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Erik Sine

Mag. Neon Transformer / GTO Poll

Neon Transformer Poll  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Which would you trust for your 5 yr to you client?

  2. 2. Which Silicone GTO manufacturer will you use?

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Let's suppose you just signed a huge contract with your client work over 250k of exposed and halo lighting composed of pylon signs, wall signs, & border tubing. The application only makes for the use of outdoor transformers. Your client also demands a 5 year worry free electrical warranty which also includes the labor of any component change out that you chose for their project.

As a seasoned sign shop and a professional who has years of case history to look back, and having the proper background on how to install, & load.....Which Transformer would you specify into your project if all were made available to you? Which GTO manufacturer would you use, again with every option available to you from your local supplier.

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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    • By Erik Sine

      We just got our limited number of old Transco Porcelain TC200 & TC50 (Peanut) housings in stock to sell to you.

      These have 4 drain holes and zink hardware. We've already sold advance orders and this is a limited number that's available to the sign industry. They won't last too long, so get 'em while their HOT, don't delay and be left out leaving you to pull these out of old signs to use for new ones!!!!

      Call (619) 871-4008 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com

    • By Sign Ninja
      Got wind of this from a buddy? Anyone know about the sale and merger of these two companies along with Principal LED? What it might been for some products that might generate a conflict of interest that might cause some products to disappear out of the line up?
    • By Erik Sine

      For a limited time from now till Christmas you can get the Sign Industries #1 Selling Toggle Disconnect Switch for $3.19 each which comes in boxes of 25 + FREE SHIPPING.


      These Toggle switches have a metal frame body, very few switches have a metal frame body. So when you tighten this switch attached to your sign body it won't crack causing your sign to fail. Plus, these switches have lead connector nearly 12" long so you won't have to add extended wire when you use them in Transformer or LED Power Supply Boxes

    • By Erik Sine
      Just to let everyone know we are now shipping Channel Bond and Resin Bond. You can also order directly from our store (Mainland US ONLY) HERE

      If you haven't ever used Channel Bond you are truly missing out.

      Channel Bond is a one part system that's used to bond polycarbonate to polycarbonate, especially polycarbonate to Plasco Trim Cap. Many people shy away from using polycarbonate as channel letter sign faces because they have had issues or problems bonding trim cap to polycarbonate or have heard there are issues from the rumorville.
      Makrolon / Sheffield Plastics highly recommends using Channel Bond to fabricate channel letter faces with their polycarbonate!

      Well I can tell you most of the issues people have had in the past with either by their own experience, or from heard from rumorville of other shop experiences in short.....Is simply not true. You can bond polycarbonate to trim cap but you have to do it right, and give it time. Most of the time people who have failed to bond the two materials did so because they bonded the materials incorrectly!!! Most of the time they simply applied the adhesive on top where the two materials are meeting, and NOT where the two surface faces actually touch each other. When shops don't do it correctly and have a failure it can lead to a misnomer that it cannot be done.

      The best part about Channel Bond is it's a one part system, I said a 1 part system!!! No need to go out and purchase a special gun that combines a two part system, NO need to buy nozzle tips, NO need to throw away good half spent cartridges because it's already been activated. With Channel Bond you just use Hypo Needle applicator and pour what you don't use back in the container, simple!!! No wasting!!!

      We are stocking Channel Bond in Quarts and Gallons, and here is a small job where we showed some uses of Channel Bond LINK

      Channel Bond a one part system that can be used in place of Lords 7550 Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Lords 7556 Urethane Adhesive Two-Part Urethane Adhesive, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 58, Weld-On / SCIGRIP 55

      For any order or inquiry, or for a full product and price list you can call us at (858) 880-1400 or email us at orders@thesignsyndicate.com You can also order directly from our store HERE
    • By Erik Sine
      Sold in Boxes of 25

      Visit our online shopping cart

      To place your order by phone call us at (858) 880-1400 or by email orders@thesignsyndicate.com

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