i might as wall just buy white plastic. A buddy was going to buy some of the 6x8 sheets but said the same thing about the vinyl cost, time involved, etc. I was hoping someone needs clear backs for channel letters, vandal covers, etc. One o
  12. Can you just paint or flood the back with white vinyl and still use?
  13. A while back we had to do part of a bank debranding and had to order white polycarbonate panels for blank faces. Well, I ordered them all from my plastic suppliers website. When the door on the delivery truck opened up I nearly fainted. I had ordered clear from thier website by mistake! Argggggg! To err is human, but to really screw up requires a computer - or an idiot using a computer! 🙂 Anyway, I have brand new, clear polycarbonate pieces cut from roll stock (Tuffak SL brand). All are, of course, cut to particular sizes to fit that job. They range from 72 3/4" x
  14. Harbor Sign

    Harbor Sign




    14.42" x 9.38" x 4"

    Case of 12

    Mount vertical or horizontal

    For use with one LED Power Supply in wet, dry, or damp conditions

    Meets UL requirements without being elevated above mounting surface.

    Does not require extra rain shields.  Required drain holes are included, decreasing labor

    Primary & secondary grounding capability without drilling or punching


    UL Listed E106319

  16. Hi, anybody knows who has the Bass Pro Shops Sign Account? thanks.
  17. Corinne Sands

    Corinne Sands

  18. Not good at all Sign Fallen.mp4
  19. Jake, Good to hear from you. I met your grandfather a few times when I was a teenager. Went to high school in Highland in 1970-71. I have searched and been unable to find any information on Jetlite on the Internet, perhaps you can provide a Wikipedia page or something. It seems a shame that an in-ovation like this is not acknowledged on line somewhere. As shown earlier in this thread I found two of these lights, both green, on ebay. They were still in the boxes from a Holiday Inn in Paducah Ky. Thanks for searching this out, Dave
  20. Installer/Manager - Service Tech/Manager Dream Position Available in Dallas/Hiram Georgia • Home Every Day! • No Weekend Work! • More Personal Time! • Competitive Pay! • Commission on Every Job! • Sign-On Bonus! • Insurance Benefits! • Paid Holidays/Vacations! 33 Year Old Company is seeking a leadman/manager to run the installation and service portion of the business! Current leadman is retiring and a replacement is needed. Located in Metro/West Georgia. New Air Conditioned trucks. Lets Talk About A Lucrative Long-Term Career Opportunity. 1-888-562-4346
  21. My Grandfather was John Kutz Sr. His company was Jet-lite. I’ve been searching local neon shops for any jet-lites. My uncles hooked me up with one, that said I’d be interested in finding more if they are still around.
  22. Westrim Products Logo.jpg


    France Lighting Solutions Toggle Switch

    Case of 50 Switches - FREE SHIPPING (U.S. Only)


    • UL Recognized Component File# E469421

    • 20 amp

    • 125/277 VAC

    • 1.5HP


    UL Recognized 20 amp Toggle switch features convenient 12” lead wires, easy to read on-off faceplate, internal toggle seal and black silicone boot. Designed for ½” panel opening

    UL48, 20amp VAC rated switches may have a maximum transformer load of 10 amps

  23. I have taken another carer path, I have owned this company the past 12 years, I am looking to sell it to another in the industry. We also have an E Commerce Site that is going live soon. If interested call me (Seven One Three - 301-0007) Adam www.intrepidsigns.com Major Equipment: Roland vs540 Eco solvent printer Suma 54-in plotter Jet Mounter 54” laminator Hand crank laminator/applicator Four Computer workstations 16ft Lowboy trailer Dewalt 60gal air compressor
  24. Just learned that all locations of Interstate Electric Sign Supply have closed, strange.
  25. 1999 SX57 remote basket controls damaged in storm. Replaced joysticks MCS Industrial Corp AZ $260. All operationS working except basket rotate. On this unit, you use leveling joystick and toggle switch at back of control box to rotate. That wiring from the Togliatti was obliterated and the units manual does not show that wiring. I’m selling rebuilt truck, but not without this fixed…
  26. Sign Company looking for sign fabricator, Welding experience Knowledge using/ programing router table. fabricate signs and assist with other shop duties as needed. Ability to work independently and complete daily activities according to work schedule. Ability to understand, follow and transmit written and oral instructions. Ability to meet attendance schedule with dependability and consistency. Must be a team player. Sign Shop experience a plus. Computer graphics/design a plus. Carpentry and Wood Framing skills a plus Banner and sign experience a plus Working with alum
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