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  2. Yes I agree with that and I have friends "true friends" because I knew when to say yes and no for the right reason. Thanks for the welcome and wisdom.
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  5. CraneMate VS gravity leveling work platforms. "Increased safety and productivity" are just a few words to describe how superior the state of the art CraneMate is to any of the existing gravity leveling work platform attachments. In fact, the CraneMate is often equal to or better that the man-lift platforms being offered today. Safety Feature: The CraneMate has auto-hydraulic leveling which automatically levels the platform with it's payload inside as the boom truck articulates up and down even when the platform jib winch or platform forks are supporting a sign. Safety Feature: The CraneMate has 180 degrees of hydraulic rotation enabling the platform to be positioned parallel to the work area. This prevents back injuries due to stretching and reaching out by one man from the corner of the platform to hold or work on hard-to-reach jobs. It also allows the platform jib winch or platform fork to precisely position and place the payload. Productivity: The combination of leveling, rotation, jib winch and forks allows one man versus three to get the job done in record time. Depending on platform size, the 10' long CraneMate can accommodate two to three men, tools, and a large load of channel letters to make one trip up and install the works. Productivity: Reduces travel time by often completing the job in one trip which often requires two or three with a gravity leveling system. Productivity: The platform can be installed and stowed permanently on the boom truck for road travel, reducing job setup time.
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  8. I dont understand, We had a EPA volunteer audit and DA came up and is not considered Haz waste. Laq thinner yes.
  9. Isopropyl Alcohol is getting harder and harder to find as well.... What's going on with that?
  10. We have nine (9) 54” wide x 150’ unopened rolls of DreamScape HP-Suede wallcover. We paid $398 per roll. We will sell them at $250 a roll plus shipping. More info on the wallcover can be found at; https://www.dreamscapewalls.com/product/hp-suede/ Email me at jims@signsplusnw.com for more info.
  11. Looking to buy some used neon shop equipment. Tipping torch, crossfire burner and ribbon burner. Possibly interested in a bombarder setup. mwdean1@comcast.net, 202-746-2123
  12. Can you still sip out of plastic straws Paul?
  13. Still available in New York Along with the Illegal Drugs, Guns and anything else you need But DO NOT block the Bicycle lane, that is the priority here
  14. Creative Sign Designs a leading custom architectural sign manufacturer is now hiring for experienced sign fabricators. Candidates must be self-motivated, hard-working, and quick learners with a minimum 3 years’ experience. Responsibilities/Requirements may include, but are not limited to: · 3 yr. experience minimum-fabricating pylons, monuments, channel letters, and custom metal work in large custom formats · Aluminum and Steel welding experience required · Ability to read and fabricate off production drawings and specifications · Ability to operate fabricating machines including welders, circular saws, drill presses, brakes, punches and shears · Ability to stand for long periods of time with occasional breaks · Ability to work with members of the team at all levels within organization · Ability to work overtime as needed · Willing to relocate the right candidate · Benefits package includes insurances, 401K, vacation, PTO, and paid holidays · Ability to successfully pass background check and drug screen Reply with resume to email: kim@creativesigndesigns.com Call Kim Burton-McGinnis at: 1-813-749-2305 Stop in and fill out application: 12801 Commodity Place Tampa, FL 33602
  15. Interestingly the product shelf in our homedepot and lowes are empty yesterday in PA. Not sure if it is related but seemed odd that it was out of stock in either quarts or gallons at two local stores.
  16. This caught me by surprise but, Eco-Tyranny continues in California. We can no longer buy denatured alcohol. This was an awesome product with many uses in the Sign Industry No more plastic straws, plates, Styrofoam....now DA
  17. WOW! That's all you can say. He already has somebody lined up "in case", not when he gets hurt. Unbelievable. If he worked for me, he would either go home and change, or he would just go home.
  18. It is okay to bleed red ink all over their contracts before sending it back to them. I do that with almost every one. You've got to protect yourself and if their contracts are so one-sided that they put all of the liability on you, fix it before sending the signed contract back! Then, if it's a company that requires you to sign every single PO they send to you, save a copy of the marked up contract in a file so you can send it back (with a new signature and date) with the new PO they send you just to make sure they didn't add anything funny to it. That sure beats having to re-read every single contract every single time you get a little service job! Just because they send it to you that way doesn't mean you have to accept it. It's a contract and you need to make sure it is a fair deal for both parties. That includes their, usually ridiculous, "budget" amounts. Those crazy-low numbers are just a negotiation ploy designed to get you to work for pennies. That doesn't mean you have to accept it if you want the work. Change it to what the job is actually worth and send it back. You'll usually get it ... if you're a good company that they want to work with.
  19. Good article. Neon's not going anywhere. All the smart companies, especially the large nationals know that Neon is one of their premium projects that make VERY good money because not many shops have the knowledge or know how to do so the competition is sooo loooow
  20. Install and service signs in Northern California. Apprentice to Journeyman level. $17 to $30 to start depending upon experience and qualifications. California Commercial Drivers License A or B. Prefer Livermore area resident. Send resume to pnorton@instantneon.com.
  21. Neon is a symbol of Seattle's past. What will illuminate its future? The city's most iconic signs are losing their vaunted glow to LED replacements. But not everyone is giving up on neon. https://crosscut.com/2019/09/neon-symbol-seattles-past-what-will-illuminate-its-future This was a great article, well worth the read.
  22. Thanks! Multiple port manifolds are usual with mass production shops. I've seen some very bad designs in my travels...basically anything that connects the tubulation to the manifold with a hose is not good. In a previous life I was a high vacuum service engineer for a agent of Leybold Germany. I was factory trained by Leybold for vacuum theory, vacuum pump service / rebuild, high vacuum system service and maintenance. This gave me valuable experience and knowledge for designing neon pump systems. In China scientific glass blowing is far cheaper than here in the US. To make this system here in the US would be very expensive and unless you have 25 benders pumping out thousands of neon units far too much for a general shop.
  23. Many companies do use a fixture or jig for making multiple bends. I was the engineering manager of a previous company who did use bending fixtures for jobs of 50 signs or more as the cost of making the fixtures against the time saved in bending wasn't worth it for anything less than that amount. The fixture was a channel matching the diametre of the glass that is CNC cut into vermiculux board. There would be a progression of fixtures for a neon unit starting with the first bend, then the second with the bent neon fitting into the channel and so on. Experience with this form of bending is key to designing and proofing the fixtures. Back in the 80's several companies tried, and failed to make neon bending machines for simple block letters as the demand for neon exceeded the number of qualified benders.
  24. Nothing wrong with uniforms, maybe bright fluorescent pink...
  25. Thanks Ric, I'll shoot you up some samples soon! You'll love em!
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