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  2. Eugene, Wendy's signs are made by National Sign Systems. PM Me and I can probably dig up a PM contact for them.
  3. Anybody know who builds the Wendy's signs. I need to give the state highway department a replacement cost for moving a Wendy's sign for a road move.
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    Hello ! I'm Virginia Melvin one of the Marketers of Uniconnect Media, hope you're all doing fine Just passing by. :)
  5. RT @Liberty_603: @slavey @JeanieForrester @GovChrisSununu NH is the freest state

  6. RT @FoxNews: .@AnnCoulter: “Why don't we just have an immigration policy that brings in people that help us, that makes our country a bette…

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  9. NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star

  10. I changed ALL kinds of stuff in their "agreement" - marked through and changed a lot of things. They will probably mark me off of the list, but no way in 40 hells I would EVER give up any remedy to collect my money. No way, no how.
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  12. They need you, You do not need them. Make your own policy and stand by it.
  13. I will have to ask the boys when they get back to make certain, but I believe PK's - given when this was done.
  14. Double row is even better than a single row for your transformer runs that will leave all GTO runs short. What components are used for the glass connections? PK's, 200's, Masters?
  15. Has anybody else received an e-mail from Action Services Group about "a large project your way"? They sent in paperwork to fill out with a list of material/labor prices they will pay (VERY LOW) - They want a 24/7 Emergency service guarantee a $4,000,000 umbrella policy on top of the other typical limits the Nationals want. That you will give up the right to contact their customer if they don't pay you. A LOT of stuff in this thing. Just wondering if anybody else got this and what the thoughts are on it. I believe it has something to do with Dollar General??
  16. It is the truth that the quality control in China is a problem . Some plants may sell their poor quality led sign and mislead them their customer , tell them the sign as same quality as sign manufactured in US , I think this should be blamed . but some others Chinese suppliers tell the customer the true market position their products should be at.( for example , our products are aimed at middle - high end market. Then US customer can adjust accordingly when selling the sign to end user or resellers. for example , buying more spare parts( modules,control card, receiving card , flat cable , sensor ) if sign shows problem , they can send out the parts immediately for replacement , then his customer send back those bad modules or other cards, then , he can send back those back parts together to Chinese supplier . and target customer should be those customers who want to have a led sign but can not afford a sign like Daktronics or Watchfire. In this way , I believe the US buyer can gain more customers and more profit .
  17. .@BirdRockCoffee Had coffee in Albany, NY this morning. Imagine my surprise. #SanDiego

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  19. Had the flu, so haven't been able to get this done until today. I have attached a semi layout (all I felt like doing today hahaha) of the linear feet for one of these restaurants. 536 total linear feet for the building. It is in double rows all the way around and 3 sections of straight neon straight up the 4 corners from ground to roof. Need a few giggles like you offered!! LOL Checkers Linear Feet.pdf
  20. @DailyCaller $250.73

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  22. RT @mashable: The biodegradable paper airplane that could revolutionize humanitarian aid

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  24. Sign Installers & Service Technicians Open Positions - Sign Installers - Service Technicians - Helpers Swain Sign Inc. : Sign Installation and Maintenance Company We are seeking Sign Installers & Service Technicians with the below qualifications:- 3 years experience working in the sign industry-Experience in Installing & Servicing, vinyl, pole signs, channel letters, pylon signs, monuments sign, parking lot lighting, etc. - Is not afraid of heights, has experience with crane trucks, ladders and other tools of the trade. -Able to work in a team environment -Pays close attention to detail -Willing to work early hours and overtime, if needed-Professional, reliable, good attitude, devoted, honest & hard working -Clean driving record with current/active drivers license (this is a must) - CDL License Class A (not recommended, but preferable) Email Resume & a photo or copy of your current drivers license to or fax to 909-460-2533Or call 909-460-2530
  25. Trying new ways to display my colllection. #FossilFriday

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