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  2. @Frank_Schaeffer Why do you talk about @BillClinton like this? 😉

  3. Nomes de Bares - Cafeterias e restaurantes https://t.co/497Cd4bNS8

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  5. Yard Letters

    Call us we can do it
  6. Yard Letters

    We have a customer looking for some 4' tall lettering to install in a University lawn for photo opportunities. They are thinking of using stainless steel with a custom font. Does anyone know of someplace that can produce these?
  7. confira: https://t.co/2lxjnC93MK @segvolta

  8. RT @TommySiriusXM: There's a song called "Dad's Old Number" on @coleswindell's new album that is SO powerful--I honestly just want everyone…

  9. @Bluestocking66 @AndreaDLinda @Orvieto2016 @charliekirk11 Burgers should be flipped by teenagers.

  10. It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    If memory serves me correctly it was probably made by Tex Lite, a Dallas manufacture of good size in the sixties and seventies. I represented them in the Southern states during the early 70's and do recall seeing some of those sign on the production line then. They are long gone after MILT STEVANS died and most of their assets were purchased by Wayne Heath or Zimmerman Signs which were both centered in Dallas at that time. Good luck, but a new cabinet would better meet today's codes. Eddie Larsen
  11. A customer of mine called me earlier asking if I'd go to Boston to do some work. I'm too busy, and much too far away, plus don't have any MA licensing. TBH, we didn't get into details but all of their other work has been electrical signs in malls. PM me if you work in Boston and I'll pass along the contact info. Thanks!
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  13. RT @WoOLateModels: We’re ready! 🏁 #bringit https://t.co/CXbDzfjNzF

  14. RT @dodo: This guy gave up everything he owned to save hundreds of stray dogs 👏 https://t.co/vfTrxeTyJt

  15. Neon Transformer Recommendations

    Electronic would be great IF there are no issues that affect electronics. Personally I'd stay with a core and coil, France. Look up sign suppliers in your area, they usually sell to anyone. Be sure and unplug before changing, don't break the neon, and consider changing the electrode boots, if using, to new ones while doing the work. If you break the neon, you are SOL.
  16. Neon Transformer Recommendations

    Look for a Neon Pro or Franceformer, or Ventex model. Most likely a electronic, plug in, pull chain model that will auto load 1kv - 10kv (10kv model) Ebay or amazon
  17. Neon Transformer Recommendations

    Thank you. Do you have any more specific suggestions for a replacement and the best place to obtain it?
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  19. Neon Transformer Recommendations

    Assuming it was loaded properly, you want a 9/30 transformer.
  20. Hello All, I am trying to replace an obsolete neon transformer on a bar light and cannot seem to find anyone who can confirm what modern transformer will work as the proper replacement. That's why I came here to the experts! I've attached a photo of the old indoor gas tube transformer. I believe it says it's an Actown Model No. FG 3851. PRIM 120 Volts 60 Hz 270VA SEC 9,000 Volts 30 MA Secondary Mid-Point Grounded I believe Actown was bought by Franceformer years ago. Can anyone offer any insight on what a solid replacement transformer for a bar neon would be? Any info. anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. @DanGaffney @TheCoryParson

  22. It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    It is an old Phillips 66 Sign, I have checked with most of the suppliers that I could think of that have done the 66 stations, none of them want to help with finding any solution to the problem, they just want to sell my customer a new cabinet. I get it... but.
  23. @eliistender10 Your wife is awesome!

  24. https://t.co/jK3VmYXzKj https://t.co/dtqqbORTNn

  25. @am_anatiala We should 🐝 doing something about that.

  26. confira: https://t.co/2lxjnC93MK @segvolta

  27. It's on the tip of my tongue but....

    This looks like a retainer off of a Phillips 66 sign. I don't have any of those signs left in the boneyard, but I'll bet if you could find out who was making the 66 signs, they could give you a good clue. Good luck with it.
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