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  3. Fisioterapia veterinária - ganhando dinheiro com fisio vet https://t.co/k7kGueTIVT

  4. RT @LasVegasFD: REMEMBERING OUR OWN: Firefighter Harold Davenport was the first @LasVegasFD Firefighter to die in the line of duty, 5PM DEC…

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  6. RT @KevZag: Three of the same payloads that flew on SpaceShipTwo on Friday are going to space *again* tomorrow on New Shepard. Science exp…

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  8. RT @DavidHe11952876: December 15, 2018 ~ Popocatepetl Volcano, explodes with huge amount of lava tonight at sundown. #popocatepetl #volcano…

  9. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/IsCDeT23Ur Graças a @G8Ideias @PauloDantasjp @maiscatolicismo #naocompreadote #atini

  10. New @BurgerKing sign going up Smyrna,Delaware Roger's Sign company installing. #signs #install #signshop https://t.co/lb2NEw8AEj

  11. o que há de melhor em escadas e rampas para cães https://t.co/lcxoDakwKq

  12. @JJAnimationsYT @DisneyPixar @prattprattpratt @TomHolland1996 @OfficialJLD @octaviaspencer @MrDanScanlon Coco?

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  14. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/urqGPD6N62 Graças a @ricardo2p @EDS_brasil @lucasmzanella #cloud #technology

  15. RT @Dan___White: Big thanks to @randyhouser for making Brisbane the first stop of the Magnolia tour. Awesome show 💚 https://t.co/P5lXCEwr4Y

  16. @AP Thank goodness for rational thought.

  17. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/JqXsqf5H4O Graças a @blogedgarlisboa @ADRIANAROMEIRO7 @akidaserra

  18. @sfqlovesrqf @doug_ellison Understood.

  19. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/2N5XQpICR3 Graças a @cinthia_jardim @altamir_oliv @TechnologyPump #inteligênciaartificial #evento

  20. @zerohedge It seems like a good day for a revolution.

  21. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/IAoaknK42o Graças a @folhanet @BabyBagliotti

  22. Anyone heard of THE MAINTENANCE COMPANY

    Keith, Make them pay upfront. Then there are no problems and they are a great customer
  23. RT @Kenny_Wallace: WOW.. This is a BIG DEAL and definitely needed to be done. Very nice @TalladegaSuperS .. https://t.co/0YUULCbwVw

  24. Got a request to do a service call for them at a local place. THE MAINTENANCE COMPANY 8286 cLEVELAND aVE, nw NORTH CANTON, oh 44720 WWW.THEMAINTCO.COM
  25. RT @nmartin33: Halligan, perhaps the most versatile tool on the fireground. My selection as either an engine or truck officer, or division…

  26. @orbital_decay @lorengrush Solid ROCKET Boosters (SRBs) were the STS first stage. They were recovered, refurbished and reused.

  27. @emilyfletchh Don’t do drugs, kids.

  28. Gazeta Petescadas já saiu! https://t.co/OgxnwvstFz Graças a @onofremartins @OlharAnimal @Pl1001Vantagens #g1ac

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