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  2. My morning coffee engineering

    put the tranny up higher to your access cover
  3. @SarcasticRover You need a bath.

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  6. Collecting a debt

    Whether or not the IRS seized his assets should not negate his debt to you. A lot depends on the contract wording, such as what remedies will be available in case of a default. Usually the original contract should specify what will happen if you don't get paid. If he's a corporation he might be able to hide his personal assets. I really hope you can get paid. Good luck and keep us informed if you can ...............
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  8. RT @RayEvernham: Take a ride with me around @IMS in the Ghost! https://t.co/RnkT8BAOIk

  9. RT @elonmusk: Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college. Fa…

  10. Crane Certification Update?

    How many times now have we heard "Starting in November"
  11. I know my fabricator loves my high detailed project plans, wait until you see my method of of attachment plan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. For sale: Arete notcher

    Yes. It is. Notcher Height 48”Width 35”Length 43”Weight approx. 600lb Flanger Height 12”Width 21”Length 56”Weight approx. 175
  13. @THENBMSHOW We are excited and ready for the show to begin! https://t.co/9gDelBr4E4

  14. Collecting a debt

    Yeah, it was about $4500.00... I actually spoke to him yesterday, he stated that he cannot file bankruptcy because the IRS seized his assets??? I have NO idea about all of this, but do believe that he is telling me a long line of lies to keep me reeling.... We have our attorney looking into it to see what we can do. I also found out that he just started another business renting campers and from what I'm told he just purchased several hundred thousand dollars of new inventory so I'm guessing the money is there he is just not paying.
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  16. For sale: Arete notcher

    You sell this thing yet? We could make the drive from Oregon if it fits in the bed of an F-250.
  17. @reason Why is this not a 9-0 decision?

  18. Crane Certification Update?

    Here in Ontario Canada, I have my 0-8 ton sign erector crane ticket. I used to teach a course on it, and you would get a license with the provincial logo on it. Outside sources started to teach, the course ie "Smooth Operator" .We had one situation where an installation crew was working by the MOL building (Ministry of LAbour) and produced one of these other source tickets and were shut down. Since that time the Province has gotten out of issuing them, but expect all the crane operators to have them. But anyways I have my government issued license since 1993, I have been asked to produce it twice in that period of time, I imagine if an accident really did happen they would ask me to produce it then. As i said I taught the course, and at the regional sign show here, I guy who works for a safety group told me , that i need to be tested by their company to be legal now. I asked what their experiance they had in crane safety and told me very little. I checked with the province and they told me me I was legal , and because they teach the course and issue a certificate, they also could be legal, being that the onus would fall on them and the operator that had the accident. On another note here , our cranes can be inspected by competent person once a year. Define competent? The government says as long as a competent person as documented it, it is legal.
  19. o que há de melhor em escadas e rampas para cães https://t.co/5ngFrffHc8

  20. Crane Certification Update?

    Ben is correct. This regulation has already been passed. OSHA delayed the enforcement date until November 10, 2018. OSHA will begin enforcing November 16, so crane operators need their certification by that time.
  21. Crane Certification Update?

    ISA just hosted a webinar yesterday that discussed this very topic. What they said was that, as of right now, everything is on track to go into effect this coming November. It’s important to note that it may not be worth waiting to get your crane certifications, should you choose to lift anything over 2000 pounds, or utilize a crane that has the capability to lift over 2000 pounds (yes, that is correct...if your crane is a normal Altec or Elliott style truck that lifts 5900 pounds, you will not be able to use it without a certified AND qualified operator). The process to certify operators can be very cumbersome, and may not happen first time around. Best case scenario is that your operator passes first time, then waits 6-8 weeks to get their certification card. One point they brought up was that OSHA will be very strict about not only being “Certified” (NCCCO, CIC, NCCER, etc.), but the operator will have to be “Qualified” as well. Qualified is ONLY determined by the employer, and requires that all training and use of that particular piece of equipment be documented. Once the employer determines that operator is in fact trained on that specific piece of equipment (one crane is not the same as another, unfortunately), he/she can deem them “Qualified”. OSHA will want to see all of this documented, though. It was said multiple times in the webinar, so it is worth saying here again...”Operator Experience is Not Enough to Satisfy this Requirement.” Finally, you can expect that the wait for the certification courses and tests will just be increasing from now until far beyond the November deadline. Most crane certifiers are mostly booked up at this point, so it will be a tough last minute fix, especially when you add in the timeline to get it completed, as explained above. The sign industry isn’t the only industry affected by these regulations, so those other industries are in the same boat. And if you choose to get your crane de-rated or choose to get another crane to replace your current one (that is only rated to lift 2000 pounds), remember that lead times will likely be increased around that time due to demand and the fact that the end of the year purchasing will be in full swing. Bottom line is that there is quite a bit that needs to happen to make sure your operators and your company is in compliance with the upcoming regulation, and it might not be worth the wait to see if it hits or not. All indications at this point (according to ISA) suggest that this regulation will in fact be passed.
  22. Collecting a debt

    Hey Travis, I feel your pain...first of all, was it a lot of money? Also I highly doubt IRS would seize anything in a short amount of time...however he could be going bankrupt. Then you may get something down the road but it may not be worth it depending on what he owes you. Do you know anyone else that did work for him? Obviously you're not the only one he's beating...other vendors, landlord, employees etc try to find out as much as you can on your own...attorneys will charge big money for info you can dig up yourself. Best of luck...
  23. Can't fix stupid

    How cheap....anyone can see you need at least 2 more bulbs! Hee hee
  24. @HumanVerry @HistoryToLearn The water will turn purple if you do.

  25. Collecting a debt

    We had a customer that we did several signs for in a real quick hurry, customer paid the 50% deposit on the entire bill, we put up the signs on all 5 of his locations and then went silent, couldn't reach him, wouldn't return our calls....nothing. I found his home address and drove to his house as it actually turned out to be only about 4 miles from my home. They were home but would not answer the door. Two weeks go by and I start noticing the business heading down the tube, less and less people coming and going and then the stores wouldn't be open when their hours said they would be. Then about a week later they are all closed except one of them in a town 25 minutes south of our shop. I scrambled and blew up every phone number I could find for anyone that may have ties to him... After finally getting a hold of him he stated that the IRS had seized the stores and he had nothing to do with them any longer... I can't find any evidence of any of this on any websites. What are your experiences of getting money out of someone that has claimed the IRS has seized their business? I will be contacting my attorney in the morning but just wanted to see if any of ya'll had any stories...
  26. Looking for electric sign installers and fabricators in the san diego ca area , experienced preferred but willing to train the right person Must be drug free and have a clean driving record - hiring asap
  27. Since 1931 Triangle Sign & Service has been building a reputation for doing signs right. Our custom-made signs grace major sport complexes, direct travelers through busy airports and attract shoppers to well-known retailers across the country. From our offices and manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland we design, fabricate and manage projects for a wide variety of clients. We currently employ 110 people and have an immediate full-time job opportunity available for a Local Sales Rep. Salary package along with commissions will be based on experience level and company offers fully paid health care benefits. Job responsibilities will include: Managing an existing base of local business Direct client interaction Preparing bids and quotations Selling additional add on services to existing base Working closely with Project Management Achieving year over year growth on existing portfolio Requirements Solid background in signage and or working with G. C’s and commercial customers Ability to interact effectively face to face with active local customer base Strong initiative to work independently, solve problems and provide solutions Sign industry experience a plus Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple projects Well organized and able to multi task Good telephone skills Interested parties should email resume to Jim DeStefano - HR Manager at: James.destefano@trianglesign.com
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