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General LED Channel Letter Failures On The Rise


Been getting a lot of calls to retrofit channel letters that are having failures.

It seems like that short time period of three to five years has finally come around to where the sign user who bought from the lowest bidder or bought into the idea of "saving money....more efficient mantra" is coming around to bite them in the ass as well as the sign shop who made a poor choice in using the inexpensive most likely Chinese LEDs.

The reality is, there are very few LED manufacturers I would personally EVER use for sign projects that I build. I base that based on our very own Sign Syndicate Light Testing Projects where we test just about every LED on the market and have been doing so since 2008 The failures I see out on the field do nothing but support those results . LED Modules are great for peeling and sticking, spending more time in the shop than out in the field but they should not be used for everything. Too many sign shop are lazy, they look for an "easy way" to stay in business, that's the plain truth of our industry.

The Sign Syndicate's Neon & LED Test Comparison "The Great White Hope" (2012 Shot)


Our enabling of LED manufacturers inflated, exaggerated, and even misleading marketing points is what help kill our own industry, and now those chickens are coming home to roost. Those 100,000 hours, 80,000 hours, 60,000 hours, 50,000 hours that a lot of sign shops within our industry have financially sabotaged, and screwed the consumer.

The LED powers supplies have gotten cheaper, so have the LED modules, shops scramble for the 50¢ modules, the plastic $20 power supplies and a few years later...Waalaa.... individual diode failure leading to inconsistent lighting and power supplies that truly couldn't handle the heat of the load.

I've seen this rise in retrofit the retrofit and I'm only in 70˙F weather all year around in just that last couple of months. For Red LEDs that were supposed to last sooooo long, well now those same channel letter faces that were so evenly lit are now hot spotting.

The LED Sign market if you don't know as it relates to the sign industry is a crap shoot. Very few reputable companies like GE and others, don't even want to be in it any longer, they would rather be in general lighting. Why? Too many cheap consumers, too many sign companies that don't make wise decisions get lured and duped by the ever growing and disappearing market of what was once here today is gone tomorrow.


Sure, a lot of manufacturers tell sign shops their components are warrantied for 5 years BUT, do they, do YOU replace those parts for free to your client? Chances are like most of the scenarios that call me say no, "I still get charged labor" Shame on those companies and shame on you if you're one of those companies. You planned out your project, you spec'd out your project and there is absolutely NO reason why a electric sign should not carry a 5 year "worry free" electrical warranty.

This industry has plenty of quality components that are built to last, and Neon is still a VERY viable option especially when it comes to consistency in longevity as well as lighting, unfortunately that is no longer an option for a lot of shops because they lack the "know how", or willingness to learn, even worse..they only posses the laziness and willingness to collect a check and walk away.


Today I still continue to install the right light source based on the application, that goes for using LEDs, Fluorescent or Neon. 20+ years later I get very few failures , VERY few. I have signs that operated for 18+ without a single maintenance call.

I know I may work a little harder, pay a little more, even spend a little more time with each project BUT...I do sleep easier at night, I don't have to worry about taking those calls about having to come back, and I have happier clients that have stuck with more for my 20+ years that I've been in business.

Just some Thursday food for thought to chew on.

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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I'm with you Erik we lose a lot of jobs to these low cost low end companies.

We have signs that we put up that run 24/7 in the casinos here in CT that have been up over 15 years that have NEVER been serviced.

On the other hand I have guys out today servicing a sign that a competitor put up 6 months ago. Yes, it's under warrantee but this is the 3rd failure and the casino wants it fixed so it will last. It's a case of pay me now or pay me later. I'll stick with quality products and good labor practice any day.

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I have watched the LEDs for the past15 or so years. The claims of 50,000 hours, seemed too good to be true. I sold a Home Hardware store in m y area LED channel letters approx 10 years ago. Thankfully they have held up beautifully all those years, I never did like the early bluey white tinge of that era. After showing them what todays LEDs are like for brilliance, they agreed to retro fit again.

What I figure, with so many brands of LEDs, down the road (5yrs approx. that we are kind of screwed, with trying to piece brands , that were cheap and nopw gone. Try explaining that to a customer who has the LED hype.

My 2 cents, 3 Canadian.


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  • Board Patron

This is a set of letters maybe 6 months old which were done by a company beating us by almost $1000 on the initial estimate. As fate would have it the store got popped by code enforcement for not pulling a permit and the client called us back. That is why we got these pics. Lettering was not as per mall criteria and needed to be replaced all together. Now the store owner bought 2 signs for the same store. Save a nickel - lose 10 bucks.


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  • !llumenati

Seriously? Did the modules just all clump together or what?

Sorry, I don't have much pity for the owner.

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  • Board Patron

The LED's are just the way they were when faces were removed. Please admire further samples of same sign and the workmanship you get for a discount. The clumping is a new lighting effect or Special Effect I have noticed around town.

We always say; And they got paid for this shit?



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  • Board Patron

WOW! I think I will print these to show these customers that think we are trying to jip them when we are $500 - $1,000 higher than some of these folks around here on these LED channel letters. We actually had a case where ALL of the LED fell off of the back and were laying in a pile in the bottom of the letters. My grandmother used to always say "a pound of flesh now, or 10 pounds later" - It's hard to make a customer understand though that they are paying you $500 to $1,000 more than somebody else quoted them without a visual like this. Sad part is, it makes us ALL look bad! We have to fight against mess like this every day. "I just purchased a sign from company X and it is already not working and I can't get them to come repair it!" Of course you can't - they either A) Don't stand behind their product, or B) they are already out of business or C) all of the above. We had 3 cases like that last week alone - and the first question out of their mouth was - "are you going to be any better than company X was??" - Why yes, that's why we have been here 27 years! Not going anywhere.

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Spot on post. We're seeing the same kinds of things almost daily as well. General misuse of products, poor installations, clear lack of knowledge or concern of how to properly do the job. Nothing knew about really though - has been like this my entire career, and is the reason for UL2161 in the first place. At least one good thing to come from a collection of idiots working with high voltage.

We were called to repair a d/f blade sign (I would attach a picture but for the life of me can't figure out how). It's a restaurant chain that we had done work for previously and then they tried to save money by going to the cheap guy. They clearly know very little about properly installing LEDs!

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Wow. Rather concerning! I've never had these kinds of problems myself. We're lucky in that regard, I guess - our store has had its current sign running daily for close to ten years without so much as a single issue. But it's alarming to see such a shoddy job, especially those pics from Val's reply. What a mess! :dizzy:

Also think it's unfortunate that repeated cases like this give these signs a bad rap. As articles like this mention, there are definitely benefits to going with an LED sign over other options. Especially when you factor in running costs.

But then if you're not doing it right the first time with someone reputable? You're probably losing money in the long run anyways. Crazy that so many businesses are choosing the cheap-and-nasty method and then turning around surprised when something breaks! :eek13:

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A large problem we have in the electric sign industry is a lack of education both with sign shops and with the public, and you can add in lack of integrity when it comes to the sign industry.

That article you linked is part of the problem, it's manufacturers duping the sign companies who in turn pass on information they heard in a sign magazine, sign association seminar, or sales pitch and without verifying the information then pass that misinformation "brochure facts" onto the customer or consumer as truth.

Of course it's the biggest reason why The Sign Syndicate, the electric sign industries/trade last hope of information for the electric sign trade has tested/verified all the LED/Neon/Fluorescent lamp light output as well as power consumption of the years in numerous lit testing projects.

The biggest result and fact remains to be true when it comes to LEDs. You cannot take a pen light representing and LED, and compare it to a maglight representing a fluorescent lamp or neon lamp and say you are using less power or less cost of operation to have light. You have to have equal light output, and if one source is truly using less power then we can say one source is more efficient in that aspect of light.

When it comes to all three light sources used most for signs a .4 watt LED module that's "saving 80% in energy to a consumer" over fluorescent or neon is NOT true, it's false, it's a marketing spill and it misleads the public. We know from our own testing the reality is to get even closer to neon light output you're going to have to use .85 to 1 watt modules to get somewhat close, and well, that's now 2.55 to 3 watts per foot, Neon is the same. The higher the wattage rating for LEDs the faster they die, it's a matter of heat. Sure .3 watt modules will last forever but are they functional?

Another misleading characteristic light manufacturers bring up to the sign industry is "Lumens". Lumens do not apply with the sign industry, we care about Foot Candles or Lux measurable on a light surface, because after all, we are lighting up sign faces and surfaces.

That articles seems to be stuck some where around 2005 with the "savings" & "environment" sales pitches. Neon and Fluorescent tubes are also 100% recyclable, and Neon is also listed as "Green" with UL. Mercury is also not a nasty or dirty element, in fact it's a clean natural element and the pitch of it reaching water is always the typical scare tactic we all read about to scare us into buying something else and a phrase used to sell a product that can't stand on their own merit and something lobbyists use to handicap their own products.

LEDs are great, not here to burn them down but too many sign shop lack the integrity to use the right light source for the right application. They just want to peel and stick, get away with cheap "no know how" individuals and get paid. LEDs are easy, they truly are, but they aren't always the best to be used in all phases of the sign industry, and THAT's what we are all finding out with some time going by. Those 100k, 80K, 60k hours are looking a lot like 20k to 12k hours of operation over what was promised to the consumer.

It's a prediction and forecast most here on the SS have been discussing for years with the testing we do. Most sign companies say they don't have LED problems but the fact is, they haven't gone back to any of their signs to ever see if they are, not just individual module or diode failure but measuring their own light output on the sign surface with a light meter to check for lumen maintenance from the initial start.

We all know the return on investment is not there when it comes to retrofitting sign cabinet fluorescent lamps to LED http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3832-sign-cabinets-retrofitting-t12-t8-led/ We've seen / heard the pitch of a couple of years, fact check here that ends up being 40+ years for the consumer. But hey, the mfg and sign company got to turn a profit from the pitch and dupe.

No matter what light source is being used, LEDs, Fluorescent, or Neon, a bad installation will turn any good product bad, and put a bad taste into any consumers mouth.

I have a lot of friends in the electric sign industry, and their going to get mad at me for saying this but it is what it is and we can't change it, it's just simply the truth

The fact is education can improve both the sign industry and help the public consumer. My opinion, forget the electric sign industry, I would invest less in it, their too hard up chasing 50 cent modules, they don't care about integrity of the industry and for themselves or for their companies. Education needs to start with the public, we need smart buyers! That will make a smarter industry, by weeding out the hacks and wannabee's and national sign companies that have no business building large accounts based on the bottom line, and can't pay their bills.

Like I said before and have always said. LEDs are great, but there are few of them I would ever use, and from our testing I would only used LEDs used from our testing. So far from date, none of those good test result LEDs come from China. Shocked?

Of all the different LEDs we've tested since 2008 there are a few common denominators that makes some LED products last a very, very long, or make them bright enough to last as long as conventional light sources like Neon over time. Their Korean, their constant current not constant voltage, or their Japanese.

Korea and Japan have high standards, I don't know what else to tell you. Neon is still a very high standard as well for longevity and efficient light output.

LED manufacturers can make and say all the marketing claims/statements they want all day....it's just something that is executed but NEVER explained, or explained in a logical sense, and sign companies can be uneducated enough to soak in those claims and pass them off as their own trade secrets, but the fact will never change, there are few product that can make any claim to just lasting as long as Neon. To those few LED manufacturers, who's components are Korean or Japanese, Kudo's to you, you make an awesome product!

I've just never seen an LED product that impresses me that comes from anywhere else. There were once quite a few LED manufacturers that used to use components that they integrated into their products that came from Japan or Korea but they decided to join the race to the bottom of the circling toilet of cheap and they lost their way.

I always chuckle when I pass through a convention floor and the LED manufacturer tries to impress me with the cabinet parameter lighting and how it saves money and how it puts out "enough light". Enough light for what I always ask? Enough light to compete with neighboring signs that use conventional lighting in the same shopping center that they maybe installed next to? I've walked through quite a few sign shops because that's part of what I do, and one thing I always see happen from time to time. I see a sign returning to the shop and they have to end up doubling up on what was claimed by the LED manufacturer because the customer complained it wasn't bright enough, a change to be made in the shop or out in the field.

This industry still has a whole lot of problems to solve, a lot politically for sure, but for now I'm still aiming my sites on beginning to solve that starting with the public. I used to think it had to begin from the inside....out. Since I've expanded into other areas of the electric sign industry I've come to realize the only way to save it and solve a lot of the problems we have is to start with the consumer, and work our way in......Stay tune for that!

Sorry I've been gone a for a while, hopefully I'm back for a while, but hopefully I'm not....if you get the picture! :P

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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  • !llumenati

"Very few reputable companies like GE and others, don't even want to be in it any longer, they would rather be in general lighting. Why?"

I can answer that. If I remember correctly I think I even posted it here many moons ago. When I was on the OEM side of the fence. The companies like GE and OSRAM got into the sign LED scenerio as a beta site to conduct life tests, applications and the likes in actual settings to "perfect" thier modules for where the real money is. Why do you think they changes the systems so frequently?? Do you think they really had the sign guys intrest at the top of the priority list. Can you get the older modules or anything that was ousted when the next evolution rolled in. If they had the best intrest they would keep a stock of older systems like GM or any car manufacturer keeps parts available.

Just my .02

GOOD things happen for a reason......

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Trump/Gastelum '16


"Very few reputable companies like GE and others, don't even want to be in it any longer, they would rather be in general lighting. Why?"

I can answer that. If I remember correctly I think I even posted it here many moons ago. When I was on the OEM side of the fence. The companies like GE and OSRAM got into the sign LED scenerio as a beta site to conduct life tests, applications and the likes in actual settings to "perfect" thier modules for where the real money is. Why do you think they changes the systems so frequently?? Do you think they really had the sign guys intrest at the top of the priority list. Can you get the older modules or anything that was ousted when the next evolution rolled in. If they had the best intrest they would keep a stock of older systems like GM or any car manufacturer keeps parts available.

Just my .02

Man, shoot me over your phone# when you get a chance!

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Winston Churchill

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      I am very proud to announce that we NOW stock Jewelite (Vidon) Trim Cap
      We just brought in a good sizable stock load of both 1" & 3/4" Trim Caps.  One of the awesome things about Jewelite is, it's now of the few components in our trade that is actually made right here in the Good ol' U.S. of A
      Our Current Sign Syndicate Trim Cap Pricing as follows:
      3/4" x 150'  6+ Rolls $46.75 each    1-5 Rolls  $51.25 each
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      Is it Constant Current and NOT constant voltage? Reputable high grade diode such as our top tier Samsung? Is it consistent? Is it made in CHINA? Most importantly does it last? How do you know it lasts? I'm not talking about catastrophic failure and I'm talking about gradual light degradation in a short about of time. The Reckless is only 3% light loss in 15,000 Hours. Are they IP68 for wet location?
      So far everyone who has tried has bought more as it relates to the applications they use it for.
      The Reckless is the brightest in it's class under 1watt modules or 3 watts per foot

      Constant Current Red HLC2

      Also, introducing our new LED Power Supplies. Union Power Supplies, IP68 for wet location, they come in 60 watt, and dual channel 120 watt units

      So far we haven't seen any LED manufacturer who claims to be the best or brightest in the same class compare in a true white rendering, in brightness, or in longevity. American companies using Chinese LED's just don't seem to last or stay consistent over time.
      • IP68 UL/CE
      • 5 Year 50,000 Hour Component Warranty
      • Constant Current
      • 3% Lumen Maintenance in 15,000 Hours
      • Made in Korea
      • High Grade Tier Samsung Diodes
      Most importantly.....NOT made in CHINA!!!!
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      The BrightON-II LED  .vs  The Principal Qwik Mod 2 LED
      So....we've been getting lot's questions on how our New High-End BrightON II LED compares to The "New" High Efficient Principal Qwik Mod 2 LED
      Well, we did a quick "side by side" benchmark comparison to find out.
      They have some basic similarities.  
      • .8 watt modules
      • Both 170˙/175+ Optics
      • Both have Aluminum PCB
      We compared both LED modules and placed them in 24" x 4.5" x 5" channels using a standard Plexiglas MC white #7328 white acrylic face to simulate a wide channel letter stroke .  Modules spaced 6" OC from one another and 3" from the channel walls.
      Now to find out what the differences are...

      Once we lit the channel compartments one big difference was the white appearance of each light source.
      The Principal Qwik Mod produces more of a yellow white illumination on the sign face, whereas the BrightON II is more of a True White.  The pictures here may not do justice as it's hard to capture Real Time and Real Life along with how your display may be calibrated.
      Both BrightON II & Principals's Qwik Mod are .8w modules....The BrightON II is 24V LED module, the Qwik Mod is 12V LED module.  
      24V means half the current flowing through the system of a 12V system, which translates to lesser heat, lesser resistance than a 12V system.  A 24V system is more reliable and a longer life system over time for the very reasons I stated.
      A 24V system allows you to use a larger single watt channel PSU (96w).  The BrightON LED system uses the France Lighting Solutions "True Power" LED Drivers to complete the system, "True Power" means users are able to load the PSU to 100%, where as other LED PSU's are recommended not to go beyond 85% of the rating.  A full load 96W France PSU can load 120 BrightON II LED modules.  France Lighting Solutions LED Drivers are the only Drivers to date that are 100% loadable.
      With a 12V system a single channel 60W LED PSU is typically loaded at 85% or 51W of a 60W unit, or 63 Qwik Mods.  You can load more modules on a single unit but you would have to be looking at using a 120W PSU that is a dual 60W channel unit.
      Right away the biggest take away from this LED comparison in the image below is the Sign Face Surface light output results in Foot Candles using a ExTech Light Meter measuring the High's and Low's in the 7" x 4" rectangle area of the acrylic face.  
      The BrightON II has a Foot Candle Average of 209 versus Principal's Qwik Mod coming in lower at 171 Foot Candles.

      Constant Current
      A HUGE difference which will play big in lighting and in life is how the current is driving across each module.  The BrightON II is of course Constant Current, NOT Constant Voltage.  The Qwik Mod is Constant Voltage.
      The quickest, simplest explanation and differences is this.  On a Constant Current system, each module has a current regulator chip which means each module is current regulated, and protected not to overdrive and create more heat and run hotter.  The first module on a Constant Current string is equally as bright as the last module on a string....the result is consistent lighting.   If you've ever paid attention to the light testing we have been doing on The Sign Syndicate since 2009', you would know that the best and lowest light degradation or Lumen Maintenance results always came from CC LED systems, Constant Voltage or "Eco" Modules not so much.
      In a CV System you better hope your LED PSU is not driving above the intended voltage of 12 volts.  A slight increase in a fraction of a volt... say...12.2V can kill a LED system fast depending on the makeup of the Modules.  When we did our Light Testing "The Great White Hope" we had a incident where a LED PSU operating at 12.25 was used on a Permlight "El Plato Module which was CV and in under 30 days the original output dropped 30%.  We had to kick out the PSU and start over with another string of EL Plato's using a manual adjustable LED PSU to assure not to go above 12V.
      On a typical CV System on long runs the first module will be brighter than the last module on the same string, inconsistent lighting, with a not well regulated LED PSU CV LED will tend to run hotter and brighter in some areas causing a shorter life.  The system is solely dependent on the module resistors for protection.
      In Short....
      Constant Voltage = Lesser LED life over time
      Constant Current = Longer LED life over time

      Lighting Angles
      Below.....you can take what you want from this part...
      We used equal underexposed shots from both LED light sources from a Canon SLR Camera instead of Real Time to show our audience where the optics is transferring light
      We used a lighting angle chart that we created, made up of 1" grids just to help in displaying where the optics and throwing light.  Both Module have wide angle optics, I would just say that the Brighton II throws more light towards the edge of the chart and a little higher up the middle.  

      What It All Means
      In closing, the biggest differences that can be taken away from this benchmark comparison and what separates the BrightON II are a couple of big factors.
      • The BrightON 24 volt system which has half the amperage, heat, & resistance than the 12 volt Principal Qwik Mod LED system.  You're also able to load more LED modules on a 24V system than a 12 volt system
      • If you're looking for a more "Purer" white light source, better bin, then the BrightON LED Module family is for you.
      • More light for less power on the sign surface....better chip efficiency... that was just displayed and shown in Foot Candles....BrightON II  209 FC over Principal Qwik Mod 2  171 FC
      • Probably the single most important factor?  The BrightON LED Family is Constant Current rather than a lower costing system that uses unregulated current in Constant Voltage.  What that means for user is....Longer Consistent Life Over Time
      The New BrightON LED
      The previous High-End BrightON LED version has had a lot of success since the launch.  What is new?  Only some miner changes were made to make a already superior LED module even better.  Same high efficient chip, improved 6500 Kelvin, different optics.  
      Not that we needed it but, the BrightON is, and has always been underdriven but....we changed from a Fiberglas PCB Board to Aluminum.  Aluminum provides better thermal cooling, but again, it wasn't needed....it's just nice to brag about it and say we have Aluminum.
      The New BrightON LED Family will in stock by early May 2021.
      The BrightON LEDs can now be purchased from our our online store HERE, or you can order over the phone (858) 880-1400 |  orders@thesignsyndicate.com
    • By Erik Sine
      We have always been proud supporters of our Electric Sign Trade and have always been proactive in doing what it takes to help preserve our Trade and it's most valued tradition....that being Neon.  
      Despite the misinformation that has been put out about Neon for decades now, Neon is very much a light/energy efficient light source and the most durable light source we have in our trade over time and we have plenty of case history to support this. 
      As most of you may or may not know, there has been a huge shortage of the availability of Glass Neon Housings for Neon....and what has been available has been a lot of Chinese Fake UL Marked (Embossed on the glass) Neon Housings in the market for some time.  
      They Claim a UL mark, BUT...they aren't a U.L. Recongnized accessory or sign component     .i.e. SSI / "Neo" Glass Housings have no valid listing with fake embossed UL Emblem
      The biggest complaint for some time has been the threads are terrible and it made tightening at times near to impossible.  The other bad aspect was that the glass walls were too thin, and with just a little bit of heat they were cracking or a incidental drop bump might cause them to crack and break prematurely, some simply cracked on tightening mechanically to a sign body .
      Also, it's bad news if you're a Wholesale Shop or Custom Sign Shop integrating these knock-offs into your signs.  It's passing along a fake listed product and should something happen like a "fire" I can't imagine Insurance Companies will be too happy about the use of a "knock-off"  
      I've done my best in the past to look for and supply vintage housings that were listed for the Neon Arts and help with keeping that art going with Porcelain or older glass housings which we still do have plenty of (#100's & #300's).  But now we have those hard to get components to keep those awesome Neon Open Faced Channel Letters and Wall Signs going without running into shortages of components or options.
      NOW IN STOCK - Westrim U.L. Recognized Sign Accessories #100, #200, #200P, #300 Neon Glass Housings
      You can Purchase these from our store or contact us to place an order or inquiry (858) 880-1400  |  orders@thesignsyndicate.com

      NOW IN STOCK - Westrim U.L. Listed #100, #200, #200P, #300 Neon Glass Housings
      You can Purchase these from our store or contact us to place an order or inquiry (858) 880-1400  |  orders@thesignsyndicate.com
    • By JeffMix
      Opportunity Neon Person! Know a good bender who thought neon was over, well it's not!
      Great signs
      Good pay/benefits
      Super clean shop and top of the line equipment
      Neon work!
      Good damn people.
      Music City!
      I can't say enough what a good place this is to work. They've been in business now for 40 plus years. Super solid reputation in the city and well connected. They've done 90% of the signs on Broadway and they're full of neon. I've been here for 2 years now with 40 hours of work every week. If the glass is slow you can also jump into electrical etc. I had been out of the trade for a dozen years and didn't think I'd find a job again doing glass full time.
      If you're a solo one person shop and sick of those headaches come to Nashville. I wasn't looking to leave however our 3 grown kids are all back home in Vegas and 2 of of them sign guys (where did I go wrong?) My friend Bong Gonzalez  passed from covid and I'm going to be taking over his position in Vegas. I really wish that this was not the case. He and his Dad were staples in the neon world in Vegas and just damn fine men.
      Again if you were a bender back in the day, it's like riding a bike. In a few days it was mostly all back and now I have a greater appreciation for something I thought was gone. Again you're in a shop with super talented folks front and back.
      Please email me pictures of your work and your experience etc to jeff@joslinsign.com
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    • Back in the late 90's, before i ended up buying the family business, my parents talked to several different business brokers.   it took nearly almost two years to find one that was trustworthy.  One just wanted to sell us a book about the history of the business, another couldn't get any interested buyers, some just want to put your business up on a website, etc.   I eventually bought the family business (still not sure if that was a good idea or not) and we worked out our own terms.   Plus there was no brokers commission.   One of my realtor customers is also a business broker and we're supposed to get together.  With COVID on the wane, I hope to meet him farily soon.  Maybe one of your customers is a broker as well as a realtor.   I suggest that you reach out to SCORE and get some free help.   SCORE is part of the SBA and it's all free and the people are eager to help you.   Eventually I am going to have to sell and have been doing monthly zoom meetings to go over that subject, plus lots of other "stuff".    I'm now 63 (and wish I had contacted SCORE thirty years ago) and figure I can afford to retire in another 35-40 years.  :)     Go to the SBA website and search for what you want and they'll match you with someone.   I'm in the local chamber of commerce and another business owner told me that it took him 3-4 years to make one of businesses "bankable" because most buyers don't have the cash to buy you outight.   They will have to go to a bank for a loan so all your books, inventory, etc. will have to be set up so a banker can understand your business and approve the loan.   I'm supposed to catch up with that guy and get more details but we never seem to be at the same meetings.   Again, SCORE will have people who can give you better information than "some sign-guy on the internet".     What I can say that I've been upgrading equipment, having things serviced professionally, keep the trucks on regular maintenence schedules, etc.    When I bought the business, most everything was old and run down but I was used to it and knew what needed to be replaced right away and what could stay.   No one will want a business where a lot of equipment is close to the end of it's useful life.   "New and Shiny" sells better than "old and dusty" even if the old stuff is better than the new.   Best of luck!
    • What's the best way to sell my 51 year old commercal sign business?   millersignsinc.com     Tanks,     Rob
    • I know Neon Wizard does
    • Hey Brian, I tried to get to the art room to ask our Flexi techs. But, it was a busy morning.   I know in Corel Draw if you have the text converted to curves. You can look in object properties at path and it will show the path length. Which is the distance around the letter plus inserts.
    • Thanks Rocco. I was able to find suppliers that would ship to us. But, we would be on our own for set up and training on the new machines.   We are going to send our fabricator to a couple of shops that have purchased from our prospective supplier and check out the equipment before we buy.   Thank you for taking the time to reply!
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