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  2. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! Graças a @TJPE_oficial @ilharenato @grupoviralatas #adoção #tjpe

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  4. RT @OffAxisPaint: Artists can be brain surgeons too! Check out @matt_tifft lid for this season @BrainGear #TeamOffAxis…

  5. RT @PatrickNWF: Students to plant four-acre monarch butterfly habitat in Grand Island via @theindependent #savethem…

  6. Neon Bend Master Needed! Our firm is 35 years established & debt free We are located in Los Angeles, CA, Will make it worth your while if you are a "Very Experienced" Neon glass Bender! Competitive artistic environment, low key, self starter a plus -- Please send me your contact info and salary requirements. Lets talk! -
  7. placas e logotipos: Sketch 3D - design de sketch

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  9. Skyline Signs of Myrtle Beach,SC is a young and fast growing company. We are looking for motivated individuals for our installation department. Previous sign experience is preferred, but not a requirement. You must have a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a drug test. Our installers travel out of state on a 2-4 day basis. Most are 2 day. All travel expenses are paid, and home on weekends. Like most companies, we specialize in Channel Letters, Pylon, Face Replacements, Led Retro-FIT, Gas Station Remodels, Monuments, and more. TO APPLY: E-mail your resume to or Qualified candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview.
  10. for the record, we also put silicone on each led module along with the provided VHB tape. added insurance, nothing wrong with it. Id call it hack if they didnt use silicone.
  11. RT @JimmieJohnson: Anyone who RTs this Tweet is eligible to win my @LowesRacing @PhoenixRaceway hat. I will pick a random winner at 8pmET.…

  12. Everlasting Neon!!.....

  13. placas e logotipos: Perguntas Frequentes - Designer de Placas

  14. RT @CloydRivers: Enterin' a country illegally doesn't make you an "immigrant." Just like enterin' a house illegally doesn't make you "part…

  15. Just another day in the pacific NW!
  16. Spent the morning among wildflowers in Walker Canyon. #superbloom #trackthebloom #socal @BLMca

  17. We do more then Signs. We recently were called to remove Ice that was falling from a 7 story building. the Ice was 4 - 5 inches thick and filled the window sills. As the weather warms up, the Ice falls to the ground. This is a problem here in NYC, a real head ache It's always another adventure here
  18. NW Sign Industries in Grand Prairie, TX is looking for experienced sign project managers to handle national accounts. We are looking for a Project Manager: With the ability to keep the project painless for the customer and profitable for the company Who can successfully direct and anticipate a client’s needs and expectations while clearly communicating to those within the company and beyond who will impact the outcome of the project Who wants to work with a great team of like-minded people and have good support systems at their disposal. If you are looking for a change and have conversion experience serving regional or national accounts, custom sign experience, arena or hospital experience; talk to us. If you are looking for a place to learn and advance this should be your next stop. NW Sign Industries offers good pay with good benefits including Healthcare, Dental, life Insurance, 401K with employer match, 6 paid holidays and paid vacation. Send your resume today for immediate consideration to Signing bonuses are available. Apply today!
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  22. placas e logotipos: Perguntas Frequentes - Designer de Placas

  23. placas e logotipos: Designer, O que todo designer deve saber sobre pla...

  24. RT @camrenbicondova: If only the glass wasn't separating them...❤

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  26. RT @WScottPersons: Last steps of a horseshoe crab: fossil trail ends at the preserved body. #FossilFriday #DomeFossil…

  27. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! Graças a @NotasCongresso @paraiba_online @BaixadaFacil #prisaoperpetua #timbeta

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