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  2. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! Graças a @Michaella777 #resgatedeabril

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  4. RT @cutestpupss: Omg! I am crying🐶🐶

  5. RT @jephjacques: Gordian dog

  6. RT @MattYocum: Pulled this out changing for dinner. Spent many rain delays w The Dickster aka Dr Dirt aka GREAT pal. @DickBerggren https://…

  7. Ride or Die — attending Talleyrand shoot out

  8. placas para empresas: google meu negócio, o meu o seu negócio

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  10. This years ISA Expo is a graveyard in attendance 😐....

  11. RT @vornietom: I honestly feel bad for the people on the Placebo March who thought they were at the Science March but double blind testing…

  12. placas para empresas: Os Escribas - placas de fachada

  13. RT @HamillHimself: She always got the last word. #NoTongues #OrManyTonguesYouPick #Innocestuous

  14. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! Graças a @TST_Oficial @noticiasdv @vinicius140 #baleiaazul #noticias

  15. RT @Paleo_Pals: We welcome a new #FossilFriday friend to @Paleo_Pals! Meet Dusty the #Diplocaulus! #Kickstarter news coming soon! #Paleonto…

  16. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! Graças a @TJMS_Oficial @instituto_mapaa @Conarec #melaugsp #conarec

  17. Off to ISA! Vegas Baby!

  18. @DailyCaller Maybe her daddy can tell her his life story to make her happier?

  19. 2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by

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  21. RT @RonPaul: Busting the "Free College" Myth

  22. RT @EmilyKozel: So proud @amandamertz💚 Thank you @kaitlynvincie @NASCARONFOX & @ForTheWin for supporting our @MonsterEnergy Girls! https:/…

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  24. @JpPmntl09 @CNN It's worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

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